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1 in 10 middle-aged Chinese adults are at high risk for heart disease, finds study  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 minutes
Researchers at Yale and at the National Center for Cardiovascular Disease in China just quantified a significant opportunity... more
CT and Doppler equipment have low accuracy in detecting cerebral vasospasm and ischemia  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 minutes
Both CT angiography and transcranial Doppler have limited accuracy in detecting cerebral vasospasm and predicting delayed cerebral ischemia in patients with subarachnoid... more
Successful testing of multi-organ "human-on-a-chip" could replace animals as test subjects  NEWS MEDICAL · 38 minutes
The replacement of animals as test subjects is one step closer to reality with the successful testing of multi-organ "human-on-a-chip" models to recapitulate the 28-day experiments... more
New device allows scientists to reproduce blow effects on the heart in lab  NEWS MEDICAL · 38 minutes
A blow to the chest can have highly contrasting effects. For instance, some baseball players have died after being hit in the... more
Study: Cancer stem-like cells are maintained by MTHFD2 mitochondrial metabolic enzyme  NEWS MEDICAL · 38 minutes
An increase in the incidence and mortality rate of cancer has been noted worldwide, especially for lung cancer. more
Frog-skin bacteria more diverse in cold and variable temperature regions, finds study  NEWS MEDICAL · 38 minutes
Amphibians are victims of lethal skin-disease epidemics. In the first global-scale study, researchers from 31 universities and research centers, including the Smithsonian Tropical Research... more
Study: Quality of fruits/vegetables at dollar stores just as good as regular grocery store produce  NEWS MEDICAL · 38 minutes
When you hear about dollar discount stores, the first thought that comes to mind likely isn't groceries for... more
Researchers find cost-effective way to improve mental health in prisons  NEWS MEDICAL · 38 minutes
Of the 4 million prisoners released each year, 23 percent have suffered from major depressive disorder. Due to resource shortages, many go without adequate treatment while in prison.... more
New identified biomarker predicts patients who might benefit from HER2-targeted agents  NEWS MEDICAL · 38 minutes
In an effort to further individualize therapy and avoid over-treating patients, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center report a new study using PET scans... more
Study: Women with more social support have low risk of dying  NEWS MEDICAL · 38 minutes
Women aged 50-79 who believed they had more social support were less likely to die during the course of the study, according to a new study... more
Physicists calculate proton’s pressure distribution for first time  MIT · 55 minutes
The particle’s core withstands pressures higher than those inside a neutron star, according to a new study. more
New app reliably determines physicians' skills in forming accurate, efficient diagnoses  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
Assessing the accuracy and value of an increasingly popular and free online patient management app, researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine and other institutions say that physicians... more
Study offers new insights into mechanisms of changes in erythrocytes under stress  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
Various stress effects make an integral part of modern life, and their minimization is of particular relevance. more
A comprehensive, multinational review of peppers around the world  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
A comprehensive and multinational review of peppers/chilis (Capsicum species) with academic and scientific input from points across the globe, such as Argentina, Brazil, Taiwan, Mexico, Italy, Hungary, Austria, and the... more
Newly designed molecule could benefit people with Friedrich's Ataxia  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
Skin cells taken from patients with a rare genetic disorder are up to ten times more sensitive to damage from ultraviolet A radiation in laboratory tests, than those from a... more
New blood test detects genetic disorders in fetuses  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
Tel Aviv University researchers have developed a new blood test for genetic disorders that may allow parents to learn about the health of their baby as early as 11 weeks into pregnancy. more
Researchers use radio-telemetry to track the habitats of bottlenose dolphins  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
Using telemetry units in hospitals to monitor patient health is standard practice. Now, a similar approach is proving to be invaluable for dolphins, too. more
Innovative compound offers a new therapeutic approach to treat multiple sclerosis  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects more than 2.3 million people worldwide. This debilitating condition periodically shutters communication between the brain and other parts... more
Mitochondrial proteotoxicity appears to be epicentre of molecular pathogenesis  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
Researchers at the University of Helsinki uncovered the mechanisms for a novel cellular stress response arising from the toxicity of newly synthesized proteins. more
A holistic approach key to minimize treatment complexity in patients with interstitial lung disease  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
Patients with interstitial lung disease—a group of disorders causing progressive scarring of lung tissue—are often prescribed various medications that specifically... more
Vitamin D supplementation less effective in the presence of obesity, shows study  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
A new Journal of Bone and Mineral Research study confirms that vitamin D supplementation is less effective in the presence of obesity, and it... more
Phase 1 data reinforce safety profile of new drug for treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
Patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) have few treatment options. Medications currently available or in development either target only a... more
Study doesn’t find enough evidence related to effects of noncaloric sweeteners on gut microbiota  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
The study, carried out by the UGR professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Ángel Gil and his research team, has... more
Besides the U.S., drug overdose mortality is also common in other high-income countries  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
Is the current American drug overdose epidemic an isolated phenomenon? Have other high-income countries experienced similar increases in drug overdose mortality, or... more
Surgery and other treatments offer viable options for adult scoliosis  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
For years, spine surgeons have debated the best methods for treating scoliosis in adults. Spinal curvature often results in more back pain, leg pain and other symptoms for... more
Behavior change of prolonged smoking cessation may delay or prevent onset of seropositive rheumatoid arthritis  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
In an Arthritis Care & Research analysis of 230,732 women, those who quit smoking many years ago had... more
PET scans show biomarkers could spare some breast cancer patients from chemotherapy  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 hours
In an effort to further individualize therapy and avoid over-treating patients, researchers report a new study using PET scans has identified a biomarker that... more
New mechanisms regulating neural stem cells  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 hours
The use of stem cells to repair organs is one of the foremost goals of modern regenerative medicine. Scientists have discovered that the protein Akna plays a key role in this process. It controls, for example,... more
Equilibrium: When does one of the central ideas in economics work?  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 hours
Many situations in economics are complicated and competitive. New research raises the question of whether many theories in economics may suffer from the very fundamental problem... more
Signals on the scales: How the brain processes images  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 hours
How are the images cast on the retina reassembled in the brain? Researchers have found that processing of visual stimuli occurs at the earliest waystation on the way to the... more
New method helps quantify very low concentrations of neonicotinoid pesticides in honey  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
Researchers from the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland have developed an ultra-sensitive method to quantify extremely low concentrations of neonicotinoid pesticides in honey. more
News study reanalyzes the effects of noncaloric sweeteners on gut microbiota  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
There is currently not enough evidence related to the effects of noncaloric sweeteners on appetite, short‑term intake, and risk of suffering from cancer or diabetes, as... more
Surprising findings on forest fires  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 hours
Several years ago, an international team of scientists raised sediments from the bottom of Lake Van in eastern Turkey reflecting the past 600,000 years. Soil scientists and paleobotanists have now evaluated the drill cores for residues of early... more
Half-a-billion-year-old weird wonder worm finally gets its place in the tree of life  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 hours
Paleobiologists have shed new light on a jaw-snapping species of prehistoric worm using half-a-billion-year-old fossils kept at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington,... more
How to treat depression in prison -- and why it matters  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 hours
The first randomized study of its kind reveals effective treatment for prisoners suffering from mental illness. more
SpaceX launches satellites, moon mission on Falcon 9  SPACE NEWS · 3 hours
A SpaceX Falcon 9 carrying an Indonesian communications satellite, an Israeli lunar lander and a U.S. Air Force smallsat launched... more
Dermal disruption: Amphibian skin bacteria is more diverse in cold, variable environments  SCIENCE DAILY · 4 hours
Researchers swabbed more than 2300 animals representing 205 amphibian species to better understand the ecology of their skin bacteria. They asked which environmental factors... more
Smoking cessation may reduce risk of rheumatoid arthritis  SCIENCE DAILY · 4 hours
Analysis of data from the Nurses' Health Studies demonstrates for first time that behavior change can delay or even prevent the most severe form of rheumatoid arthritis. more
SpaceX rocket launched carrying Israel's first lunar lander  REUTERS · 4 hours
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from Florida on Thursday night carrying Israel's first lunar lander on a mission... more
Seeing through another's eyes  SCIENCE DAILY · 4 hours
New research provides direct evidence that we can take others' perspectives because we spontaneously form mental images of how the world looks to the other person, so that we can virtually see through their eyes and make judgements as if... more
Firearm homicide rate higher in US counties with greater income inequality  SCIENCE DAILY · 5 hours
Counties in the United States with greater gaps between rich and poor have a higher rate of homicide deaths involving firearms, according to a new study.... more
Understanding peppers and chilis from around the world  SCIENCE DAILY · 5 hours
Capsicum is a major vegetable and spice crop worldwide. Global production of both fresh and dried fruit continues to increase steadily in terms of area harvested and total yield. A comprehensive review... more
Researchers explore an often ignored source of greenhouse gas  SCIENCE DAILY · 5 hours
Researchers have discovered a surprising new source of carbon dioxide emissions -- bicarbonates hidden in the lake water used to irrigate local orchards. more
Coastal waters are unexpected hotspots for nitrogen fixation  SCIENCE DAILY · 5 hours
Nitrogen fixation is surprisingly high in the ocean's coastal waters and may play a larger role than expected in carbon dioxide uptake, a new study shows. The findings -- based on thousands... more
Focusing on the fovea  SCIENCE DAILY · 5 hours
Using high-throughput genetic sequencing methods, scientists have created the first cellular atlas of the primate retina, an important foundation for researchers to build on as they seek to understand how vision works in primates, including humans, and how vision can... more
Ecosystem responses to dam removal complex, but predictable  SCIENCE DAILY · 5 hours
In the United States, the removal of dams now outpaces the construction of new ones -- with more than 1,400 dams decommissioned since the 1970s -- and a new study suggests that... more
How to save a seabird  SCIENCE DAILY · 5 hours
A new study outlines more than a decade of success in reducing seabird bycatch in Alaska's longline fisheries, and where there's still room for improvement. more
How blood vessels protect the brain during inflammation  SCIENCE DAILY · 5 hours
Researchers have discovered how blood vessels protect the brain during inflammation -- a finding that could lead to the development of new treatments for neurodegenerative diseases such as stroke, epilepsy and multiple... more
Strategies to treat HIV fall short in rural areas  ABC NEWS · 5 hours
Stigma around HIV and AIDS are sometimes prevalent in rural communities. more
Medical News Today: How to reduce your risk of asthma  MNT · 6 hours
Asthma risk factors include smoking, dust mites, and environmental pollutants, as well as many others. Steering clear of these risk factors can help people avoid developing the condition.... more
Pentagon to pitch Space Force plan to skeptical lawmakers  SPACE NEWS · 6 hours
Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein: "There are a thousand decisions that have to be made."... more
Three years into soda tax, sugary drink consumption down more than 50 percent in Berkeley  SCIENCE DAILY · 7 hours
Consumption of sugary drinks dropped 52 percent among Berkeley's low-income residents in the three years after the city... more
Achieving greater efficiency for fast data center operations  SCIENCE DAILY · 7 hours
Algorithm and software system Shenango improves data center efficiency for microsecond-speed operations by better allocating data processing across CPU cores to reduce tail latency and ensure hardware runs productively. more
Chemical added to consumer products impairs response to antibiotic treatment  SCIENCE DAILY · 7 hours
Triclosan exposure may inadvertently drive bacteria into a state in which they are able to tolerate normally lethal concentrations of antibiotics -- including those antibiotics that are commonly... more
SIRIUS Experiment to Help Create Simulators for Future Lunar Missions  ASTRO WATCH · 8 hours
The isolation experiment SIRIUS can help create a fleet of simulators for training crews for future... more
'Goldilocks' thinking to cut cost of fuel cells in electric vehicles  SCIENCE DAILY · 8 hours
Electric vehicles running on fuel cells tout zero emissions and higher efficiency, but expensive platinum is holding them back from entering a larger market. A new... more
Oklahoma GOP leaders to push 'triggered' abortion ban  ABC NEWS · 8 hours
Republican leaders in Oklahoma want to join at least five other states in automatically banning abortions if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns its landmark 1973 ruling that legalized abortion nationwide more
Medical News Today: What are the early signs of dementia?  MNT · 8 hours
There are 10 early signs and symptoms of dementia, including misplacing things, difficulty solving problems, and confusing times and places. Learn about the other signs in this article. more
NASA Set to Demonstrate X-ray Communications in Space  ASTRO WATCH · 8 hours
A new experimental type of deep space communications technology is scheduled to be demonstrated on the International Space Station this... more
With nanopore sensing, physicists detect subtle changes in single particles  nanowerk · 8 hours
The researchers' findings open the door to observe all kinds of interesting phenomenon on nanosurfaces, an area of great interest to chemists. more
Aquatic microorganism could inspire soft robots able to move fast in narrow spaces  nanowerk · 8 hours
The elegant movements of Euglena, unicellular organisms that adapt their body deformations according to the environment, could be a model for robots... more
Israel set to join elite lunar club with first mission to moon  REUTERS · 8 hours
Israel's first spacecraft built to land on the moon was set for launch on Thursday from Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on a... more
Research creates DNA-like molecule to aid search for alien life  PHYS.ORG · 9 hours
In a research breakthrough funded by NASA, scientists have synthesized a molecular system that, like DNA, can store and transmit information. This unprecedented feat suggests there could be... more
Planting small seeds simply: The allure of the slide hammer seeder  PHYS.ORG · 9 hours
Planting small seeds simply: The allure of the slide hammer seeder more
Healthy menu options in handwritten typeface prompt positive response  PHYS.ORG · 9 hours
Food can conjure up all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings—childhood nostalgia, memories of road trips, or just the simple comfort of a nourishing cup of soup. more
With nanopore sensing, physics researchers detect subtle changes in single particles  PHYS.ORG · 9 hours
Researchers in Virginia Commonwealth University's Department of Physics have discovered that a technique known as nanopore sensing can be used to detect subtle changes in clusters,... more
Russian rocket launches Egyptian telecom satellite  PHYS.ORG · 9 hours
Russia successfully launched an Egyptian telecommunications satellite on Thursday, the Russian space agency Roskosmos announced. more
The world’s largest bee has been rediscovered after 38 years
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New species of tiny tyrannosaur foreshadows rise of T. rex
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Skateboarding defies the neoliberal logic of the city by making it a playground for all
Skateboarding defies the neoliberal logic of the city by making it a playground for all
Skateboarding defies the neoliberal logic of the city by making it a playground for all
Feral cat cull: Why the 2 million target is on scientifically shaky ground