9to5Google Alphabet, through Verily Life Sciences, is invested in applying technology and data science to health care. Google’s in-house Brain team is as well, with the machine learning division running a pilot study that applies existing voice recognition technology to transcribe medical conversations. more… 4 weeks
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google s paper signals are physical assistant controlled widgets that you can easily build Google’s Paper Signals are physical Assistant-controlled widgets that you can easily build
9to5Google VIDEO Last month, Google expanded its Experiments program with a new category for voice interactions to demonstrate how developers can take advantage of conversations. Usually... 2 weeks
google allo 25 preps quoted message replies camera effects as voice transcripts rollout apk teardown Google Allo 25 preps quoted message replies & camera effects as voice transcripts rollout [APK Teardown]
9to5Google In a teardown last... 1 day
google s phone app now lets you start a duo video call from a regular voice call Google’s phone app now lets you start a Duo video call from a regular voice call
9to5Google Google’s Duo video service... 4 days
lux launches 149 smart thermostat with homekit support LUX Launches $149 Smart Thermostat With HomeKit Support
MacRumors LUX Products today announced the release of its new KONO Smart thermostat with support for HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google... 2 days
you can now sync smart home devices with google assistant just by asking You can now ‘sync’ smart home devices with Google Assistant just by asking
9to5Google Google Assistant is really powerful, and one of its best... 5 days
google home mini firmware update reinstates touch controls previously disabled over privacy concerns Google Home Mini Firmware Update Reinstates Touch Controls Previously Disabled Over Privacy Concerns
MacRumors Google's Home Mini smart speaker received an update on Friday... 1 week
Google Home Max packs in the smarts, boosts the sound - CNET
CNET The Max can respond to your voice commands and fill the room with music. 8 hours
google home mini s latest firmware update brings back some disabled touch controls Google Home Mini's Latest Firmware Update Brings Back Some Disabled Touch Controls
MacRumors Google's Home Mini smart speaker received an update on Friday that brings back some of the touch-based controls that the company had to disable... 1 week
facebook bats back after a second former exec accuses it of negatively impacting society Facebook bats back after a second former exec accuses it of negatively impacting society
TechCrunch  Yesterday, The Verge published comments made by investor... 4 days
Steven Moffat says goodbye to 'Doctor Who' in the best way - CNET
CNET "Count the hearts that beat a little faster because of 'Doctor Who'", says Stephen Moffatt as he and Pete Capaldi bid farewell... 3 days
WATCH: Which voice assistant is best for you?
ABC NEWS ABC News' Becky Worley tries out the Amazon Alexa and Google Home to see how the home assistants compare. 5 days
Government admits facial recognition delays
Sky News Ministers have again delayed the publication of an already late strategy governing the controversial police use of facial recognition technology. 2 days
child s smartphone searches become subject of short film Child's smartphone searches become subject of short film
CBC VIDEO When Brett Gaylor discovered an archive of every voice search his five-year-old son had made on Google Assistant, it raised... 4 days
cheer my friend lets you motivate runners with voice messages Cheer My Friend lets you motivate runners with voice messages
TechCrunch  Another neat hack idea being demoed here at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin is an app for helping... 2 weeks
google launches two new experimental photography apps on ios Google Launches Two New Experimental Photography Apps on iOS
MacRumors Google today announced the launch of two new experimental photography apps on iOS, which are designed to allow... 5 days
Apple snaps up song recognition app Shazam
Sky News Apple has confirmed it is snapping up UK-based song recognition app Shazam as it squares up to rival Spotify in the music streaming market. 5 days
Apple plows $390M into Finisar facial recognition, 500+ jobs
ABC NEWS Apple says it's investing $390 million in Finisar, which makes lasers used in facial recognition. The funds will help to create more than 500 jobs. 3 days
android 8 1 ota adds hd voice calling for pixel 2 xl devices on at t Android 8.1 OTA adds HD Voice Calling for Pixel 2 XL devices on AT&T
9to5Google VIDEO Besides addressing various bugs and issues, Android 8.1... 1 week
how apple watch saved one man s life and how it s empowering him after his heart attack How Apple Watch saved one man’s life — and how it’s empowering him after his heart attack
9to5Mac Apple and... 1 day
Chime in: Are you still using Xbox One's Kinect?
Windows Central Kinect might be dead, but that doesn't mean it's useless. A while ago, Microsoft admitted that it had ended production on Kinect units, effectively killing the motion-controlling camera array. Kinect... 1 week
made by google gift guide these google products will brighten anyone s holidays ‘Made by Google’ Gift Guide: These Google products will brighten anyone’s holidays
9to5Google Google’s hardware lineup expanded greatly this year, and this holiday season perhaps marks the first time that there’s actually been enough Google hardware to... 5 days
Face ID in iPhone X vs. 'Face Unlock' Facial Recognition in OnePlus 5T
MacRumors VIDEO The iPhone X has been available for a little over... 1 week
this week s top stories missing google home features google photos update google app update more This week’s top stories: Missing Google Home features, Google Photos update, Google app update, more
9to5Google In this week’s top stories: Most of... 2 weeks
google launches three new photography apps for testing experimental technology Google launches three new photography apps for testing experimental technology
TechCrunch  Google today is launching a trio of new photo apps – a part of new series... 5 days
The difference between AI, machine learning and digital assistants
Windows Central We hear a lot about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and digital assistants these days. But what does it all mean? Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and others are aggressively... 1 week
apple acquires podcast search startup pop up archive Apple Acquires Podcast Search Startup 'Pop Up Archive'
MacRumors Apple has acquired podcast search startup Pop Up Archive, according to Harvard University's Nieman Lab via AppleInsider. Apple more or... 2 weeks
apple may acquire music recognition service shazam Apple May Acquire Music Recognition Service Shazam
MacRumors Apple may be planning to acquire music recognition service Shazam, reports TechCrunch, which would be one of the most high-profile acquisitions Apple... 1 week
apple s phil schiller facial recognition techniques in competing smartphones all stink Apple's Phil Schiller: Facial Recognition Techniques in Competing Smartphones 'All Stink'
MacRumors Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller recently sat down with Dutch website Bright.nl, where he... 1 week
google adds price tracking and deals to google flights google trips and hotel search Google adds price tracking and deals to Google Flights, Google Trips and hotel search
TechCrunch  Google today is expanding its booking features for... 2 days
google home max is available to buy now for 399 Google Home Max is available to buy now for $399
THE VERGE If you’ve been patiently waiting for Google to release its Home Max speaker, well today is... 5 days
How to spot the huge asteroid behind the Geminid meteor shower - CNET
Google shutting down Tango AR after three years in favor of ARCore
ARCore hits Developer Preview 2 with version 1.0 launching in coming months
Google now lets you control if Assistant gives you directions for cars, public transit, or walking
Everything we know about T-Mobile’s TV service coming in 2018
More exclusive Apple Music films coming from Noel Gallagher and Sam Smith
Netpicks: Everything coming and going on Netflix for January 2018 - CNET
YouTube VR has officially arrived for Steam, but it apparently has some early problems
Chase Freedom card now offers 5% cash back for Apple Pay purchases
TouchArcade iOS Gaming Roundup: Bridge Constructor Portal, Fez, Inside, and More
Watch SpaceX fly its first used rocket for NASA
Google Chromecast returning to Amazon in possible de-escalation of YouTube dispute
A DJ named Ajit Pai had a bad day on Instagram
Samsung Bixby smart speaker w/ audio focus & touchscreen Google Home rumored for 2018
Seeing AI app to ‘narrate the world to blind people’ gets handwriting recognition and more