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Study reveals key role of macrophages in systemic sclerosis
NEWS MEDICAL A new international study has made an important discovery about the key role of macrophages, a type of immune cell, in systemic sclerosis (SSc), a chronic autoimmune disease which currently... 6 hours
Statins appear to reduce risk of repeated surgery in patients who undergo vitrectomy
NEWS MEDICAL According to a Finnish study, statin medication seems to reduce the risk of repeated surgery in patients who undergo a vitrectomy to... 10 hours
Research reveals role of nanophenomenon in stimulating bone-repair process
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at the Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia have resolved one of the great unknowns in bone self-repair: how the cells responsible for forming new bone tissue are called... 9 hours
WATCH: Deadly flu epidemic across the country
ABC NEWS 79 people killed in Indiana and 70 in California. 10 hours
Minecraft head Helen Chiang reveals Minecraft hit 74 million active players
Windows Central A few days ago, Matt Booty, the former head of Microsoft's Minecraft business, was promoted to Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Studios. As such, his previous... 9 hours
The Down syndrome 'super genome'
SCIENCE DAILY Down's syndrome -- also known as trisomy 21 -- is a genetic disorder caused by an additional third chromosome 21. Although this genetic abnormality is found in one out of 700 births, only 20% of fetuses with trisomy... 9 hours
Kryon Reveals How The Pleiadians Advanced Early Humanity Into Higher Consciousness 
DISCLOSE.TV In this message, Kryon teaches about the timing of Creation and how the Pleiadians were able to develop early Humans into conscious beings. Kryon expl... 10 hours
A survival lesson from bats: Eating variety keeps species multiplying
SCIENCE DAILY A new study reveals that omnivorous New World noctilionoid bats, those species with diets including both plant and animal materials, produce more new species in the long run... 14 hours
A nanophenomenon that triggers the bone-repair process
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have resolved one of the great unknowns in bone self-repair: how the cells responsible for forming new bone tissue are called into action. Their work reveals the role of an electromechanical phenomenon at... 14 hours
Hunting dogs as possible vectors for the infectious disease tularaemia
SCIENCE DAILY Tularaemia is an infectious bacterial disease that is life-threatening for rodents, rabbits and hares, but which can also infect humans and dogs. While contact with contaminated blood or... 13 hours
as we inch closer to its release do you plan on buying apple s homepod poll As we inch closer to its release, do you plan on buying Apple’s HomePod? [Poll]
9to5Mac All signs point to the launch... 17 hours
Chime in: Are you STILL using a Windows Phone? If, yes, why?
Windows Central It's 2018. Are you STILL using a Windows Phone? We want to know why if so! Although Microsoft has officially confirmed that it is... 17 hours
Adhesives developed to prevent bracket stains on teeth
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have performed research to develop adhesive materials that will prevent white stains from appearing on the teeth of people who use brackets. 17 hours
ctrl t podcast from tide pods to the blockchain CTRL+T podcast: From Tide Pods to the blockchain
TechCrunch  Blockchain has become the latest buzzword in the technology industry, but many people are still in the dark about just... 18 hours
The Gift Of Prophecy - Multo Ghost
THE ANOMALIST Many returning from the other side find themselves gifted with wild talents, and 'nzumel' saw them manifest in her Lolo. Mingling skepticism with a very human story, it's enough to make anyone want to... 20 hours
The secret's out for 'Star Trek: Discovery' star Shazad Latif - CNET
CNET The actor who plays Lt. Ash Tyler reveals his most surreal -- and most painful -- acting moments as his character's big twist is... 21 hours
You won't believe Darrell's DIY football-themed home theater - CNET
CNET Show Us Yours: Some people hire home installers. Darrell from Illinois hired himself to build his sports-tastic home-theater room. The results are pretty astounding. 21 hours
Distrurbing Trend: Millennials Vaping Washing Tablets Now
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Since the dawn of the social media age, young people have been increasingly engaging in online videoed challenges of varying degrees of danger. In the... 22 hours
google play teases audiobook sales ahead of official arrival will offer 50 off first title Google Play teases audiobook sales ahead of official arrival, will offer 50% off first title
9to5Google While most people think of Google... 1 day
Crunch Report | Google and Tencent ink patent agreement
TechCrunch Google inks a patent deal with Tencent, Tile lays off 30 people and Apple hires the tech team... 1 day
Overweight female kidney donors of childbearing age may have greater preeclampsia risk
NEWS MEDICAL Female kidney donors who are overweight may be at a greater risk for preeclampsia during pregnancy, according to a new study. 1 day
City lights setting traps for migrating birds
SCIENCE DAILY A new study has examined how light pollution lures birds into urban areas during fall migration, a trend that poses risk for the fowl that often fly into buildings and has increased with the... 1 day
'Explosive evolution' of techniques to restore blood flow to the brain
SCIENCE DAILY Recent decades have seen an 'explosive evolution' of techniques to restore blood flow to areas of the brain endangered by stroke or clogged arteries, according to... 1 day
Factor that doubles the risk of death from breast cancer identified
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have discovered that the risk of death from breast cancer is twice as high for patients with high heterogeneity of the estrogen receptor within the... 1 day
Federal officials say flu epidemic has killed at least 30 children
ABC NEWS Latest report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the flu has killed 30 children 1 day
Tim Cook to Deliver 2018 Commencement Address at Duke University on May 13
Should we let the crowd fund Canadian science if no one else will?
Apple's Beats is on Tom Brady's side - CNET
Apple's Beats is on Tom Brady's side - CNET
New Web Series Focuses On The Development Of Vampyr
Watch a pilot battle incredible winds to secure a landing - CNET
Why Samuel L. Jackson's Jurassic Park Death Wasn't Shown
Which Breaking Bad Scene Was The Toughest To Shoot, According To Bryan Cranston
New trailers: Tomb Raider, The Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, and more
New trailers: Tomb Raider, The Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, and more