CINEMA BLEND DC's big superhero team up is finally here, and while the movie does answer a few questions we had previously about the ongoing film universe, it creates just as many new ones. 4 weeks
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After ‘Justice League’, Warner Brothers Begins A DC Films Shakeup
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In the weeks since ‘Justice League‘ arrived in theaters, we’ve all been waiting for the other... 1 week
‘Justice League’ Extended Cut Could Be Released On Blu-Ray
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Warner Bros. is toying with the idea of releasing a ‘Justice League’ extended cut on Blu-Ray/DVD, but it... 5 days
How DC Is Restructuring Following Justice League's Box Office
CINEMA BLEND After several speed bumps, including Justice League's underwhelming box office performance, the DCEU is set to go through... 1 week
The Opening Scene for ‘Justice League’ Is Now Officially Online
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The first three minutes of the ‘Justice League’ can now be viewed online! Warner Bros. Pictures... 2 days
Check Out Justice League’s Atlantean Armor In Behind-The-Scenes Photo
CINEMA BLEND Although the Atlanteans look perfectly comfortable on the set of Justice League, apparently filming in and near the... 2 weeks
Guillermo Del Toro Doesn’t Seem Interested In Directing ‘Justice League Dark’ Or Another Comic Movie
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We all know that Guillermo del... 2 weeks
One Big Reason Justice League 2 Still Needs To Happen
CINEMA BLEND There's one very important reason why Warner Bros should release Justice League 2 down the line,... 1 week
14 Wild Ideas Found In DC's Early Justice League Script
CINEMA BLEND The script for an unmade Justice League movie has leaked online, and these are some of... 2 weeks
Justice League Might Get An Extended Cut, But It's Probably Not The One Fans Were Hoping For
CINEMA BLEND Fans have... 1 week
What Really Happened With Superman's Black Suit In Justice League
CINEMA BLEND Despite teases during production, Superman's black suit was nowhere to be found in Justice League. Was... 24 hours
The Characters Who Inspired Guillermo Del Toro's Justice League Dark Movie
CINEMA BLEND Guillermo del Toro recently opened up about his unmade Justice League Dark movie, and... 1 week
Did ‘Justice League’ Shoot Scenes With Superman In An All-Black Suit? The Film’s Cinematographer “Clarifies” Earlier Statements
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Justice League’... 21 hours
Superman Did Wear The Black Suit In ‘Justice League’ – Audiences Just Didn’t See It
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Well, ‘Justice League’ is playing in... 1 week
Don’t Write Off ‘Justice League’ Quite Yet As It Is China’s Highest Grossing DC Film Of All Time!
‘Fairly OddParents’ Creator Unites The Nicktoons In A Shot-By-Shot ‘Justice League’ Trailer Parody
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Even with Joss Whedon‘s lighter touches, was ‘Justice League’ still... 2 weeks
Matt Reeves Is Preparing To Recast Ben Affleck In ‘The Batman’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Even before ‘Justice League’, Ben Affleck’s future as Batman was in doubt. Though he... 1 week
‘Aquaman”s Patrick Wilson Still Has Confidence In The DCEU!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Critics and fans gave ‘Justice League‘ a lukewarm reception at the box office and while that was up... 2 days
One Place Justice League Is Absolutely Crushing At The Box Office
CINEMA BLEND Despite coming up short domestically, the DC superhero team-up is finding its audience overseas. 1 week
Why You Shouldn't Think Too Hard About Clark Kent's Return After Justice League, According To Henry Cavill
CINEMA BLEND Superman is... 2 days
What DC Is Probably Doing With Ben Affleck’s Batman Moving Forward
CINEMA BLEND With Justice League out of the way, we may know what's coming up next... 1 week
Apparently Superman's Black Suit Was A Real Thing
CINEMA BLEND It turns out the rumors and reports about Superman wearing a black suit in Justice League were indeed true at... 1 week
13 Major Star Wars Questions We Have After The Last Jedi
CINEMA BLEND Star Wars: The Last Jedi raises a ton of pressing questions about the future... 3 hours
Watch Justice League's Ezra Miller Parody Batman V Superman's Martha Moment
CINEMA BLEND The Martha moment was one of the biggest WTF moments from Batman v Superman;... 3 days
The Director Of The Original ‘The Crow’ Movie, Alex Proyas, Is Against A Reboot
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We all know that ‘The Crow‘ is going... 1 week
The 5 Biggest Questions We Have After The Jurassic World 2 Trailer
CINEMA BLEND The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer is finally here, but it doesn't exactly answer many of our burning questions. Here are some of our... 1 week
5 Biggest Questions We Have After The Jurassic World 2 Trailer
CINEMA BLEND The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer is finally here, but it doesn't exactly answer... 1 week
Romance Or Bromance? ‘The Last Jedi’ Will Define Finn And Poe’s Relationship
SCIENCEFICTION.COM As the first new ‘Star Wars’ film in a decade – and the first to take place after ‘Return of the Jedi’ – ‘The... 4 days
The Biggest Walking Dead Questions We Have After That Crazy Midseason Finale
CINEMA BLEND The Walking Dead dropped some big moments during the midseason finale, and we've got lots of questions. 6 days
The Punisher Season 2 confirmed by Netflix
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Frank Castle will be back for more rage-fuelled justice as The Punisher gets a second season 3 days
One Star Wars Character Who Will Have A Major Impact On Poe, According To Oscar Isaac
CINEMA BLEND Poe Dameron's life is... 2 weeks
Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Rate And Discuss With Spoilers
Watch John Boyega Freak Out When An Interviewer Drops A Major Last Jedi Spoiler On Live TV
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Trailer for 'The Miracle Season' Inspiring True Story of Volleyball Team
Ed Helms & Amanda Seyfried in First Trailer for Comedy 'The Clapper'
The Punisher Season 2 confirmed by Netflix
Bright final trailer has a nuclear weapon that grants wishes
First Quick Teaser for Wacky 'Journey to China' with Schwarzenegger
New US Trailer for Award-Winning Russian Family Drama 'Loveless'
Chris Evans Invited A Kid To The Infinity War Premiere After His Anti-Bullying Rant Went Viral
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