9to5Google Android O’s name, Oreo, wasn’t really a surprise for anyone, but it was still exciting to see the company unveil the statue and name. While the Oreo statue in Mountain View is pretty standard to the rest of the family, the one in New York was special, and in a new video, the company shows off how it was created and unveiled. more… 4 weeks
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google updates material design with guidelines for android oreo and offline states Google updates Material Design with guidelines for Android Oreo and ‘Offline states’
9to5Google Google’s Material Design documents have been updated for September and feature new Android Oreo-related guidelines, as well as a section on how apps should behave... 3 days
watch industrial robots play traditional instruments Watch industrial robots play traditional instruments
TechCrunch  Robots are stealing jobs, the narrative says and according to this video, robots are stealing the arts too. The video shows several industrial robotic... 3 days
nokia already finishing up android 8 0 oreo for the nokia 8 release likely soon Nokia already finishing up Android 8.0 Oreo for the Nokia 8, release likely soon
9to5Google More than a month ago, Nokia announced the... 3 days
android oreo is causing random reboots on some google pixel devices Android Oreo is causing random reboots on some Google Pixel devices
9to5Google Android Oreo is a solid upgrade from Nougat, but its debut has seen a... 3 hours
an android oreo rom is now available for the nexus 4 because why not An Android Oreo ROM is now available for the Nexus 4, because why not
9to5Google One of the best things about Android is... 2 days
essential phone will get android oreo update soon Essential Phone will get Android Oreo update “soon”
TechCrunch  Essential is bringing the latest version of Android to its first smartphone, the aptly named ‘Phone.’ The Android 8.0 release... 3 days
action launcher brings oreo features to older android phones Action Launcher brings Oreo features to older Android phones
THE VERGE If you have one of the many smartphones that isn’t getting updated to Android Oreo, there’s still a... 5 days
these are all of the motorola phones that will be updated to android 8 0 oreo These are all of the Motorola phones that will be updated to Android 8.0 Oreo
9to5Google Android 8.0 Oreo has been out... 6 days
samsung is actively preparing android oreo for the galaxy s8 beta test could be coming soon Samsung is actively preparing Android Oreo for the Galaxy S8, beta test could be coming soon
9to5Google VIDEO Android Oreo has been... 3 hours
moto g4 will get android 8 0 oreo after all but it might take a while Moto G4 will get Android 8.0 Oreo after all, but it might take a while
9to5Google We told you this morning about... 3 days
there s going to be a new short blade runner anime set in 2022 There’s going to be a new short Blade Runner anime set in 2022
THE VERGE VIDEO In more Blade Runner news, Sony Pictures Japan has released... 6 days
google brings the 399 android one moto x4 to project fi and the u s Google brings the $399 Android One Moto X4 to Project Fi (and the U.S.)
TechCrunch  Google today announced that the Android One Moto... 1 day
google will automatically delete android backups if a device is inactive for two months Google will automatically delete Android backups if a device is inactive for two months
THE VERGE This may not be new information, but it’s... 1 week
this week s top stories what iphone x means for android bose quietcomfort 35 ii have google assistant built in more This week’s top stories: What iPhone X means for Android, Bose ‘QuietComfort 35 II’ have Google Assistant built-in, more
9to5Google ... 5 days
andy rubin ama oreo coming soon as more features planned for essential phone updates on europe verizon accessories Andy Rubin AMA: Oreo coming soon as more features planned for Essential Phone, updates on Europe, Verizon, accessories
9to5Google ... 7 days
google launches tez mobile payments service in india for android and ios Google Launches 'Tez' Mobile Payments Service in India for Android and iOS
MacRumors Google today launched a new mobile payment app in India that allows users to connect their bank accounts directly to the service and employs... 3 days
Expect new Google Pixel phones on Oct. 4 video - CNET
CNET Google has released a couple of teasers that almost certainly point to new phones early next month. 7 days
motorola quietly dropped support for the moto g4 line despite promising an oreo update Motorola quietly dropped support for the Moto G4 line despite promising an Oreo update
9to5Google Motorola used to be the best choice for... 3 days
google is bringing video reviews to google maps Google is bringing video reviews to Google Maps
TechCrunch  We’re still very far away from real-time Google Street View or satellite imagery on Google Maps, but Google is, for... 1 week
comment google needs to start giving users more control over android backups Comment: Google needs to start giving users more control over Android backups
9to5Google Today, a story from an Android user is making the rounds about how Google unexpectedly killed their device backup with no warning. To be clear,... 7 days
Google purges malicious Android apps with millions of downloads - CNET
CNET Malware hidden in the Android apps can force your phone to send text messages to fraud services and steal your money. 1 week
essential phone vs google pixel xl how does the first flagship from the father of android compare to google s Essential Phone vs Google Pixel XL: How does the first flagship from the father of Android compare to Google’s?
9to5Google ... 6 days
New video shows wild jaguar roaming in southern Arizona
ABC NEWS Wildlife conservationists have released new video footage showing what is believed to be one of three jaguars to be seen in the United States in the past few years 7 days
the bose headphones with google assistant are official now The Bose headphones with Google Assistant are official now
THE VERGE Google and Bose are today officially announcing a new version of the headphone maker’s great noise cancelling headphones,... 5 hours
huawei pokes fun at face id demo glitch claims mate 10 will be the real ai phone video Huawei pokes fun at Face ID demo glitch, claims Mate 10 will be ‘the real AI phone’ [Video]
9to5Mac ... 3 days
google adds zero touch enrollment for setting up enterprise android devices at carrier level Google adds ‘Zero-touch enrollment’ for setting up enterprise Android devices at carrier level
9to5Google Google, in recent years, has added enterprise features to Android... 12 minutes
7 rumors about google s pixel 2 video cnet 7 rumors about Google's Pixel 2 video - CNET
CNET VIDEO Here's what we've gleaned about the sequel to Google's popular Pixel phone. Special thanks to Concept Creator for use of their Pixel 2 concept video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3TNtuREToQ 2 days
Teddy Ruxpin's strange, Disney-infused origin story video - CNET
CNET The iconic teddy bear has ties to Disney, Atari and even Chuck E. Cheese. The team behind the bear tells the story behind the beloved toy. 5 hours
google brings its resources for founders and startups to a single site Google brings its resources for founders and startups to a single site
TechCrunch  Google launched “Startup with Google” today, a new site that brings together all the company’s resources for founders and their startups. As the name... 3 days
motorola s moto x4 is project fi s first android one smartphone Motorola’s Moto X4 is Project Fi’s first Android One smartphone
THE VERGE The United States will be getting its first taste of Android One very soon. Today, Google... 1 day
Google Keep is gaining 4 new colors for even more vibrant note-taking
You can now order a cheaper Nvidia Shield TV without the gamepad
First alleged photos of the BlackBerry Krypton pop up
This open-source Android app is designed to detect nearby credit card skimmers
Samsung is actively preparing Android Oreo for the Galaxy S8, beta test could be coming soon
PSA: A reminder that toggling Bluetooth and wifi in iOS 11 control center disconnects, not disables
Ford is using Microsoft’s HoloLens to design cars in augmented reality
OWC’s pocket-sized USB-C Travel Dock adds USB-A, HDMI, and SD Card slot to MacBooks
Apple TV 4K reviews: The best streaming TV box available, but not for everyone
Review: OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock adds 12 I/O ports and charging to MacBook Pro with a single cable at your desk
This budget earbud sounds (almost) too good to be true - CNET
The best way to back up all your photos (Status Update, Ep. 4) - CNET
Android One launches in the US with Moto X4, available on Project Fi at $399
Apple Shares Several New Videos Highlighting Revamped App Store in iOS 11
Watch the bloody first trailer for Netflix’s The Punisher