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Enzyme discovery provides new horizon of therapeutic opportunities across disease spectrum
NEWS MEDICAL Doctors have long treated heart attacks, improved asthma symptoms, and cured impotence by increasing levels of a single molecule in the body: nitric oxide. 9 hours
How Star Wars Rebels May Have Teased Ahsoka's Return
CINEMA BLEND Not too many episodes are left in Star Wars Rebels, and the show may have just teased how... 10 hours
Google CEO says 'I don't regret' firing author of diversity memo video - CNET
CNET Sundar Pichai talks about the fallout of firing James Damore saying he didn't do it for political reasons. 11 hours
Thanks for the memory: Taking a deep look at memristors
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have now unveiled the long-mysterious inner workings of these semiconductor elements, which can act like the short-term memory of nerve cells. 12 hours
SpaceX might fire up Falcon Heavy's 27 engines Monday - CNET
CNET Elon Musk's next big thing will get fully lit up for the first time as soon as next week. 12 hours
Twitter says Russian propaganda more widespread than estimated - CNET
CNET The social network will email more than 600,000 users in the US who saw tweets from Russian-linked accounts during 2016 election. 13 hours
Google CEO Sundar Pichai doesn't regret firing James Damore - CNET
CNET After accidentally turning Damore into a conservative hero, Google execs say the former employee violated company rules. Period. 12 hours
Get to know the CNET family: Q&A with Katie Collins - CNET
CNET Meet our UK reporter who loves CNET so much she worked for our site twice! 13 hours
long march 11 lifts off from jiuquan with six small satellites Long March 11 Lifts Off from Jiuquan with Six Small Satellites
ASTRO WATCH China’s light-lift Long March 11 booster took to the skies on Friday, January 19,... 13 hours
Tim Cook: I keep my tween nephew away from social networks - CNET
CNET Commentary: Speaking to students in the UK, the Apple CEO also says learning coding is more important than learning a foreign language. 13 hours
This site makes browsing Netflix simple again - CNET
CNET Tired of spending more time trying to find something to watch on Netflix than actually watching stuff? Flixable aims to fix that. 13 hours
Facebook to prioritize news from 'high quality' sources - CNET
CNET In an effort to curb "sensationalism, misinformation and polarization," the company will prioritize news from "trustworthy" publishers, says CEO Mark Zuckerberg. 14 hours
Q Acoustics M2 review - CNET
CNET The Q Acoustics M2 is a decent sound base that offers vocal clarity -- but not enough oomph. 14 hours
This Samsung screen patent is full of holes - CNET
CNET Small holes in the display allow for sensors without taking away too much screen real estate. 14 hours
Facebook will ask us to decide what's 'high quality' news - CNET
CNET To curb "misinformation and polarization," Facebook will prioritize news from "trustworthy" publishers -- and its users will decide who's trustworthy. 14 hours
melted nuclear fuel seen inside second fukushima reactor Melted nuclear fuel seen inside second Fukushima reactor
CBC The operator of Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant said Friday that a long telescopic probe successfully captured images of what... 16 hours
How to watch Patriots vs. Jaguars online - CNET
CNET Here's how you can stream the AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and the Jacksonville Jaguars. 15 hours
How to watch Eagles vs. Vikings online - CNET
CNET Here's how you can stream the NFC Championship game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings. 16 hours
Facebook to prioritize news from 'high quality' and 'trustworthy' sources - CNET
CNET In an effort to curb "sensationalism, misinformation and polarization," Zuckerberg says Facebook will prioritize news from trustworthy publishers. 15 hours
TV Review: ‘Arrow: Divided’ (Season 6 Episode 10)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM After a long winter break, ‘Arrow’ is finally back! And somewhat surprisingly, they did not stay true to form and... 16 hours
moritz sabotages sequoia again Moritz sabotages Sequoia, again
TechCrunch  Michael Moritz is a legendary for many of the investments he led throughout his long career with the venture firm Sequoia Capital. Among his biggest hits: LinkedIn, Paypal,... 16 hours
the jamboxx is a midi instrument you control with your breath The Jamboxx is a MIDI instrument you control with your breath
THE VERGE VIDEO The Jamboxx, a hands-free wind MIDI controller, has relaunched and opened its store again... 16 hours
CNET Show Us Yours: Submit photos of your home theater now! - CNET
CNET Want your kickass home theater setup featured on CNET? We're looking for submissions, so get your photos ready and show us what... 17 hours
A new, dynamic view of chromatin movements
SCIENCE DAILY In cells, proteins tightly package the long thread of DNA into pearl necklace-like complexes known as chromatin. Scientists now show for the first time how chromatin moves, answering longstanding questions about how its structure... 18 hours
Team takes a deep look at memristors
PHYS.ORG In the race to build a computer that mimics the massive computational power of the human brain, researchers are increasingly turning to memristors, which can vary their electrical resistance based on the memory of... 17 hours
Distrurbing Trend: Millennials Vaping Washing Tablets Now
'Brother mummies' had different fathers
Cells lacking nuclei struggle to move in 3-D environments
First Trailer for Brazilian Teen Drama 'Rust' Playing at Sundance 2018
Danny McBride in 'Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home' Trailer
New US Trailer for Warwick Thornton's Outback Drama 'Sweet Country'
Google Allo 26 preps customizable stickers & GIFs, setting default identity, previewing Assistant results, more [APK Teardown]
User succumbs to a seizure in virtual reality while other players can only watch
LIVE: US President To PRESENT the FAKE NEWS Dishonest Media Awards
Watch Triple H And More WWE Superstars Lip Syncing With Jimmy Fallon