SCIENCE-NEWS Editor in chief Eva Emerson discusses how science provides new perspectives on the past and the future. 8 months
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New life for aging scooter batteries
PHYS.ORG What can we do with aging scooter batteries? Instead of scrapping them and recycling their components, the batteries could be left intact and re-used in a solar power storage cabinet. This is precisely what a pilot... 3 days
Step towards better 'beyond lithium' batteries
SCIENCE DAILY A step towards new 'beyond lithium' rechargeable batteries with superior performance has been made. 2 days
EU Commission calls for 'Airbus of batteries'
PHYS.ORG Europe must produce its own batteries for electric cars to avoid crashing out of the race with the United States and China, a senior member of the European Commission warned Monday. 3 days
Amerigo Vespucci: Facts, Biography & Naming of America
LIVE SCIENCE America was named after Amerigo Vespucci, an explorer who first recognized that the lands in the New World were previously unknown continents. 2 hours
'King Tide' mapping project
SCIENCE DAILY 'Dress rehearsal' will help quantify local flooding risk and validate storm-surge models, while laying groundwork for a long-term network of volunteer data collectors. 2 days
Advanced lithium-ion and metal-air batteries
SCIENCE DAILY Engineers are developing energy storage technologies that are cheaper, safer and more efficient. 1 day
mapping the world s forests Mapping the world’s forests
ESA Using satellite radar data, scientists have created a global map that quantifies the amount of wood in our forests – a key to understanding Earth’s carbon cycle and,... 20 hours
Aging brain maintains healthy cognitive function by increasing bilateral communication
NEWS MEDICAL Increased communication between distant brain regions helps older adults compensate for the negative aspects of aging, reports a new study published this week in Human Brain Mapping. 5 days
Scientists tinker with gene-mapping device to make DNA editing safe
PHYS.ORG Ilya Finkelstein chuckles when recounting the origins of the project that landed the University of Texas scientist and his colleagues in the prestigious academic journal Cell. 6 days
Bitcoin ... the way to the future or path to financial ruin?
PHYS.ORG Bitcoin, hailed in some quarters as the future of currency, is having a rough week. Plummeting prices have again raised questions about the wisdom... 5 days
Casting into the past helps reveal fishing's future
PHYS.ORG Intensive fishing and climate change pose an unprecedented threat to biodiversity in the world's oceans, but reconstructing how the past 500 years of human activity on the seas has transformed marine life... 18 hours
First Map of Water on the Moon Offers 'Roadmap' for Future Lunar Exploration
SPACE.COM Scientists have for the first time mapped the distribution of water trapped in the moon's soil, which could come in handy for... 6 days
1st Map of Water on the Moon Could Aid Future Lunar Exploration
SPACE.COM Scientists have for the first time mapped the distribution of water trapped in the moon's soil, which could come in handy for planning future... 6 days
DNA triggers shape-shifting in hydrogels, opening a new way to make 'soft robots'
SCIENCE DAILY Biochemical engineers have used sequences of DNA molecules to induce shape-changing in water-based gels, demonstrating a new tactic to produce "soft" robots... 2 days
A new way to create 'soft robots'—DNA triggers that cause hydrogels to change shape
PHYS.ORG Biochemical engineers at Johns Hopkins University used sequences of DNA molecules to cause water-based gels to change shape, demonstrating a... 3 days
Researchers working on ways to power the next generation of prosthetic limbs
PHYS.ORG Scientists from Deakin University's and CSIRO's Battery Technology Research and Innovation Hub (BatTRI-Hub) are aiming to develop safe and reliable batteries for a unique... 2 days
How future quantum computers will threaten today's encrypted data
PHYS.ORG The era of full-fledged quantum computers threatens to destroy internet security as we know it. Researchers are in a race against time to prepare new cryptographic techniques before the arrival... 7 days
Researchers develop solid-state, free-standing carbon nanofiber supercapacitor
PHYS.ORG A group of Drexel University researchers have created a fabric-like material electrode that could help make energy storage devices—batteries and supercapacitors—faster and less susceptible to leaks or disastrous meltdowns. Their design for a new... 13 hours
How to measure a molecule's energy using a quantum computer
PHYS.ORG Simulating molecules on quantum computers just got much easier with IBM's superconducting quantum hardware. In a recent research article published in Nature, Hardware-efficient Variational Quantum Eigensolver for Small... 7 days
MIT and Tsinghua University sign urban innovation agreement
MIT Future City Innovation Connector to support projects addressing rapid growth of Chinese cities. 1 day
Mathematics predicts a sixth mass extinction
MIT By 2100, oceans may hold enough carbon to launch mass extermination of species in future millennia. 8 hours
Mitotic transcription and waves of gene reactivation during mitotic exit
Science Magazine Although the genome is generally thought to be transcriptionally silent during mitosis, technical limitations have prevented sensitive mapping of transcription during mitosis and mitotic exit. Thus, the means... 6 days
How VR is revolutionizing the way future doctors are learning about our bodies
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Wearing virtual reality goggles, Jordan Holler was hard at work taking apart muscles inside of a body. 2 days
UK science seeks ‘a new and special relationship with the EU’
Science Magazine Top science officials in United Kingdom hedge on the future relationship with European research programs 5 hours
Blog Post » Suicide Prevention: Next Steps
NIMH September is National Suicide Prevention month; focusing on the benefits of collaborations, Dr. Gordon outlines recent research results as well as future directions. 5 days
Toilet Paper Power: How Used Bathroom Tissue (Yuck) Could Generate Electricity
LIVE SCIENCE Are we flushing away a greener future? Perhaps, according to scientists who found a way to turn used toilet paper into electricity. 1 day
Tackle Negative Thinking Head-On To Boost Diversity In Biomedicine
NPR One California university is trying a new strategy to help minority students perform better in STEM classes and develop the mental resilience to face future challenges. 5 days
Reports: China orders bitcoin exchanges to shut down
PHYS.ORG Regulators have ordered Chinese bitcoin exchanges to close, two business newspapers reported Thursday, after uncertainty about the digital currency's future in China caused its price to plunge. 7 days
Asteroids: Fun Facts and Information About Asteroids
SPACE.COM Learn about the size, shape and composition of asteroids as well as their history, naming conventions, and plans to mine asteroids in the future. 2 hours
analysts see red flags in northrop s acquisition of orbital Analysts see red flags in Northrop’s acquisition of orbital
SPACE NEWS One concern is what implications this merger could have in ongoing efforts to modernize the nation’s intercontinental ballistic... 2 days
Engineers 3-D print high-strength aluminum, solve ages-old welding problem using nanoparticles
3-D printers—a revolutionary frontier for medicine
Hubble discovers a unique type of object in the Solar System
Space radiation is risky business for the human body
Climate change lessons from Arabian Gulf coral reefs
Why flu vaccines so often fail
Science Magazine
Aligning the primary mirror segments of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope with light
This robotic ‘remora’ can cling to objects with a force 340 times its own weight
Science Magazine
Mattis sees need for new space programs
Wave Glider surfs across stormy Drake Passage in Antarctica