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Scuba Diver Nightmare: Close Encounter With A Great White Shark
DISCLOSE.TV This video is viral in the social media. Supposedly it shows a big white shark that appears behind a diver and touches him. Skeptics say the video is... 21 minutes
Blind Guy Uses Sonar To Navigate Like A Bat
DISCLOSE.TV Pretty amazing, not the first one to be able to do this. What this dude should do is make a device that clicks for him on an ultrasonic frequency and... 1 hour
Demonstration of Quantum Levitation
DISCLOSE.TV Okay, so where's my hoverboard? This video was recorded in 2011. In 2000 this would have been considered witchcraft or magic. The question is, what i... 2 hours
Paul Stamets Explains the Stoned Ape Hypothesis
DISCLOSE.TV Fungus helped human evolution. The stoned ape theory explained. 4 hours
Hidden message in Minority Report?
DISCLOSE.TV At 1:37:17 into the 2002 movie Minority Report (right after hiding behind the balloon at the mall), we see a sunglasses advertisement on the wall that... 4 hours
The Meme Thread
DISCLOSE.TV Lets Start a Meme Thread ... That would be Great... Please add your own... Thank You 4 hours
ANy way to track our own posts?
DISCLOSE.TV Alo, yeah, is there any way to track our own posts? Get's kinda confusing... lol I mean I've only made a couple. But yeah would be cool to see our old... 8 hours
'IT': The Remake...
DISCLOSE.TV So I just watched the 'new' 'It'..... Now growing up, I was never a Stephen King fan. I had got into H.P. Lovecraft before I ever attempted reading an... 8 hours
Alleged UFO photos over China Lake analyzed
OPEN MINDS VIDEO In October 2017 a curious post appeared on the facebook page of ‘Art Bell’s Midnight In The Desert Feat Heather Wade’. It showed an apparent daylight scent of a ‘UFO’ in the desert with... 12 hours
Documenting the Cult of Materialism
DISCLOSE.TV Documenting the Cult of Materialism No one person can know everything...but we can all agree on the basics. There is not just one conspiracy, but cast... 14 hours
Astroturf and Media Manipulation
DISCLOSE.TV the opinion of the masses, control the masses. As Sheryl explains, Surreptitious Astroturf Commente... 14 hours
REPORT: 44,000 Missing Military Personnel The US Government Can’t Find…
DISCLOSE.TV are these troops ? Posted in places they wont admit to ? 13 hours
Diver narrowly avoids huge great white shark
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO New footage has emerged of a diver's extremely close encounter with the jaws of a monster shark. The video, which was posted to the SA Spearfishing Fa... 15 hours
Welcome to the new
DISCLOSE.TV Greetings, WE MADE IT TO THE OTHER SIDE! WELCOME TO DISCLOSE 3.0 Finally - after a very busy development period of over one year - the brand new Discl... 16 hours
Not sure I understand about the field. What is being asked for?
DISCLOSE.TV Wow! It's real. It happened. I don't know what to say~ Yet. This is awesome. 17 hours
Haunted orphanage knocked down in Canada
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES The destruction of the centuries-old building has left questions concerning the fate of its ghostly inhabitants. The Belvedere Orphanage in Newfoundla... 17 hours
Distinguishing Science from Sci-Fi in the Search for Extraterrestrials - The McGill Tribune
THE ANOMALIST McGill University prof Lyle Whyte is an exobiologist who thinks sci-fi films help stimulate the imagination at a time when the opportunity... 15 hours
Avrel Seale Interview - The Paracast
THE ANOMALIST The author of the new book, Monster Hike: A 100-Mile Inquiry Into the Sasquatch Mystery, published by Anomalist Books, is interviewed by Gene Steinberg and Christopher O’Brien, who gets in a few Bigfoot stories of his... 15 hours
Lonnie Zamora as the Hoaxster - A Different Perspective
THE ANOMALIST Kevin Randle has been getting a lot of mileage mopping up what he, with reason, considers less satisfactory scenarios than purely "unidentified" for the April 24, 1964 Socorro, New Mexico... 15 hours
Years of the Inverness Courier and the Loch Ness Monster - Loch Ness Mystery
THE ANOMALIST Glasgow Boy takes us back to the earliest mention of our favorite cryptid in this newspaper, from 1833, which shows... 15 hours
Is This An Ancient Egyptian Levitation Device?
DISCLOSE.TV Did the ancient Egyptians use levitation technology to build their monuments? Fragments of a strange looking device have been found in Egypt. Zahi Haw... 19 hours
Mysterious 'Sun Simulator' Captured For The First Time?
DISCLOSE.TV The Youtuber "MrMBB333" is specialized on weather and geographic events. In his last videos, he examines some photos that were sent to him. On these p... 19 hours
Skateboarder Films UFO Over Phoenix
DISCLOSE.TV While skateboarding by The Carefree Highway this strange object was captured. The witness states: Approx. 22sec.of a yellow-orange object/No structure... 19 hours
Loop Theory - Explains God, The Afterlife, and the Universe
DISCLOSE.TV The loop theory draws conclusions based on our understanding of our universe. It scientifically explains God, Afterlife, and how the universe works. I... 19 hours
Strange UFO Seen by Moon - Multiple Photographs Taken
DISCLOSE.TV Multiple photographs were snapped of a large, bright orb of light hovering and seemingly rotating (or changing shapes) by the moon. The Chandler, Ariz... 19 hours
Kazakhstan Lines - Were The Gods Supposed To Land Here?
DISCLOSE.TV Most people know about the Nazca lines in Peru. These are a series of large ancient geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert, in southern Peru. These pictures of... 19 hours
Mythos of Plagerism
DISCLOSE.TV Two videos of opposing views that contribute to the controversy is Christianity plagiarism of early dynastic civilization 18 hours
Hi dee hoo hoo
DISCLOSE.TV Wow, first one to welcome myself on this new and improved site! Otto 18 hours
Hidden History : Evidence Of Lost Ancient Egyptian High Technology
DISCLOSE.TV Evidence has been found to suggest that we have not fully understood humanity's history. Our story of the past seems to have been altered, misinterpre... 19 hours
What's Going On At Puma Punku? Magnetic Anomalies Discovered
DISCLOSE.TV Puma Punku is an ancient temple complex in Bolivia, which has often caused science experts to puzzle. Now scientists have discovered another strange t... 19 hours
Large Spherical Anomaly Captured By Home Security Camera
DISCLOSE.TV That looks crazy, something is definitely not right with the skies these days. Suzanne Bourgeois, a homeowner in Prairievielle, Louisiana checked her ... 19 hours
Explosion At Time Square Subway, Suspect In Custody
DISCLOSE.TV A would-be suicide bomber set off a device at the Port Authority bus terminal subway station Monday morning, law enforcement sources said. The suspect... 19 hours
Stratospheric Particle Injection (SAI) for Climate Engineering (SPICE)
DISCLOSE.TV 2011 Stratospheric Particle Injection (SAI) for Climate Engineering (SPICE) was a United Kingdom government-funded climate engineering (geoengineering... 18 hours
NASA teases new extrasolar planet discovery
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO The space agency will be making an announcement on Thursday about its latest groundbreaking discovery. While details of what NASA will be revealing ar... 22 hours
Can An Immortal Human Be Made Vampire, Werewolf, Or Zombie?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS There are two classes of human immortals. Supernatural and Natural. The natural immortals are a product of genetic perfection in the same way someone can gain a genetic... 21 hours
Wärndorfer And The Poltergeist Of Lerchenfelderstrasse 158 - EsoterX
THE ANOMALIST There is much to love in EsoterX's latest philosophical defense of anomalistics, supported by the circumstances of a famous German poltergeist case. In case you didn't know, German poltergeists are... 2 days
Ghost Appears in Selfie at Haunted Plantation? - Coast To Coast AM
THE ANOMALIST We're not chilled by the face of an phantasmal African-American woman in the reflection of a window, but the fact that Karen, Susan, and... 2 days
A Monster In Lake Tahoe? - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Nessie's cousins are wide-ranging and after a fishing trip in Lake Taho, Nick Redfern considers the existence of Tessie. We're not talking a giant goldfish fished out of Lake Tahoe a few... 2 days
Shoes were hidden in walls to ward off witches
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES A growing number of old shoes have been discovered concealed inside the walls of British homes. The peculiar practice, which was thought to have been ... 2 days
How Will Humanity React To Alien Life? Psychologists Have Some Predictions - Washington Post
THE ANOMALIST While Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking fret over how aliens will react to us, Ben Guarino consulted ASU psychologist Michael... 2 days
Mummy discovered in unexplored Luxor tomb
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Archaeologists have uncovered an unidentified mummy within a previously unexplored tomb near Luxor, Egypt. The tomb, which was one of two discovered b... 2 days
$450 million da Vinci painting buyer revealed
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO The mystery of who paid $450 million for Leonardo da Vinci's 'Salvator Mundi' has now been solved. Painted 500 years ago by the Renaissance genius, th... 3 days
U.S. Military Interest In The Paranormal With John B. Alexander - New Thinking Allowed
THE ANOMALIST Does John Alexander speak the truth about his paranormal experiences? The written word only goes so far, while hearing John... 3 days
Woman has eclipse burned on to her retinas
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES One viewer of August's total solar eclipse ended up with eye damage in the exact shape of the Sun. Like many Americans, 26-year-old Nia Payne headed o... 3 days
Impact-Related Microspherules In Late Pleistocene Alaskan And Yukon - Scientific Reports
THE ANOMALIST Are humans entirely to blame for wiping out America's megafauna, or did they just make matters worse for those colossal critters? A new study by Jonathan... 3 days
Strange Conspiracies And Conundrums At New York’s Mysterious Plum Island - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Tuck your pants in your socks, true believers, as Brent Swancer is your tour guide at the east coast's answer to Area... 3 days
People Having Sex Outdoors Are Joined By Sexy Fairies For 'Magical Dogging' - Metro
THE ANOMALIST Immortality belongs to Dr. Simon Young, author of a new book concerning the fairy faith, as British tabloids have a... 3 days
Boeing is aiming to beat SpaceX to Mars
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg has stated that the first human on Mars will have got there on a Boeing rocket. His comments, which could indicate the be... 3 days
Ufology: Stuck in a Retro-Stasis - UFO Conjectures
THE ANOMALIST Rich Reynolds presents his brief on why old UFO cases "enliven" some of us "UFO buffs," even those minds enervated by the "golden oldies" that are now under review, detail by detail,... 4 days
The Doctor, Barrister, Civil Servant And Cambridge Academic Who Say They Have Proof There's An Afterlife - Daily Mail
THE ANOMALIST Still sitting on the fence regarding the existence of life... 4 days
Scientists record the Earth's mysterious hum
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Our planet is making a continuous low humming sound and nobody is quite sure what is causing it. Efforts to directly detect the sound, known as 'the h... 4 days
The Singing None - Haunted Ohio
THE ANOMALIST Chris Woodyward shares an account from 1913 of a family vacation and some unexpected  musical interludes. For the record, we get what Chris was saying when she commented on chanting. (Preaching to the Choir, Sister.) And... 4 days
Man cements his own head inside a microwave
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES A YouTube prankster had to be rescued by the fire service after his latest stunt went spectacularly wrong. The 22-year-old, who had managed to cement ... 4 days
Legendary Female Pilot and UFO Hunter 'Madam MiG' Has Died - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Dead at age 86 is a true trailblazer for women's flight, who just happens to have recorded three UFO encounters as well.... 4 days
Ancient Egyptians Could Not Have Constructed This Site... The Osirion
DISCLOSE.TV After watching this video, I am now 100% curtain there was an ancient civilization with high technology that was wiped out by the ancient cataclysm, and that places... 4 days
Trevor Moore Tells Kids What Really Happened On 9/11
DISCLOSE.TV I think everything he said is more than likely true. The only conspiracy here is that I have never seen that! This was recorded back in 2009. Yes, it is... 4 days
'Little Foot' human ancestor goes on display
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES For the first time ever, South Africa's oldest known hominid skeleton has been unveiled to the public. First discovered in the Sterkfontein Caves over... 4 days
Universal Basic Income In A Nutshell
DISCLOSE.TV Too many people see this as giving money to those who don't work, while instead of asking yourself what other people would or wouldn't do with a UBI, the interesting question is to ask yourself what... 4 days
Strange Happenings Caught On Live Broadcasts
DISCLOSE.TV A live broadcast can capture unusual content that was never intended to be the main focus of the show. I encourage you to take a look at these strange happenings caught live and try to help... 4 days
Disgusting Hooters Kitchen Filmed By Customer
DISCLOSE.TV Shut this place down! The customer says: "I proceeded to sit at the far end of the bar next to where servers receive food and drinks from behind the bar. My intentions were to have a... 4 days
The Osirion - Ancient Egyptians Could Not Have Constructed This Site
DISCLOSE.TV After watching this video, I am now 100% curtain there was an ancient civilization with high technology that was wiped out by the ancient cataclysm, and... 4 days
SOHO Hunting For Unidentified Aerial Phenomena
DISCLOSE.TV The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) is a space observatory of ESA and NASA. The tasks of the spacecraft include numerous experiments that serve to investigate the sun ... 4 days
Biden's Pitch Black Eyes
DISCLOSE.TV Either they're trying to scare people shitless that demons are in public office, or their matrix program is failing and their starting to reveal themselves. His left eye!? He covered the right one cause he sensed the morph ... 4 days
Uncovered: The Secret Code Of David
DISCLOSE.TV A major breakthrough in Bible mathematics uncovers the secret chord that David played. It shows how the Psalms are mathematical and ties it into the new song of the 144,000 through the use of tones that... 4 days
Massive, distant black hole 'shouldn't exist'
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES A newly discovered supermassive black hole is challenging what scientists know of the early universe. The cosmic behemoth, which appears as it did a m... 5 days
Morrison, Brandstetter, Jones and Jason - The Paracast
THE ANOMALIST A recovering Chris O'Brien joined Gene in welcoming three Paracast Community Forum contributors and an Administrator to one of the best public debate-discussions we can remember. This stemmed from a discussion thread... 5 days
Police Thwart Washington Man's War on Sinister 'Lizard People' - Coast to Coast AM
THE ANOMALIST George Noory has a "You Can't Make this Sort of Thing Up" kind of story about a man who stepped... 5 days
Bizarre Underwater Encounters with Ghosts and Mysterious Monsters - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST We're not sure how many of our readers have seriously considered the possibility of underwater hauntings, but since reading Brent Swancer's report on its many forms... 5 days
Massive Mysterious Stick Structures Concern Forest Officials in NM - Coast to Coast AM
THE ANOMALIST There is a mystery a-foot in the Santa Fe forest presently. And yes, it may in fact be a-very-bigfoot. Or... 5 days
Gralien Daily News for December 7, 2017
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… Australian researchers identify new species of extinct marsupial lion New 3D Printed Organ Models Don’t Just Look Real, They Feel and React Like It Too This Duck-Like Dinosaur Could Swim.... 5 days
'Ghost girl' snapped at Myrtles Plantation
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO A group of women visiting the attraction managed to capture something unusual in one of their photographs. Situated in St. Francisville, Louisiana and... 5 days
Does A Ufo Cause A Lorry To Jackknife?
DISCLOSE.TV This is a recording of a lorry and what happens when a ufo flies above it. If it is not a ufo or something else you decide. What is freaky though is... 5 days
Ancient Egyptians Superseded An Older Kingdom Of Gods Who Came Not From Earth
DISCLOSE.TV There had to be a much more advanced civilization way before Egypt. To me, this stuff is more believable than the Bible... 5 days
Suicidal Genetically Modified, Infected Mosquitoes To Be Released In 20 US States
DISCLOSE.TV The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved a scheme that will see the release of genetically modified mosquitos which are infected with a... 5 days
Google's DeepMind AI Reaches Chess Grandmaster Level... In Four Hours
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Today chess grandmaster, tomorrow...? Some people spend a life time trying to master the notoriously cerebral game of chess ... 5 days
Alleged UFO photos over China Lake analyzed
Diver narrowly avoids huge great white shark
NASA teases new extrasolar planet discovery
$450 million da Vinci painting buyer revealed
'Ghost girl' snapped at Myrtles Plantation
Google's DeepMind AI Reaches Chess Grandmaster Level... In Four Hours
Google's DeepMind AI Reaches Chess Grandmaster Level... In Four Hours
Google's DeepMind AI Reaches Chess Grandmaster Level... In Four Hours
Tech Bro Guru: Inside the Sedona Cult of Bentinho Massaro - Medium
Tech Bro Guru: Inside the Sedona Cult of Bentinho Massaro - Medium
Tech Bro Guru: Inside the Sedona Cult of Bentinho Massaro - Medium
Cuba 'sonic attacks' caused brain damage
Ice Age cave network found beneath Montreal
This Mars "Gigapan" Picture Shows A Strange Anomaly: Plant Life On Mars?
Photojournalist Captures Strange Activities Over Castle Rock