Mac Developers Reminded to Have Their Apps Notarized as Apple Tightens Security  MacRumors · 2 weeks
Apple today reminded Mac developers that it is encouraging them to have their apps notarized, meaning that the apps have been scanned by Apple... more
New ransomware demands payment over WeChat Pay in China - CNET  CNET · 2 weeks
The digital wallet is one of two that are most commonly used in China. But the internet is unfazed. more
Credit card stealing malware on Canada’s 1-800-FLOWERS website went undetected for four years  TechCrunch · 2 weeks
It’s going to take more than a bunch of posies to make up for this one. The Canadian branch of 1-800-FLOWERS revealed... more
FBI charges men in 2016 ransomware attack on University of Calgary  CBC · 3 weeks
The university paid a ransom of $20,000 after the 2016 attack to preserve an... more
Indian Police Break Up International Computer Virus Scam  Gadgets 360 · 3 weeks
The arrests were made after input from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and Interpol, Sharma said. Microsoft was the complainant in the case. more
US Indicts Iranian Hackers Responsible for Deploying 'SamSam' Ransomware  Gadgets 360 · 3 weeks
The 34-month long hacking scheme wreaked havoc on hospitals, schools, companies and government agencies. more
Indian police break up international computer virus scam  ABC NEWS · 3 weeks
Indian police arrest nearly two dozen people on suspicion of defrauding people around the world by sending fake pop-up messages warning them that their computers were infected with a virus and offering... more
Two Iranian men charged with the ransomware attack that took down Atlanta  THE VERGE · 3 weeks
The US Treasury Department has placed bitcoin addresses on its sanctions list for the first time after two Iranian hackers were charged with extorting... more
US charges Iranian hackers over ransomware attacks on major cities - CNET  CNET · 3 weeks
The SamSam ransomware attacked more than 200 victims and cost $30 million in damages. more
2 Iranian hackers charged in US ransomware scheme  ABC NEWS · 3 weeks
The Justice Department says two Iranian computer hackers have been charged in connection with multimillion-dollar cybercrime and extortion scheme that targeted U.S. government agencies and businesses more
Justice Department indicts two Iranians over SamSam ransomware attacks  TechCrunch · 3 weeks
U.S. federal prosecutors have indicted two Iranian nationals for creating and deploying the notorious SamSam ransomware. Faramarz Shahi Savandi, 34, and Mohammad Mehdi Shah, 27, were indicted by a federal... more
Hackers are using leaked NSA hacking tools to quietly hijack thousands of computers  TechCrunch · 3 weeks
More than a year after patches were released to thwart powerful NSA exploits that leaked online, hundreds of thousands of computers are... more
Russian Pornhub hackers caused millions in damages  Sky News · 3 weeks
Cyber criminals based primarily in Russia hijacked ads on Pornhub to infect viewers' computers with malware, causing millions of dollars in damages, according to a US indictment. more
Using a virus to make a better type of memory  nanowerk · 3 weeks
In a groundbreaking study, researchers have successfully developed a method that could lead to unprecedented advances in computer speed and efficiency. Through this study, researchers successfully developed a... more
Google Pulls 13 Android Apps Installed Over 500,000 Times Containing Malware: Report  Gadgets 360 · 3 weeks
Google is said to have pulled 13 apps from the Play Store after a security researcher reported that they were installing malware on Android... more
Half a million Android users tricked into downloading malware from Google Play  TechCrunch · 4 weeks
More than half a million users have installed Android malware posing as driving games — from Google’s own app store. Lukas Stefanko, a security... more
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