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rebecca kaden joins union square ventures as general partner Rebecca Kaden joins Union Square Ventures as general partner
TechCrunch  Rebecca Kaden has announced that she’s leaving Maveron to join Union Square Ventures as a general partner on... 13 hours
sharp made a mini version of the essential phone just uglier Sharp made a mini version of the Essential Phone, just uglier
THE VERGE Sharp's newest Aquos-branded phone, the Aquos R Compact, looks a lot like the Essential... 18 hours
coda is a next generation spreadsheet designed to make excel a thing of the past Coda is a next-generation spreadsheet designed to make Excel a thing of the past
THE VERGE When Shishir Mehrotra worked at YouTube, he was... 2 days
feather raises 3 5m to rent furniture to millennials Feather raises $3.5M to rent furniture to millennials
TechCrunch  The furniture rental industry is stuck in the last. Current options involve old-school companies like CORT where most of the... 2 days
getting the gear with cod making a comeback n l looks to iceland for best ways to catch it Getting the gear: With cod making a comeback, N.L. looks to Iceland for best ways to catch it
CBC ... 2 days
safaricom launches innovation center to move beyond m pesa Safaricom launches innovation center to move beyond M-Pesa
TechCrunch  Safaricom, Kenya’s largest telecom company and provider of the nation’s mobile money service, M-Pesa, has launched a new innovation center... 2 days
veo robotics raises 12 million for its vision of a harmonious human robot workplace Veo Robotics raises $12 million for its vision of a harmonious human-robot workplace
TechCrunch  Since Issac Asimov first laid out the three laws of... 3 days
apple and ge announce partnership to make industrial apps for iphone and ipad Apple and GE announce partnership to make ‘industrial’ apps for iPhone and iPad
9to5Mac Apple and GE (General Electric) today announced a new partnership... 3 days
Studio for Electronic Music remembered by Google Doodle - CNET
CNET On this day in 1951, musical innovators set out to play and record music using pre-synthesiser electrical equipment. 3 days
commerce specialist lightspeed pos raises 166m as it preps for an ipo in 2019 Commerce specialist Lightspeed POS raises $166M as it preps for an IPO in 2019
TechCrunch  E-commerce and digitally-based financial transactions have consistently been... 3 days
Google and Levi's are working on their next smart jacket - CNET
CNET The tech giant and denim company launched the Commuter smart jacket only a few weeks ago, but they're already looking to innovate. 3 days
alphabet s sidewalk labs to turn toronto area into a model smart city Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs to turn Toronto area into a model smart city
TechCrunch  Alphabet-owned Sidewalk Labs, the Google parent’s company focused on smart city technologies, will build a “mix-use, complete community in Toronto on its eastern waterfront,... 4 days
google pixel 2 will be available at verizon stores on thursday Google Pixel 2 will be available at Verizon stores on Thursday
THE VERGE It’s officially launch week for the Pixel 2. Some customers are set to receive... 4 days
app store search ads go live today in canada mexico and switzerland App Store Search Ads go live today in Canada, Mexico, and Switzerland
9to5Mac App Store Search Ads will start showing up on more iPhones and iPads from today as the inventory expands to Canada, Mexico, and New... 4 days
coca cola s alan boehme is taking the cto reins at procter gamble Coca-Cola’s Alan Boehme is taking the CTO reins at Procter & Gamble
TechCrunch  The former global chief technology officer of Coca-Cola, Alan Boehme, is trading the effervescent world of soda pop for the day-to-day necessities of detergents,... 4 days
microsoft surface book 2 is a well rounded portable powerhouse Microsoft Surface Book 2 is a well-rounded portable powerhouse
TechCrunch  It’s well past time to put to rest any doubt surrounding Microsoft’s hardware ambitions. Over the past few... 4 days
Rebooting the Reef: The tech saving Australia's natural wonder video - CNET
CNET In this special report, CNET dives into the ways scientists and innovators are using technology to save the Great Barrier Reef. 4 days
eddy cue says he disagrees vehemently with those who believe apple s pace of innovation has slowed Eddy Cue Says He 'Disagrees Vehemently' With Those Who Believe Apple's Pace of Innovation Has Slowed
MacRumors Just over a decade... 5 days
Make your Surface Pro fashionable with these iconic patterns from Marimekko
Windows Central Combing legendary design with innovate tech like the Surface Pro can only lead to good things. Here are the Marimekko accessories made in partnership with Microsoft.... 1 week
tim cook visits swedish forests with innovative sustainable packaging supplier chosen by steve jobs Tim Cook visits Swedish forests with ‘innovative & sustainable’ packaging supplier chosen by Steve Jobs
9to5Mac Any time you unbox an Apple... 1 week
e reader innovation has stalled E-reader innovation has stalled
TechCrunch  Next month marks 10 years since the first Kindle debuted. It’s a virtual lifetime in consumer electronics terms, but compared to its mobile brethren, e-readers’ pace of innovation... 1 week
jimmy iovine and dr dre break ground on their new usc academy opening in 2019 Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre Break Ground on Their New USC Academy Opening in 2019
MacRumors Apple employees Jimmy Iovine and Dr.... 1 week
You can now shop for Target stuff on your Google Home - CNET
CNET Target and Google deepened their partnership to bring Target's inventory nationwide on Google Express and Google Home. 1 week
how braille screen readers and other technology changed the world for blind readers How braille, screen readers and other technology changed the world for blind readers
CBC At least 250 people were blinded or partially blinded by... 1 week
Apple CEO Tim Cook Talks to Students at Oxford University
MacRumors Apple CEO Tim Cook today headed over to Oxford University for the opening of The Oxford... 1 week
How Elon Musk goes down in history with the Wright Brothers - CNET
CNET Commentary: Will we remember the CEO as a top innovator centuries from now? "Star Trek" says yes. CNET's Eric Mack says it's... 1 week
this california mansion can eliminate your utility bill This California mansion can eliminate your utility bill
THE VERGE Welcome to Home of the Future, a four-part video series co-produced by Curbed and The Verge. Each month, we'll take... 1 week
are employers the latest financial services disruptors Are employers the latest financial services disruptors?
TechCrunch  Much like healthcare years ago, financial wellness is evolving into an essential employee benefit. Valuable to both employers and employees, this trend... 1 week
tim cook to open oxford university s the foundry innovation space tomorrow Tim Cook to Open Oxford University's 'The Foundry' Innovation Space Tomorrow
MacRumors Apple CEO Tim Cook will cut the ribbon at a new Oxford University startup... 1 week
liberals narrow list of contenders for supercluster innovation hubs to 9 Liberals narrow list of contenders for 'supercluster' innovation hubs to 9
CBC The Liberal government has whittled down the list of contenders bidding to be one... 2 weeks
Microsoft Ventures, Madrona and others launch $3.5M AI startup competition
TechCrunch Microsoft Ventures today announced a new AI startup competition with a total prize purse of $3.5... 2 weeks
elon musk gets a nod as a space pioneer from star trek discovery Elon Musk gets a nod as a space pioneer from ‘Star Trek: Discovery’
TechCrunch  Elon Musk ranks alongside the Wright Brothers and the scientist... 2 weeks
Google Home Mini sounds great but lacks vision - CNET
CNET The Google Home Mini sounds better and looks better than the Echo Dot -- but Google needs to innovate if it wants to catch Alexa. 2 weeks
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