CNET America's "rocket man" revised his plan for a metropolis on Mars and is set to unveil version 2 in Australia later this month. 4 weeks
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here s what elon musk revealed about the its and spacex s mars ambitions in his reddit ama Here’s what Elon Musk revealed about the ITS and SpaceX’s Mars ambitions in his Reddit AMA
THE VERGE Last month, SpaceX CEO... 4 days
Freshen up your car with Elon's Musk - CNET
CNET Make your ride smell of success, or at least of Tesla car leather, with an Elon Musk air freshener. No really. 5 hours
elon musk banters and answers rocketry questions on reddit Elon Musk banters and answers rocketry questions on Reddit
TechCrunch  Elon Musk did an AMA on Reddit yesterday, and while he didn’t provide every missing detail on SpaceX’s... 4 days
SpaceX rocket launches this week help pave the way to Mars - CNET
CNET Elon Musk's space company has a busy week. It hopes to keep ramping up the pace of launches until we're off this... 1 week
elon musk offers to rebuild puerto rico s power grid using solar Elon Musk offers to rebuild Puerto Rico’s power grid using solar
THE VERGE A casual comment on Twitter by Tesla CEO Elon Musk about rebuilding Puerto Rico’s... 2 weeks
elon musk gets a nod as a space pioneer from star trek discovery Elon Musk gets a nod as a space pioneer from ‘Star Trek: Discovery’
TechCrunch  Elon Musk ranks alongside the Wright Brothers and the scientist... 1 week
puerto rico governor says let s talk after elon musk offers to solve the island s power crisis Puerto Rico governor says “Let’s talk” after Elon Musk offers to solve the island’s power crisis
TechCrunch  Puerto Rico’s power grid... 2 weeks
musk delays tesla semi unveil to focus on model 3 puerto rico Musk delays Tesla Semi unveil to focus on Model 3, Puerto Rico
THE VERGE Tesla admittedly went into fall with a lot on the to-do list, but CEO Elon Musk, who also runs SpaceX and SolarCity, may be... 2 weeks
elon musk s boring company readies its second poetic tunnel digger Elon Musk’s Boring company readies its second, poetic tunnel digger
TechCrunch  The Boring Company, Elon Musk’s third or fourth company (who can keep track) is nearly ready... 7 hours
elon musk has a theme song but zuck and gates need one too cnet Elon Musk has a theme song, but Zuck and Gates need one too - CNET
CNET VIDEO Commentary: Inspired by a new ballad... 2 weeks
elon musk theme song inspires choices for gates zuckerberg cnet Elon Musk theme song inspires choices for Gates, Zuckerberg - CNET
CNET VIDEO Commentary: Inspired by a new ballad about the Tesla CEO, here are some tunes other tech gurus should adopt. 2 weeks
How Elon Musk goes down in history with the Wright Brothers - CNET
CNET Commentary: Will we remember the CEO as a top innovator centuries from now? "Star Trek" says yes. CNET's Eric Mack says it's... 1 week
Musk in talks to restore power to Puerto Rico
Sky News Puerto Rico's governor says he is "exploring opportunities" with billionaire Elon Musk to restore the island's shattered electrical infrastructure using solar energy technology. 2 weeks
elon pushes back tesla semi unveiling to focus on model 3 and puerto rico Elon pushes back Tesla Semi unveiling to focus on Model 3 and Puerto Rico
TechCrunch  Back at the beginning of September, Elon Musk... 2 weeks
Elon Musk: Google's AI camera doesn't even pretend to be innocent - CNET
CNET Commentary: Google's controversial AI-based Clips camera doesn't seem to impress Tesla's CEO. 2 weeks
Elon Musk talks with Puerto Rico about Tesla power options - CNET
CNET The Tesla CEO and the Puerto Rico governor exchange tweets about the potential for a new electricity system. 2 weeks
Elon Musk says he can rebuild Puerto Rico's power grid with solar
BBC The Tesla founder says he can replace the island territory's destroyed power grid with solar energy. 2 weeks
Netflix to increase prices in US video - CNET
CNET Two of the company's three plans see price hikes that will go live for everyone in the coming months. 2 weeks
Microsoft rolls out new cumulative update for Windows 10 Anniversary Update PCs
Windows Central If you're still running a PC on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you may want to check Windows Update. Microsoft has quietly started rolling... 24 hours
Antarctic penguin chick die-off alarms researchers
ABC NEWS Thousands of chicks in an Adelie penguin colony in eastern Antarctica starved 4 days
Pence pledges that US will go to the moon, Mars and beyond
ABC NEWS Vice President Pence, others promise that America will return to the moon, go to Mars and even beyond 2 weeks
Is your PC getting the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on October 17, 2017?
Windows Central Microsoft plans to start rolling out the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on October 17, 2017, but not everyone will... 3 days
Singaporean data disruptor Circles.Life plans regional expansion - CNET
CNET The company plans to launch mobile services in Indonesia before the next year and is also planning to enter the Hong Kong market. 3 days
apple releases ios 11 0 3 update with haptic feedback and unresponsive display fixes Apple Releases iOS 11.0.3 Update With Haptic Feedback and Unresponsive Display Fixes
MacRumors Apple today released iOS 11.0.3, the third official update to the new iOS 11 operating system. iOS 11.0.3 comes a little over one week... 1 week
adobe introduces new cloud based lightroom cc revamped photography plans Adobe introduces new cloud-based Lightroom CC, revamped photography plans
9to5Mac VIDEO Adobe revealed a major update to its popular photo editing tool, Lightroom CC, today with a brand new... 1 day
angler nearly dies after swallowing fish he was trying to kiss Angler nearly dies after swallowing fish he was trying to kiss
CBC Sam Quilliam tried to kiss a fish but it jumped down his throat and... 1 day
inside an artist audiophile s stunning new york city loft cnet Inside an artist audiophile's stunning New York City loft - CNET
CNET VIDEO Show Us Yours: Greg Patan, the son of a jazz musician, has an insane apartment filled to the rafters with high-end audio gear. Check it out. 2 weeks
hyperloop one rebrands as virgin hyperloop one after investment by richard branson Hyperloop One rebrands as ‘Virgin Hyperloop One’ after investment by Richard Branson
THE VERGE Hyperloop One just got a major vote of confidence from one of the world’s most recognizable billionaire industrialists not named Elon Musk. Virgin Group... 1 week
Microsoft slipped an anti-cheat feature for games into the Fall Creators Update
Windows Central Windows 10 now sports an anti-cheat feature that PC game developers can take advantage of. It turns out the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update... 3 hours
Get to know the CNET family: Q&A with Mitchell Chang - CNET
CNET You can't miss this CNET video producer in his multiple hats. Oh, and most importantly, he likes mustaches! 2 weeks
How Pokémon Go helped shape the upcoming Ultra Sun and Moon on Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Switch update lets you capture video and transfer saves to a new console
How a Canadian astrophysics star aims to find life on exoplanets
Battlefront II’s single-player campaign brings the Star Wars soul back to the series
New 'The Punisher' trailer delivers blood and a release date - CNET
Watch this autonomous bulldozer excavate dirt without a human operator
Google’s customizable search bar is rolling out more widely in latest update
Tragedy Girls is a lazy attempt at horror satire, redeemed only by how weird it is
Pokémon Go’s Halloween update introduces new monsters from Ruby and Sapphire
Yale parent company buys August Home, promises to ‘create the future of smart residential doors’
Ulysses and Chrome updated with Drag and Drop, other iOS 11 enhancements
Adobe previews Project SonicScape, an immersive new tool for editing audio in VR
Nissan teases mystery SUV concept for Tokyo Motor Show - Roadshow
The 49 best iPhone games - CNET
Adobe introduces new cloud-based Lightroom CC, revamped photography plans