THE ANOMALIST Writer Abbey Lynes describes a night spent in the woods with Cliff Barackman, Sasquatch hunting and discussing how the "Finding Bigfoot" co-host came to be a professional Bigfoot researcher. An intriguing and "real" interview, Lynes reminds us how much we all want to believe the Hairy Guy is out there somewhere, just waiting for us to discover him. Round Rock, Texas is apparently done with waiting, however: Texas Town Holds Bigfoot Hunting Tour, with a $5 entrance fee to a local nature trail to 1 month
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Local Man Says He Found Bigfoot - My Panhandle
THE ANOMALIST The local man is a Florida Man, but don't dismiss him as a nude tweaker streaking through his Wal-Mart. Dustin Teudhope isn't a stranger to northern Florida's forests and Kelly... 4 days
The Doppelganger Phenomenon: Time Travel, Cloning Or Reincarnation?
DISCLOSE.TV The Doppelganger phenomenon is probably as old as mankind itself. Again and again, there are astonishing cases of similar-looking people. That doesn't just apply to Celebrities ... 6 days
An Angel-Like Sky Phenomenon Appeared Over Alberta, Canada
DISCLOSE.TV During a G2 magnetic storm which took place on 15 September 2017 a strange phenomenon appeared in the sky over Alberta in Canada along with the northern lights ... 3 days
Columbia Falls Woman Tracks Bigfoot For 24 Years - Daily Inter Lake
THE ANOMALIST A woman in Montana is focusing on a lifelong obsession to prove the existence of Bigfoot. Misty Allabaugh was 17 when she first saw... 1 week
NC woman invents 'Bigfoot attraction spray'
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Allie Megan Webb came up with the peculiar concoction during a brainstorming session at her kitchen table. The North Carolina-based wife and mother ru... 6 days
katy perry the illuminati and the death of jonbenet ramsey mysterious universe Katy Perry, The Illuminati, And The Death Of JonBenet Ramsey - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO Are celebrities screwing with Brett Tingley, and the rest of the world, by playing the Illuminati card? Or are they also-rans like... 5 days
Before Bigfoot and Yeti, There Was the Legendary Wampahoofus of Vermont - Mental Floss
THE ANOMALIST Wampahoofus of Vermont sounds like a good title for a  children's book. In an amusing twist we are given the... 2 hours
Cassini is destroyed as it flies in to Saturn
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES One of the greatest robotic space missions of all time has finally reached its inevitable conclusion. After an incredible journey that began almost 20... 6 days
Should we be concerned about this week’s uptick in earthquake swarms along Ring of Fire (e.g Mount Rainier and Yellowstone volcanoes)?
Altered Dimensions ... 4 hours
Is This the Bottom of a Flying Saucer Hovering over Photographer's Head? - The Express
THE ANOMALIST Malcolm Robinson claims it is "the most remarkable UFO picture he has come across" since he began investigating... 6 days
Ground Is 'Breathing' After Earthquake In Mexico City
DISCLOSE.TV Video footage of the aftermath of the severe earthquake in Mexico City shows bizarre movements of the ground. It almost seems like the ground is breathing ... 7 hours
The Novelty of UFOs (Flying Saucers) - UFO Conjectures
THE ANOMALIST Interest in UFOs began to wane in the 1980s, when the phenomenon largely shifted from "nuts-and-bolts" stuff often bearing occupants to what are often now termed "LITS"--"Lights In The Sky."... 3 days
More on the eDNA Testing Project - Loch Ness Mystery
THE ANOMALIST Alas, "more" doesn't mean progress on this intriguing idea to test the waters of Loch Ness for DNA. The team estimate the cost of the research at around... 3 days
Did The Simpsons Predict September 23rd 2017?
DISCLOSE.TV Are "The Simpsons" now predicting a world changing event for September 23rd, 2017? Watch this video and find out! How come we haven’t seen it? They are on it again. 6 days
US military has an uncanny weapon - if it falls into the wrong hands, it is unstoppable
DISCLOSE.TV Microdrone Perdix becomes the military's latest secret weapon. A weapon from the US military... 2 days
The disappearance of the UK’s “most spectacular” UFO photo
OPEN MINDS Hanging on the wall near the British government's UFO Desk was what one of the men who occupied that desk called "the most spectacular UFO photo ever sent to the... 17 hours
Phoenix Lights: New Military Document Proves Not Flares - Top Secret Writers
THE ANOMALIST Or not, depending upon how you read Mark Whittington's article. Subject author Dr. Lynne Kitei certainly sees a debunking purpose in the post, which... 3 days
Listen to Jarrod Saltalamacchia's Scary Ghost Story During the Red Sox Broadcast - Cut4
THE ANOMALIST Take note readers who may not consider themselves sports fans. This post from proves that you can find interesting... 1 day
The Cash-Landrum UFO Prime Suspect: The CH-47, Army Chinook - Blue Blurry Lines
THE ANOMALIST One of the most dramatic details of the December 29, 1980, Cash-Landrum case is the large number of helicopters the witnesses said... 2 days
HAARP to 'make the sky glow' with radio waves over western Arctic starting Thursday
Giant prehistoric frog ate small dinosaurs
Backwoods Hillbilly Moonshine Zombie
Glitch in the Matrix: 1950s TV Show Featured a Character Named Trump Defrauding Simple Townsfolk with Promises About a W...
550 million-year-old creature mystery solved
eSkeptic for September 20, 2017
Porpoise unearthed in medieval graveyard
More lights dancing around sky in UFO video, this time in Great Britain
60 ancient shipwrecks found in the Black Sea