The British Heart Foundation (BHF) today announced its shortlist of four research projects competing for a single £30 million award.... NEWS MEDICAL · 2 months
Projects to develop COVID-19 vaccines receive U.K. gov’t funding  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 weeks
The U.K. government backs six projects aimed to fight the coronavirus outbreak, promising $23 million (£20 million) in funding. The projects, including two focused on vaccination trials, will help fast... more
Olympus announces the 2019 global image of the year award winners  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
Olympus is proud to announce the winners of their first Global Image of the Year Life Science Light Microscopy Award, a competition that recognizes the best... more
Amazon road-building projects would result in deforestation of 2.4 million hectares  PHYS.ORG · 3 weeks
A team of researchers from the U.S., Bolivia, Brazil, Sweden, Peru and Columbia has found that most of the road projects currently planned for the Amazon... more
Bentham Science announces new journal to cover latest research on coronaviruses  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 weeks
Bentham Science announces a new journal, "Coronaviruses" to cover the latest research on coronaviruses, related outbreak and the methods employed to treat coronavirus infections. more
Study quantifies economic burden of CVD in women with a history of preterm delivery  NEWS MEDICAL · 6 days
A new study quantifies the future economic burden of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in women with a history of preterm delivery. more
Research sheds light on molecular mechanisms that enable bacteria to compete and establish symbiosis  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 weeks
Two factors that control the expression of a key gene required by luminescent bacteria to kill competing bacterial cells have... more
Mathematical epidemiology: How to model a pandemic  PHYS.ORG · 1 week
Disease has afflicted humans ever since there have been human. Malaria and tuberculosis are thought to have ravaged Ancient Egypt more than 5,000 years ago. From AD 541 to 542 the global pandemic known... more
US border construction projects spur rural coronavirus fears  ABC NEWS · 3 days
Major construction projects are moving forward along both U.S. borders and raising fears that the influx of workers could spread the coronavirus more
Stratolaunch announces hypersonic vehicle plans  SPACE NEWS · 6 days
Stratolaunch, the company founded by the late billionaire Paul Allen as an air-launch company, announced March 30 it is developing a reusable hypersonic vehicle designed to... more
UCR project receives funding to improve Latino population's access to healthy local foods  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 weeks
The University of California, Riverside, has been approved for a nearly $300,000 funding award through the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards program,... more
Italy announces virus quarantine affecting 16 million people  ABC NEWS · 4 weeks
Italy's prime minister has announced a sweeping coronavirus quarantine, restricting the movements of about a quarter of the country's population in a bid to limit contagions at the epicenter of Europe's outbreak more
Moderate-to-severe PTSD symptoms common among 30% of injury survivors admitted to EDs  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 weeks
Over 30 percent of injury survivors who are treated in hospital emergency departments will have moderate-to-severe symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder at some point... more
Covid-19 diagnostic based on MIT technology might be tested on patient samples soon  MIT · 3 weeks
A variety of MIT research projects could aid efforts to detect and prevent the spread of coronavirus. more
Scientists receive €2.45 million funding for leukemia research  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 weeks
Leukemia stem cells are considered to be the starting point of leukemia; their elimination is a basic prerequisite for a successful long-term therapy. Scientists at Heidelberg University Hospital, the Heidelberg Institute for... more
Russian Science Foundation funds eleven Kazan University projects  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 days
Eleven Kazan University projects receive funding from the Russian Science Foundation. The results were published on 1st April 2020. more
NASA and ESA to fund coronavirus projects  SPACE NEWS · 4 days
NASA and ESA are separately soliciting proposals to either do research related to the coronavirus pandemic or to help provide relief services.... more
With record unemployment filings, federal stimulus will help, but more is needed  PHYS.ORG · 2 days
As an economist and director of the California Policy Lab, Till von Wachter is continually spearheading research projects and policy recommendations related to labor... more
The Latest: SKorea households to get financial giveaways  ABC NEWS · 7 days
South Korea says it will provide as much as 1 million won, or about $817, in gift certificates or electronic coupons to all but the richest 30% of households to help ease... more
Grifols Announces Formal Collaboration with US Government to Produce the First Treatment Specifically Targeting COVID-19  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 week
Grifols today announces that it has entered into a formal collaboration with the US Government alongside other health... more
USask researchers receive almost $1 million to fight new coronavirus  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 weeks
A University of Saskatchewan research team and collaborating scientists from across the country have been awarded almost $1 million over two years to develop animal models and test... more
The Latest: IRC starts $30M campaign to aid vulnerable areas  ABC NEWS · 3 weeks
The International Rescue Committee is launching an emergency campaign to raise $30 million to help refugees, people displaced in their own countries and those living in nations with... more
New study reveals early evolution of cortex  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 weeks
Research on the lamprey brain has enabled researchers to push the birth of the cortex back in time by some 300 million years to over 500 million years ago, providing new insights into brain... more
CVD risk among people with HIV varies by geography, income  NEWS MEDICAL · 4 days
People living with human immunodeficiency virus infection are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease compared to people without HIV. more
Trump clamps limits on travel from Europe to US for 30 days  ABC NEWS · 4 weeks
President Donald Trump says he is sharply restricting passenger travel from 26 European nations to the U.S. for 30 days beginning Friday as he... more
Trump slaps limits on travel from Europe to US for 30 days  ABC NEWS · 4 weeks
President Donald Trump says he is sharply restricting travel from Europe to the U.S. for 30 days beginning Friday night as he seeks to... more
90-Million-Year-Old Fossilized Rainforest Discovered in Antarctica  SCI-NEWS.COM · 2 days
An international team of paleontologists and geologists has uncovered well-preserved fossilized roots, pollen and spores of 90-million-year-old (mid-Cretaceous period) rainforest trees in West Antarctica.... more
Trump suspends travel between US and Europe for 30 days  ABC NEWS · 4 weeks
President Donald Trump says he is suspending all travel between the U.S. and Europe for 30 days beginning Friday as he seeks to combat a viral pandemic more
Robots can play a major role in COVID-19 battle
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