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Yes, your pet can tell time
SCIENCE DAILY A new study has found some of the clearest evidence yet that animals can judge time. By examining the brain's medial entorhinal cortex, the researchers discovered a previously unknown set of neurons that turn on like... 55 minutes
Study explores infant body position and learning
SCIENCE DAILY A developmental psychologist has completed a study that is the first to measure how often infants spend time in different body positions over the first year of life. The study aims to understand how... 53 minutes
wikipedia founder lays off all journalists from his new media website Wikipedia founder lays off all journalists from his new media website
THE VERGE Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales’ digital media company, the WikiTribune, is shifting its focus away... 58 minutes
soundcloud now lets you share songs to instagram stories SoundCloud now lets you share songs to Instagram Stories
THE VERGE Starting today, SoundCloud will let you share songs from its app directly to Instagram Stories, the company announced... 58 minutes
multiple icloud services experiencing issues Multiple iCloud Services Experiencing Issues
MacRumors Several iCloud services are experiencing problems this afternoon, according to Apple's System Status Page. iCloud Drive, iCloud Mail, iCloud Keychain, iCloud Contacts, iCloud Calendar, Mail Drop,... 30 minutes
using acronis true image 2019 for disk cloning automatic backups and more video Using Acronis True Image 2019 for disk cloning, automatic backups and more [Video]
9to5Mac VIDEO Acronis True Image 2019 is the latest update for the... 28 minutes
emoji 12 preview details mixed race couples and families accessibility characters and more likely coming to ios 13 Emoji 12 preview details mixed-race couples and families, accessibility characters, and more likely coming to iOS 13
9to5Mac As Apple... 2 hours
iPhone XR: Apple's version of a 'value' phone (The 3:59, Ep. 478) - CNET
CNET Delving into the new phone's screen, camera and more. 2 hours
How to use Office 365 to improve collaboration and teamwork
Windows Central Office 365 is designed to help you work together with co-workers and colleagues. It has real-time collaboration and multiple ways to share that improve your teamwork and collaboration.... 2 hours
Researchers examine complex causes of preterm and low-birthweight babies in India
NEWS MEDICAL Women in India who spend more time fetching water, use a shared latrine, and endure harassment from others are more apt to give birth to a... 2 hours
YouTube’s beta program will test stability, not new features
TechCrunch Google sometimes experiments with new features in beta versions of its various Android applications on Google Play. However, the recently spotted YouTube beta program will not, unfortunately, be a testbed... 2 hours
draw on this website is a communal art project that captures the internet at its best Draw on This Website is a communal art project that captures the internet at its best
THE VERGE Draw on This Website... 2 hours
Apple’s next iOS update will fix accidental selfie softening
TechCrunch Last month, the internet was a buzz with reports that Apple was sweetening up selfies on the iPhone XS and XS Max. The shots appeared to have an effect applied,... 2 hours
Honey, I shrunk the cell culture
PHYS.ORG From "Fantastic Voyage" to "Despicable Me," shrink rays have been a science-fiction staple on screen. Now chemists at The University of Texas at Austin have developed a real shrink ray that can change the size and... 3 hours
New study scrutinizes time and effort it takes to vote in each state
PHYS.ORG Wide variations among the 50 states when it comes to the ease of casting a ballot are impacting the quality of democracy... 3 hours
Complex causes of premature and low-birthweight babies in India
SCIENCE DAILY Women in India who spend more time fetching water, use a shared latrine, and endure harassment from others are more apt to give birth to a pre-term or low-birthweight baby. 2 hours
apple plans to expand uses of haptic touch on iphone xr over time Apple Plans to Expand Uses of Haptic Touch on iPhone XR Over Time
MacRumors By now, you've probably heard that the iPhone XR features... 4 hours
Are You Pregnant? 12 Early Signs of Pregnancy
LIVE SCIENCE A woman's body goes through a number of changes in the earliest stages of pregnancy. Here are 10 clues to help a woman figure out whether she's pregnant. 4 hours
Revealing the molecular mystery of human liver cells
SCIENCE DAILY A map of the cells in the human liver has been created, revealing for the first time differences between individual cells at the molecular level which can have a profound impact on... 4 hours
Keep your gear safe with Belkin's 12-outlet surge protector for $13
Windows Central Worry no longer. The Belkin 12-outlet advanced power strip surge protector is down to $13.20 at Amazon today. This surge protector regularly sells for $25 on... 4 hours
Changes in snow coverage threatens biodiversity of Arctic nature
SCIENCE DAILY Many of the plants inhabiting northern mountains depend on the snow cover lingering until late spring or summer. Snow provides shelter for plants from winter-time extreme events but at the... 5 hours
Memory-steel -- A new material for the strengthening of buildings
SCIENCE DAILY A new building material is about to be launched on the market: 'memory-steel' can not only be used to reinforce new, but also existing concrete structures. When the... 4 hours
New protein sequencing method could transform biological research
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have demonstrated a new way to sequence proteins that is much more sensitive than existing technology, identifying individual protein molecules rather than requiring millions of molecules at a time. The advance... 4 hours
Apple to fix iPhone XS selfie smoothing with iOS 12.1 - CNET
CNET VIDEO After the beauty-gate brouhaha, Apple's tweaking the Smart HDR algorithm for selfies in the forthcoming update to iOS. 6 hours
sap chooses jamf to manage 17 000 mac 83 000 ios and 170 apple tv devices SAP chooses Jamf to manage 17,000 Mac, 83,000 iOS and 170 Apple TV devices
9to5Mac At the Jamf Nation User Conference, Jamf has... 6 hours
The Fan Bingbing saga shows China’s willingness to control overly wealthy celebrities
Using Acronis True Image 2019 for disk cloning, automatic backups and more [Video]
How to mass produce cell-sized robots
PSA: The best way to tell Google what’s wrong with the Pixel 3 is right from your phone
Inventor Simone Giertz wants you to give yourself a gold star every day - CNET
Google’s ‘Night Sight’ feature on Pixel 3 is simply impressive, here are some samples [Gallery + Video]
Sockeye carcasses tossed on shore over two decades spur tree growth
Motorola and iFixit partner on official DIY repair kits with OEM parts
Suspiria is an ambitious remix of a horror classic
Motley crews of bacteria cleanse water at huge oceanic Georgia Aquarium exhibit