NEWS MEDICAL Especially cruel hackers know that lives are on the line when they hold a hospital's computer systems hostage, as they did in the May 12 attack dubbed WannaCry, which locked down many overseas hospitals with the demand for a ransom. 4 weeks
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Researchers identify strategies to mitigate disturbed axonal transport in ALS patients
NEWS MEDICAL A team of researchers at VIB and KU Leuven used stem cell technology to generate motor neurons from ALS patients carrying mutations in FUS. They found... 2 days
Head of NYC public hospitals cites cash-flow crisis
ABC NEWS The head of New York City's public hospital system says he will leave more jobs unfilled at the 11 hospitals he oversees and has started slowing payments to vendors because of a... 2 weeks
Researchers take the 'stink' out of wastewater treatment
PHYS.ORG A foul smell and safety concerns can leave many residents turning their nose at the idea of a wastewater treatment plant in their neighbourhood. 1 week
Migraine attacks may actively protect and repair the brain from oxidative stress
NEWS MEDICAL A new perspective article highlights a compelling theory about migraine attacks: that they are an integrated mechanism by which the brain protects and repairs... 4 hours
Business urged to take govt role in clean energy quest
PHYS.ORG The global fight for clean energy rests with businesses and ordinary people as governments lag behind, experts told an environmental conference in Argentina Friday ahead of a keynote... 2 weeks
This soft robotic gripper can screw in your light bulbs for you
SCIENCE DAILY How many robots does it take to screw in a light bulb? The answer: just one, assuming you're talking about a newly created robotic... 1 week
Experts express concerns over infant mental health assessment
SCIENCE DAILY Forty world experts on child development and mental health have released a joint statement calling for caution when applying an influential classification for assessing infant mental health and potential cases of abuse. 1 week
Research examines awareness, knowledge, and practice of blood donation in Bangladesh
NEWS MEDICAL Blood donation is a vital life-saving process but low awareness about the importance of blood donation can impact the safe and adequate supply of blood in hospitals. 2 days
This soft robotic gripper can screw in your light bulbs for you
PHYS.ORG VIDEO How many robots does it take to screw in a light bulb? The answer: just one, assuming you're talking about a new robotic gripper... 1 week
What life is like now for formerly conjoined twin sisters after separation surgery
ABC NEWS Eva and Erika Sandoval have spent most of their young lives in hospitals. 1 week
US warns of security flaw which can compromise Wi-Fi connections
PHYS.ORG The US government's computer security watchdog warned Monday of a security flaw in Wi-Fi encryption protocol which can open the door to attacks to eavesdrop on or hijack... 3 days
Taking the brakes off plant production can backfire, study finds
PHYS.ORG When engineers want to speed something up, they look for the "pinch points," the slowest steps in a system, and make them faster. 1 week
[Editors' Choice] Growing good bugs with moms milk
Science Magazine A strain of Propionibacterium found in the gut of breast milk–fed infants confers immune protective effects that may mitigate risk of necrotizing enterocolitis. 1 day
Limiting damage after donation could reduce discard rate of organs, study shows
NEWS MEDICAL A new study indicates that many donated organs that are discarded might be suitable for transplantation if certain steps are taken to limit damage... 2 weeks
Fundamental discovery may open potential for new types of cancer drugs
NEWS MEDICAL Many approved cancer therapies target a protein called epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) that regulates many crucial cellular processes and can speed the proliferation of tumor... 1 week
Mitochondrial DNA copy number appears to be predictive of sudden cardiac death, heart attacks
NEWS MEDICAL Johns Hopkins researchers report that the level, or "copy number," of mitochondrial DNA--genetic information stored not in a cell's nucleus... 1 week
Risk of tsunamis in Mediterranean Sea has been overstated, say experts
SCIENCE DAILY A review of geological evidence for tsunamis during the past 4500 years in the Mediterranean Sea has revealed that as many as 90 per cent of... 7 days
AP releases first public recording of sound heard by some U.S. personnel in Havana amid unexplained attacks
ABC NEWS AP releases first public recording of sound heard by some U.S. personnel in Havana... 1 week
US warns of security flaw which can compromise Wi-Fi connections (Update)
PHYS.ORG A newly discovered flaw in the widely used Wi-Fi encryption protocol could leave millions of users vulnerable to attacks, prompting warnings Monday from the US government... 3 days
Experts launch novel smartphone apps for AF patients and healthcare professionals
NEWS MEDICAL Novel smartphone and tablet applications for atrial fibrillation patients and healthcare professionals have been launched by heart experts. The objectives and design of the apps are... 1 week
Solar-powered devices made of wood could help mitigate water scarcity crisis
SCIENCE DAILY Energy from the sun and a block of wood smaller than an adult's hand are the only components needed to heat water to its steaming point... 1 week
Single polymer growth dynamics
Science Magazine In chain-growth polymerization, a chain grows continually to reach thousands of subunits. However, the real-time dynamics of chain growth remains unknown. Using magnetic tweezers, we visualized real-time polymer growth at the single-polymer level. Focusing on ring-opening metathesis polymerization, we found... 2 hours
How many opioid painkillers do surgery patients need? New prescribing recommendations unveiled
SCIENCE DAILY Surgeons performing 11 common operations can turn to a free new prescribing tool based on data about how many opioid painkillers patients across Michigan... 3 days
Resolving traffic jams in human ALS motor neurons
SCIENCE DAILY A team of researchers used stem cell technology to generate motor neurons from ALS patients carrying mutations in FUS. They found disturbed axonal transport in these motor neurons, but also identified genetic... 2 days
Nerve cells' gatekeepers take many forms
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists track the conformations of proteins that stand guard at transmembrane channels in the walls of nerve cells. The research could lead to refined drugs to treat neurological conditions. 1 week
Vitamin D supplement can help boost immunity during winter months
NEWS MEDICAL Vitamin D is the only supplement worth taking to boost immunity for the coming winter and to help prevent colds, according to experts on ITV’s Save Money: Good... 2 weeks
The sale of “super-size” chocolate bars to be banned in England hospitals
NEWS MEDICAL NHS England has said it will be banning the sale of “super-sized” chocolate bars in hospital shops, canteens and vending machines. 3 days
Art advancing science at the nanoscale
PHYS.ORG Like many other scientists, Don Ingber, M.D., Ph.D., the Founding Director of the Wyss Institute, is concerned that non-scientists have become skeptical and even fearful of his field at a time when technology can offer solutions... 1 day
Eyes fixed on California as governor ponders inking drug price transparency bill
NEWS MEDICAL Insurers, hospitals, and health advocates are waiting for Gov. Jerry Brown to deal the drug lobby a rare defeat, by signing legislation that would... 2 weeks
Researchers identify new molecular pathway that controls aging in worms
NEWS MEDICAL Investigators at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and University Hospitals Health System have identified a new molecular pathway that controls lifespan and healthspan in worms and... 6 days
Digging in the Arctic mud for answers to climate change
How climate change is affecting polar fish at the tip of a warming world
Fossil coral reefs show sea level rose in bursts during last warming
Smartphones keep students from concentrating during lectures
When solar-powered drones meet Arctic glaciers
Measuring public health impacts after disasters
Opinion: Passengers have a lot to say about self-driving cars – industry should listen
Discovery lights path for Alzheimer's research
The physics of mosquito takeoffs shows why you don’t feel a thing
Researchers reveal how to boost brain power
Medical News Today: Colorectal cancer: New, less toxic drug target uncovered
Researchers developing autonomous snake-like robots to support search-and-rescue teams
Video: How do we verify climate treaties?
ICON satellite explores the boundary between Earth and space
How sponges ‘spike’ themselves with glass
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