SCI-NEWS.COM The newly-discovered river system was active as recently as 15,000 years ago beneath an area formerly covered by the East Antarctic ice sheet, according to new research published in the journal Nature Geoscience. Rice University postdoctoral researcher Lauren Simkins and colleagues analyzed sediment cores and seafloor maps of the deglaciated western Ross Sea. The maps [...] 4 weeks
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New Ancient Sloth Discovered in Mexican Sinkhole
LIVE SCIENCE The skeleton of a new ancient ground sloth, the size of a small bear, was discovered in a Mexican sinkhole. 2 hours
Researchers study heat waves over the Yangtze River valley
PHYS.ORG Under global warming, East China is experiencing more heat waves with increasing intensity. The strongest heat wave over the Yangtze River valley (YRV) since 1951 occurred in 2013, and severely... 7 hours
Five ways ancient India changed the world – with maths
PHYS.ORG It should come as no surprise that the first recorded use of the number zero, recently discovered to be made as early as the 3rd or 4th century,... 4 hours
Wave Glider surfs across stormy Drake Passage in Antarctica
SCIENCE DAILY A hardy ocean drone made a first-ever attempt to surf across Antarctica's stormy Drake Passage gathering data about ocean mixing. 22 hours
NASA tracking Jose meandering off US East Coast
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Jose has been a named storm for nearly two weeks now as it continues to slowly move northward off the U.S. East Coast east of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. NASA's... 2 days
more evidence of water on mars More Evidence of Water on Mars
ASTRO WATCH River deposits exist across the surface of Mars and record a surface environment from over 3.5 billion years ago that was able to support... 2 days
More evidence of water on Mars
PHYS.ORG River deposits exist across the surface of Mars and record a surface environment from over 3.5 billion years ago that was able to support liquid water at the surface. A region of Mars named Aeolis Dorsa... 3 days
Did Ancient Greeks Deliberately Build Temples on Earthquake Faults?
LIVE SCIENCE A new paper suggests the ancient Greeks built and rebuilt structures on fissures created by earthquakes, viewing the tremors as mystical occurrences. 2 days
Planetary Researchers Find More Evidence of Water on Early Mars
SCI-NEWS.COM River deposits exist across the Martian surface. A large sedimentary basin named Aeolis Dorsa contains some... 2 days
More local water for Los Angeles could mean a drier Los Angeles River
PHYS.ORG Local leaders are working to make greater Los Angeles more reliant on local water in order to prepare for a hotter and... 1 day
MicroRNA helps cancer evade immune system
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have discovered how oxygen-deprived tumors survive body's immune response, explains a new report. 3 days
NASA sees Hurricane Jose off the US east coast
PHYS.ORG Hurricane Jose producing dangerous surf and rip currents along the east Coast of the United States. Satellite imagery shows Jose is now close enough to the coast to also trigger... 3 days
Satellite eyeing Tropical Storm Jose churning coastal waters
PHYS.ORG Although Tropical Storm Jose was located off the coast of southeastern U.S. it is stirring up the waters along the U.S. East coast, causing dangerous conditions. NOAA's GOES East satellite saw Jose... 6 days
a one of a kind star found to change over decades A One-of-a-kind Star Found to Change Over Decades
ASTRO WATCH Astronomers studying the unique binary star system AR Scorpii have discovered the brightness of the system has changed over the... 7 days
Summer rainfall over the Yangtze River valley can differ after similar El Nino events
PHYS.ORG It is widely recognized that rainfall over the Yangtze River valley (YRV) strengthens considerably during the decaying summer of El... 7 hours
Ancient amphibian had mouthful of teeth ready to grab you
SCIENCE DAILY The idea of being bitten by a nearly toothless modern frog or salamander sounds laughable, but their ancient ancestors had a full array of teeth, large fangs and... 6 days
Discovery of the most accelerated binary pulsar
PHYS.ORG Fifty years after Jocelyn Bell discovered the first pulsar, students are no longer going through reams of paper from pen chart recorders but instead search through 1,000s of terabytes of data to find these... 6 days
Ancient human DNA in sub-Saharan Africa lifts veil on prehistory
PHYS.ORG The first large-scale study of ancient human DNA from sub-Saharan Africa opens a long-awaited window into the identity of prehistoric populations in the region and how they moved... 2 hours
Research deepens understanding of interconnection between nervous and immune system
NEWS MEDICAL A newly-discovered reflex arc mediates a process which leads to a disruption in the hormones secreted by the adrenal glands which, in turn, results in an increased susceptibility... 2 days
discovery of the closest binary supermassive black hole system in the galaxy ngc 7674 Discovery of the Closest Binary Supermassive Black Hole System in the Galaxy NGC 7674
ASTRO WATCH Dr. Preeti Kharb and Dr. Dharam Vir Lal... 20 hours
Early Viking Boat Grave Discovered in Norway
LIVE SCIENCE Archaeologists have discovered a boat grave and possible human remains dating to around the time the Vikings started exploring and raiding lands across Europe. 1 day
Ancient Indian Manuscript Contains Oldest Example of Mathematical Symbol ‘Zero’
SCI-NEWS.COM The Bakhshali manuscript, an ancient Indian mathematical manuscript written on more than 70 leaves of birch... 3 days
Humans no longer have ancient defense mechanism against viruses
SCIENCE DAILY Insects and plants have an important ancient defense mechanism that helps them to fight viruses. This is encoded in their DNA. Scientists have long assumed that vertebrates -- including humans... 6 days
Teotihuacan is Unique among Ancient Mesoamerican Cities, Archaeologist Says
SCI-NEWS.COM Arizona State University archaeologist Michael E. Smith has conducted a comparative analysis of Teotihuacan with earlier and later... 23 hours
Nothing matters: how the invention of zero helped create modern mathematics
PHYS.ORG A small dot on an old piece of birch bark marks one of the biggest events in the history of mathematics. The bark is actually part... 5 hours
Humans no longer have ancient defence mechanism against viruses
PHYS.ORG Insects and plants have an important ancient defence mechanism that helps them to fight viruses. This is encoded in their DNA. Scientists have long assumed that vertebrates - including humans... 6 days
New lung cell type discovered
SCIENCE DAILY A new lung cell type that is implicated in the body's innate immune defense against the bacteria Streptococcus pneumoniae -- one of the leading causes of pneumonia worldwide -- has been discovered by researchers. 2 days
Scientists discover complex axis of immune suppression exploited by cancers
SCIENCE DAILY A new mechanism by which cancer cells evade destruction by the immune system has been discovered by a team of researchers. Their paper describes how immune cells known... 1 day
Wave Glider surfs across stormy Drake Passage in Antarctica
PHYS.ORG VIDEO The Southern Ocean is key to Earth's climate, but the same gusting winds, big waves and strong currents that are important to ocean physics make it perilous for oceanographers. 21 hours
Unique type of object discovered in our solar system
SCIENCE DAILY Astronomers have observed the intriguing characteristics of an unusual type of object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter: two asteroids orbiting each other and exhibiting comet-like features, including... 22 hours
Intense storms provide the first test of powerful new hurricane forecast tools
Neurohistology: how whole slide scanning impacts workflow
They're coming for our jobs, but can giant fighting robots save TV?
Turning the evolutionary clock back on a light-sensitive protein
Wave Glider surfs across stormy Drake Passage in Antarctica
Hubble discovers a unique type of object in the Solar System
Why flu vaccines so often fail
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Keeping astronauts – and Earth – safe from destructive solar storms
Aligning the primary mirror segments of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope with light
Mattis sees need for new space programs
Engineers 3-D print high-strength aluminum, solve ages-old welding problem using nanoparticles
NASA finds very heavy rainfall in Hurricane Maria
Space radiation is risky business for the human body
Equifax breach brings renewed attention to information security vulnerabilities
Climate change lessons from Arabian Gulf coral reefs