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Small changes to organ procurement system could lead to more life-saving transplants
SCIENCE DAILY Slight changes to the system for allocating deceased-donor kidneys could result in higher rates of organ procurement and lead to more kidney transplants across... 14 hours
New Arrow-verse Crossover Pics Show First Look At The Ray, Dark Flash And More
CINEMA BLEND The CW's upcoming Arrow-verse crossover unveiled a bunch... 14 hours
NASA sees a crazy, angry storm swirl across Jupiter - CNET
CNET Jupiter's stormy atmosphere does its best impression of a hellscape in an eye-popping Juno spacecraft image. 15 hours
Math gets real in strong, lightweight structures
SCIENCE DAILY Materials scientists lead a project to turn strong, light and compressible schwarzites from theory to reality with three-dimensional printers. The resulting materials share their properties from the nano- to the macroscale. 15 hours
A Tour of the Biblical Treasures at D.C.’s New Museum of the Bible
HISTORY The museum's opening has been clouded by claims of forgeries and stolen artifacts. 19 hours
Risk of distracted driving predicted by age, gender, personality and driving frequency
SCIENCE DAILY The first study of how personal traits affect driver distraction finds that young men, extroverted or neurotic people, and people who drive more often... 19 hours
New imaging technique peers inside living cells
SCIENCE DAILY Called Ultrasound Bioprobe, a non-invasive approach allows researchers to view sub-cellular structures and their mechanical behavior at nanoscale resolution. 21 hours
Skepticism surrounds head transplant success
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO Controversial surgeon Sergio Canavero claims that he has performed the first ever human head transplant. If the very idea of transplanting the head of... 23 hours
Medical News Today: Type 1 diabetes: Could modified blood stem cells lead to a cure?
MNT Researchers found that modifying blood stem cells to raise their levels of a T cell-blocking protein called PD-L1... 23 hours
watch tesla s new roadster show off its record breaking speed Watch Tesla’s new Roadster show off its record-breaking speed
TechCrunch  Tesla has delivered the ultimate fan car – a revamped version of its original Roadster, with crazy fast... 1 day
New paper answers causation conundrum
PHYS.ORG In a new paper published in a special issue of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, SFI Professor Jessica Flack offers a practical answer to one of the most significant, and most confused questions in evolutionary biology—can... 1 day
Researchers compute unprecedented values for spin lifetime anisotropy in graphene
PHYS.ORG Researchers of the ICN2 Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience Group, led by ICREA Prof. Stephan Roche, have published another paper on spin, this time reporting numerical simulations for spin... 1 day
New dye could be used to observe electrical activity of neurons in the brain
NEWS MEDICAL Keele University researchers have designed a new dye that can be used to observe the electrical activity of neurons in... 1 day
The new Roadster is the most ludicrous Tesla yet video - Roadshow
CNET The electric automaker surprised us all, debuting a new EV supercar with unbelievable performance claims. 1 day
Scientists design new dye to observe electrical activity of neurons in the brain
NEWS MEDICAL Keele University researchers have designed a new dye that can be used to observe the electrical activity of neurons in the brain... 1 day
This Man Claims He Has Been To The Year 2118
DISCLOSE.TV Does the ability to time travel exist? According to this man, a time machine was developed in 1981 and it was used to sent him 137 years into... 1 day
tortuga logic raises 2 million to build chip level security systems Tortuga Logic raises $2 million to build chip-level security systems
TechCrunch  Tortuga Logic has raised $2 million in seed funding from Eclipse Ventures to help in their... 1 day
tesla semi has the technical capability to convoy today Tesla Semi has the technical capability to convoy today
TechCrunch  Tesla founder Elon Musk revealed at the Tesla Semi unveil that the truck can work in a convoy... 1 day
Discovery of natural molecule could lead to effective treatments for gum disease and atherosclerosis
NEWS MEDICAL Resolvin E1, a molecule produced naturally in the body from an omega -3 fish oil, topically applied on gum tissues not only... 2 days
twitter says it will judge verified users offline behavior Twitter says it will judge verified users’ offline behavior
THE VERGE Twitter’s announcement yesterday that it would begin removing verification badges from some accounts had an immediate impact, as... 2 days
The Big Ways Broadcast TV Could Be Changing Soon, Thanks To The FCC
CINEMA BLEND The FCC has just made a decision that could lead... 2 days
A new window into electron behavior
MIT Scientists invent technique to map energy and momentum of electrons beneath a material’s surface. 2 days
Patty Jenkins Says ‘Wonder Woman’ Doesn’t Have To Be Damaged To Be Tough
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Wonder Woman’ was not only the biggest film hit of... 2 days
Spanking linked to increase in children's behavior problems
SCIENCE DAILY Children who have been spanked by their parents by age 5 show an increase in behavior problems at age 6 and age 8 relative to children who have never been spanked, according... 2 days
Matchmaking In CS: GO Now Takes Your Behavior In Other Steam Games Into Account
CINEMA BLEND One of the biggest complaints about any competitive... 2 days
A brief tour of Apple Park’s new visitor center [Video]
Hands-on with Apple Park Visitor Center’s AR campus experience [Video]
Project Fi launches new referral challenge w/ Chromecast & Android One Moto X4 prizes
These ring-tailed lemurs raise a 'stink' when they flirt with potential mates
20 years of changing seasons on Earth packed into two and half minutes
This Justice League Spoof Has Batman Creating The B-Team Out Of Howard The Duck And More
One small backflip for a robot is one giant leaping backflip for humankind
One small backflip for a robot is one giant leaping backflip for humankind
Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be the longest film in the saga - CNET
“Westworld” Season 1: Blu-ray Review