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Ghost Of Boy 'Seen At Bolsover Castle In Derbyshire' - BBC
THE ANOMALIST Not The Sun, The Express, nor The Mirror. The actual British Broadcasting Corporation! With Halloween's approach, no wonder why the Beeb deigns to humor (or humour)... 31 minutes
When You Die You Know You Are Dead: Major Study Shows Mind Still Works After The Body Shows No Signs Of Life - The Indep...
Ohio Woman Reports 'Ghost Possession' to EMTs - Coast to Coast AM
THE ANOMALIST Typically when we fall down we blame it on clumsiness, tripping over something, or being intoxicated. It's doubtful many of us have tried this... 2 days
Ghost Rockets of 1946, But with a Humanoid Encounter? - UFO Conjectures
THE ANOMALIST Rich Reynolds has been delving profitably into old UFO magazines of late, and here are four good offerings from that effort. First up is... 3 days
Fukushima Ghost Ship Arrives in Hawaii with ‘Passengers’ - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST The tsunami that decimated Japan in 2011 continues to draw attention to itself, 6 years after causing a nuclear accident at the Fukushima reactor. Recently a... 4 days
Bolsover Castle is voted 'England's spookiest'
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Built on an ancient burial ground, Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire has a reputation for being haunted. Once home to William Cavendish, the castle, which... 5 days
I Went Ghost Hunting With Professional Ghost Hunters - Cosmopolitan
THE ANOMALIST Professional ghost hunters Dana Matthews and Greg Newkirk recently took civilian Eliza Thompson on a job with them. While their guest may have had her life flash before... 6 days
Tips For Selling Your Haunted House - Huffington Post
THE ANOMALIST Are ghosts a liability or an asset? What kind of prospective homeowner is cool with a spooky roommate? Alejandro Rojas prove he knows more than just flying saucers by tackling... 1 week
Ghost Hunter Gets Possessed by the Spirit of a Child?
DISCLOSE.TV A paranormal research group in the UK may have captured eerie footage of a ghost hunter being possessed by the spirit of a child. In the chilling video,... 1 week
Weird: 10 Statues of the Virgin Mary moving
DISCLOSE.TV In 2017 and in October made 100 years of the apparitions of Fatima and the "Miracle of the Sun" ... 1 week
man thrown across a room by poltergeist Man Thrown Across A Room By Poltergeist
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO A video has been shown in which a ghost hunter claims to have been thrown across a room by a spirit when he tried to give comfort to his wife who had become possessed... 1 week
100th Anniversary of the Apparitions of Fatima and the 'Miracle of the Sun' on October 13th 2017
DISCLOSE.TV The first apparitions of Lady Fatima were to the shepherd children on 13th May... 1 week
Who You Gonna Call?: Edison’s Science Of Talking To Ghosts - Salon
THE ANOMALIST It seems odd trying to reconcile Edison the scientist with Edison the man who wanted to speak to ghosts. It becomes odder still when... 1 week
Irish School Films 'Ghostly Activity' - Coast to Coast AM
THE ANOMALIST A high school principal in the Irish city of Cork has either a quirky sense of humor or a brilliant mind when it comes to teaching his students... 2 weeks
Telephone To The Dead - Jim Harold
THE ANOMALIST Listen in on Jim Harold's most recent podcast focusing on the great scientific minds of Tesla and Edison as they attempted to bridge the space between veils. We love it when science goes woo.... 2 weeks
Eerie Anomaly Photographed At Haunted Pub In England - Coast to Coast AM
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO Before we get too excited, let's recall all those Victorian photographs that simply showed a person moving across the frame during a... 2 weeks
The Scholar Who Went With The Fairies - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
THE ANOMALIST Many academics maintain a façade of sober-minded individuals, but they're sharp as a whip. Sometimes it takes an academic, like Dr. Beachcombing, to spot... 2 weeks
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Man Thrown Across A Room By Poltergeist
Eerie Anomaly Photographed At Haunted Pub In England - Coast to Coast AM
Dark Room (2017)
Stan Against Evil trailer is full of gore, demons and witches
Parallel State