THE VERGE Kodak Moments, the consumer printing division of Kodak has a new way to encourage you to print photos: a Facebook Messenger chatbot. It works just like you’d imagine. You start a chat thread with the Kodak Moments Assistant on Facebook Messenger, allow it access to your Facebook account, and it will root through the photos you’ve stored there over the years and suggest ones that you might have forgotten about — and that you might want to put in a frame or on a mug. Kodak Moments is also adding a 4 weeks
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vw wants to sell you new cars by advertising old ones cnet VW wants to sell you new cars by advertising old ones - CNET
CNET VIDEO Commentary: A new Volkswagen ad says look at this 1960s Microbus and that old, old Beetle. Now buy, um, a Tiguan. 6 days
digital wealth manager moneyfarm acquires tech behind fintech chatbot ernest Digital wealth manager Moneyfarm acquires tech behind fintech chatbot Ernest
TechCrunch  Moneyfarm, the U.K.-headquartered “digital wealth manager” has acquired the technology behind personal finance chatbot Ernest. Terms... 2 weeks
facebook seriously needs its own bitmoji Facebook seriously needs its own Bitmoji
TechCrunch  Your Facebook profile used to be the online version of “you”. But over the past year, Bitmoji has usurped Facebook to become the preferred... 1 week
google photos gets more pet friendly Google Photos gets more pet-friendly
TechCrunch  If you’re a pet owner who uses Google Photos, you’ve probably typed in “dog” or “cat” before in order to surface photos of your furry pal... 3 days
Best Digital Photo Frames
Windows Central Show off your favorite pictures with a digital photo frame. Wood and glass photo frames can be had for relatively cheap, but they come with an issue: you can only display one picture at a time. What happens if you... 3 days
Make your Micro-USB cables useful again with a 2-pack of USB-C adapters for $3
Windows Central Your old Micro-USB cables just became useful again! Is this deal for me? The move from Micro-USB to USB-C is... 1 week
facebook quietly releases desktop chat apps for the workplace Facebook quietly releases desktop chat apps for the workplace
THE VERGE Facebook has soft-launched official desktop chat apps for Mac and PC complete with screen sharing, reports TechCrunch. At... 2 weeks
Facebook 'like' designer puts parental controls on own iPhone - CNET
CNET Commentary: As Apple's Jony Ive claims constant use of your iPhone is "misuse," Jonathan Rosenstein tries desperately not to download apps. 2 weeks
google photos now recognizes your pets Google Photos now recognizes your pets
THE VERGE Google Photos has announced that it can now detect photos of your pet, automatically grouping them together the way it does with people. This... 3 days
facebook won t add news subscription service to ios app due to apple s 30 cut Facebook Won't Add News Subscription Service to iOS App Due to Apple's 30% Cut
MacRumors Facebook is planning to introduce a feature that... 2 hours
pholio is trying to make a personal private google photos Pholio is trying to make a personal, private Google Photos
THE VERGE VIDEO A London-based startup has created a device that can back up your photos and videos and... 2 days
indiegogo is now an e tailer too Indiegogo is now an e-tailer, too
TechCrunch  Indiegogo, the nine-year-old, crowdfunding site, is changing things up, it announced today. Not only can startups now raise money through the site, but in... 3 days
psa don t share your old aim screen name PSA: Don’t share your old AIM screen name
TechCrunch  Hello it’s the fun police! Were you having a nice time engaging in nostalgia about the death of AOL Instant... 2 weeks
Beautifully brutal 'You Were Never Really Here' tries too hard - CNET
CNET VIDEO Joaquin Phoenix plays a damaged hero with a hammer in Amazon's meditative, arty noir thriller. 3 days
you can now order food from papa john s five guys and more within facebook on ios You Can Now Order Food From Papa John's, Five Guys, and More Within Facebook on iOS
MacRumors Facebook today announced that... 6 days
Still photographs spring to life
BBC New software animates still photos so that subjects can be made to smile and pull expressions. 20 hours
pixel visual core is google s first custom soc will make pixel 2 photos even better in android 8 1 Pixel Visual Core is Google’s first custom SOC, will make Pixel 2 photos even better in Android 8.1
9to5Google ... 2 days
how casio is selling 900 selfie cameras in china How Casio is selling $900 selfie cameras in China
THE VERGE VIDEO The compact camera market is essentially dead, as smartphones have supplanted traditional point-and-shoots for most people’s photography needs.... 1 week
facebook now lets you order food without leaving facebook Facebook now lets you order food without leaving Facebook
THE VERGE Today Facebook is announcing that users can now order food for takeout or delivery using both the Facebook... 6 days
jeff bezos smashes champagne all over his new wind farm Jeff Bezos smashes champagne all over his new wind farm
THE VERGE When Jeff Bezos launched Amazon as an online bookstore back in the 1990s, his physical character... 4 hours
facebook messenger gets an apple music bot for full song streaming Facebook Messenger gets an Apple Music bot for full song streaming
THE VERGE Facebook today announced a new Apple Music integration for Messenger that allows you to... 2 weeks
Facebook will now let you order food - CNET
CNET Have sustenance sent right to your door without having to leave Facebook. 6 days
You can now order food right on Facebook - CNET
CNET Have sustenance sent right to your door without having to leave Facebook. 6 days
facebook officially rolling out explore feed for finding non news feed content Facebook Officially Rolling Out 'Explore Feed' for Finding Non-News Feed Content
MacRumors Facebook has been testing a new "Explore Feed" that's designed to help users discover... 1 day
3 ways to give your old iPhone a boost video - CNET
CNET You don't have to spend any money to get a faster phone -- iOS 11 is packed with tools to help speed up your... 2 weeks
facebook adds new creative and video streaming features to its vr hangout app Facebook adds new creative and video streaming features to its VR hangout app
THE VERGE Facebook today announced a handful of new features for its... 1 week
instead of your boyfriend why don t you hire a freelancer to capture your influencer photos Instead of your boyfriend, why don't you hire a freelancer to capture your influencer photos?
THE VERGE A new company called ElsiePic understands... 24 hours
after sandberg chat house intel plans to release russian bought facebook ads to the public After Sandberg chat, House intel plans to release Russian-bought Facebook ads to the public
TechCrunch  After its Senate counterpart made clear that it... 1 week
made by google pop up stores will open in nyc and la on october 19 Made by Google pop-up stores will open in NYC and LA on October 19
9to5Google Just like last year, Google is going to... 2 weeks
niantic invites you to get artistic with pokmon go ar photo contest Niantic invites you to get artistic with Pokémon Go AR photo contest
9to5Mac If you can not only capture Pokémon but also artistic photographs of them, Niantic is inviting you to submit your photos in a competition... 1 week
Battlefront II’s single-player campaign brings the Star Wars soul back to the series
Watch this autonomous bulldozer excavate dirt without a human operator
Google’s customizable search bar is rolling out more widely in latest update
Pokémon Go’s Halloween update introduces new monsters from Ruby and Sapphire
How Pokémon Go helped shape the upcoming Ultra Sun and Moon on Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Switch update lets you capture video and transfer saves to a new console
Adobe previews Project SonicScape, an immersive new tool for editing audio in VR
Nissan teases mystery SUV concept for Tokyo Motor Show - Roadshow
Tragedy Girls is a lazy attempt at horror satire, redeemed only by how weird it is
How a Canadian astrophysics star aims to find life on exoplanets