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Palo Alto Networks to acquire Demisto for $560M  TechCrunch · 28 minutes
Palo Alto Networks announced today that it intends to acquire security startup, Demisto, for $560 million. The company sees a tool that can help enhance the Palo Alto security portfolio by adding... more
SoundCloud adds a music distribution service to its premium subscriptions  TechCrunch · 28 minutes
Last year, Spotify took a stake in music distribution service DistroKid. Apple acquired Platoon. And today, SoundCloud announced it’s adding its own music distribution tools to its premium... more
Tuesday's top deals: Bluetooth speakers, large Roku TVs, and more!  Windows Central · 1 hour
On a daily basis there is no shortage of great deals to be had, but sometimes hunting them down can be a bit time consuming. Don't let that... more
Workout with 25% off the water-resistant SoundPEATS Q12 Plus earphones  Windows Central · 1 hour
These headphones feature Bluetooth 5.0, aptX support, a built-in microphone, and more. The black SoundPEATS Q12 Plus in-ear sweat-resistant Bluetooth headphones are down to $22.49 with code C3O54I2D... more
Control appliances with your phone and Aukey's discounted Mini Smart Plugs  Windows Central · 1 hour
Now down to $38, this set scores you the plugs for less than $10 apiece! The smartest way to save on smart plugs is to buy... more
How do click beetles jump without legs?  Sky News · 2 hours
Click beetles are an unusual insect species, capable of launching themselves from ground with more than eight times the acceleration of a space shuttle - and without using their legs. more
This discounted car mount attaches securely and includes wireless charging  Windows Central · 2 hours
Secure power. The Choetech car air vent wireless charger mount is down to $18.99 with code 5TCC8FQ3 on Amazon. The charger sells for $28 without the code and... more
Do you need an aftermarket CPU cooler if you're not overclocking?  Windows Central · 3 hours
Best answer: If you're not overclocking, the stock CPU cooler will be fine, but if you do want to push your machine a little further, then... more
Fish with a high level of familiarity are more aggressive towards each other  PHYS.ORG · 3 hours
Aggressiveness among animals may increase the longer individuals live together in stable groups. This is the finding of a recent study carried... more
The 23.8-inch HP EliteDisplay monitor is down to a new low price  Windows Central · 4 hours
This HP EliteDisplay Video Conferencing Monitor is Certified for Skype. HP's EliteDisplay E240c Video Conferencing Monitor is on sale today at Woot for $134.99.... more
36-Year-Old CEO Has Amazon Riding Shotgun  Gadgets 360 · 4 hours
Rivian Automotive founder R.J. Scaringe approached deep-pocketed Saudi investors in late 2011 with an audacious proposal. more
Woot is offering the 1st-gen Echo Show in used condition for just $70 today  Windows Central · 5 hours
Available until the end of the day or until sold out. Woot is currently offering Amazon's 1st-generation Echo Show in... more
Amazon is reportedly merging its China import unit with NetEase  TechCrunch · 5 hours
You’d be forgiven for not knowing Amazon has operated in China for more than a decade, but perhaps not for much longer. The company is reportedly in talks... more
This one day sale offers up to 36% off Anker Soundcore Bluetooth speakers  Windows Central · 6 hours
Today only, Anker is offering a number of its portable Bluetooth speakers with up to 36% off their regular prices. The sale... more
Litho is a finger-worn controller for augmented reality, IoT and other ‘spatial’ interactions  TechCrunch · 7 hours
I first encountered the founders of Litho, a new hardware and software startup developing a new finger-worn controller, at London’s Pitch@Palace last... more
Keep the power on for a bit longer with $50 off CyberPower's Sinewave UPS  Windows Central · 17 hours
This UPS features ten surge-protected outlets, five of which offer battery backup. CyberPower's 1000PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS System drops to... more
UK jump-starts OneWeb-ESA program with $23 million pledge  SPACE NEWS · 18 hours
The multiyear investment begins with 18-month contract worth few million pounds. more
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Android Q may change the back button to a gesture
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