ABC NEWS Radio telescopes that span thousands of miles and is remotely operated from central New Mexico has measured a span of 66,000 light-years from Earth across the Milky Way's center to a star-forming area near the edge of the other side of the galaxy 4 weeks
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Listening for gravitational waves using pulsars
SCIENCE DAILY When galaxies collide, their central black holes tend to spiral toward each other, releasing gravitational waves in their cosmic dance. To explore this uncharted area of gravitational wave science, researchers look a natural experiment in the... 4 days
astronomers discover strange dr jekyll and mr hyde supernova Astronomers discover strange 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' supernova
CBC In a galaxy far, far away lies a puzzling star, one that seems to be dying multiple deaths,... 2 weeks
apple airpods vs google pixel buds Apple AirPods vs. Google Pixel Buds
MacRumors The Pixel Buds, Google's $159 headphones designed to compete with Apple's AirPods, finally launched this week so we thought we'd pit the two devices... 3 days
canadians tuning in less to traditional tv and radio crtc report finds Canadians tuning in less to traditional TV and radio, CRTC report finds
CBC Canadians are turning more and more to internet-based media at the expense of conventional forms of broadcasting, the CRTC said Wednesday. 2 weeks
toenails saliva and urine could answer questions about giant mine s toxic legacy Toenails, saliva and urine could answer questions about Giant Mine's toxic legacy
CBC About 200 people in Yellowknife, Dettah and Ndilo have given toenail clippings, urine and saliva samples to researchers for a new study, which will... 2 weeks
canadian scalper s multimillion dollar stubhub scheme exposed in paradise papers Canadian scalper's multimillion-dollar StubHub scheme exposed in Paradise Papers
CBC A CBC/Radio-Canada investigation done jointly with the Toronto Star has revealed how a Canadian scalper has been able... 1 week
Duo of titanic galaxies captured in extreme starbursting merger
SCIENCE DAILY Astronomers have uncovered the never-before-seen close encounter between two astoundingly bright and spectacularly massive galaxies in the early universe. 6 days
Mysterious explosive zombie star refuses to stay dead - CNET
CNET Stars usually go out in a bright flash that fades fast, but astronomers have spotted a massive star that just keeps exploding after more than 50 years. 2 weeks
Apple's iPhone X vs. Google's Pixel 2 XL
MacRumors VIDEO Now that the new 2017 flagship smartphones from both Google and Apple are available and in the hands of consumers,... 1 week
germany bans smartwatches for kids over spying concerns Germany bans smartwatches for kids over spying concerns
TechCrunch  Germany’s Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) issued a blanket ban on smartwatches aimed at children this week — and asked parents... 2 days
a government program is giving out 10 000 fitbits to help measure americans health A government program is giving out 10,000 Fitbits to help measure Americans’ health
THE VERGE Fitbit is the first wearable company to get the green... 2 weeks
the bbc s interactive radio drama is now available on amazon s alexa The BBC’s interactive radio drama is now available on Amazon’s Alexa
THE VERGE Last month, the BBC announced that it was producing a new type of interactive... 1 week
tracking rogue drones with dji s new aeroscope system Tracking rogue drones with DJI’s new Aeroscope system
THE VERGE I wasn’t expecting that we’d spot any drones when I joined Nick Martino, an airport operations supervisor, on his daily... 5 days
'Zombie star' baffles scientists by surviving supernovae
Sky News A 'zombie star' which refuses to die has left astronomers stumped and questioning everything they know about supernovae. 1 week
planet with earth like temperature discovered orbiting nearby quiet star Planet with Earth-like temperature discovered orbiting nearby 'quiet' star
CBC Astronomers have discovered a world 11 light-years away that may have a surface temperature similar to Earth's. 4 days
equity shot the uber softbank deal explained Equity Shot: The Uber-Softbank deal explained
TechCrunch  Hello and welcome to another Equity Shot, a quick-hit episode of our venture-capital themed podcast. (Equity, released every Thursday, focuses on the money behind... 6 days
geneva labs latest bluetooth speaker just got even more compact Geneva Labs’ latest Bluetooth speaker just got even more compact
THE VERGE Swiss company Geneva Labs has added a new Bluetooth speaker to its Touring lineup, which are... 4 days
How Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers compare to the competition
Windows Central How do Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers stack up against the competition? Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) has introduced us to a new set of motion controllers, adding to... 2 days
gravitational wave hunters have picked up signals from the lightest black holes yet Gravitational wave hunters have picked up signals from the lightest black holes yet
THE VERGE The collaboration of scientists called LIGO — famously known for... 3 days
steven soderbergh s shot on iphone horror movie unsane gets march 2018 theatrical release date Steven Soderbergh's Shot-on-iPhone Horror Movie 'Unsane' Gets March 2018 Theatrical Release Date
MacRumors Steven Soderbergh, the director currently experimenting with smartphone technology in the television show "Mosaic," has now unveiled his next feature film "Unsane," which was... 4 days
On the origins of star stuff: Shedding new light on origin of anti-matter
SCIENCE DAILY Astronomers have used a high-altitude observatory in Mexico to better understand where gamma rays come from. More than 300 massive water tanks... 3 days
Close new Earth-size world, where year lasts under 10 days
ABC NEWS Astronomers have discovered a close new world the size of Earth, where a year lasts just under 10 days. 4 days
This simple AirPods hack can dramatically improve the sound quality
Apple's iPhone X vs. Google's Pixel 2 XL
Upcoming Google Chrome security features will prevent malicious auto-redirects
Waymo is first to put fully self-driving cars on US roads without a safety driver
DJI expands its enterprise business with two new drones and FlightHub software
Animoji overdubs are out of control and utterly brilliant [NSFW]
Your tape measure is smarter than you think
Parallel State