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Children with autism, co-occurring ADHD symptoms lag in key measures of independence  SCIENCE DAILY · 23 minutes
A pair of new studies has provided new insight into the challenges faced by children on the autism spectrum who exhibit symptoms of attention... more
Palo Alto Networks to acquire Demisto for $560M  TechCrunch · 1 hour
Palo Alto Networks announced today that it intends to acquire security startup, Demisto, for $560 million. The company sees a tool that can help enhance the Palo Alto security portfolio by adding... more
Not all ions in tokamaks go with the flow  PHYS.ORG · 2 hours
For the first time, scientists are measuring the rotation of the main (deuterium) plasma in the edge region of a fusion device. New spectroscopic measurements combined with state-of-the-art spectroscopic simulation... more
Workout with 25% off the water-resistant SoundPEATS Q12 Plus earphones  Windows Central · 2 hours
These headphones feature Bluetooth 5.0, aptX support, a built-in microphone, and more. The black SoundPEATS Q12 Plus in-ear sweat-resistant Bluetooth headphones are down to $22.49 with code C3O54I2D... more
A tasty Florida butterfly turns sour  PHYS.ORG · 2 hours
The viceroy butterfly is a mimic, modeling its orange-and-black colors after the queen butterfly, a bug that tastes so disgusting predators have learned not to eat it or anything that looks like it, including viceroys. The... more
This discounted car mount attaches securely and includes wireless charging  Windows Central · 3 hours
Secure power. The Choetech car air vent wireless charger mount is down to $18.99 with code 5TCC8FQ3 on Amazon. The charger sells for $28 without the code and... more
Astronomers publish sky map of thousands of newly discovered galaxies  PHYS.ORG · 3 hours
An international team of more than 200 astronomers from 18 countries has published the first phase of a major new radio sky survey at unprecedented sensitivity using the... more
Oral antifungal drug used to treat yeast infections linked to higher rates of miscarriage  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 hours
A commonly used medication, fluconazole, used to treat vaginal yeast infections, is linked to higher rates of miscarriage if used... more
Nano-droplets are the key to controlling membrane formation  PHYS.ORG · 4 hours
The creation of membranes is of enormous importance in biology, but also in many chemical applications developed by humans. These membranes are shaped spontaneously when soap-like molecules in water join together. Researchers... more
US charity opens cancer ward for children in Gaza  ABC NEWS · 4 hours
US charity inaugurates first children's cancer department in Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip more
Graphene 'sandwich' key to new electronics  nanowerk · 6 hours
Researchers solved one of the challenges of making graphene nano-electronics effective: to carve out graphene to nanoscale dimensions without ruining its electrical properties. This allowed them to achieve electrical currents orders of magnitude higher than previously... more
Woot is offering the 1st-gen Echo Show in used condition for just $70 today  Windows Central · 6 hours
Available until the end of the day or until sold out. Woot is currently offering Amazon's 1st-generation Echo Show in... more
Study shows how 3D organization of genetic material helps perpetuate the species  NEWS MEDICAL · 7 hours
From fathers to children, the delivery of hereditary information requires the careful packing of DNA in sperm. But just how nature packages this DNA... more
Hundreds of thousands of new galaxies  nanowerk · 7 hours
A new survey reveals hundreds of thousands of previously undetected galaxies, shedding new light on many research areas including the physics of black holes and how clusters of galaxies evolve. more
This one day sale offers up to 36% off Anker Soundcore Bluetooth speakers  Windows Central · 6 hours
Today only, Anker is offering a number of its portable Bluetooth speakers with up to 36% off their regular prices. The sale... more
Biodiversity on land is not higher today than in the past, study shows  SCIENCE DAILY · 12 hours
The rich levels of biodiversity on land seen across the globe today are not a recent phenomenon: diversity on land has been... more
Oscars 2019 predictions: Best picture, best director, best actor, best actress - CNET  CNET · 15 hours
Roma, Green Book and The Favourite lead the pack for best picture, but Black Panther and BlacKkKlansman could be wild-card winners. more
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 gets ‘Operation Grand Heist’ season soon  Windows Central · 17 hours
There's a lot more coming! Every year, Activision releases a new Call of Duty game and fans of the franchise love it. Call of... more
Coal dust turns white snow black in Siberian town  PHYS.ORG · 19 hours
A Siberian coal mining town has gotten a blanket of black snow, a regular occurrence in the region known for high industrial pollution levels. more
Coal dust turns white snow black in Siberian town  ABC NEWS · 19 hours
A Siberian coal mining town has gotten a blanket of black snow, a regular occurrence in the region known for high industrial pollution levels more
Measure results with Eufy's Bluetooth Smart Scale at one of its best prices  Windows Central · 20 hours
Stick to those resolutions. Amazon has the Eufy C1 Bluetooth Smart Scale on sale for just $25.49 today. That saves you close... more
Talk to Alexa with the Eufy Genie smart speaker discounted to $15  Windows Central · 20 hours
Say hi to Alexa. The Eufy Genie Alexa-enabled smart speaker is $14.99 on Amazon. When not on sale, the device sells for $18 and... more
New protocol can help identify febrile infants at low risk for serious bacterial infections  NEWS MEDICAL · 22 hours
A national research team led by UC Davis Health clinicians and researchers from the University of Michigan, Nationwide Children's Hospital... more
Israeli spacecraft poised to become first privately funded lander on the Moon
iFixit launches ‘I’m A Genius’ campaign to encourage users to repair their own devices
iFixit launches ‘I’m A Genius’ campaign to encourage users to repair their own devices
Hands-on: Brydge Keyboard for the 2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the real deal
The death penalty, an American tradition on the decline
Fortnite turns into SSX with the long-awaited driftboard
YouTube updates channel strike system with one-time warning and more consistent punishments
School climate strikes: What next for the latest generation of activists?
Huawei P30 to be announced on March 26th in Paris
Comment: The rumored iPad mini 5 only makes sense if it gets a substantial price cut
Lightsaber dueling recognized as official sport in France
Ancient 'night' marsupial faced four months of winter darkness
Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Buds leak in TV commercial
Interactive space simulation for nanosatellites
16-Inch MacBook Pro, 6K Apple Display, AirPower, AirPods 2 and More Predicted for 2019 [Video]