CINEMA BLEND If the rumors are true and Ben Affleck leaves Batman after Justice League, these are the ways in which DC and Warner Bros. could replace him. 4 weeks
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Matt Reeves Is Preparing To Recast Ben Affleck In ‘The Batman’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Even before ‘Justice League’, Ben Affleck’s future as Batman was in doubt. Though he... 5 days
What DC Is Probably Doing With Ben Affleck’s Batman Moving Forward
CINEMA BLEND With Justice League out of the way, we may know what's coming up next... 5 days
How The Flash: Flashpoint Could Provide A Perfect Way For Ben Affleck To End His Batman Run
CINEMA BLEND New rumors... 5 days
First Trailer for Totally Badass Japanese Anime 'Batman Ninja' Movie
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "I've been waiting for you, Master Bruce." OMG this looks awesome!!! An official trailer has arrived online for a Japanese anime version of Batman, set during the Sengoku... 1 week
‘Justice League’ Extended Cut Could Be Released On Blu-Ray
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Warner Bros. is toying with the idea of releasing a ‘Justice League’ extended cut on Blu-Ray/DVD, but it... 1 day
Casting Description Teases That Bruce Wayne/Batman May Appear On ‘Titans’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM From the time a live action ‘Titans’ series was announced, fans have wondered how the show... 13 hours
Batman's Kevin Conroy Is Teaming With Other Awesome Voice Actors For Crazy New Series
CINEMA BLEND Batman: The Animated Series icon Kevin Conroy is... 2 weeks
What Armie Hammer's Batman In Justice League: Mortal Would Have Been Like
CINEMA BLEND Had Justice League: Mortal moved forward, this is the kind of Batman we would have seen Armie Hammer portray on the big screen. 2 weeks
How Legends Of Tomorrow Will Replace Firestorm
CINEMA BLEND Legends Of Tomorrow already has a plan for who will replace Firestorm. 4 days
Sounds Like DC's Nightwing Movie Could Be Closer To Reality Than We Thought
CINEMA BLEND New comments made by The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris... 2 days
One Actor Who Wants To Play Nightwing For DC
CINEMA BLEND Chris McKay, who helmed the animated LEGO Batman movie, was tapped a while ago to direct a possible... 1 week
Is This How Thor Gets A Weapon To Replace His Hammer?
CINEMA BLEND The Avengers: Infinity War trailer potentially contains a clue concerning how Thor may obtain... 2 weeks
Who Might Replace Matt Lauer On Today
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO There are rumblings that NBC is eyeing someone specifically to take Matt Lauer's place on Today. 1 week
The Girl In The Spider's Web Has Cast Daniel Craig's Replacement
CINEMA BLEND The follow up to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is on the way,... 7 days
What Happened After Ridley Scott Decided To Replace Kevin Spacey In His New Movie
CINEMA BLEND Director Ridley Scott has finally broken his silence... 2 weeks
After ‘Justice League’, Warner Brothers Begins A DC Films Shakeup
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In the weeks since ‘Justice League‘ arrived in theaters, we’ve all been waiting for the other... 5 days
Zack Snyder Was Almost Removed From ‘Justice League’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While some are clamoring for a Zack Snyder director’s cut of ‘Justice League’, there was almost a 100% Snyder-free version... 2 weeks
He Said, She Said; Does A Zack Snyder Cut Of ‘Justice League’ Even Exist?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM After fans have petitioned for a Zack Snyder... 2 weeks
The Queen Biopic Has Found A New Director To Replace Bryan Singer
CINEMA BLEND Days after Bryan Singer was fired from Bohemian Rhapsody, a new director has been hired to oversee the Queen biopic. 6 days
Ridley Scott Wants To Kill The Alien Franchise And Replace Xenomorphs With AI
SCIENCEFICTION.COM When Ridley Scott was returning to the ‘Alien’ franchise fans... 1 week
Final Trailer for David Ayer's 'Bright' with Will Smith & Joel Edgerton
Seth Rogen Will Play Walter Cronkite In Upcoming Film About JFK Assassination
First Trailer for J.A. Bayona's Sequel 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom'
New 'The Greatest Showman' Featurettes Take Us Behind-the-Scenes
Stunning US Trailer for Lynne Ramsay's 'You Were Never Really Here'
A Wrinkle In Time new character posters introduce some astral beings
Watch Chris Pratt And Bryce Dallas Howard Answer Jurassic World 2 Questions And Show Another Clip
First Trailer for Totally Badass Japanese Anime 'Batman Ninja' Movie
Watch The Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Done As A 90s Cartoon
Check Out These Unused Bloodborne Bosses
Who Might Replace Matt Lauer On Today
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