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Nintendo Dominates October Hardware Sales
CINEMA BLEND The NPD Group rolled out the software and hardware data for the month of October this year, and the results are now starting to look rather... 33 minutes
Watch and win as we livestream Minecraft-style MMO Trove tonight on Mixer!
Windows Central Join us for this week's Saturday Game School and you could win lots of premium currency for Trove! Saturday Game School is our weekly... 2 hours
Higher premiums for outpatient coverage for many on Medicare
ABC NEWS The government says higher monthly premiums for outpatient coverage await many Medicare beneficiaries next year 1 hour
Samsung's modern top-load washer doesn't destroy stains - CNET
CNET The $1,099 Samsung WA54M8750AW top-load washing machine looks nice, but poor performance holds it back. 2 hours
Report: Disney contacted EA about Star Wars Battlefront II's loot crate controversy
Windows Central Recently there's been a lot of backlash against EA and their aggressive microtransactions in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Not only are gamers outraged over... 2 hours
SF SITE Patricia McKillip and Matt Ruff tied for this year’s Endeavour Award for McKillip’s novel Dreams of Distant Shores and Ruff’s novel Lovecraft Country. The winners were announced at Orycon and the award comes with a $1,000 prize and an engraved... 2 hours
Here's What a Volcano on Mars Looked Like to Mariner 9 in 1971
SPACE.COM Mariner 9, which arrived at Mars in November of 1971, was the first spacecraft to orbit a planet other than Earth, and... 4 hours
google lens in assistant begins rolling out to pixel and pixel 2 Google Lens in Assistant begins rolling out to Pixel and Pixel 2
9to5Google Back in October, several Googlers noted that Google Lens would be coming to Assistant “in the next few weeks.” On Friday evening, the first... 8 hours
Mount Sinai researchers identify new therapeutic target for ER+ breast cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have identified a protein that can be targeted to suppress growth of a common type of... 10 hours
Podcast: ‘What the Health?’ Tax bill or health bill?
NEWS MEDICAL Republican efforts to alter the health law, left for dead in September, came roaring back to life this week as the Senate Finance Committee added a repeal of the "individual... 10 hours
crunch report twitter tests a new tweetstorm feature and tesla unveils a semi truck Crunch Report | Twitter tests a new tweetstorm feature and Tesla unveils a semi truck
TechCrunch  Today’s Stories Apple pushes back on... 12 hours
We react to Apple's HomePod delay to 'early 2018' video - CNET
CNET First it was AirPods last year and now it's the HomePod. What's going on with Apple? Is the company spread too thin? 12 hours
Negative school experiences can have adverse long term effects on pupils with autism
NEWS MEDICAL Negative school experiences can have harmful long term effects on pupils with Autism Spectrum Conditions, a new study in the journal Autism... 13 hours
School exacerbates feelings of being 'different' in pupils with Autism Spectrum Conditions
SCIENCE DAILY Negative school experiences can have harmful long term effects on pupils with Autism Spectrum Conditions, a new study reports. 15 hours
Gut bacteria at young age can contribute to MS disease onset and progression, study suggests
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School published a study suggesting that gut bacteria at young age... 15 hours
project fi launches new referral challenge w chromecast android one moto x4 prizes Project Fi launches new referral challenge w/ Chromecast & Android One Moto X4 prizes
9to5Google VIDEO Over the past year, Google’s Project Fi MVNO... 16 hours
Apple pushes back release of HomePod speaker to 2018
PHYS.ORG Apple said Friday it was delaying until early next year the release of its HomePod speaker set to compete with Amazon's Alexa-powered devices and Google Home as a smart home... 17 hours
Medicare 'Part B' premiums to rise next year for many
ABC NEWS Many Medicare beneficiaries will pay higher monthly premiums next year for outpatient coverage 16 hours
High-Tech Weather Satellite to Launch Early Saturday After Delays: Watch Live
SPACE.COM A next-generation satellite built to make global weather forecasts more accurate than ever will now launch into space no earlier than Saturday (Nov. 18) after two... 16 hours
happy hour podcast 147 watchos apps and gymkit launch even bigger iphones and homepod hype Happy Hour Podcast 147 | watchOS apps and GymKit launch, even bigger iPhones, and HomePod hype
9to5Mac This week Benjamin and... 17 hours
Gene drive technologies for ecosystem conservation: Use with care!
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists working in the vanguard of new genetic technologies have issued a cautionary call to ensure that possible applications in conservation will only affect local populations. Experts have now examined... 17 hours
Women are better in tech than men, says a report - CNET
CNET The Brookings Institution finds that women have better digital skills than men but are still underrepresented in the industry. 17 hours
Station: Video shows nurses laughing as 89-year-old dies
ABC NEWS An Atlanta television station says video secretly recorded in a nursing home in 2014 shows nurses laughing while they try to start an oxygen machine and an 89-year-old World War II veteran... 17 hours
Tech to cut young drivers' insurance bills
BBC Which is the best insurance technology for young drivers: Black box or dash cam? 17 hours
iPhone X is one of Time's 25 best inventions of 2017 (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy, Ep. 110) video - CNET
CNET The iPhone X has its share of bugs... 17 hours
A brief tour of Apple Park’s new visitor center [Video]
Hands-on with Apple Park Visitor Center’s AR campus experience [Video]
Project Fi launches new referral challenge w/ Chromecast & Android One Moto X4 prizes
These ring-tailed lemurs raise a 'stink' when they flirt with potential mates
20 years of changing seasons on Earth packed into two and half minutes
This Justice League Spoof Has Batman Creating The B-Team Out Of Howard The Duck And More
One small backflip for a robot is one giant leaping backflip for humankind
One small backflip for a robot is one giant leaping backflip for humankind
Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be the longest film in the saga - CNET
“Westworld” Season 1: Blu-ray Review
Everything you ever wanted to know about perovskite, Earth’s most abundant type of mineral—that we almost never see
Science Magazine
SpaceX’s mysterious Zuma launch is postponed indefinitely
Netflix’s Punisher would be timely if it had anything coherent to say about gun violence
Essential Phone camera updated w/ stability fixes and 60FPS monochrome video mode
Live sports integration likely coming to Apple’s TV app next month