SCIENCE DAILY Imagine if doctors could determine, many years in advance, who is likely to develop dementia. Such prognostic capabilities would give patients and their families time to plan and manage treatment and care. Thanks to artificial intelligence research, this kind of predictive power could soon be available to clinicians everywhere. 4 weeks
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Artificial intelligence just made guessing your password a whole lot easier
Science Magazine “Generative” neural networks teach themselves to guess realistic passwords 6 days
New leadership for MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab
MIT Computer vision and machine learning expert Antonio Torralba to lead new artificial intelligence research lab. 20 hours
Wikipedia used to give AI context clues
SCIENCE DAILY A team of computer scientists is teaching artificial intelligence agents how to interact with the world in a way that makes sense. 2 days
Differences in aggression among people with dementia
SCIENCE DAILY Physical aggression among people with dementia is not unusual. A study showed that one-third of patients with the diagnosis Alzheimer’s disease or frontotemporal dementia were physically aggressive towards healthcare staff, other patients, relatives, animals... 5 days
Study investigates depression treatment among older people with dementia
NEWS MEDICAL A high prevalence of depression among older individuals with dementia is prompting researchers at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy and Banner Alzheimer's Institute to investigate depression treatment among... 2 days
Griffith study aims to increase awareness of sexuality for people with dementia among health professionals
NEWS MEDICAL Improving the knowledge and attitudes concerning sexual expression of people with dementia amongst health professionals, has been the... 6 days
Blood Levels of Magnesium May Predict Dementia Risk
LIVE SCIENCE The levels of magnesium in your blood may be linked to your risk of developing dementia later in life, a new study from the Netherlands finds. 20 hours
Facebook opens AI lab in Canada, with Trudeau on hand
PHYS.ORG Facebook opened its first artificial intelligence lab in Canada on Friday, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was on hand to praise the impact of such cutting-edge research. 6 days
Study: Onset of adolescence triggers common, rigid gender expectations linked to lifelong risks
NEWS MEDICAL Whether you are child in Baltimore, Beijing, Nairobi or New Delhi, the onset of adolescence triggers a surprisingly common set of rigidly... 3 hours
Both high, low levels of magnesium in blood linked to risk of dementia
SCIENCE DAILY People with both high and low levels of magnesium in their blood may have a greater risk of developing dementia, according to... 1 hour
Innovative new app could help enhance day-to-day lives of people with dementia
NEWS MEDICAL An innovative new app could help enhance home and hospital environments for people with dementia - improving patient outcomes and reducing the strain on... 15 hours
Medical News Today: Pneumonitis: Symptoms, causes, and treatments
MNT Pneumonitis is a condition caused by inhaling certain substances, leading to an allergic reaction in the lungs. Learn about the symptoms and treatments. 3 days
Study: 52-gene risk profile accurately predicts survival for patients with severe lung disease
NEWS MEDICAL An international Yale-led research team has shown that a risk profile based on 52 genes accurately predicts survival for patients with a... 1 day
Medical News Today: Lung cancer in women: Signs and symptoms
MNT Recent research has suggested that lung cancer affects women differently to men. We look at the types, their causes, symptoms, treatments, and outlook. 6 hours
Medical News Today: MDS symptoms: What are the signs of pre-leukemia?
MNT MDS, or myelodysplastic syndrome, refers to a group of blood cancers. In this article, learn about the symptoms and complications of this disease. 6 days
New 15-minute assessment opens up possibilities for early detection of dementia
NEWS MEDICAL At the World Congress of Neurology in Kyoto a group of Indian researchers presented a new 15-minute assessment to monitor dementia patients on an ongoing basis.... 1 day
Medical News Today: Eosinophilic asthma: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment
MNT Eosinophilic asthma is a type of severe asthma. It is caused by high levels of certain white blood cells. We look at symptoms and treatments. 1 day
Medical News Today: Vitamin B-3 deficiency: Symptoms, causes, and treatment
MNT Vitamin B-3 is important for a healthy body. We look at the causes of vitamin B-3 deficiency, its symptoms, how to get more B-3, and when to see... 5 days
Project will use AI to prevent or minimize electric grid failures
PHYS.ORG A project led by the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory will combine artificial intelligence with massive amounts of data and industry experience from a... 7 days
Two artificial sweeteners together take the bitter out of bittersweet
SCIENCE-NEWS Some artificial sweeteners are well known for their bitter aftertastes. But saccharin and cyclamate are better together, and now scientists know why. 7 days
People with high and low magnesium levels in blood may have increased risk of dementia
NEWS MEDICAL People with both high and low levels of magnesium in their blood may have a greater risk of... 14 hours
Gulf Spill oil dispersants associated with health symptoms in cleanup workers
SCIENCE DAILY Workers who were likely exposed to dispersants while cleaning up the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill experienced a range of health symptoms including cough and wheeze,... 2 days
Medical News Today: Liver fluke: Symptoms and treatment
MNT The liver fluke is a parasite found in the bile ducts and the liver. In this article, we look at the symptoms and diseases they can cause, and prevention. 4 hours
Scientists prevent hacker attacks on cars
PHYS.ORG Today, many cars are offering a digital gateway which hackers can misuse. Scientists at the Competence Center for IT Security at Saarland University and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence have therefore developed a technology... 1 day
Medical News Today: Discoid lupus: Symptoms, causes, and treatment
MNT In this article, learn about discoid lupus. What are the symptoms of discoid lupus, how is it diagnosed, can it be prevented, and how might it be managed? 1 day
Mathematics predicts a sixth mass extinction
MIT By 2100, oceans may hold enough carbon to launch mass extermination of species in future millennia. 22 hours
Research: Hospice referral at end of life should be based on older adult's pain, distressing symptoms
NEWS MEDICAL A team of researchers from Yale University has studied how soon older adults who were experiencing... 7 days
Owners of seriously ill pets at risk of stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms
SCIENCE DAILY Owners of seriously or terminally ill pets are more likely to suffer with stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well... 2 days
Workers exposed to dispersants during oil spill cleanup experience range of health symptoms
NEWS MEDICAL Workers who were likely exposed to dispersants while cleaning up the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill experienced a range of health symptoms... 2 days
Sleep deprivation rapidly reduces depression symptoms in nearly half of depressed patients
NEWS MEDICAL Sleep deprivation -- typically administered in controlled, inpatient settings -- rapidly reduces symptoms of depression in roughly half of depression patients, according the first... 2 days
Intense storms provide the first test of powerful new hurricane forecast tools
The birdlife of an unforgiving paradise
They're coming for our jobs, but can giant fighting robots save TV?
Turning the evolutionary clock back on a light-sensitive protein
Researchers take tips from 'Twister' to chase elusive storm data
Why flu vaccines so often fail
Science Magazine
Aligning the primary mirror segments of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope with light
This robotic ‘remora’ can cling to objects with a force 340 times its own weight
Science Magazine
Mattis sees need for new space programs
Engineers 3-D print high-strength aluminum, solve ages-old welding problem using nanoparticles
3-D printers—a revolutionary frontier for medicine
Hubble discovers a unique type of object in the Solar System
Space radiation is risky business for the human body
Equifax breach brings renewed attention to information security vulnerabilities
Lumbering giants had agile ancestors