SCIENCE DAILY Diamonds may be ‘forever’ but some may have formed more recently than geologists thought. A study of 26 diamonds, formed under extreme melting conditions in the Earth’s mantle, found two populations, one of which has geologically ‘young’ ages. The results show that certain volcanic events on Earth may still be able to create super-heated conditions previously thought to have only existed early in the planet’s history before it cooled. The findings may have implications for diamond prospecting. 4 weeks
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lab grown diamonds touted as ethical alternative Lab-grown diamonds touted as ethical alternative
CBC VIDEO The lab-grown diamond industry is growing as millennials seek out eco-friendly, conflict-free alternatives to mined diamonds, industry insiders say. 6 days
How to watch a house-sized asteroid buzz by Earth - CNET
CNET VIDEO Asteroid 2012 TC4 is set to whiz by us at a distance that's safe but still uncomfortably close. 1 week
House-sized asteroid 'narrowly' misses Earth
Sky News An asteroid the size of a large house passed by Earth early on Thursday morning at a distance of about 27,000 miles (44,000km). 1 week
Google takes on Apple with the Pixel 2/2XL, Pixel Buds and Google Home Max (ABEC, Ep. 104) video - CNET
CNET Google's all new lineup features new surprises like... 2 weeks
Asteroid to 'narrowly' miss Earth on Thursday
Sky News An asteroid the size of a large house will pass by Earth at a distance of around 27,000 miles (44,000km) on Thursday. 1 week
Still photographs spring to life
BBC New software animates still photos so that subjects can be made to smile and pull expressions. 20 hours
Comedians Conan O'Brien and Kumail Nanjiani play Middle-earth: Shadow of War
Windows Central For quite a few years now, famed American comedian Conan O'Brien has been running a segment on his late night talk show called Clueless Gamer. Clueless... 2 weeks
asteroid will pass earth well inside moon s orbit giving us a chance to practise for a collision Asteroid will pass Earth well inside moon's orbit, giving us a chance to practise for a collision
CBC Asteroid 2012... 1 week
Original Xbox Backward Compatibility is still coming to Xbox One in 2017 says Phil Spencer
Windows Central Just like the Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility reveal, Microsoft stunned everyone at E3 2017 when they announced that... 1 week
Google takes on Apple with the Pixel 2 and 2 XL, Pixel Buds and Google Home Max (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 104) - CNET
CNET VIDEO ... 2 weeks
High-end audio show dazzles the eye and ear - CNET
CNET Hand-crafted headphones and even affordable gear take the spotlight at this show. 5 days
2018 Infiniti QX80 set to debut Nov. 14 in Dubai - Roadshow
CNET It's a giant, sand-dune-capable luxury SUV. Dubai's a perfect choice. 1 week
question reality with the new trailer for amazon s philip k dick anthology show Question reality with the new trailer for Amazon's Philip K. Dick anthology show
THE VERGE At New York Comic Con, Amazon Studios unveiled a trailer... 2 weeks
10 best tech deals of the week amazon echo show sennheiser hd 650 headphones and more 10 best tech deals of the week: Amazon Echo Show, Sennheiser HD 650 headphones, and more
THE VERGE We’re approaching Black Friday... 5 days
What Earth's climate system and topological insulators have in common
SCIENCE DAILY New research shows that equatorial waves -- pulses of warm ocean water that play a role in regulating Earth's climate -- are driven by the same dynamics as... 2 weeks
review pixie s arkit enabled item trackers are neat but still feel like they re in beta Review: Pixie's ARKit-Enabled Item Trackers Are Neat, But Still Feel Like They're in Beta
MacRumors Apple's augmented reality developer framework, known as ARKit,... 1 week
disabled chinese space lab likely to crash to earth in coming months Disabled Chinese space lab likely to crash to Earth in coming months
CBC A defunct, yacht-sized Chinese space lab is expected to fall out of orbit and crash to Earth in coming months. 2 hours
Amazon's Echo Show speaker now $200 after YouTube retreat - CNET
CNET Amazon Echo Show speaker sales have suffered since YouTube left, reports claim. Now it's on sale for $200. 1 week
huawei mate 10 new renders show off slim bezels as specifications are leaked Huawei Mate 10: New renders show off slim bezels as specifications are leaked
9to5Google We’re quickly approaching the debut of the Huawei Mate 10... 1 week
amazon slashes echo show price by 30 after sales drop due to youtube removal Amazon slashes Echo Show price by $30 after sales drop due to YouTube removal
THE VERGE Amazon just put the Echo Show on sale... 1 week
Fake news is still here, despite efforts by Google, Facebook
ABC NEWS Google and Facebook are still spreading fake news, despite their efforts to eradicate it 1 week
6 great phones that still have a headphone jack video - CNET
CNET The 3.5mm headphone jack is on the way out, but it isn't dead yet. Here are our top picks for phones that still have... 6 days
Middle-earth: Shadow of War buyer's guide: Editions, preorders, and release dates
Windows Central Middle-earth: Shadow of War is around the corner for Xbox One and Windows 10. We've broken down all editions to help decide which is best for... 2 weeks
hulu s castle rock will be an anthology show that connects the worlds of stephen king Hulu’s Castle Rock will be an anthology show that connects the worlds of Stephen King
THE VERGE Warner Bros. unveiled a first look... 1 week
2018 Buick Enclave Release Date, Price and Specs - Roadshow
CNET It's no Avista, but the Enclave is an attractive, capable three-row SUV for upper-middle families with lots of stuff to do and see. 1 week
Teamwork: How Echo Show can boost your business communications - CNET
CNET CNET@Work: Get all the details on how Amazon's Echo Show can help you to effectively communicate with team members in a small office -- plus stay... 1 week
after syfy canceled dark matter mgm wanted to save the show and cross it over with stargate After Syfy canceled Dark Matter, MGM wanted to save the show — and cross it over with Stargate
THE VERGE ... 5 days
the keys to your house belong to startups The keys to your house belong to startups
TechCrunch  Silicon Valley may be the techiest place on earth, but even here, the way people open the front door hasn’t... 5 days
Middle-earth: Shadow of War Xbox One impressions: Giant spiders, orc slaying, and loot crates
Windows Central I've been playing Middle-earth: Shadow of War for just over 10 hours. It's a huge game, so I'm not yet... 1 week
Middle-earth: Shadow of War's 4K and 'Favor Quality' mode detailed for Xbox One X
Windows Central We all know that Middle-earth: Shadow of War is getting updated for Xbox One X. Warner Bros. Interactive have showcased... 7 days
Nissan teases mystery SUV concept for Tokyo Motor Show - Roadshow
Watch this autonomous bulldozer excavate dirt without a human operator
How a Canadian astrophysics star aims to find life on exoplanets
Adobe previews Project SonicScape, an immersive new tool for editing audio in VR
Google’s customizable search bar is rolling out more widely in latest update
Pokémon Go’s Halloween update introduces new monsters from Ruby and Sapphire
How Pokémon Go helped shape the upcoming Ultra Sun and Moon on Nintendo 3DS
The 49 best iPhone games - CNET
Yale parent company buys August Home, promises to ‘create the future of smart residential doors’
Nintendo Switch update lets you capture video and transfer saves to a new console