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Amazon under greater shareholder pressure to limit sale of facial recognition tech to the government  TechCrunch · 10 hours
This week could mark a significant setback for Amazon’s facial recognition business if privacy and civil liberties advocates... more
Tutor House, the UK-based tutoring platform, scores £2M from Fuel Ventures  TechCrunch · 4 days
Tutor House, a U.K.-based startup that operates a marketplace to let parents find an online or in-person tutor for their children, has raises £2 million in... more
Apple Seeds First Beta of iOS 12.4 to Developers  MacRumors · 5 days
Apple today seeded the first beta of an upcoming iOS 12.4 beta to developers, a few days after... more
Why the Indian Ocean is spawning strong and deadly tropical cyclones  PHYS.ORG · 5 days
The Indian Ocean has made its mark on the global news cycle this year. In March, tropical cyclone Idai made headlines as one of the most... more
CEO Howard Lerman on building a public company and the future of Yext  TechCrunch · 6 days
It’s just over two years since Yext debuted on the New York Stock Exchange, and to mark the occasion, I sat down... more
Here Are the Green and Lavender Colors Rumored for 2019's iPhone XR  MacRumors · 6 days
Last week, Japanese blog Mac Otakara claimed that the 2019 version of the iPhone XR will be available in new Green and Lavender colors,... more
Lenovo’s new ThinkBook line offers ThinkPad-level features at a lower price point  THE VERGE · 1 week
Lenovo’s ThinkPads are some of the best laptops you can buy, but they’re also some of the company’s pricier devices, with the average ThinkPad... more
Joining forces on Earth science to benefit society  ESA · 1 week
With human activity leaving its indelible mark on the landscape and affecting the climate, our natural world is changing faster... more
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Rejects Call to Break Up the Social Network  Gadgets 360 · 1 week
Zuckerberg has rejected the call for breaking up his company, saying the size of Facebook was actually a benefit to its users and for... more
Week-in-Review: Google impersonates Apple and Bezos eyes the moon  TechCrunch · 1 week
After Mark Zuckerberg’s privacy mea culpa at F8 last week, Google got its turn at I/O to promise consumers that their data wasn’t going anywhere that they didn’t want it... more
Could This Rare Supernova Resolve a Longstanding Origin Debate?  ASTRO WATCH · 1 week
Detection of a supernova with an unusual chemical signature by a team of astronomers led by Carnegie’s Juna... more
Facebook defends itself against op-ed calling for its breakup  THE VERGE · 1 week
On Thursday, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes wrote an op-ed in The New York Times calling for the company... more
New French rules for Facebook? Zuckerberg likes the idea  ABC NEWS · 1 week
France has welcomed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Paris with threats of sweeping new regulations against his social media giant, and Zuckerberg says that's a good thing more
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