How The Division 2’s clans work  Windows Central · 20 minutes
There are a lot of ways to play together One of Ubisoft's most-anticipated new titles is The Division 2, the sequel to the popular first game that launched back in 2016. The Division 2 is a... more
YouTube demonetizes anti-vaccination videos  TechCrunch · 53 minutes
YouTube will demonetize channels that promote anti-vaccination views, after a report by BuzzFeed News found ads, including from health companies, running before anti-vax videos. The platform will also place a new information panel that links to the Wikipedia entry on... more
Medical News Today: What to know about panic attacks at night  MNT · 1 hour
Panic attacks occur when a person experiences a sudden onset of fear and distress. Panic attacks can also happen at night and possibly wake a person... more
Anthem’s roadmap reveals significant changes like Legendary Missions  Windows Central · 2 hours
There's a lot more coming! Anthem is a shared-world third-person shooter from BioWare. BioWare is the studio behind famous franchises like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. The title launched on February 22,... more
WATCH: Virgin Galactic sends a test passenger into space for future space tourism  ABC NEWS · 2 hours
Richard Branson plans to charge a quarter-million dollars to future space tourists for four minutes of weightlessness. more
Remebot is China's first neurosurgery robot video - CNET  CNET · 2 hours
China is breaking ground with Remebot, its first neurosurgery robot, and remote surgery technology. more
Trump's '6G' tweet spurs questions. Is 6G even a thing? - CNET  CNET · 2 hours
If you're confused about the president's tweet that pushes for faster deployment of "5G and even 6G technology," you're not alone. more
Medical News Today: What to know about whooping cough in adults  MNT · 3 hours
Whooping cough is an infection that is more common in children, but adults can also contract it. The symptoms are usually less severe in adults than... more
Medical News Today: What to know about winter rash  MNT · 3 hours
A winter rash is when the skin becomes dry, cracked, and painful during the winter. It usually results from cold, dry conditions. In this article, we look at the causes,... more
NHS told to ditch 'outdated' pagers  BBC · 3 hours
The health secretary wants to scrap the “archaic technology” which costs the NHS about £6.6m a year. more
Oscars 2019: Where to watch the nominated movies - CNET  CNET · 3 hours
A Star is Born? Bohemian Rhapsody? Black Panther? Yeah, we missed a bunch of them too. more
Fortnite overtime challenges and how to find the dance club and racetrack - CNET  CNET · 3 hours
There are 16 overtime challenges and if you complete 13 of them, you'll get a free Battle Pass. more
The provocateur who went out into the cold  THE VERGE · 4 hours
Laura Loomer protested at the Twitter building in New York a second time Continue reading… more
Apple Watch Series 4 vs. Series 3: Which watch should you buy? - CNET  CNET · 4 hours
We break down the key differences between the Apple Watch Series 4 and the cheaper Series 3 to help you... more
Trump's '6G' tweet spurs questions - CNET  CNET · 4 hours
Is 6G even a thing yet? If you're confused about President Trump's tweet pushing faster deployment of '5G and even 6G' technology,' you're not alone . more
YouTube removes ads from anti-vaccination video channels - CNET  CNET · 4 hours
The news comes after YouTube faced another advertiser scandal earlier this week over child exploitation. more
Medical News Today: What to know about acute respiratory failure  MNT · 4 hours
Symptoms of acute respiratory failure include shortness of breath and confusion. Causes include lung-related conditions and chest trauma. Learn more about acute respiratory failure here. more
Twitter co-founder Williams steps down from company board  ABC NEWS · 4 hours
Twitter co-founder Evan Williams will leave the social media company's board of directors at the end of the month more
YouTube pulls ads from anti-vax conspiracy videos  THE VERGE · 5 hours
YouTube has removed ads from videos that promote anti-vaccination content, citing a ban on “dangerous and harmful” material. BuzzFeed News reported the... more
Laura Loomer protested her permanent ban at Twitter NYC (again)  THE VERGE · 5 hours
Laura Loomer protested at the Twitter building in New York a second time Continue reading… more
Verizon trials Stitch Fix-like mystery box service to sell gadgets  THE VERGE · 5 hours
Verizon has launched a mystery box service that delivers gadgets to customers’ homes, lets them try... more
NASA clears SpaceX test flight to space station  REUTERS · 5 hours
NASA gave its final go-ahead on Friday to billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk's SpaceX company to conduct its first unmanned test... more
Microsoft employees call on company to kill $480 million U.S. Army contract  Windows Central · 5 hours
In an open letter, Microsoft employees say that they "refuse to create technology for warfare and oppression." A group of Microsoft employees today called... more
Samsung Galaxy Fold: Eye-catching or a new gimmick? - CNET  CNET · 5 hours
CNET Asks: Samsung's Galaxy Fold stole the spotlight from the Galaxy S10, but do you really want it? more
Captain Marvel soars past Wonder Woman, Aquaman for ticket presales - CNET  CNET · 5 hours
Grab your pager and get ready to head back to the 1990s for a solo film about a Marvel heroine who just might save... more
Video » Join a Research Study  NIMH · 5 hours
Researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) conduct a large number of research studies with patients and healthy volunteers. more
New International Moon/Mars Mission Launched at HI-SEAS Habitat  ASTRO WATCH · 5 hours
A two-week mission to perform scientific experiments and test technological instruments needed for the future exploration of the Moon or... more
Fired Amazon worker with Crohn's sues over bathroom breaks  ABC NEWS · 5 hours
Fired Amazon worker in Kentucky with the inflammatory bowel condition Crohn's disease sues company over his dismissal, what he says was a need for more bathroom breaks more
Tesla’s Model 3 was the best-selling EV in the world last year  THE VERGE · 5 hours
The Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling electric car in the world in 2018, according to data firm JATO Dynamics. JATO says the Silicon... more
Video » Social Anxiety Disorder - Join A Study  NIMH · 6 hours
People with social anxiety disorder have a general intense fear of, or anxiety toward, social or performance situations. more
Video » Generalized and Social Anxiety Disorders - Join A Study  NIMH · 6 hours
People with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) display excessive anxiety or worry, most days for at least 6 months, about a number of things such as personal... more
Medical News Today: 17 reasons for always feeling hungry  MNT · 6 hours
There are many reasons why a person may always feel hungry, including dietary and lifestyle factors. However, increased or constant hunger can also be a sign of an underlying health... more
SOFIA Uncovers Clues to the Evolution of Universe and Search for Life  ASTRO WATCH · 6 hours
A compilation of scientific results from The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, SOFIA, reveal new clues to how stars form and galaxies evolve, and... more
Many shades of meaning behind 'Medicare-for-all'  ABC NEWS · 6 hours
A primer on 'Medicare-for-all' as 2020 Democrats stake out their positions more
Microsoft workers protest use of HoloLens headsets for war  ABC NEWS · 6 hours
A group of Microsoft workers is demanding the company cancel a contract supplying U.S. Army soldiers with HoloLens headsets that could help them spot adversaries on the battlefield more
New MRI sensor can image activity deep within the brain  SCIENCE DAILY · 6 hours
Researchers have developed an MRI-based calcium sensor that allows them to peer deep into the brain. Using this technique, they can track electrical activity inside the neurons of... more
Could blockchain ensure integrity of clinical trial data?  SCIENCE DAILY · 6 hours
Researchers have created a proof-of-concept method for ensuring the integrity of clinical trials data with blockchain. The system creates an immutable audit trail that makes it easy to spot any tampering with... more
Latchel wants to make maintenance easier for landlords and property managers  TechCrunch · 6 hours
Relationships between landlords and their tenants don’t need to be fraught ones. With Y Combinator -backed Latchel, landlords and property managers can access a 24/7 maintenance service that... more
Twitter co-founder Ev Williams to step down from the company’s board  TechCrunch · 6 hours
Ev Wiliams is stepping down from Twitter's board of directors effective at the end of the month, according to documents submitted to the Securities and Exchange... more
Twitter co-founder Evan Williams stepping down from board after 12 years  THE VERGE · 6 hours
Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, who’s currently CEO of publishing platform Medium, is stepping down... more
US firm stops selling DNA collection equipment to China  THE VERGE · 6 hours
Massachusetts-based biotech firm Thermo Fisher says it will stop selling equipment to Xinjiang, the province where Chinese authorities... more
Microsoft workers’ letter demands company drop Army HoloLens contract  THE VERGE · 6 hours
In a letter addressed to top executives, a group of Microsoft workers is demanding the company drop a... more
NASA gives go-ahead for SpaceX commercial crew test flight  SPACE NEWS · 6 hours
NASA managers have given their approval for SpaceX to proceed with an uncrewed test flight of its Crew... more
All the tech Daniel Rubino is taking to Mobile World Congress 2019  Windows Central · 6 hours
When I travel, it's always a tough choice for which PC to take with me because there are so many good ones available. This... more
Print tiny photos from your phone with Fujifilm's discounted Instax Share  Windows Central · 6 hours
This bundle includes 30 sheets of film to print your favorite photos on. Adorama is offering the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Smartphone Printer in Gold bundled... more
Score the awesome Meross smart garage door opener for its lowest price ever  Windows Central · 6 hours
Smarter garages for everyone. Update: The original deal including a $10 off on-page coupon and the code 3TFQVDKH bringing it down to... more
Forget Galaxy Fold: 5G and foldable phones go big at MWC 2019 - CNET  CNET · 6 hours
With international intrigue and a 5G coming-out party, this show doesn’t need the boost of a Samsung event. more
Elon Musk hosts PewDiePie's meme review in ongoing T-Series battle - CNET  CNET · 6 hours
YouTube's most subscribed channel calls in a big gun: Elon Musk -- and he's brought a friend. more
Google’s Oscars ad inserts Pixel 3, Assistant, and Home Hub into famous movies [Video]
Oscars 2019: Where to watch the nominated movies - CNET
Oscars 2019: Where to watch the nominated movies - CNET
Oscars 2019: Where to watch the nominated movies - CNET
Oscars 2019: Where to watch the nominated movies - CNET
Oscars 2019: Where to watch the nominated movies - CNET
Oscars 2019: Where to watch the nominated movies - CNET
Oscars 2019: Where to watch the nominated movies - CNET
Oscars 2019: Where to watch the nominated movies - CNET
Oscars 2019: Where to watch the nominated movies - CNET