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Is Will Actually Going To Be The Villain In Stranger Things Season 2?
CINEMA BLEND Stranger Things introduced a seriously scary monster in Season 1... 18 seconds
Have a Wild Eclipse Experience at a National Wildlife Refuge
LIVE SCIENCE If you're heading to a region in the direct path of the total solar eclipse on Monday (Aug. 21), you may want to check out the national wildlife... 3 minutes
monster brings a music centric voice assistant to its headphone line Monster brings a music-centric voice assistant to its headphone line
TechCrunch  Monster isn’t exactly regarded as the most innovative force in tech, but it has decided to... 19 minutes
fisker picks ces for new electric car reveal Fisker picks CES for new electric car reveal
THE VERGE Henrik Fisker’s next electric car act is apparently imminent. The Fisker EMotion will be shown at CES 2018 in January,... 21 minutes
angry gamers may have been behind last year s web breaking ddos attack Angry gamers may have been behind last year’s web-breaking DDoS attack
THE VERGE Last October, a flood of traffic from the Mirai botnet brought down major portions... 21 minutes
Solar eclipse to be streamed live for first time, from balloons
REUTERS CHARLESTON, S.C. (Reuters) - Next week's solar eclipse will be streamed live online for... 22 minutes
See Hurricane Gert from Space in NOAA Satellite Video
SPACE.COM The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's GOES-East satellite captured imagery of the storm from Aug. 13-16. 24 minutes
Microsoft renames Windows 10 Photos app to Story Remix for Insiders
Windows Central Microsoft is now testing out new names for the Photos app in Windows 10, including Story Remix. A recent update to the Photos app in Windows... 25 minutes
Zika virus activates de novo and cross-reactive memory B cell responses in dengue-experienced donors
Science Magazine Zika virus (ZIKV) shares a high degree of homology with dengue virus (DENV), suggesting that preexisting immunity to DENV could... 29 minutes
samsung hints hard about dual galaxy note 8 cameras in its latest ad cnet Samsung hints hard about dual Galaxy Note 8 cameras in its latest ad - CNET
CNET VIDEO It's clear when you know what you're looking for. 30 minutes
Acura ARX-05 racecar is a spec stunner - Roadshow
CNET Acura's racing interests just got more serious, unveiling the stunning ARX-05. 30 minutes
Acura ARX-05 is a stunning prototype racer - Roadshow
CNET Is the NSX GT3 not racy enough for you? Acura has an even faster machine in the works. 30 minutes
Mercedes-AMG GLE43 Coupe is a study in polarizing design video - Roadshow
CNET The last eat to join the AMG stable combines the crossover and a coupe, with, let's just say, an interesting result. 30 minutes
Mercedes-AMG GLE43 Deep Dive video - Roadshow
CNET Mercedes is great at driver's aids like adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist, but the COMAND infotainment system falters. 30 minutes
Mark Zuckerberg is taking paternity leave - CNET
CNET The Facebook CEO says he'll take two months off to spend time with his wife and daughters. 30 minutes
Android O is Oreo -- unless Google is trolling - CNET
CNET Google's Android O reveal is now officially timed to Monday's solar eclipse. What does that say to you? 30 minutes
'The Punisher' is coming to collect in first trailer - CNET
CNET Netflix tucks a brief look at Frank Castle and his new Marvel series at the end of the final episode of "The Defenders." 30 minutes
toucharcade ios gaming roundup six ages miracle merchant dungeon raid eulogy and more TouchArcade iOS Gaming Roundup: Six Ages, Miracle Merchant, Dungeon Raid Eulogy, and More
MacRumors We're only a few days away from a major solar... 31 minutes
9 Great Movies That Are Still In Theaters Right Now
CINEMA BLEND The summer movie season is coming to an end, and as the dust clears, it wouldn't... 35 minutes
That Time David Letterman Accidentally Smoked Animal Tranquilizer
CINEMA BLEND It sounds like David Letterman felt anything but "tranquilized" after this incident. Get the details. 35 minutes
Three Other Star Wars Characters Who Might Get Solo Movies
CINEMA BLEND The news broke yesterday that Lucasfilm is moving forward with an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie, but that... 35 minutes
US post offices in path of eclipse offer special postmarks
PHYS.ORG More than 110 U.S. Postal Service offices are offering special postmarks for Monday's total solar eclipse. 38 minutes
Man Who Suffered Eye Damage from Solar Eclipse Has This Warning
LIVE SCIENCE A Portland man who experienced permanent eye damage from looking at the sun during a solar eclipse in 1963 is now warning others not to make... 38 minutes
1,000-Year-Old Stump of Wood May Hold the Key to Viking Fortress Secrets
HISTORY It’s the first of its kind to be discovered in more than half a century. 40 minutes
Eclipse weather forecast: Best in West, least in East
ABC NEWS If you want good eclipse watching weather, Oregon and Idaho look like the best spot 43 minutes
Data revealed under FOI shows benefits of MS drug currently blocked by regulators
SCIENCE DAILY A drug that is blocked by the EU regulatory system has now been found to improve the quality of life of people... 48 minutes
Royal Titles: New ‘Inhumans’ Trailer Calls Out The Names And Roles Of The Royal Family
SCIENCEFICTION.COM I happen to think it is... 49 minutes
UH gets $3.3 million funding from Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas
NEWS MEDICAL The University of Houston has received $3.3 million from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. 54 minutes
teenage bitcoin millionaire is back with a better botangle Teenage bitcoin millionaire is back with a better Botangle
TechCrunch  Erik Finman gained notoriety and a certain fame as a 14-year-old entrepreneur and bitcoin investor who’d managed to turn a... 54 minutes
ukraine changes tactics on north korea engine claims Ukraine changes tactics on North Korea engine claims
SPACE NEWS VIDEO In the days that followed Monday’s report in The New York Times that North Korea may have illicitly procured advanced... 56 minutes
taylor swift s mysterious social media disappearance prompts a madcap web scavenger hunt Taylor Swift’s mysterious social media disappearance prompts a madcap web scavenger hunt
THE VERGE Around 11AM ET, all traces of Taylor Swift disappeared from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and her official website. She’s been relatively quiet on social... 57 minutes
Sea of Thieves now issuing thousands of invites for next technical alpha test
Windows Central Thousands of invites are now rolling out for the next Sea of Thieves alpha test session. Sea of Thieves developer Rare has... 1 hour
This ginormous Lumia 950 XL battery lasts 3 full days
Windows Central Have you ever wanted a really big battery for your Lumia 950 XL? Look no further than this 9300mAh power pack. If you're still rocking a Lumia 950... 1 hour
the built in app locker in oxygenos isn t all that secure oneplus working on a fix The built-in app locker in OxygenOS isn’t all that secure, OnePlus working on a fix
9to5Google OxygenOS — the Android ROM that’s... 1 hour
google releases source code for google i o 2017 app Google releases source code for Google I/O 2017 app
9to5Google Google has been releasing the source code for its annual I/O app releases for quite a while now,... 1 hour
review roundup essential phone has fast software excellent hardware but low light camera performance as bad as the app icon Review Roundup: Essential Phone has fast software, excellent hardware, but low-light camera performance as bad as the app icon
9to5Google ... 1 hour
The Biggest Thing Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan Learned From The X-Files' Chris Carter
CINEMA BLEND Vince Gilligan has experienced tremendous success over the course of... 1 hour
How The Big Bang Theory Will Kick Off The Season 11 Premiere
CINEMA BLEND Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory left off with a major cliffhanger, so fans have really been wondering how the show will start... 1 hour
Will Animals Freak Out During the Eclipse?
LIVE SCIENCE Humans aren't the only ones who get spooked during a solar eclipse; animals may change their behavior too, research shows. 1 hour
UN completes first round of Syria polio vaccination campaign
ABC NEWS UNICEF completes first round of vaccination campaign following polio outbreak in eastern Syrian provinces 1 hour
Can Twitter aid disaster response? New research examines how
SCIENCE DAILY With over 500 million tweets sent every single day, new research is investigating innovative ways to use that data to help communities respond during unexpected catastrophes. 1 hour
ABC Orders A Pilot For Robert Zemeckis’ Live Action ‘The Jetsons’ Sitcom
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Of all the unlikely old school animation projects to suddenly be making a massive comeback, it looks like ‘The Jetsons’ is making a full... 1 hour
Here are the paths of the next 15 total solar eclipses
SCIENCE-NEWS From 2017 to 2040, there will be 15 total solar eclipses. Here's a map of where to see them. 1 hour
Too few patients follow the adage: You better shop around
NEWS MEDICAL Despite having more financial "skin in the game" than ever, many consumers don't make any attempt to compare prices for health care services, a newly released study found. 1 hour
Study elucidates how aerobic exercise protects the sick heart
NEWS MEDICAL Regular exercise is considered an important form of treatment for heart failure, a condition in which the heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet the body's needs. 1 hour
Research identifies new gene fusions and mutations linked to GIST tumors
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, with colleagues from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Fox Chase Cancer Center, have determined that a specific... 1 hour
infiniti s prototype 9 is a modern electric car with 1940s retro racer roots Infiniti’s Prototype 9 is a modern electric car with 1940s retro racer roots
TechCrunch  Days of thunder future past? Infiniti’s newest race car prototype... 2 hours
trump approves obama era plan for a more independent us cyber command Trump approves Obama-era plan for a more independent US Cyber Command
TechCrunch  President Trump has given the go-ahead for a plan dating from the Obama administration... 2 hours
xbox one x leak suggests limited project scorpio edition Xbox One X leak suggests limited ‘Project Scorpio Edition’
THE VERGE Information about where and when you’ll be able to preorder Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One X console is expected... 2 hours
Israeli Archaeologists Unearth 2,700-Year-Old Water System
SCI-NEWS.COM A team of Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) archaeologists and students has discovered an Assyrian-period water system near Rosh Ha-Ayin, a city in the Central... 2 hours
Tunable chiral metal organic frameworks toward visible light-driven asymmetric catalysis
Science Magazine A simple and effective strategy is developed to realize visible light–driven heterogeneous asymmetric catalysis. A chiral organic molecule, which only has very weak catalytic activity in asymmetric α-alkylation... 2 hours
Multiple-wavelength neutron holography with pulsed neutrons
Science Magazine Local structures around impurities in solids provide important information for understanding the mechanisms of material functions, because most of them are controlled by dopants. For this purpose, the x-ray absorption fine structure method, which provides radial... 2 hours
Correlation-induced superconductivity dynamically stabilized and enhanced by laser irradiation
Science Magazine Studies on out-of-equilibrium dynamics have paved a way to realize a new state of matter. Superconductor-like properties above room temperatures recently suggested to be in copper oxides achieved by selectively... 2 hours
Crystallization-induced emission enhancement: A novel fluorescent Au-Ag bimetallic nanocluster with precise atomic structure
Science Magazine We report the first noble metal nanocluster with a formula of Au4Ag13(DPPM)3(SR)9 exhibiting crystallization-induced emission enhancement (CIEE), where DPPM denotes bis(diphenylphosphino)methane and... 2 hours
Mach-Zehnder interferometry using spin- and valley-polarized quantum Hall edge states in graphene
Science Magazine Confined to a two-dimensional plane, electrons in a strong magnetic field travel along the edge in one-dimensional quantum Hall channels that are protected against... 2 hours
Probing topology by "heating": Quantized circular dichroism in ultracold atoms
Science Magazine We reveal an intriguing manifestation of topology, which appears in the depletion rate of topological states of matter in response to an external drive. This phenomenon is presented... 2 hours
Liquid crystalline cellulose-based nematogels
Science Magazine Physical properties of composite materials can be pre-engineered by controlling their structure and composition at the mesoscale. However, approaches to achieving this are limited and rarely scalable. We introduce a new breed of self-assembled nematogels formed by an orientationally ordered... 2 hours
High-density array of ferroelectric nanodots with robust and reversibly switchable topological domain states
Science Magazine The exotic topological domains in ferroelectrics and multiferroics have attracted extensive interest in recent years due to their novel functionalities and potential... 2 hours
Identifying time scales for violation/preservation of Stokes-Einstein relation in supercooled water
Science Magazine The violation of the Stokes-Einstein (SE) relation D ~ (/T)–1 between the shear viscosity and the translational diffusion constant D at temperature T is of great... 2 hours
9to5rewards clockwork synergy s new perlon and nato apple watch bands giveaway 9to5Rewards: Clockwork Synergy’s new Perlon and NATO Apple Watch Bands [Giveaway]
9to5Mac This week we’re partnering with Clockwork Synergy for a giveaway of some of its... 2 hours
Trump OKs plan for independent Cyber Command - CNET
CNET White House raises stature of Cyber Command within the military, giving it more autonomy. The next move could be splitting it off from the NSA all together. 2 hours
Best Buy's 50-Hour 'Black-Friday like' sale returns tonight - CNET
CNET Last year's 50-year anniversary sale was such a hit Best Buy is bringing it back for 2017 with deals on iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Windows PCs and more. 2 hours
McLaren built a very purple 720S for a very particular customer - Roadshow
CNET Parts of his collection feature some... interesting color combinations. 2 hours
Airbnb gives free housing after Barcelona attack - CNET
CNET The home rental company activates its disaster response tool for those affected by the assault that left 14 people dead. 2 hours
macrumors giveaway win a zip laptop brief from waterfield designs MacRumors Giveaway: Win a Zip Laptop Brief From WaterField Designs
MacRumors For this week's giveaway, we've teamed up with WaterField Designs to offer MacRumors readers a chance... 2 hours
Trump team nears decision on national monuments
Science Magazine Officials have already said six of 20 sites under review won't be touched 2 hours
Why Tom Cruise Breaking His Ankle Isn't As Big Of A Disaster As You Might Think
CINEMA BLEND Your main star breaking... 2 hours
How To Get The Splatoon 2 Edition Nintendo Switch
CINEMA BLEND If you've been holding out on getting a Switch and already have plans to pick up one of... 2 hours
reduced speeds for right whales prompts surcharge for oceanex montreal st john s route Reduced speeds for right whales prompts surcharge for Oceanex Montreal-St. John's route
CBC The federal government reduced speeds in the Gulf of St. Lawrence to protect the unusually high number of endangered right whales in the area,... 2 hours
A quick and easy way to shut down instabilities in fusion devices
PHYS.ORG Scientists have discovered a remarkably simple way to suppress a common instability that can halt fusion reactions and damage the walls of reactors built... 2 hours
Study of California kidney cancer shows declining incidence, end of a trend
SCIENCE DAILY A study of kidney cancer incidence in California over 25 years is the first report to demonstrate that the rising rate of kidney cancer... 2 hours
Study finds link between vitamin D deficiency and elevated heart failure risk in older adults
NEWS MEDICAL A recent study found an elevated risk of heart failure in more than half of older individuals, and... 2 hours
Researchers highlight global burden of suboptimal fetal growth in low-and middle-income countries
NEWS MEDICAL In low-and middle-income countries, it is common for babies to be born of low birth weight, due to either inadequate growth in utero (fetal... 2 hours
google and propublica team up to build a national hate crime database Google and ProPublica team up to build a national hate crime database
TechCrunch  Few things are certain in 2017’s fraught national climate, but hate certainly doesn’t look to be going away. In partnership with ProPublica, Google News... 2 hours
y combinator backed vida turns artwork into fashion accessories and more Y Combinator-backed VIDA turns artwork into fashion, accessories and more
TechCrunch  VIDA, an e-commerce startup that allows artists to upload their designs to be printed on real-world... 2 hours
Samsung hints hard about dual Galaxy Note 8 cameras in its latest ad - CNET
Ukraine changes tactics on North Korea engine claims
NBD, just a liquid cooled, Ryzen-powered Hackintosh inside a cheesegrater Power Mac G5 case [Video]
Here's What the iPhone 8 With Edge-to-Edge Display Looks Like in a Case
Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds Is Getting Turned Into A TV Show
F1 2017 arrives Aug 25 for Mac, check out the new gameplay trailer [Video]
F1 2017 arrives Aug 25 for Mac, check out the new gameplay trailer [Video]
Spying on penguins is as simple as taping a camera to their backs
Spying on penguins is as simple as taping a camera to their backs
Spying on penguins is as simple as taping a camera to their backs