SCIENCE DAILY In December, the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology will be awarded for the identification of genes that control the inner clock. The honored academics examined fruit flies to determine the biorhythm. 4 weeks
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CLOCK gene may hold answers to human brain evolution
SCIENCE DAILY A gene controlling our biological clocks plays a vital role in regulating human-specific genes important to brain evolution. These findings open new paths of research into how CLOCK proteins produced... 1 week
Time matters: Does our biological clock keep cancer at bay?
SCIENCE DAILY Our body has an internal biological or 'circadian' clock, which cycles daily and is synchronized with solar time. New research done in mice suggests that it can help... 1 week
Medical News Today: Could our body clock help to prevent cancer?
MNT Researchers reveal how a newly discovered role for our biological clock, or circadian rhythm, may help to prevent or treat cancer. 1 week
Study reveals how the body clock and time of day may influence autoimmune conditions
NEWS MEDICAL Insights into how the body clock and time of day influence immune responses are revealed today in a study published... 4 days
Scientists develop reversible superglue seal to treat ocular injuries
NEWS MEDICAL When a soldier sustains a traumatic eye injury on the battlefield, any delay in treatment may lead to permanent vision loss. With medical facilities potentially far away and no existing... 1 week
CLOCK gene plays key role in regulating many genes important to brain evolution
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists have long sought to unravel the molecular mysteries that make the human brain special: What processes drove its evolution through the millennia? Which... 1 week
Stressed-out worms hit the snooze button
SCIENCE DAILY When you catch a nasty cold, curling up in bed to sleep may be the only activity you can manage. Sleeping in response to stress isn't a uniquely human behavior: many other animals have the same... 2 days
Research uncovers mechanism implicated in defective function of tumor-associated dendritic cells
NEWS MEDICAL A new study from The Wistar Institute revealed the mechanism implicated in the defective function of tumor-associated dendritic cells (DCs), a specialized type of immune cells... 17 hours
Researchers reveal previously unknown mechanism that inhibits cells' ability to develop into tumors
NEWS MEDICAL CANCER RESEARCH Danish researchers have just presented a previously unknown mechanism that inhibits the ability of cells to develop into cancer cells. Their findings... 18 hours
Can data save dolphins? How scientists are using NASA data to study link between solar storms and animal beachings
PHYS.ORG VIDEO The age-old mystery of why otherwise healthy dolphins, whales and... 1 week
Mechanism identified of impaired dendritic cell function that weakens response to cancer
SCIENCE DAILY The mechanism implicated in the defective function of tumor-associated dendritic cells (DCs), a specialized type of immune cells that expose the antigens on their... 1 day
Marine mammal beachings not likely due to space weather
SCIENCE DAILY After a collaboration between NASA scientists and marine biologists, new research rules out space weather as a primary cause of animal beachings. 1 week
Medical News Today: How cancer could be treated with an old alcoholism drug
MNT New research exposes the mechanism by which the anti-alcohol addiction drug disulfiram, also known as Antabuse, could be used to treat cancer. 1 week
Study finds mechanism of resistance to checkpoint inhibitors and way to reverse it
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers have discovered a mechanism of resistance to checkpoint inhibitors and how to reverse it. The biomarker results from the IMvigor210 study... 1 week
Study provides new insights into mechanism of tumor survival in glioblastoma
NEWS MEDICAL A Northwestern Medicine study, published in the journal Cancer Cell, has provided new insights into a mechanism of tumor survival in glioblastoma and demonstrated that inhibiting... 5 days
Biologists say recently discovered fossil shows transition of a reptile from life on land to life in the sea
PHYS.ORG Using modern research tools on a 155-million-year-old reptile fossil, scientists... 1 week
How Zika virus induces congenital microcephaly
SCIENCE DAILY Epidemiological studies show that in utero fetal infection with the Zika virus (ZIKV) may lead to microcephaly, an irreversible congenital malformation of the brain characterized by an incomplete development of the cerebral cortex. However, the mechanism... 4 days
Discovery of a mechanism for determining the direction of collective cell migration
PHYS.ORG The phenomenon of collective cell migration has been observed in the process of animal development, the healing of wounds, and cancer cell invasion. Until... 2 weeks
One wet winter can shake up San Francisco Bay's invasive species
PHYS.ORG For many Californians, last year's wet winter triggered a case of whiplash. After five years of drought, rain from October 2016 to February 2017 broke more... 1 week
Caris Life Sciences reveals identification of new mechanism of action to treat NHL
NEWS MEDICAL Caris Life Sciences, a leading innovator in molecular science focused on fulfilling the promise of precision medicine, today announced a data presentation,... 3 days
Mechanism identified behind enzyme involved in liver and other human cancers
SCIENCE DAILY To understand what has gone wrong when cancer occurs and to create new possibilities for treatment, it is important to understand the molecular mechanisms behind what... 1 week
New research linking cancer-inhibiting proteins to cell antennae
PHYS.ORG Danish researchers have just presented a previously unknown mechanism that inhibits the ability of cells to develop into cancer cells. Their findings have important implications for the understanding of how cancer starts,... 1 day
Study identifies mechanism that could explain early link between sound input and cognitive function
NEWS MEDICAL Some expectant parents play classical music for their unborn babies, hoping to boost their children's cognitive capacity. While some research... 1 week
Quality control is vital for the energy production of cells
PHYS.ORG Mitochondria generate most of the energy cells need through a respiratory chain for which they must produce their own proteins. The research group of Associate Professor Henna Tyynismaa,... 4 days
Research findings offer path for drug discovery to treat hyperaldosteronism
NEWS MEDICAL A new study led by researchers at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, in collaboration with researchers at Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human... 1 week
DNA has gone digital – what could possibly go wrong?
PHYS.ORG Biology is becoming increasingly digitized. Researchers like us use computers to analyze DNA, operate lab equipment and store genetic information. But new capabilities also mean new risks –... 1 week
New process could be key to understanding complex rearrangements in genome
SCIENCE DAILY Biologists have successfully harnessed new technology to develop an approach that could allow for rapid and precise identification of the CGRs involved in disease, cancer and... 2 weeks
Team reveals high prevalence of bacteria that carry gene mcr-1 in ecosystem
PHYS.ORG A research collaborative recently found that bacteria that carry the colistin resistance gene mcr-1 commonly exist in food and environmental samples collected from Hong... 1 week
Satellite tracking provides clues about South Atlantic sea turtles' 'lost years'
SCIENCE DAILY Biologists have been tracking the movements of sea turtle yearlings in the South Atlantic Ocean, and have come up with some surprising results. 1 week
Crafty crows know what it takes to make a good tool
PHYS.ORG Biologists at the University of St Andrews have discovered how New Caledonian crows make one of their most sophisticated tool designs - sticks with a neatly-shaped... 1 week
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Researchers study thermodynamic processes in an ultra-high temperature molten oxide
LLNL releases newly declassified nuclear test videos
Researchers design mock galaxies and more to prepare for sky-mapping instrument
Complex, old-growth forests may protect some bird species in a warming climate
Complete design of a silicon quantum computer chip unveiled
NASA scientists embark on extreme Antarctic trek
Video: Insect biology students learn art of bug-based dyes
Engineers develop floating solar fuels rig for seawater electrolysis
Researchers share perspective on key elements of ozone layer recovery