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Amazing footage of a ghost opening a window in a haunted cottage
Paranormal Globe If this footage is genuine then it has to be up there with one of the best ghosts caught on The post Amazing footage... 9 hours
orange ufo sighted over somerset england 'Orange UFO' sighted over Somerset, England
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO The peculiar aerial phenomenon was captured on camera by Jeremy Le Fevre on Saturday evening. Consisting of several orange spheres of light, the UFO a... 12 hours
Angry Protesters Took Over Weekly Charlottesville City Council Meeting
DISCLOSE.TV Chaos errupts at the weekly Charlottesville city council meeting as angry protesters seized control. They were upset at the city's handling of the white nationalist rally two weeks ago. The... 13 hours
Guy Visits The Real Haunted Doll 'Annabelle' In The Occult Museum Of The Warrens
DISCLOSE.TV Watch the creepy face behind his left shoulder. This man visited the occult museum of the Warrens. A couple of... 13 hours
Eclipse Will Lead to Upsurge in UFO Sightings and Crazy Behavior Claims Ex MoD Man - The Express
THE ANOMALIST Well, the Great American Eclipse has just come and gone, and we'll... 14 hours
How I Almost Became A Believer: Exploring The Bigfoot Phenomenon In Eastern Washington - The Spokesman
THE ANOMALIST Writer Abbey Lynes describes a night spent in the woods with Cliff Barackman, Sasquatch hunting and... 14 hours
An Unknown Civilization Built a Great Wall of Siberia - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST We've had Hadrian's Wall, the Great Wall of China, and the Great Wall of Trump (oh, wait a minute) but it seems that Siberia... 14 hours
Plasma heating method offers fusion boost
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO Scientists have developed a new way of heating fusion plasmas inside tokamak nuclear fusion reactors. Often seen as the Holy Grail of power generation... 14 hours
seti institute needs your help to find intelligent aliens SETI Institute Needs Your Help To Find Intelligent Aliens
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO This video explains how you can help the SETI Institute find extraterrestrial intelligence from home. Step 1: Install the Program in Your Computer or All the Computers You Have ... 14 hours
TGR 08.21.17. Eclipse Anomalies and Kentucky Legends
THE GRALIEN REPORT This week on The Gralien Report, we look at a variety of unusual phenomena coinciding with the 2017 American Eclipse, as well as the unusual folklore and urban legends of Kentucky. This post, TGR... 14 hours
Video catches clouds move behind the sun
DISCLOSE.TV this is a very amazing video of the total solar eclipse that happened on august 21 2017 they decided to use dark field photography and video, for some reason no one shot this type... 15 hours
Is Fire An Effective Zombie Lure And Destroy Method?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS Unlike Frankenstein’s, Zombies have no fear of fire because they feel no emotions to begin with. Fires can be an effective lure for zombies. Particularly at night where the light... 18 hours
What did the eclipse look like from space ?
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES NASA and other agencies have been posting up photographs and videos of yesterday's total solar eclipse. As the sky darkened across the United States y... 19 hours
Pope Francis Just Told The World Leaders To Take In More Refugees
DISCLOSE.TV The world leaders have been called upon by Pope Francis to do more for migrants and refugees ... 21 hours
The Antikythera Mechanism: Proof Of A Highly Advanced Ancient Civilization
DISCLOSE.TV The "Antikythera mechanism" is also known as the world's oldest computer. In 1970 it was discovered that this compelling artifact is, in fact, a complex mechanism of at... 22 hours
Strange Interdimensional Being Recorded On Kid's Cell Phone
DISCLOSE.TV A kid recorded a strange creature or monster while using his cell phone. The footage is brief but bizarre. He was taking a video of his dad at the computer ... 23 hours
Guy Tries To Have A Conversation With ANTIFA Protesters At Boston Free Speech Rally
DISCLOSE.TV He is called a fascist, swarmed by people, and arrested by the police. Nobody realized he had a camera on... 23 hours
The Solar Eclipse Got Photobombed By The ISS
DISCLOSE.TV Video footage of the International Space Station as it passes in front of the Sun during a solar eclipse, While passing it was taking footage so that we could see what the... 24 hours
Found! Tomb hidden underneath the sphinx containing the giant sarcophagus of the first GodKing Osiris
DISCLOSE.TV yes its teur they did find a tomb underneath the sphinx and its said to belong to the... 24 hours
Scientists Remotely Hacked A Brain, Controlling Body Movements Using Fibers And Nanoparticles
DISCLOSE.TV Imagine someone remotely controlling your brain, forcing your body’s central processing organ to send messages to your muscles that you didn’t authorize ... 24 hours
UN Report: North Korean Shipments To Syria Chemical Arms Agency Intercepted
DISCLOSE.TV UNITED NATIONS - Two North Korean shipments to a Syrian government agency responsible for the country's chemical weapons program were intercepted in the past six months,... 24 hours
Will UFO sightings increase during the eclipse?
OPEN MINDS The total eclipse that will be visible in parts of the U.S. is an exciting celestial event. That has people, such as the ones who made today's Google search animation, thinking about aliens. Many... 1 day
Mystery microbe may be key to origin of viruses
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES The microorganism was discovered in the lakes of the Rauer Islands off the coast of Antarctica. Compared to other life forms, viruses are actually qui... 1 day
Picatrix, An Ancient Grimoire Describes How To Obtain Energy From The Cosmos
DISCLOSE.TV An ancient manuscript with the name of Picatrix teaches how it is possible to get energy from the Cosmos ... 1 day
The Most Spectacular Psychic Phenomenon - Consciousness Unbound
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO Michael Grosso offers his thoughts on the psycho-social impact of the Zeitoun appearances (1968-1971), an incident believed by witnesses to be a visitation to humanity by the Virgin Mary, and accompanied by... 2 days
David Booher with Jerome Clark - The Paracast
THE ANOMALIST Gene Steinberg and Chris O'Brien team up with one of our favorite ufologists, Jerome Clark, to interview the author of the new book No Return: The Gerry Irwin Story. Right up front... 2 days
Scientist Robert Michael Pyle is on the Hunt for Bigfoot, Even if He Doesn't Entirely Believe in Its Existence - Willame...
THE ANOMALIST Lepidopterist Dr Pyle is "agnostic" toward... 2 days
The Bizarre Disappearance of Agatha Christie - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST As many will know, the famous mystery writer created her own mystery when she disappeared for a week in 1926. Paul Seaburn jumps on the bandwagon of calling this "unsolved,"... 2 days
Total Solar Eclipse LIVE CAM
DISCLOSE.TV The stream starts at 11:30 a.m. EDT (15:30 GMT). This stream will cover the total solar eclipse in English language crossing the continental USA coast to coast ... 2 days
there won t always be total solar eclipses There won't always be total solar eclipses
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO One day, the Moon will have moved so far away that a total solar eclipse will no longer be possible. Millions of people across the United States are p... 2 days
Picatrix, The Magical Grimoire Teaches How To Obtain Cosmic Energy
DISCLOSE.TV An ancient manuscript with the name of Picatrix teaches how it is possible to get energy from the Cosmos ... 2 days
He Killed 10 Million Africans But History About Europe's Forgotten 'Hitler' Was Erased
DISCLOSE.TV People may have heard names such as Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Mao, but one name that should be alongside these is King... 2 days
nasa sending balloons filled with bacteria into the sky during the solar eclipse NASA Sending Balloons Filled With Bacteria Into The Sky During The Solar Eclipse
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO The upcoming solar eclipse has fascinated people from all over the world who are looking forward to experiencing this once in a... 2 days
Eclipses Illuminate Dark Bodies In The Sky That Are Otherwise Invisible
DISCLOSE.TV Could it be possible that it is not the moon which blocks the sun, but other celestial bodies? The eclipsed sun could emit just enough light... 2 days
Elon Musks Calls For Outright Ban Of Killer Robots
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Ahead of a United Nations meeting on the subject of autonomous weapons, or ‘killer robots’, a group of 116 specialists hailing from 26 different countries have called for a complete... 2 days
Spectacular ‘Eclipse Like’ Crop Circle Shows Up Days Before Solar Eclipse
DISCLOSE.TV Only days before the solar eclipse in the US a huge crop circle has made an appearance in the UK at Sutton Hall, and it brings... 2 days
Killer-Asteroid Will Zoom Past Earth On September 1
DISCLOSE.TV NASA has revealed that one of the biggest asteroids is going to fly close to Earth at a distance estimated to be 7 million kilometers on September 1 ... 2 days
Eclipses illuminate dark bodies in sky that are otherwise invisible
DISCLOSE.TV Could it be possible that it is not the moon which blocks the sun, but other celestial bodies? The eclipsed sun could emit just enough light to slightly... 2 days
Extra large radioactive gummy bears sold on ebay
DISCLOSE.TV a extra large radioactive gummy bear was sold on eBay a few weeks ago, the buyer had no idea the item was radioactive, paranoid times decided to buy the same gummy bear... 2 days
Exceptionally Large Bat Captured In Jungle
DISCLOSE.TV Do you think this is real? Well it is 100% the real deal. This extra large Bat is called the Giant Golden Crowned flying fox according to Wikipedia ... 2 days
The Supernatural Side Of The Solar Eclipse
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS The Solar Eclipse Paranormal Activity Forecast The Great American Solar Eclipse, like a plethora of other total solar eclipses, is providing an unprecedented astronomical show for many Americans. It will take place on August... 2 days
Man has a live gecko removed from his ear
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES A man in China got the surprise of his life after visiting the doctor with severe pain in his ear. The unnamed man had started to experience extreme d... 2 days
Gralien Daily News for August 20, 2017
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… Large Near-Earth Asteroid To Safely Zoom Past The Planet On Sept. 1 Doggy glasses, doomsday omens and other eclipse myths debunked  In totality’s path, eclipse mania overshadows fears of Eclipsemageddon,... 3 days
Make America Ghostly Again: The Demon Cat of Washington D.C. - EsoterX
THE ANOMALIST We want to thank Esoterx because this may be the first time in months we've thought about Washington D.C and felt amusement that wasn't... 3 days
August Solar Eclipse Research Initiative - Eclipse Studies
THE ANOMALIST What happens "out there" on Monday may have an effect on us "down here" in more ways than one. A website has been stet up for anyone to report on their experiences... 3 days
More on Mothman, Nukes & Dreams - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Nick Redfern provides an addendum to his research into end-of-world-dreams and Mothman, and it just makes the current world conflict situation more discomfiting. Why? Because now we can add Grinning... 3 days
Tim Beckley, Jerome Clark, Alan Greenfield and Rick Hilberg - The Paracast
THE ANOMALIST Gene Steinberg and guest co-host J. Randall Murphy present, and in some cases referee, a round-robin discussion with four "teen ufologists from 1964." These... 3 days
three mile wide asteroid to pass by the earth Three-mile-wide asteroid to pass by the Earth
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO The huge space rock is due to pass within a safe distance of our planet at the beginning of September. Named 'Florence' after 19th-century nurse Flore... 3 days
Strange Flying Object spotted in Acapulco, Mexico
DISCLOSE.TV Skywatcher María De La Rosa took this extraordinary photograph of a strange object that defies everything we know about flying saucers. This is the most weird ufo i have ever saw. Wath you think... 3 days
UFO materialized in the sky
DISCLOSE.TV This UFO was filmed by us in the evening in the city of Tyumen, Russia on 19 August. Watching the sky, suddenly at a distance of about 2km there was a bright light that was approaching towards us... 3 days
The Mysterious Sky Stone Is Made Of Oxygen And An Unknown Otherworldy Material
DISCLOSE.TV The first sky stone was discovered in an old village outside of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Researchers agree that the blue rock isn't... 3 days
uss indianapolis wreck found 70 years on USS Indianapolis wreck found 70 years on
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO The wreckage of a cruiser sank by a Japanese submarine 70 years ago has finally been discovered. During the final days of World War II, the USS Indian... 3 days
This Is NASA's Plan To Save Mankind From Yellowstone Supervolcano Erruption
DISCLOSE.TV Ex NASA Advisory Council member Brian Wilcox has made a revelation that is horrifying during the discussion of a space agency report ... 3 days
Large Complex Flying Craft Spotted Over Volcano In Alaska, August 19, 2017
DISCLOSE.TV A webcam in Alaska recorded lights which seem to belong to a large complex flying craft over a volcano in Alaska on August 19,... 3 days
This Is Why They Are Forcing A Complete Saturated 5G Future Unchecked For Safety
DISCLOSE.TV The new 5G technology is forced through as fast as possible. They don't even set standards or do safety checks... 3 days
NASA Says Earth Will Still Exist In September
DISCLOSE.TV For those of us who haven't heard apparently there is a rumor that has been circulating online about the fact that earth was going to be wiped out in September by an... 3 days
Possible UFO Over Phoenix, Recorded On August 18, 2017
DISCLOSE.TV This video is wild. I've never seen a video with such high quality, with that many people filming at the same time. Fuck man are we getting close to disclosure?... 3 days
These Are The 5 Most Important Discoveries Of The Year 2017 (So Far)
DISCLOSE.TV Ever wonder what the future will hold and what we will be capable of doing as far as scientific research? Well, so... 3 days
the microwave monster The Microwave Monster
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS VIDEO The Microwave Monster is the story of a dormant shape shifting extraterrestrial who arrived on Earth in the early 2000’s.  It traveled from the Andromeda Galaxy as a shapeless black blob in stasis within a small capsule ship that took... 3 days
'Apocalyptic' cloud hangs over town in Brazil
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Residents of Teixeira de Freitas were treated to a rather unusual and unnerving spectacle this week. The menacing-looking phenomenon, which appeared o... 3 days
Asylum Earth: The Voices in My Head are Scientists - EsoterX
THE ANOMALIST Aaron Dabbah is at it again, mixing history and wisecracks in with an examination of one of the "Great Questions" that humans who pride themselves as... 4 days
What Was It? Mystery Figure Filmed 'Stalking Paranormal Researchers' Near Stonehenge - Express
THE ANOMALIST Crop circle investigators picked up an unsettling image on camera as they checked out a newly formed circle near Stonehenge. What looks... 4 days
Eternal Nightmare: Sleep Paralysis Found to be Linked to Traumatic Experiences and Stress - Daily Grail
THE ANOMALIST Most of us have at one time or another in our lives experienced the living hell... 4 days
ufo seen at us capitol 65 years after famous dc ufo incident mysterious universe UFO Seen at US Capitol 65 Years after Famous DC UFO Incident - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO A recent Fox News video shows a blurry object crossing the camera's field of view in front of... 4 days
mysterious doors appear across nova scotia Mysterious doors appear across Nova Scotia
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO The freestanding doors have turned up in several towns, leaving local residents scratching their heads. The doors, which have been appearing in a vari... 4 days
Gralien Daily News for August 19, 2017
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… 40 year anniversary: Voyager 1 is now 13 billion miles away  Biggest near-Earth asteroid recorded by NASA will make a pass in September Solar eclipse to be streamed live for... 4 days
Are Martians Throwing Rocks At The NASA Rover On Mars?
DISCLOSE.TV A strange rock was spotted on January 8, 2014 by NASA's Opportunity Rover resting on a spot where earlier, there was nothing but red sand. The Doughnut-Shaped rock... 4 days
Can the Yellowstone supervolcano be stopped ?
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES NASA has come up with an ambitious new plan to cool down the supervolcano by using it as an energy source. The natural beauty of Yellowstone National ... 4 days
Are Extraterrestrials Throwing Rocks At The NASA Rover On Mars?
DISCLOSE.TV A strange rock was spotted on January 8, 2014 by NASA's Opportunity Rover resting on a spot where earlier, there was nothing but red sand. The Doughnut-Shaped rock... 4 days
menacing looking cloud stuns brazilian town Menacing-Looking Cloud Stuns Brazilian Town
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO At first look the obscure cloud resembles a meteorite trail or tornado, frozen in time, seconds before the impending doom. At second glance,it looks more like a freaky cloud formation ... 4 days
Biker Pulls Over And Films Controversial Footage
DISCLOSE.TV This majestic capture of the sun fading into the thick clouds shows us that even though the light is strong, it eventually gives way to the dark ... 4 days
Bannon returns to Breitbart: I'm Going To WAR For Trump!
DISCLOSE.TV As Breitbart's Charlie Spiering reports, Bannon jas returned to Breitbart News as Executive Chairman of Breitbart News "and chaired our evening editorial meeting" As The Hill adds, Bannon... 4 days
Did Fox News catch a UFO buzzing the U.S. Capitol?
OPEN MINDS A video was submitted to a UFO investigation organization showing something zipping in front the camera during a shot of the U.S. capitol building on Fox News. 4 days
Mars rovers to focus on the search for life
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Two upcoming Mars rover missions will attempt to determine if the Red Planet was once home to life. Mars will see two new visitors heading in its dire... 4 days
Interview with Don Schmitt - A Different Perspective
THE ANOMALIST Kevin Randle and former Roswell co-investigator Don Schmitt began their conversation with the recent 2017 Roswell UFO Festival. They bemoaned the fact that the overall roster of topics focused less on the... 5 days
'Orange UFO' sighted over Somerset, England
Plasma heating method offers fusion boost
SETI Institute Needs Your Help To Find Intelligent Aliens
The Most Spectacular Psychic Phenomenon - Consciousness Unbound
There won't always be total solar eclipses
Elon Musks Calls For Outright Ban Of Killer Robots
NASA Sending Balloons Filled With Bacteria Into The Sky During The Solar Eclipse
Three-mile-wide asteroid to pass by the Earth
USS Indianapolis wreck found 70 years on
The Microwave Monster