CINEMA BLEND October brings a lot of new content to Netfilx, but these titles are considered the cream of the crop. Read on to see what next month's streaming goodie bag holds for us all. 4 weeks
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The Astounding Number Of Movies Netflix Wants To Release Next Year
CINEMA BLEND Netflix has already become a destination for people looking for solid original movies. However,... 13 hours
13 Great Horror Movies Available Streaming
CINEMA BLEND With Halloween right around the corner, here are thirteen great horror movies available to stream as you gear up for the spooky holiday. 2 weeks
All The New Hallmark Christmas Movies That Are Coming This Year
CINEMA BLEND Well, we are quickly approaching the holiday season again, and, for many people, Thanksgiving... 2 weeks
why movies often don t always look great on our tv screens Why Movies Often Don't Always Look Great On Our TV Screens
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Have you ever wondered why movies often don't look nearly as good on television... 1 week
Now That Millarworld Is At Netflix There Is Nowhere Else That Mark Millar Would Rather Be
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Netflix recently made their... 5 days
Netflix Will Soon Raise Its Prices Yet Again
CINEMA BLEND Netflix is undeniably king when it comes to streaming video platforms, but subscribers are soon going to find themselves shelling... 2 weeks
All In The Cards: ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Director Gore Verbinski Take On ‘X-Men: Gambit’ Film
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Believe it or not,... 2 weeks
9 Marvel Movies That Could Be Made Outside Of The MCU
CINEMA BLEND With DC looking to branch out and tell standalone stories away from the DCEU,... 2 weeks
Happy Death Day Box Office: Horror Continues To Totally Kill It In 2017
CINEMA BLEND While it was superhero movies that helped support the summer... 2 days
One Shot In The Last Jedi Is A Return Of The Jedi Reference For Star Wars Diehards
CINEMA BLEND The newest... 6 days
How Robin Williams’ Character Will Be Referenced In Jumanji, According To The Rock
CINEMA BLEND Last October we were given the great fortune of visiting... 5 days
One Shot In The Last Jedi Is A Return Of The Jedi Reference For Star Wars Die Hards
CINEMA BLEND ... 6 days
One Marvel Actress Is Surprised She Keeps Getting Hired For Action Movies
CINEMA BLEND Marvel has a habit of turning its leads into action stars, but this one actress is still surprised that she keeps getting cast in... 4 days
Claire Foy Hadn’t Realized How Many Americans Were Watching Netflix’s The Crown
CINEMA BLEND The British monarchy came to Netflix in a big way with The Crown. As it turns out, leading lady Claire Foy had no idea... 1 day
Avatar 2 Cast List: All The Confirmed Heroes And Villains
CINEMA BLEND For the longest time, it seemed that those Avatar sequels were going to be the sorts... 1 week
first trailer for netflix s horror the babysitter starring judah lewis First Trailer for Netflix's Horror 'The Babysitter' Starring Judah Lewis
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "This Friday the 13th - brush your teeth, put on your PJs, and run like hell." Netflix has debuted the first official trailer for a new horror comedy... 2 weeks
Black Panther Is Getting His Own Lego Movie
CINEMA BLEND Black Panther is becoming a huge part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with his own standalone movie coming out early... 7 days
The “Lost” ‘Doctor Who’ Story, “Shada,” Is Finally Coming To The Screen!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Great news for classic ‘Doctor Who’ fans: one of the most infamous “lost episodes” of the series is finally seeing a release!  The episode,... 5 days
How Did ‘Runaways’ Wind Up On Hulu?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Some may have been perplexed when it was announced that the new series ‘Runaways’ would be housed at Netflix’s rival Hulu, when... 1 week
Netflix Orders Michael B Jordan’s Superhero Family Drama ‘Raising Dion’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Netflix has given the green light to a 10-episode straight-to-series sci-fi family drama, ‘Raising Dion.’ The... 2 weeks
full trailer for netflix s wheelman action movie starring frank grillo Full Trailer for Netflix's 'Wheelman' Action Movie Starring Frank Grillo
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "You don't listen to me... you're gunna get hurt." Netflix has revealed a new full-length trailer for an action film titled Wheelman, about a "wheelman" getaway driver. We... 1 week
All 140 Episodes Of ‘Futurama’ Return To Cable Thanks To Syfy
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Some fans were upset when Netflix lost the rights to ‘Futurama’.  The long-running Matt... 2 weeks
Netflix's 13 Reasons Why Production Temporarily Shuts Down In California
CINEMA BLEND The controversial series had to halt production for safety reasons. 6 days
When The Next Episode Of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Is Coming
CINEMA BLEND Deck Nine's take on Dontnod's Life Is Strange series continues... 3 days
Marvel/ Netflix Pull ‘Punisher’ Out of New York Comic-Con After Mass Shooting In Las Vegas
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In what appears to be the... 2 weeks
Delay Of Judgement: ‘The Punisher’ Release Date Pushed Back To Later This Fall On Netflix
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In a move that should be... 2 weeks
That Time Carrie Fisher Helped Corey Feldman With His Drug Problem When They Were Filming Together
CINEMA BLEND She was a great... 1 week
What The Original Hocus Pocus Director Would Do With The Sequel
CINEMA BLEND A lot of people like to watch holiday-themed movies around the holidays. This includes... 1 week
Netflix’s The Punisher Might Be Getting Pushed Back
CINEMA BLEND We might have to wait a bit longer for The Punisher to arrive. 2 weeks
Westworld Season 2 Is Probably Introducing These Two Epic New Worlds
CINEMA BLEND The Westworld movies had a variety of different parks, and now the HBO creators... 2 weeks
Ethan Hawke in First Trailer for Action-Packed Film '24 Hours to Live'
Street Fighter V Reveals The Last Season 2 DLC Character
Official Trailer for Horror Thriller Film 'Angelica' Starring Jena Malone
Heath Ledger Convinced Christian Bale To Hit Him While Filming The Dark Knight
A TV Host Dropped A Major Thor: Ragnarok Spoiler And Chris Hemsworth Was Not Happy
See Chris Redfield's Return In New Resident Evil 7 DLC Trailer
When DOOM Will Hit The Nintendo Switch
Star Trek: Discovery Dropped An F-Bomb In The Best Way Possible
The DC Movie We'd Love Denis Villeneuve To Direct
Call Of Duty WWII Live-Action Trailers Get The Gang Back Together
Full Black Panther Trailer Is Action-Packed, Thrilling And Totally Original
What Daniel Day Lewis' Final Movie Will Be About
First Look At Solomon Grundy In New Gotham Trailer
Family Guy Will Actually Address The Deaths Of Carrie Fisher And Adam West
Trailer for 'Mr. Roosevelt' Starring, Written and Directed by Noël Wells