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Renewable energy generation with kites and drones  nanowerk · 3 minutes
Researchers recently developed a new software aimed at the analysis of energy generation systems based on kites and drones. They used the software to study the behaviour of these systems while transforming the kinetic... more
Israeli spacecraft poised to become first privately funded lander on the Moon  THE VERGE · 3 minutes
On Thursday evening, SpaceX is scheduled to launch another Falcon 9 rocket from Florida, but this time, the vehicle will be carrying a payload... more
High court to consider case about reach of clean water law  ABC NEWS · 1 hour
The Supreme Court has agreed to consider a case about the reach of a federal clean water law more
Companies moving out as Brexit looms  PHYS.ORG · 48 minutes
As Britain's March 29 departure from the European Union looms, several major companies have announced they are downsizing their operations in the UK or completely shipping out. A panorama: more
Apex Legends has three in-game currencies; here's what they're for  Windows Central · 1 hour
It's not pay-to-win, but there are a lot of things to buy in Apex Legends. Apex Legends is the exciting new Battle Royale game by Respawn Entertainment and... more
Germany, France take aim at EU anti-trust rules in new industrial strategy  PHYS.ORG · 48 minutes
Germany and France agreed Tuesday on a strategy to create European industrial "champions" and to seek to change EU competition rules that now prevent... more
High-energy X-ray bursts from low-energy plasma  PHYS.ORG · 2 hours
Solar flares shouldn't produce X-rays, but they do. Why? The one-size-fits-all approach to electron collisions misses a lucky few that lead to an intense X-ray burst. Scientists thought there were too many electron-scattering collisions in such... more
Climate-friendly labriculture depends on an energy revolution, study says  PHYS.ORG · 2 hours
Currently proposed types of lab-grown meat cannot provide a cure-all for the detrimental climate impacts of meat production without a large-scale transition to a decarbonised energy system, a new study... more
School climate strikes: What next for the latest generation of activists?  PHYS.ORG · 3 hours
School students across the UK (and the world) went on strike on February 15, leaving their lessons to protest the lack of effective action on climate... more
Fortnite turns into SSX with the long-awaited driftboard  THE VERGE · 2 hours
The snow may be subsiding, but Fortnite finally has its snowboard. After a delay late last year, developer Epic has... more
Study says attacks on infrastructure in Gaza and West Bank exact a human cost  PHYS.ORG · 3 hours
Israel's targeting of agricultural, water and energy infrastructures in the West Bank and Gaza Strip has had dire impacts on... more
5 Surface Pro keyboards that cost less than Microsoft's Type Covers  Windows Central · 2 hours
Like all things Surface, Microsoft's Pro Type Covers are pricey. In fact, it's tough to find an official Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover for less than... more
Breakthrough in the search for graphene-based electronics  PHYS.ORG · 2 hours
For 15 years, scientists have tried to exploit the "miracle material" graphene to produce nanoscale electronics. On paper, graphene should be great for just that: it is ultra-thin—only one atom thick and therefore two-dimensional,... more
Climate-friendly labriculture depends on an energy revolution  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 hours
In a first-of-its-kind study, the climate-change impact of several production methods for lab-grown and farmed beef was assessed accounting for the differing greenhouse gases produced. The new projections reveal that over the long term,... more
Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 modem will bring 5G to Always-Connected PCs  Windows Central · 4 hours
5G speeds are coming to an Always Connected PC near you. As Mobile World Congress 2019 (MWC 2019) prepares to kick off in Barcelona, Qualcomm is heating things... more
Sphero Launches Kickstarter for New Programmable Robot 'RVR'  MacRumors · 3 hours
Sphero today debuted a Kickstarter for its latest robot, the RVR, a fully programmable and customizable RC car that the... more
Observation of quantized heating in quantum matter  PHYS.ORG · 5 hours
Shaking a physical system typically heats it up, in the sense that the system continuously absorbs energy. When considering a circular shaking pattern, the amount of energy that is absorbed can potentially depend on... more
Smart droplets clean and repair surfaces  nanowerk · 7 hours
Researchers report a fluid-driven nanoparticle transportation clean-and-repair approach that reveals a novel self-healing system that conserves matter, behaves autonomously, and is implemented easily. Debris resting on a substrate is relocated, in one step, from undamaged to... more
Rail customers 'unable to collect pre-paid tickets'  BBC · 7 hours
Rail companies have been advising customers to travel with their ticket confirmation email. more
Realme 3 India Launch Teased by Company  Gadgets 360 · 9 hours
Realme has sent out a tweet that confirms the impending launch of the company’s next smartphone - the Realme 3 - in the first quarter of 2019. more
Nissan’s old Leaf batteries can power this smart pop-up camper for one week  TechCrunch · 10 hours
Nissan has turned its old Leaf batteries into an off-grid camping companion. The automaker’s Nissan Energy subsidiary worked with camper manufacturer Opus... more
Israeli spacecraft poised to become first privately funded lander on the Moon
iFixit launches ‘I’m A Genius’ campaign to encourage users to repair their own devices
iFixit launches ‘I’m A Genius’ campaign to encourage users to repair their own devices
Hands-on: Brydge Keyboard for the 2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the real deal
The death penalty, an American tradition on the decline
Fortnite turns into SSX with the long-awaited driftboard
YouTube updates channel strike system with one-time warning and more consistent punishments
School climate strikes: What next for the latest generation of activists?
Huawei P30 to be announced on March 26th in Paris
Comment: The rumored iPad mini 5 only makes sense if it gets a substantial price cut
Lightsaber dueling recognized as official sport in France
Ancient 'night' marsupial faced four months of winter darkness
Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Buds leak in TV commercial
Interactive space simulation for nanosatellites
16-Inch MacBook Pro, 6K Apple Display, AirPower, AirPods 2 and More Predicted for 2019 [Video]