HISTORY Researchers have mapped the DNA of an ancient bacterial infection that killed a pregnant woman living outside the ancient city of Troy in the final years of the Byzantine Empire. 8 months
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As care shifts from hospital to home, guarding against infection falls to families
NEWS MEDICAL Angela Cooper arrived home from work to discover her daughter’s temperature had spiked to 102 degrees — a sign that the teenager,... 2 days
Researchers find unique genetic mutation in 74-year-old man with Parkinson's disease
NEWS MEDICAL Mutations in the human genome may be responsible for many diseases. In the case of Parkinson's disease (PD), five locations have been the subject of recent... 7 days
Scientists find way to remove 'noise' from big data in metabolomics study
PHYS.ORG Not long ago, scientists placed wagers on the number of genes in the human genome. Some bets ranged upward of 100,000 genes being present.... 2 days
Genome editing reveals role of gene important for human embryo development
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have used genome editing technology to reveal the role of a key gene in human embryos in the first few days of development. This is... 9 hours
Genome of orchid Apostasia shenzhenica sequenced
PHYS.ORG (Phys.org)—A large international team of researchers has sequenced the genome of the orchid Apostasia shenzhenica. In their paper published in the journal Nature, the team describes the approach they used and what they learned during the... 7 days
Researchers discover ‘recycled’ genes in mammalian genome
NEWS MEDICAL One often hears about the multitude of genes we have in common with chimps, birds or other living creatures, but such comparisons are sometimes misleading. The shared percentage usually refers only to genes that... 2 days
PET imaging tracks Zika virus infection, disease progression in mouse model
SCIENCE DAILY For the first time, scientists have used Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging to study brain inflammation following Zika virus infection in mice, according to a study.... 14 hours
Antibiotics following C-section among obese women reduces risk of surgical infection
SCIENCE DAILY Among obese women undergoing cesarean delivery, a postoperative 48-hour course of antibiotics significantly decreased the rate of surgical site infection within 30 days after delivery, according... 1 day
500-Million-Year-Old Creature Looks Like Space Alien in Recreation
LIVE SCIENCE A pea-sized creature gets a dinner-plate-sized reconstruction. 3 days
Once this Viking warrior was revealed to be a woman, some began to question her battle bona fides
Science Magazine Controversy surrounds interpretation of 1000-year-old grave 6 days
500-Million-Year-Old Creature Looks Like Space Alien in Re-Creation
LIVE SCIENCE A pea-size creature gets a dinner-plate-size reconstruction. 2 days
PET imaging helps scientists to study progression of Zika virus infection in mice
NEWS MEDICAL For the first time, scientists have used Positron Emission Tomography imaging to study brain inflammation following Zika virus infection in mice, according to a... 24 hours
The time is RIPE to transform agriculture and feed the world
PHYS.ORG Political and agricultural leaders gathered at the University of Illinois today to see transformative work by Realizing Increased Photosynthetic Efficiency (RIPE) that has increased yields by... 6 days
Editing Embryo DNA Yields Clues About Early Human Development
NPR Researchers disabled a gene that they think helps determine which human embryos will develop normally. The technique they used is controversial because it could be used to change babies' DNA. 10 hours
Pearl millet genome sequence provides a resource to improve agronomic traits in extreme environments
PHYS.ORG An international consortium around the biologist Wolfram Weckwerth has published the genome sequence of Pearl millet, a drought resistant crop... 3 days
Parasitic Worm Squirms Through Teen's Eye, Damaging His Vision
LIVE SCIENCE When doctors in Mexico peered into a 17-year-old boy's eye, they got a squirming surprise: a flatworm wriggling in and out of the teen's eyeball. 6 hours
Old fish few and far between under fishing pressure
PHYS.ORG Like old-growth trees in a forest, old fish in the ocean play important roles in the diversity and stability of marine ecosystems. Critically, the longer a fish is allowed to... 6 days
1,000-Year-Old Tomb of Maya King Discovered in Guatemala
LIVE SCIENCE Archaeologists opened a royal Maya tomb in Guatemala and found a jade mask and bones covered in bright red paint. 3 days
New study identifies best operating room infection control procedures
NEWS MEDICAL While hospitals grapple with what operating room (OR) infection control procedures work best, a new study of Texas hospitals has determined two areas that stand out: mandating sterile operating conditions... 6 days
EHR-based prompt in primary care increases HCV screening rates among baby boomers
NEWS MEDICAL In a recent study, screening rates for hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection among baby boomers increased fivefold in the year following implementation of an... 6 days
Got old phones? Here's how to reuse, recycle or sell them
PHYS.ORG It's natural to get the phone-upgrade itch when the likes of Apple, Samsung and others keep coming out with newer models. And sometimes your old phone... 6 days
WATCH: Boy, 8, meets the bone marrow donor who saved his life live on 'GMA'
ABC NEWS An 8-year-old leukemia survivor meets the woman who donated her bone marrow to save his life for the... 14 hours
Copper catalyst yields high efficiency CO2-to-fuels conversion
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have developed a new electrocatalyst that can directly convert carbon dioxide into multicarbon fuels and alcohols using record-low inputs of energy. The work is the latest in a round of studies tackling the... 2 days
Research on big ears, crocodile gambling wins Ig Nobels
PHYS.ORG Scientists who discovered that old men really do have big ears, that playing the didgeridoo helps relieve sleep apnea and that handling crocodiles can influence gambling decisions are among this... 6 days
Tidal and mangrove deposits during the Oligo-Miocene in the South China Sea
PHYS.ORG A study on 22–18 million-year-old tidal deposits reveals insights on the significance of mangrove organic carbon sequestration in the South China Sea at geological... 3 days
Emerging disease further jeopardizes North American frogs
SCIENCE DAILY A deadly amphibian disease called severe Perkinsea infections, or SPI, is the cause of many large-scale frog die-offs in the United States, according to a new study. 1 day
Latitudinal trends in shell production cost from the tropics to the poles
Science Magazine The proportion of body mass devoted to skeleton in marine invertebrates decreases along latitudinal gradients from large proportions in the tropics to small proportions... 9 hours
Deadly fish pathogen detected in Australia
PHYS.ORG A dangerous pathogen, which caused devastating losses in the aquaculture industry in the United States, has been detected in wild Australian catfish for the first time. 3 days
Prosecutor: Pharmacist put speed over safety before outbreak
ABC NEWS A federal prosecutor says a pharmacist facing murder charges for his role in a deadly meningitis outbreak caused by contaminated steroid injections demonstrated a "shocking disregard" for human life 1 day
Emerging disease further jeopardizes North American frogs
PHYS.ORG A deadly amphibian disease called severe Perkinsea infections, or SPI, is the cause of many large-scale frog die-offs in the United States, according to a new study by the U.S. Geological Survey. 1 day
Engineers 3-D print high-strength aluminum, solve ages-old welding problem using nanoparticles
Why flu vaccines so often fail
Science Magazine
Aligning the primary mirror segments of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope with light
This robotic ‘remora’ can cling to objects with a force 340 times its own weight
Science Magazine
Mattis sees need for new space programs
3-D printers—a revolutionary frontier for medicine
Hubble discovers a unique type of object in the Solar System
Space radiation is risky business for the human body
Equifax breach brings renewed attention to information security vulnerabilities
Lumbering giants had agile ancestors
Climate change lessons from Arabian Gulf coral reefs
Video: Preserving life on a sand bar
End-of-summer Arctic sea ice extent is eighth lowest on record
Watch the secret to why barn owls don’t lose their hearing
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A day in the life of NASA's Voyagers