Earth's early life might have been purple, suggesting the search for extraterrestrial life should scan for the color.... LIVE SCIENCE 4 weeks
Earth's early life might have been purple, suggesting the search for extraterrestrial life should scan for the color.
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A purple-pigmented molecule could have been the first to turn sunlight into metabolic energy.
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VIDEO The closest place in the universe where extraterrestrial life might exist is...
Purple phototrophic bacteria -- which can store energy from light -- when supplied with an electric current can recover near to 100 percent of carbon from any type of organic waste, while...
National Geographic's "Mars" returns for a second season on Monday (Nov. 12), bringing a blend of extraterrestrial drama and real-life insights about...
Researchers at MIT just found that humanity could build a laser that could signal an extraterrestrial intelligence.
When it comes to the search for extra-terrestrial life, scientists have a tendency to be a bit geocentric – i.e. they look for planets that resemble...
A new review reveals how lavender mellows us out -- and why some day psychiatrists and surgeons might be prescribing patients a whiff of the purple stuff.
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Millions of families live in poverty in the United States. Associated stressors can often lead to adverse life experiences for children in those families, and negative socioemotional outcomes...
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How life could be shared between planets in close proximity to one another has received a greater insight thanks to new analytics based on previously known and new calculations. The findings are allowing researchers...
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When Australian scientists presented evidence in 2016 of life on Earth 3.7 billon years ago—pushing the record back 220 million years—it was a big deal, influencing even the search for life on Mars.
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As far as we know, all life requires one thing, water, and that's why scientists are fascinated by worlds they know or...
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If extraterrestrial intelligence exists somewhere in our galaxy, a new study proposes that laser technology on Earth could, in principle, be fashioned...
VIDEO On October 19th, 2017, the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System-1 (Pan-STARRS-1) in Hawaii announced the first-ever detection of an interstellar asteroid, named 1I/2017 U1 (aka, "Oumuamua). In the months that followed, multiple...
Mars has long been thought of as dry and barren – unable to harbour life. But research over the past few years...
Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is, along with DNA and protein, one of the three primary biological macromolecules and was probably the first to arise in early life forms. In the "RNA world" hypothesis, RNA is able to support life on its...
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This experiment had a good chance of crashing. Instead, it delivered whopping evidence to coroborrate the earliest evolution of the translational system, the mechanisms which make...
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If extraterrestrial intelligence exists somewhere in our galaxy, a new MIT study proposes that laser technology on Earth could, in...
Life-forms could jump from one planet to another in tight-knit planetary systems, scientists say.
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Although long life tends to run in families, genetics has far less influence on life span than previously thought, according to a...
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Long life spans tend to run in families, a phenomenon that's often attributed to people's genes. But a new, large study questions that.
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Mars expert John Grotzinger tells the story of exploration and the search for ancient life on the red planet at the annual Carlson Lecture.
New design could greatly extend the shelf life of single-use metal-air batteries for electric vehicles, off-grid storage, and other applications.
The first known interstellar visitor to the solar system, 'Oumuamua, highlights how life could also spread between the stars, and perhaps even across the galaxy, two new studies...
A new study by The University of Texas at Austin has demonstrated a possible link between life on Earth and the movement of continents....
Chocolate may be one of life's little pleasures, but in Ghana, for many, it is the very means of life. Around 800,000 households, smallholdings effectively, make their way by cultivating cocoa, and many more are involved...
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Another red dwarf has been caught firing off a superpowerful flare, further bolstering the notion that life might have a hard time taking root...
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Last week saw the installation of ESA's next-generation life-support system on the International Space Station. The new facility recycles carbon dioxide in the air into water that can then be converted into oxygen reducing supplies sent...
Do you trust other people? It may prolong your life. People who trust others live longer -- Those who do not increase their risk of a shortened life.
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