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The ‘Sabrina’ Series Will Materialize On Netflix Instead Of The CW, With A Two-Season Order
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ will... 2 weeks
TV Review: ‘The Orville – Mad Idolatry’ (Season 1, Episode 12)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With “Mad Idolatry,” the first season of the Great Seth MacFarlane Live-Action Sci-Fi TV... 1 week
Check Out Who Law And Order: SVU Cast For Its Harvey Weinstein Episode
CINEMA BLEND Law and Order: SVU has a Harvey Weinstein-esque episode in... 2 days
Who Law And Order: SVU Cast For Its Harvey Weinstein Episode
CINEMA BLEND Law and Order: SVU has a Harvey Weinstein-esque episode in the works, and we... 1 day
Netflix Is Gunning Down Crime With A Second Season Pickup Of ‘The Punisher’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Jon Bernthal’s take on Frank Castle in ‘The Punisher‘ went... 4 days
Blue Bloods Just Landed Ghostbusters' Ernie Hudson For Season 8
CINEMA BLEND There probably aren't going to be any ghosts, though. 1 week
How Taken Will Handle That Huge Cliffhanger From Season 1
CINEMA BLEND Taken will return to NBC in January to pay off on its massive Season 1 cliffhanger.... 2 weeks
HBO Does Not Want To Hear People Say Big Little Lies Isn't A Limited Series
CINEMA BLEND Now that the show has been... 3 days
Why Jennifer Lawrence Thought She'd Be A Sitcom Star Forever
CINEMA BLEND Jennifer Lawrence is a big-name movie star nowadays, but she was once known for her work... 1 week
John Bradley Says Every ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character Will Be Placed In “A Completely Alien Environment” In Season 8
Why Did ‘Sabrina’ Go To Netflix Instead Of The CW? (Hint: It Has Something To Do With ‘Charmed’)
How Law & Order: SVU Helped Christopher Meloni's Role On His New Show Happy!
CINEMA BLEND Christopher Meloni's performance in his new show Happy!... 1 week
Sean Bean's New TV Show Just Landed At Netflix
CINEMA BLEND Sean Bean's critically acclaimed British series is headed to Netflix. 4 days
‘WarGames’ Reboot Trailer Released!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM MGM has partnered with interactive video company Eko for a remake of the 1983 cult classic ‘WarGames,’ to be reimagined with contemporary hackers. A new trailer for the... 1 week
Why The Crown Cut A Royal Sex Scene Out Of Season 2
CINEMA BLEND Those who watch The Crown on Netflix know that the show about England's current royal family is typically very chaste. Well, it turns out... 2 days
How One Game Of Thrones Battle Could Make All The Difference In The Great War, According To One Actor
CINEMA BLEND ... 5 days
TV Review: ‘Arrow: Irreconcilable Differences’ (Season 6 Episode 9)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Some big surprises in this episode, and a couple of major cliffhangers, as one would expect from the... 1 week
Sabrina The Teenage Witch summons a 2-season order from Netflix
SCI FI NOW Graphic novel series Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina is heading to Netflix 2 weeks
It Might Be December But Winter, & ‘Game Of Thrones’ Won’t Be Coming Until 2019
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In a case where we’ve already... 1 week
How Does Josh McDermitt Want His ‘Walking Dead’ Character Eugene To Die?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM   Whether you’ve started to think that the show is past its prime or if you’re still as “all in” as you were from... 1 week
Deadly Role Playing: ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 Begins Casting New Female Villain
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With ‘Daredevil’ Season 3 officially shooting now, it seems all of the recent news attention about the ongoing adventures of Matt Murdock is now... 2 weeks
Jennifer Lawrence Fell Down A Twitter Rabbit Hole Of Bad Mother! Reviews
CINEMA BLEND She couldn't stop looking. Here's what she says. 1 week
The Major Ways Outlander's Season Finale Sets Up Season 4
CINEMA BLEND Outlander just aired the big finale of Season 3, and it was an intense episode that... 6 days
First Look At Outlander Season 4 Reveals A Whole New World For Claire And Jamie
CINEMA BLEND Outlander just finished airing Season 3,... 6 days
Bran-ning The Flames: ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Isaac Hempstead Wright Shares Which Bran Theory He Is Rooting For
Would Scream Queens’ Nick Jonas Do Another Ryan Murphy Show? Here's What He Told Us
CINEMA BLEND Nick Jonas appeared in the first... 4 days
The Strain Season 4 Gag Reel Puts A Hilarious Twist On The Final Season
CINEMA BLEND The Strain finished its fourth and final season... 5 days
That ‘Walking Dead’ Final Moment Is A “One-Way Ticket”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The final moments of The Walking Dead’s mid-season Season 8 finale promised us that a major character would... 5 days
Big Little Lies Is Bringing Back Nicole Kidman And More For Season 2
CINEMA BLEND Since it's release and fantastic finale, there have been rumors... 1 week
How Well Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Season 5 Premiere Did In The Ratings
CINEMA BLEND Agents of S.H.I.E.L..D. has finally returned for Season 5 on ABC. The numbers are in, and we know just how the Season 5 premiere... 2 weeks
Third & Final Trailer for Train Movie 'The Commuter' with Liam Neeson
Trailer for 'The Miracle Season' Inspiring True Story of Volleyball Team
The Punisher Season 2 confirmed by Netflix
Second Trailer for Alex Garland's 'Annihilation' with Natalie Portman
This Star Wars Spoof Trailer Shows Us What A Galaxy Far, Far Away Looks Like In An Indie Movie
Ed Helms & Amanda Seyfried in First Trailer for Comedy 'The Clapper'
The Funny Story Behind One Of Game Of Thrones' Most Serious Scenes
New US Trailer for Award-Winning Russian Family Drama 'Loveless'
New Look At Insomniac's Spider-Man Shows Off Mister Negative's Powers
Official Trailer for James Mark's Sci-Fi Martial Arts Movie 'Kill Order'