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3 things Microsoft needs to fix in the new Xbox One dashboard
Windows Central The Xbox Fluent Design dashboard is here, and so far, opinions are a little mixed. While the Fluent Design System is supposed to bring... 3 minutes
Xbox One Achievement tips to maximize your Gamerscore
Windows Central Want to quickly boost your Xbox Gamerscore? Here are some simple tips to pile up those Achievements fast. Achievements have become somewhat expected from Xbox games nowadays, implementing an additional layer of... 1 hour
apple other tech companies ask u s supreme court to apply 4th amendment protection to location data Apple & other tech companies ask U.S. Supreme Court to apply 4th Amendment protection to location data
9to5Mac Apple has... 1 hour
Chime in: What's the best Windows 10 podcast app?
Windows Central We want to know which podcast app you currently use on Windows 10. There's a lively discussion already going on in our forums. Windows 10 has a plethora of podcast... 2 hours
Bill Gates reduces Microsoft stake with $4.6bn donation
BBC Bill Gates remains the world's richest person despite giving away 5% of his fortune. 6 hours
Crunch Report | Uber Agrees to 20 Years of Privacy Audits
TechCrunch Amazon debuts instant pickup to order and pick up your stuff within two minutes,... 10 hours
Danger Zone hits Xbox One this fall, native 4K on Xbox One X
Windows Central Take vehicular destruction to the next level with Danger Zone, making its Xbox One debut later this year. Three Fields Entertainment, a... 14 hours
Everything you need to know about The Evil Within 2 on Xbox One and PC
Windows Central Are you ready to return to the nightmare with detective Castellanos? We're here to help you prepare with... 17 hours
Metal Gear Rising is now available on Xbox One via backwards compatibility
Windows Central Rejoice Raiden fans, for Metal Gear Rising is now available on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. When I interviewed Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Games... 17 hours
Take a deep dive into Cuphead's animation process with this 30-minute talk
Windows Central Take a journey from concept to completion, with a talk on Cuphead from animator at StudioMDHR, Jake Clark. After its initial reveal almost a... 17 hours
Best Xbox One Apps of 2017
Windows Central The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) has delivered tons of apps to Xbox One, but which are the best? We got you covered, no matter what you want to do. Whether you're interested in music or movies,... 18 hours
Ink Calendar lets you scribble your next appointment right on your Windows 10 screen
Windows Central Ink Calendar lets you re-create the family scheduler for the modern age with Windows Ink. Occasionally, someone creates an app... 19 hours
Make your Xbox One S disappear with the sleek HIDEit wall mount
Windows Central Ever wanted to put your Xbox One S on the wall to show it off or hide it behind your TV? HIDEit's mount for... 20 hours
A quick look at Windows 10 Mobile build 15240 from feature2
Windows Central Let's check out some of the most noteworthy new changes and improvements to Windows 10 Mobile with the latest feature2 builds. Microsoft has released several new... 21 hours
Bill Gates gives away $4.6 billion in Microsoft shares - CNET
CNET Gates' recent donation of 64 million shares of Microsoft stock is his largest charitable gift since 2000. 21 hours
apple and other companies file brief arguing against rigid analog era fourth amendment rules Apple and Other Companies File Brief Arguing Against 'Rigid Analog-Era' Fourth Amendment Rules
MacRumors Apple, Twitter, Snap, Facebook, Microsoft, and a collection of other... 21 hours
microsoft acquires cycle computing Microsoft acquires Cycle Computing
TechCrunch  Microsoft today announced that it has acquired Cycle Computing, a twelve-year-old Connecticut-based company that focuses on helping enterprises orchestrate high-performance computing jobs, large data workloads and other “big... 21 hours
Get an Ockel Sirius B Windows 10 Pocket PC for only $189!
Windows Central These days, leaving your PC behind is difficult. Our lives are moving ever more into the technological world, and you can feel very exposed... 22 hours
Surface Laptop Core i7 in burgundy, cobalt blue now available in the U.S.
Windows Central You can now order the Core i7 Surface Laptop in cobalt blue and burgundy, at least in the U.S. We heard rumors... 22 hours
asus first laptop with windows 10 s is now available Asus’ first laptop with Windows 10 S is now available
THE VERGE Three months after the launch of Windows 10 S, Asus is launching its first laptop running... 23 hours
Are all Windows Mixed Reality headsets created equal?
Windows Central What does it mean to have different Windows Mixed Reality headset options? By the end of 2017, those interested in exploring Windows Mixed Reality will have several options available to them. Microsoft's... 23 hours
Chime in: Will a Surface Pro last upwards of seven years?
Windows Central What is the longevity of the Surface Pro? Will it last more than five years? The Surface Pro is a premium product built by Microsoft as... 24 hours
Rovio plans IPO, Snapchat tests out "crowd surf" video - CNET
CNET The biggest stories in tech include Rovio's plan for an IPO, Microsoft's internal memo on Surface returns and Snapchat's successfull test of a new feature dubbed... 1 day
bill gates gives away 64 million microsoft shares in largest donation since 2000 Bill Gates gives away 64 million Microsoft shares in largest donation since 2000
THE VERGE Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is reducing his stake in the... 1 day
microsoft s smaller xbox wireless adapter mysteriously delayed until 2018 Microsoft’s smaller Xbox Wireless Adapter mysteriously delayed until 2018
THE VERGE Microsoft announced its smaller Xbox Wireless Adapter earlier this month, allowing Windows PCs to use an Xbox One... 1 day
Traverse and map the wasteland in this week's Deals with Gold
Windows Central This week's Deals with Gold for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 have been announced by Microsoft's Larry Hryb. Titles include Fallout 4, Battlefield 1, and... 1 day
microsoft ordered to let third parties scrape linkedin data Microsoft ordered to let third parties scrape LinkedIn data
THE VERGE A judge has ruled that Microsoft’s LinkedIn network must allow a third-party company to scrape data publicly posted... 1 day
read microsoft ceo s email to staff about charlottesville violence Read Microsoft CEO’s email to staff about Charlottesville violence
THE VERGE Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has emailed his leadership team with a memo that references the past week’s events... 1 day
Windows Central Podcast 61: Are Surface devices unreliable?
Windows Central This week on the Windows Central Podcast: Consumer Reports removes recommendation for Surface, new Mobile build, and what's next for Mobile? This past week, Consumer Reports announced that it was removing its... 2 days
Sonic Mania for Xbox One review: Best Sonic game in years is a brilliant return to 2D
Windows Central After several years away, Sonic the Hedgehog is finally back on Xbox with Sonic... 2 days
Pressure Overdrive Xbox One Review: A rare vehicular shooter that's awesome in co-op
Windows Central It's less a race than it is a battle. Pressure Overdrive is a fun buggy racing battle game fresh onto the scene... 2 days
How to delay Windows 10 Insider Preview builds on your PC
Windows Central It's possible to delay previews of Windows 10 if you want to skip a release, or you want to avoid a particular bug, and in this... 2 days
Compact View all the websites including Netflix with this free app
Windows Central A new free app lets you display any website you want with a picture-in-picture mode so you can have live info all the time (or watch... 2 days
Tips for better browsing with Microsoft Edge video - CNET
CNET ​In an attempt to lure you away from Chrome, Microsoft has improved its Edge browser. Here's some tips to get you started. 2 days
Smartglasses as smartphones – why your social and privacy concerns may not matter
Windows Central All new technologies face barriers to adoption. Smartglasses which must overcome cost, social, practicality and privacy issues are no exception. Many tech... 2 days
Win a Surface Pro, Signature Type Cover and Peak Messenger Bag and go back to school in style!
Windows Central Students and teachers are heading back to school, and beyond the normal... 2 days
Lenovo Miix 720 review: Living in the shadow of the best
Windows Central Lenovo's Miix 720 aims to live up to the Surface Pro. Does it succeed? Immediately likened to Microsoft's 2-in-1 golden standard, the Surface Pro, Lenovo's Miix... 2 days
How to use an Xbox One controller with your PC
Windows Central It's easier than ever to use a controller with your PC. Here's everything you need to know. Once upon a time, Microsoft didn't support its own controllers on... 2 days
Chime in: Switching from a Windows phone to iOS and iPhone
Windows Central Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft's phone efforts in general are sad these days, and even Windows phone diehards are making the switch to other platforms, including... 2 days
microsoft azure launches two new regions in australia Microsoft Azure launches two new regions in Australia
TechCrunch  Microsoft today announced the launch of two new Azure regions in Australia. These two new regions will complement Microsoft’s existing... 2 days
former microsoft exec reveals why amazon s alexa voice assistant beat cortana Former Microsoft exec reveals why Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant beat Cortana
THE VERGE Microsoft’s former AI expert, Qi Lu, moved to Chinese search giant Baidu earlier this... 2 days
Why Xbox RPG fans need to pay attention to Pillars of Eternity
Windows Central Pillars of Eternity is an upcoming role playing game (RPG) for Xbox One, having launched on PC back in 2015. Pillars of Eternity was... 2 days
leaked microsoft memo reveals high surface book return rates Leaked Microsoft memo reveals high Surface Book return rates
THE VERGE Microsoft dismissed Consumer Reports’ Surface reliability ratings last week, but a new internal memo sheds some light on... 2 days
How to customize Outlook to make it your own — and boost productivity
Windows Central If you tend to use visual cues to help organize your workday, Outlook can help. Outlook 2016 contains a multitude of actions... 2 days
Watch and win as we livestream Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign tonight on Mixer [Ended]
Windows Central Every weekend, Windows Central livestreams an Xbox One or Steam game for 1-2 hours and gives out free... 3 days
Watch and win as we livestream Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign tonight on Mixer!
Windows Central Every weekend, Windows Central livestreams an Xbox One or Steam game for 1-2 hours and gives out free games to... 4 days
Chime in: Is Consumer Reports' Surface controversy a big deal for Microsoft?
Windows Central This week, consumer reviews site Consumer Reports issued a scathing report on Microsoft's Surface lineup of PCs, calling into question the entire brand's reliability... 4 days
Rainbow Six Siege 'Operation Blood Orchid' launches later this month on Xbox One
Windows Central Prepare your breaching charges – Rainbow Six Siege is heading to Hong Kong later this month, alongside three new operators. Six months... 5 days
New Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 delayed until 2018 in U.S.
Windows Central Looking forward to the new Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10? You might be waiting for a while longer. Earlier this month, Microsoft unveiled... 5 days
Bread Player is a buttery-smooth Windows 10 music player
Windows Central This amazing Music player is ready for the future of Windows 10. There are many music players for Windows, particularly PC, but there are none quite like Bread Player. Not... 5 days
Here's a look at Conan Exiles on Xbox One ahead of its debut on August 16
Windows Central Conan Exiles is an epic crafting and survival game from Funcom, and it's coming exclusively to... 5 days
First look at Microsoft's gorgeous new Xbox avatars (exclusive)
Windows Central Microsoft has been working on new Xbox avatars for quite a while, having teased them several months ago. They're nearly ready for prime time as part of the Fall Creators... 5 days
Why you should question Consumer Reports' Microsoft Surface reliability claims
Windows Central A recent Consumer Reports' (CR) study calls out Microsoft's Surface line. Here is where it gets things right, wrong, and why it differs so much from a similar... 5 days
microsoft teases fundamental change to xbox achievements Microsoft teases ‘fundamental change’ to Xbox Achievements
THE VERGE Microsoft is teasing what it describes as big and bold changes to its Xbox Live Achievements. In a podcast interview with Windows... 5 days
New Windows 10 Pro for Workstations OS is coming with Fall Creators Update
Windows Central Microsoft announced a new version of Windows for power users, enterprises and other organizations, called Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, that supports... 5 days
New wave of Xbox One Preview Alpha invites sent to Xbox Insiders
Windows Central Been trying to earn access to Alpha ring Xbox Insider builds on Xbox One? Today might be your lucky day. Earlier this week Microsoft... 5 days
Destiny 2 for Xbox One buyer's guide: Release date, editions, preorder bonuses and more
Windows Central Picking up Destiny 2 for Xbox One in September? Here's how to pick the best version for you. Destiny 2,... 5 days
WATCH: New estimate claims a quarter of Microsoft laptops break within 2 years
ABC NEWS According to a new poll from Consumer Reports, 25 percent of Microsoft Surface laptops and tablets break within two years of ownership. 5 days
How to manage (and master) your Outlook Calendar
Windows Central The Outlook 2016 calendar is your home for appointments, meetings, and to-dos. And there are quite a few options available that make it much more useful than that cute kitten calendar on... 5 days
Crunch Report | Facebook Launches ‘Watch’ for Original Shows
TechCrunch Facebook launches Watch Tab, Coinbase raises a $100 million Series D, Consumer Reports pulls its Microsoft Surface recommendation... 5 days
How Microsoft may suffer after Consumer Reports criticism - CNET
CNET Commentary: After a troubling Consumer Reports survey, Microsoft's Panos Panay defends the Surface's reliability. But rationality only goes so far. 5 days
Super Lucky's Tale now available for preorder, ahead of Xbox One X and Windows 10 launch
Windows Central Prior to its release this November, alongside the Xbox One X, preorders can now be placed... 6 days
microsoft dismisses consumer reports surface complaints Microsoft dismisses Consumer Reports’ Surface complaints
THE VERGE Microsoft says it respectfully disagrees with Consumer Reports’ findings on its Surface range of laptops and tablets. Consumer Reports has removed its “recommended” badge... 6 days
Microsoft's Panos Panay responds to Consumer Reports 'Surface reliability' survey
Windows Central Microsoft's Panos Panay has responded to Consumer Reports survey regarding poor reliability of Surface products. Earlier today, Consumer Reports announced that it was removing its recommendations for Microsoft's... 6 days
microsoft announces windows 10 pro for workstations Microsoft announces Windows 10 Pro for Workstations
TechCrunch  Microsoft today announced a new version of Windows 10 that’s specifically geared toward professional users that use high-end hardware to support mission... 6 days
microsoft reveals new windows 10 workstations edition for power users Microsoft reveals new Windows 10 Workstations edition for power users
THE VERGE Microsoft is officially unveiling Windows 10 Pro for Workstations today. While the operating system was originally... 6 days
consumer reports pulls microsoft surface recommendation over poor reliability Consumer Reports pulls Microsoft Surface recommendation over poor reliability
9to5Mac VIDEO Following up on a new survey done with their subscribers, Consumer Reports is pulling the “recommended” rating for... 6 days
5 reasons Microsoft Surface shoppers shouldn’t panic - CNET
CNET A worrying new Consumer Reports survey estimates very high breakage rates for Surface laptops and tablets. But the full story is more nuanced. 6 days
Cyber Complex for Xbox One review: Hack the world
Windows Central Hack the future. The year is 2041 and my world is not the one that you know. Corporations have taken the place of governments, and V-Eye controls more than half... 6 days
Four things that make Gunheart ridiculously cool ... and one that doesn't
Windows Central Why should I play Gunheart? Gunheart is currently in Early Access on Steam and Oculus, but it's getting a ton of attention, both positive... 6 days
DJ Alison Wonderland's 2017 tour teams up with Microsoft video - CNET
CNET Wonderland will take advantage of Kinect and Surfacebook tech to create massive real-time visualizations during her shows. 6 days
Control your Panasonic Lumix camera with LMaster for Windows 10
Windows Central Remotely control your Panasonic Lumix camera with this app and your Windows phone. Not just your phone, either. Also your PC, your HoloLens or your Xbox One. LMaster... 6 days
EDM DJ Alison Wonderland's 2017 tour teams up with Microsoft video - CNET
CNET Wonderland will take advantage of Kinect and Surfacebook tech to create massive real-time visualizations during her shows. 6 days
Office 365 vs. Office 2016: Which suite is best for students?
Windows Central Which version of Microsoft Office is best for students? Here's how to tell. Office 365 and Office 2016 share a lot of similarities, but deciding between... 6 days
The Hoonigan brings a mad car pack to Forza Horizon 3 and Forza 7
Windows Central Folks pre-ordering Forza 7 will get the pack for both games free of charge. Until Forza Motorsport 7 drops we're... 6 days
Are your digital Xbox One games really here to stay?
Windows Central With online game distribution still in its infancy, what does the future hold for your digital Xbox One titles? Since its debut back in 2013, the Xbox One... 6 days
The Xbox Live Creators Program is now available to all
Windows Central The Xbox Live Creators Program is a brand new platform for independent game makers and hobbyists to upload their titles to Xbox Live without the strict curation of... 6 days
Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 Episode 2 has a new trailer, digging soon onto Xbox One and Windows 10
Windows Central Telltale's Minecraft series, Minecraft: Story Mode, recently launched its pilot... 6 days
xbox live creators program launches today with self published indie games Xbox Live Creators Program launches today with self-published indie games
THE VERGE VIDEO Microsoft is officially launching its Xbox Live Creators Program today, to let developers directly publish games... 6 days
consumer reports pulls microsoft surface recommendation citing high breakage rates Consumer Reports pulls Microsoft Surface recommendation, citing high breakage rates
TechCrunch  The Surface line has been a surprising hit for Microsoft in recent years. What many regarded... 6 days
discord steals gamers from skype with video chat and screensharing Discord steals gamers from Skype with video chat and screensharing
TechCrunch  Discord wants to destroy its biggest, best-funded competitor in the battle to be the communications layer... 6 days
consumer reports pulls purchase recommendation for microsoft surface devices Consumer Reports Pulls Purchase Recommendation for Microsoft Surface Devices
MacRumors After previously giving four Microsoft Surface devices a purchase "recommendation" status, Consumer Reports today has pulled that status... 6 days
Best Windows 10 Beginner Books
Windows Central New to Windows 10 but want to become an expert with some invaluable resources? We've got you covered with these great beginner books. Whether you've been using Windows 10 for some time or have just started a switch... 6 days
consumer reports stops recommending microsoft surface pcs over reliability concerns Consumer Reports stops recommending Microsoft Surface PCs over reliability concerns
THE VERGE Consumer Reports is stripping its “recommended” badge from Microsoft’s entire lineup of Surface PCs because the... 6 days
Chime in: What do you think of the new Xbox One Fluent Design dashboard?
Windows Central So the new Xbox One dashboard UI is here, in all its Fluent Design System glory, but not everyone seems... 6 days
Microsoft Surface PCs blasted by Consumer Reports for reliability issues
Windows Central In its annual reliability study, trusted recommendations company Consumer Reports blasted Microsoft's Surface lineup of PCs and removed its "recommended" designation for all Surfaces, according to reports. The... 6 days
microsoft wants to make blockchain networks enterprise ready with its new coco framework Microsoft wants to make blockchain networks enterprise-ready with its new Coco Framework
TechCrunch  Interest in blockchains is at an all-time high, but there are still plenty of technical issues to solve, especially for enterprises. For them, issues... 6 days
Fortnite Gathering Xbox guide: Tips and tricks for gather materials faster, easier, and better
Windows Central Saving the world takes lots of resources. Let's go find them! Fortnite is a hit action-building game from Epic. While... 6 days
Fortnite Xbox One beginner's guide: Five tips and tricks for fortress bliss
Windows Central Fortnite is a crazy hybrid of a game, currently in a pay-for-access closed beta on Xbox One. At a basic level, Fortnite is all... 6 days
Consumers Reports pulls Microsoft laptop recommendation
ABC NEWS Consumer Reports is pulling its recommendation of four Microsoft laptops after a survey found that users were complaining about problems with the devices 6 days
Kaspersky withdraws Windows 10 antivirus antitrust action against Microsoft
Windows Central Russian infosecurity firm Kaspersky has ceased its legal action against Microsoft in Russia and Europe after the company agreed to make changes to Windows 10 that will help third-party antivirus... 6 days
Battlefield 1 joins the EA Access vault on Xbox One
Windows Central Old school battles for everyone. We knew it was coming, and now it's finally arrived. EA's epic World War One shooter, Battlefield 1 is now in the EA... 6 days
How to set up eye tracking in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
Windows Central Got yourself an eye tracking device? Here's how to set it up and control your PC with it. Starting with the Fall... 6 days
What you need to know about the new Xbox Insider Program rings
Windows Central The Xbox Insider Program is changing a little to make it easier for fans to join in. Here's what's new. The biggest change is... 6 days
New Xbox Avatars hit Xbox One, but you can't use them yet
Windows Central The upcoming Avatars overhaul appears to be around the corner for Xbox One, following a recent update for some Xbox Insiders. Earlier this year... 6 days
anyone can now test new xbox one feature updates Anyone can now test new Xbox One feature updates
THE VERGE Microsoft first opened up its Xbox Insider feedback program to the public back in January, and this week... 6 days
kaspersky drops microsoft antitrust complaint thanks to new windows 10 changes Kaspersky drops Microsoft antitrust complaint thanks to new Windows 10 changes
THE VERGE Kaspersky is withdrawing its European antitrust complaint against Microsoft today. The software giant has... 6 days
10 tips for better browsing with Microsoft Edge - CNET
CNET Get Microsoft's browser set up right and learn how to use Edge's best features. 6 days
Microsoft is working on new features to showcase Xbox Achievements
Windows Central In a podcast with Windows Central Senior Editor Jez Corden and YouTuber Rand Al Thor 19, Xbox Platform Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra discussed the future of Xbox.... 7 days
Xbox exec Mike Ybarra discusses the new UI, suggested content, and more (exclusive)
Windows Central On the Xbox Two podcast (of which I'm a member), Xbox Platform Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra randomly jumped on for a... 7 days
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Xbox Live Creators Program launches today with self-published indie games
Consumer Reports pulls Microsoft Surface recommendation over poor reliability
Chris Pratt ponders the primitive Zune in Guardians of the Galaxy deleted scene
Microsoft Surface Studio
Parallel State