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the chinese think palo alto is dumpy The Chinese think Palo Alto is dumpy
TechCrunch  Good news! The great Raw Water Story of 2017 is finally over. Google tells me that searches went up ten-fold over the... 8 hours
president donald trump has signed the fisa reauthorization bill President Donald Trump has signed the FISA reauthorization bill
THE VERGE Yesterday, President Donald Trump announced that he has signed the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017 into law.... 8 hours
Gabon says major ivory trafficking ring dismantled, 10 held
PHYS.ORG Gabon says a major trafficking ring that smuggled six tons of ivory out of the country in 2017 has been dismantled, in a victory against poachers who have killed large... 8 hours
How Designated Survivor Will Deal With That Big Death
CINEMA BLEND Actress Italia Ricci shared how that big death in the midseason finale will affect the rest of the... 9 hours
Why Samuel L. Jackson's Jurassic Park Death Wasn't Shown
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Samuel L. Jackson has finally opened up and explained why we never got to see John Arnold's gruesome... 9 hours
Prophecy- Judgement is coming for all the murder of Babys in the womb! Shocking, but i had to post the truth.
DISCLOSE.TV This prophecy is really hard to... 10 hours
Tom Petty’s Cause Of Death Was An Accidental Drug Overdose
CINEMA BLEND Fans have been wondering about his cause of death, and now his family has revealed how... 12 hours
Best Laptop Docking Stations in 2018
Windows Central Turn your laptop into a battlestation with one of these docks. Using a docking station with your laptop can effectively turn it into a desktop. Connect external monitors, printers, and other office devices to maximize efficiency... 13 hours
Infant mortality rates in Texas vary dramatically from one zip code to the next
SCIENCE DAILY Infant mortality rates in Texas vary dramatically even across neighboring zip codes, according to a new analysis and mapping tool.... 13 hours
Medical News Today: Cancer breakthrough: Novel approach can 'starve' tumors to death
MNT Current research investigates the potential of an experimental compound in causing cancer cell 'starvation' by depriving them of access to a key nutrient. 20 hours
The Destiny 2 Apology Tour Continues
CINEMA BLEND Bungie seems to be caught in a vicious cycle these days, addressing missteps made in Destiny 2 only to have those measures create fresh... 1 day
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. May Have Just Teased The Death Of A Major Character
CINEMA BLEND The latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. took a dark... 1 day
Factor that doubles the risk of death from breast cancer identified
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have discovered that the risk of death from breast cancer is twice as high for patients with high heterogeneity of the estrogen receptor within the... 1 day
Why We Shouldn’t Overthink Mom And Dad, According To Selma Blair
CINEMA BLEND Selma Blair recently spoke to CinemaBlend about her work on the horror-comedy Mom and... 1 day
spend a week fielding sensitive hr complaints in grayscale web game Spend a week fielding sensitive HR complaints in ‘Grayscale’ web game
TechCrunch  If you’re looking for a way to close out your week that’s entertaining, edifying,... 1 day
The Shocking Infanticide Trial That Exposed Sexual Harassment in 1868
HISTORY How the death of a domestic worker’s baby became a symbol in the fight for equal rights for women. 1 day
moviepass says it will start acquiring movies too MoviePass says it will start acquiring movies, too
TechCrunch  On the heels of hitting a 1.5 million subscriber milestone and bringing on a new marketing chief, the subscription service for... 1 day
The History of Russia's 'Plague Fort,' Where Scientists Battled Death (and Lost)
LIVE SCIENCE A military outpost jutting from the Gulf of Finland has an eerie history. 1 day
Survival game 'We Happy Few' for Xbox and PC delayed until summer
Windows Central Today, Compulsion Games released a developer diary detailing some of the new features coming to We Happy Few alongside a delay. According to the... 1 day
moritz sabotages sequoia again Moritz sabotages Sequoia, again
TechCrunch  Michael Moritz is a legendary for many of the investments he led throughout his long career with the venture firm Sequoia Capital. Among his biggest hits: LinkedIn, Paypal,... 1 day
Bring new life to your aging tech with this $10 Aukey Bluetooth receiver
Windows Central Bring your old tech to the current day. As the year's pass technology continues to adopt Bluetooth, but if you have some... 1 day
Maze Runner: The Death Cure Review
CINEMA BLEND Maze Runner: The Death Cure is for diehard Maze Runner fans only. Between the extended wait, the extended length, and the characters without character,... 1 day
amazon continues its assault on siri with full voice control coming to alexa ios app Amazon continues its assault on Siri with full voice control coming to Alexa iOS app
9to5Mac Amazon has today brought full voice... 1 day
amazon continues its assault on google assistant w full voice control arriving on alexa android app Amazon continues its assault on Google Assistant w/ full voice control arriving on Alexa Android app
9to5Google Amazon has today brought... 1 day
The Open House film review: Is Dylan Minnette’s Netflix horror worth a look?
SCI FI NOW A grieving mother and son discover that they're not alone in The Open House 1 day
Tim Cook to Deliver 2018 Commencement Address at Duke University on May 13
Should we let the crowd fund Canadian science if no one else will?
Apple's Beats is on Tom Brady's side - CNET
Apple's Beats is on Tom Brady's side - CNET
New Web Series Focuses On The Development Of Vampyr
Watch a pilot battle incredible winds to secure a landing - CNET
Why Samuel L. Jackson's Jurassic Park Death Wasn't Shown
Which Breaking Bad Scene Was The Toughest To Shoot, According To Bryan Cranston
New trailers: Tomb Raider, The Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, and more
New trailers: Tomb Raider, The Handmaid’s Tale, Atlanta, and more