Secret Organizations
Jordan Peterson brilliantly owns foolish social justice feminist Cathy Newman.
DISCLOSE.TV Jordan Peterson brilliantly owns foolish nasty feminist in epic takedown with facts logic and common sense, this is a great great interview. This is p... 10 hours
LIVE: US President To PRESENT the FAKE NEWS Dishonest Media Awards
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Get ready, folks. Coming up soon, the Trump fake news awards. The video is counting down already. WHO will get the "best" awards? Will it be... 10 hours
Gralien Daily News for January 19, 2018
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… Wild Rumors Fly as Pentagon Shuts Down Questions on Secretive ‘Zuma’ Mission Out-of-This-World Diamond-Studded Rock Just Got Even Weirder Super blue blood moon eclipse: what Hongkongers need to know and... 11 hours
Man Eats Sushi Everyday Then Tapeworm Measuring Five Feet Wriggles Out Of His Body
DISCLOSE.TV Fans of Sushi might think twice about eating raw fish after hearing the story of a California man. The man... 12 hours
WHISTLEBLOWER Elite Banker tells how the world is really controlled from personal experience- this testimony will wake you up.
DISCLOSE.TV This testimony is quite a shockingly disturbing account of an... 12 hours
Missing UFO Papers: A Pattern Develops - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST As readers have no doubt noticed, the 1980 Rendlesham Forest Incident (RFI) just keeps on giving. Or maybe in this case, not giving, as Nick Redfern lists several suspicious cases... 12 hours
People Keep Seeing the Mothman in Chicago - Vice
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO As sightings of the Mothman continue to accumulate, Josh Terry weighs in on what the experts in the field have to say. While these are just our thoughts on the... 12 hours
Video: Mystery Boom Shakes Dallas - Coast to Coast AM
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO In what has become a surreal yet almost regular occurrence, another meteorite tore through the planet's skies and startled the bejeebers out of the earthlings on the surface... 12 hours
Meteor Impact in Michigan? End of the World? - Paranormal New Insider
THE ANOMALIST Well, the "dust has settled" on the January 16th Michigan meteor event, and Dr. Brian D. Parsons has a good post on some of... 12 hours
Montana and military involvement with UFOs
OPEN MINDS VIDEO With the recent revelation by the Pentagon and their admission that there has been an ongoing program to investigate Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon; the fact that Montana has had several cases of interest within that context came... 13 hours
Saturn's moon Titan has its own sea level
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Just like the oceans here on Earth, Titan's hydrocarbon seas and lakes lie at an average elevation. Titan is a place that, on the outset, appears to p... 14 hours
Green Fireball Rocks The Midwest A Day After The Other Mysterious Meteor
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO All eyes were in the sky over Michigan yesterday thanks to a bizarre and intense meteor lighting the sky. Now another mysterious meteor shower... 14 hours
How To Reverse A Voodoo Doll Curse?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS What Is A Voodoo Doll & How Is It Created? A Voodoo Doll is an enchanted effigy of a person that can be linked to their very body, mind, and soul through a cursed spell.... 14 hours
Does God Really Exist?
DISCLOSE.TV I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. Revelation 1:8 16 hours
Man says he has Travelled in Time, and he has PHOTO to prove it.
DISCLOSE.TV He explains how he has apparently travelled to the year 6,000 and details some of the changes that will occur... 16 hours
Hen do revellers spooked after noticing something very eerie in photograph
DISCLOSE.TV A hen party being held in a remote 17th century Inn on the banks of a Loch in Scotland was abruptly abandoned after the horrified party-goers... 16 hours
This Women Gets A 10 Year Jail Sentence For False Accusations Of Rape
DISCLOSE.TV Jemma Beale, aged 25 from London in the United Kingdom, has been given a prison sentence of 10 years after she made... 16 hours
'Haunted' painting has sold in New Zealand
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES An acrylic painting purchased from an antique store has earned itself something of a haunted reputation. Ever since acquiring the piece, the anonymous... 16 hours
6.3 Earthquake Strikes Gulf of California
DISCLOSE.TV This is just breaking news: 6.3 Earthquake has struck the gulf of California! Magnitude 6.3 Date-Time 19 Jan 2018 16:17:44 UTC 19 Jan 2018 16:17:44 ne... 16 hours
150 Meter UFO Hovers Over Volcano In Mexico
DISCLOSE.TV A Facebook user reported that they witnessed a dark UFO disk hovering over a volcano called Popocatelpetl in Mexico this week. 17 hours
Someone in VRchat has a seizure while playing, everyone stops and make sure he’s okay
DISCLOSE.TV This has to be one of the most surreal things I've ever seen. A robot is on the... 17 hours
Dorothy Eady | Priest of Seti, reincarnated in a British woman that amazed archaeologists.
DISCLOSE.TV One of the fascinating stories that embody reincarnation as a certainty, is that of British Dorothy Eady. The woman claims... 18 hours
Lets check out Your Ranus
Ghost planes And a bomber that flew itself!
DISCLOSE.TV Just last night I commented on a ufo post and said that I had also seen a ghost plane and mentioned I would make a post about it. So here it is.... 19 hours
The TR-3B Craft Confirmed And Now Under Public Domain ?
DISCLOSE.TV A spaceship that has a triangular hull with vertical electrostatic line charge at each corner that produces a horizontal electric field parallel to th... 19 hours
FEMA camps in the United States
DISCLOSE.TV There over 800 FEMA camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive displaced/subversive people. They are all staffed by full-t... 19 hours
Mini nuclear reactors could be used on Mars
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO The Kilopower project has developed a type of miniature nuclear fission reactor for use on other worlds. Created through a joint venture between NASA ... 20 hours
☑️does smart Speakers Spy On us when they are Idle?
DISCLOSE.TV everyone has a smart speaker but do they listen via it ? let's find out 20 hours
Exposing the Anunnaki - interview about the ancient gods, are they real and do they still exist? knowledge vital to our survival.
DISCLOSE.TV Who are the Anunnaki... 20 hours
Heart Attack Gun
DISCLOSE.TV Will the Deep State Crime Syndicate attempt regicide with a hear... 23 hours
Every car destroyed in a Liverpool car park, where the concrete was said to be on fire!
DISCLOSE.TV A fire at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, UK, destroyed every car in the... 23 hours
‘WORSE THAN WATERGATE’: Ex-Secret Service Agent Warns ‘Devastating’ FISA Memo Set To ‘Expose’ Obama
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO We are but days away from leftist media orchestrated chaos to be used as the cover for the impending exposure... 1 day
Black Mystery UFO's Are NASA's Grace Satellites
DISCLOSE.TV NASA's Grace Satellites (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiments) where launched into orbit in 2002, with the purpose of collecting measurements of E... 1 day
How the elite control the physical and dream consciousness
DISCLOSE.TV We are all snowflakes in the sense that we are all water, but each one is different.We, like snowflakes, all eventually melt and return to the great s... 1 day
Your feeling very sleepy
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Spooky stuff today boo-ys and girl myself don't hypnotize but ... 1 day
The Disappearance Of FunkyFatHead
DISCLOSE.TV FunkyFatHead footage of his experiments on sound frequencies may be his testimony as to was has happen to him. He claims that by using certain Hz soun... 1 day
The London Underground Signage Circa 1960
DISCLOSE.TV So I was watching this old movie 'Quartermass & The Pit' - Great sci fi flick about how ancient grasshopper like insectoids may have brought mutat... 1 day
Bigfoot Photobombs Hikers Group Photo in Croatian Forest
DISCLOSE.TV While out for a hike in Croatia, a group of friends stopped to take a picture. After they returned home they noticed a very tall figure in the backgro... 1 day
Electric universe...theory
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO hey there, a couple of things have popped up on here in the last week that has made think of something i was talking about a while back on a post abou... 1 day
US Military Silently Prepares For War With North Korea
DISCLOSE.TV Officers and troops across the country in the United States military are quietly preparing for a war with the hermit kingdom of North Korea. As quietl... 1 day
Two cube-shaped UFOs caught in high def on NASA cam
DISCLOSE.TV An interesting video footage from a NASA stream showing two dark oblong objects blasting above Earth's atmosphere has been hailed "the best UFO footag... 1 day
Possible ghost goes through the crowd at a music gig, Glasgow, April 17
DISCLOSE.TV I was watching this band called Lux Lisbon, at a pub called Stereo, in Renfield Lane, in Glasgow City centre, in April... 2 days
Prophetic Messages From The Lord Jesus Christ to you, encouraging words, 13 Jan 2018.
DISCLOSE.TV Here is an encouraging word from the lord form his prophets on the earth, please take all of these words... 2 days
You Think You’re Clairvoyant, But Your Brain Is Just Tricking You - Washington Post
THE ANOMALIST Research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences points to a very mundane cause behind day-to-day examples... 2 days
Airmen Involved in 'British Roswell' May Have Been Abducted by Aliens, Retired US Colonel Claims in Secret Footage - The...
THE ANOMALIST The secret video footage seems to indicate that... 2 days
Strange Encounters In Open Waters - Ghost Theory
THE ANOMALIST Water has long captured the darkest imaginings of humans, its seemingly endless numbers of unidentified creatures and dark depths that go on forever. Xavier Ortega brings us two semi-magical/monstrous tales intended to... 2 days
Can We Wrap up Roswell, Socorro, and Kenneth Arnold's Sighting Now? - UFO Conjectures
THE ANOMALIST Rich Reynolds thinks that recent works by Kevin Randle, Kevin again, and Bruce Maccabee have pretty much exhausted both him... 2 days
Mystery energy beams in Michigan
DISCLOSE.TV At exactly the same time a meteor flashed through the sky in Michigan, the United States Geological Survey reported a 2.0 magnitude earthquake at 8:09... 2 days
So the LORD alone did lead him, and there was no strange god with him. Deuteronomy 32:12
DISCLOSE.TV Try to find the truth. Dont waste your time. Just find. 2 days
Impressive Footage Shows Two Bright UFOs Above Memphis For Several Minutes
DISCLOSE.TV This footage shows two bright UFOs hovering over Memphis in the daytime. 2 days
Drone saves swimmers in world-first rescue
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO A new lifesaving drone has already proven its worth after rescuing two swimmers off the coast of Australia. The remarkable rescue, which marks the fir... 2 days
Gralien Daily News for January 18, 2018
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… Hunt on for spec of space rock that shook Michigan Meteorite fragments from blast are ‘scattered across Mid-Michigan’ An explanation for the Michigan fireball and quake, and a chance to... 2 days
China wants to put a Giant Laser into Space
DISCLOSE.TV Given the scope of the orbital pollution problem, it’s kind of a miracle that orbital pollution has yet to cause a major catastrophe either in space o... 2 days
Why are there so many UFOs in old paintings?
DISCLOSE.TV Ever wonder if the UFO phenomenon was purposefully made to look like a new thing when actually it could have been a common thing in the past. That wou... 2 days
What? 55 'Mothman' Sightings In Chicago In 2017
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Anyone who is level headed is going to have a tough time believing that there is a huge half man-moth creature going around terrorizing a small town i... 2 days
Aliens artifacts proves alien contact with Mayas Found in Mexico
DISCLOSE.TV The following images show recently revealed Mayan objects that have been found and that will soon be presented in various museums and that undoubtedly... 2 days
China want to put a Giant Lase in Space
DISCLOSE.TV Given the scope of the orbital pollution problem, it’s kind of a miracle that orbital pollution has yet to cause a major catastrophe either in space o... 2 days
Justen & Wes Faull - (Hollow earth theory) and Desupernaturalizing Christianity
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO A great interview with Justen and Wes Faull (hollow earth theory), discussing their search for truth, manipulation of media, microchipping, deception,... 2 days
Asteroids, meteors, and many more NASA "lies"
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO This is all pure conjecture and speculation, so peruse the evidence and points of contention with an open mind. We are all well aware of the Michigan ... 2 days
Man claims 'aliens' delayed his tax return
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO British tax authorities have released a list of some of the most ridiculous reasons for late tax returns. While there are many legitimate reasons why ... 2 days
Purple sky over New Zealand’s North Island
DISCLOSE.TV Aucklanders witnessed a strange lavender-coloured sky on Thursday. MetService meteorologist Tom Bell said that the uniquely coloured sky was "probably... 2 days
Brother Scares the Sh*t Out of Sister With Epic Ouija Board Prank
DISCLOSE.TV We aren't even a month into 2018, and we already have a candidate for the best prank of the year. A guy named Jake... 2 days
World's Longest Underwater Cave Discovered In Mexico
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO A diving group team has been studying an underwater cave in Mexico for more than 20 years, and after two decades they have declared that it is the lar... 2 days
Crazy guy goes for a walk on the outside of the building!
DISCLOSE.TV This guy has a serious death wish, as he goes for a leisurely stroll on the outside of a building in Hong Kong! 2 days
The Knowledge (Episode 1)
DISCLOSE.TV Fck it if noone else will I will. Ill follow you down 2 days
Creepy: Woman Attacked In Japan Office. Someone Explain?
DISCLOSE.TV In Japan has been thrown into a fright after a bizarre story emerged regarding a woman being possessed at an office by what has been described as a ‘s... 2 days
5G is a very serious threat to us all and nobody is talking about it!
DISCLOSE.TV 5G towers are being put secretly and no one is discussing, or talking about the serious damage it... 2 days
Asteroid 2011 AG5 may hit the Earth on February 5, 2040
DISCLOSE.TV You've probably heard that there's an asteroid called 2011 AG5 and may impact Earth in 22 years. It was discovered on January 8, 2011, it's orbital... 2 days
Gralien Daily News for January 17, 2018
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… “Likely” meteor lights up sky over Michigan, National Weather Service says Science Says: That Michigan meteor could have been meatier Birdlike Dinosaur With Rainbow Feathers Discovered By Scientists In China... 2 days
Comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresák, has mysteriously slowed down to a near stop and began “firing” at Earth
DISCLOSE.TV According to this report, in October 2014, ADF doctor-scientists ordered a full-scale electromagnetic pulse (EMP) alert after their... 2 days
How Cold Is It ?!¿
Lived Folklore in the Fairy Census - Folklore Thursday
THE ANOMALIST Simon Young gives us a glimpse into the recent release of "The Fairy Census: 2014 - 2017" and we already know we can't get enough. If modern day encounters with... 3 days
National Weather Service: Bright Light, Loud Sound over SE Michigan was 'a Likely Meteor' - WXYZ (ABC) News Detroit
THE ANOMALIST Dash and doorbell cams have become the latest in astronomical... 3 days
Flying Humanoid Filmed in Mexico? - Coast to Coast AM
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO Just taking a stab in the dark here, but is there any creature in the history of All Creation that flies with its body perpendicular to the ground?... 3 days
How Deep Will 'The Government' Go? - Herald Tribune
THE ANOMALIST Billy Cox assures that the yeoman work Robert Powell (Scientific Coalition for Ufology, UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry) has been doing on the 2004 Nimitz case is not forgotten... 3 days
LIVE: US President To PRESENT the FAKE NEWS Dishonest Media Awards
People Keep Seeing the Mothman in Chicago - Vice
Video: Mystery Boom Shakes Dallas - Coast to Coast AM
Montana and military involvement with UFOs
Montana and military involvement with UFOs
Green Fireball Rocks The Midwest A Day After The Other Mysterious Meteor
Lets check out Your Ranus
Lets check out Your Ranus
Mini nuclear reactors could be used on Mars
‘WORSE THAN WATERGATE’: Ex-Secret Service Agent Warns ‘Devastating’ FISA Memo Set To ‘Expose’ Obama
Your feeling very sleepy
Your feeling very sleepy
Electric universe...theory
Electric universe...theory
Electric universe...theory