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How Spock's Parents Affected Star Trek: Discovery's First Officer, According To The Star
CINEMA BLEND We've known for quite a while that Spock's father was... 3 minutes
Majority of people not being screened for AF and stroke risk factors, report reveals
NEWS MEDICAL New research released today by The Economist Intelligence Unit, a division of The Economist and a leader in global business... 19 minutes
Outdoor air pollution may increase risk of chronic kidney disease
NEWS MEDICAL Outdoor air pollution has long been linked to major health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 19 minutes
Study finds link between sleep pattern and temperament in preterm children
NEWS MEDICAL A new study suggests that while healthy preterm children have more medical sleep problems than full-term children, they are more likely to fall asleep independently. 19 minutes
Study supports importance of alcohol control policies to reduce homicide
NEWS MEDICAL Stronger alcohol policies, including taxes and sales restrictions, have been shown to reduce the likelihood of alcohol involvement among homicide victims, according to a new study from Boston... 19 minutes
iphone 8 subjected to durability and speed tests iPhone 8 Subjected to Durability and Speed Tests
MacRumors VIDEO With the iPhone 8 now available for purchase in many places around the world, it's popping up in a whole... 32 minutes
Seizures can be induced by cannabinoids, scientists warn
NEWS MEDICAL Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the world, and the advent of synthetic cannabinoids creates additional challenges to the society because of their higher potency and ability to escape drug detection screenings. 53 minutes
Diet and exercise have potential to improve chemotherapy effectiveness in pediatric cancer patients
NEWS MEDICAL Diet and exercise may improve treatment outcomes in pediatric cancer patients, according to a study at The University of Texas MD Anderson... 53 minutes
Using science to overcome challenges of maintaining long-term weight loss
NEWS MEDICAL Many of us are looking ahead to the holiday season and new year with lofty goals for losing weight and exercising. But how can you avoid repeating the... 53 minutes
Personality changes do not appear before clinical onset of MCI or dementia
NEWS MEDICAL For years, scientists and physicians have been debating whether personality and behavior changes might appear prior to the onset of Alzheimer's disease and related... 53 minutes
iphone 8 launch sees bleak turnout in australia as iphone x looms iPhone 8 launch sees ‘bleak’ turnout in Australia as iPhone X looms
9to5Mac As we highlighted earlier this evening, the iPhone 8 is already available for purchase in several countries around the world as time zones shift... 1 hour
netflix for ios updated with hdr support for iphone 8 8 plus and x Netflix for iOS Updated With HDR Support for iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X
MacRumors Netflix today updated its iOS app to add... 1 hour
Arrow Season 6 Is Bringing A Long Lost Character Back, Check Out The Pictures
CINEMA BLEND The sixth season of Arrow will premiere in... 1 hour
Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Shows Off Monster Hunter In New Trailer
CINEMA BLEND Even though Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite is out and available just this past week,... 1 hour
What Darren Aronofsky Thinks Of Mother! Getting An F On CinemaScore
CINEMA BLEND Some directors might look at a CinemaScore of an F and get nervous, while... 1 hour
Why Fergie And Josh Duhamel Decided To Announce Their Split
CINEMA BLEND It has only been a week since Fergie and Josh Duhamel announced their split, but Fergie... 1 hour
Trusted messages proved essential to counter misperceptions during Ebola epidemic
NEWS MEDICAL Utilizing messages focused on images created by local artists and written information communicated through local dialects proved essential to counter misperceptions during the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone,... 2 hours
Global resurgence of whooping cough can be attributed to immunological failures of vaccines
NEWS MEDICAL The startling global resurgence of pertussis, or whooping cough, in recent years can largely be attributed to the immunological failures of acellular... 2 hours
'Labyrinth' chip may be new way to monitor cancer patients in clinical trials
NEWS MEDICAL Inspired by the Labyrinth of Greek mythology, a new chip etched with fluid channels sends blood samples through a hydrodynamic maze to... 2 hours
Plate Tectonics May Have Begun a Billion Years After Earth's Birth
SPACE.COM The differentiation of oceanic and continental crust could date back 3.5 billion years. 2 hours
iPhone 8, 8 Plus draw Apple fans at launch despite X holdouts - CNET
CNET A decade on, fans still queue up for Apple's latest phones. But lines aren't as long as they've been in... 2 hours
Why Batman V Superman Didn't Work, According To One Comic Writer
CINEMA BLEND Dave Gibbons, who has written several Superman stories, has explained why Batman v Superman:... 2 hours
9 Great Movies Coming To Netflix In October
CINEMA BLEND October brings a lot of new content to Netfilx, but these titles are considered the cream of the crop. Read... 2 hours
final fantasy xv multiplayer will arrive in october Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Will Arrive In October
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Very few single-player games manage to stay relevant and receive consistent updates an entire year after release. Well, Square Enix... 2 hours
Researchers identify molecular pathway that causes immune cells to promote cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Investigators at the Children's Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases at Children's Hospital Los Angeles have identified new findings about an immune cell - called a... 3 hours
apple s latest how to videos highlight tips and tricks for setting up apple pay Apple’s latest how-to videos highlight tips and tricks for setting up Apple Pay
9to5Mac VIDEO Apple this evening has shared a pair of new videos... 3 hours
new apple pay tutorial video highlights peer to peer payments New Apple Pay Tutorial Video Highlights Peer-to-Peer Payments
MacRumors VIDEO Apple this evening introduced a new series of tutorial videos, this time highlighting Apple Pay on the iPhone. One of... 3 hours
How Warner Bros. Responded To Riverdale's K.J. Apa Totaling His Car
CINEMA BLEND Riverdale star K.J. Apa recently got into a car crash that totaled his car... 3 hours
Gotham's Season 4 Premiere Just Proved Bruce Will Have A Hard Time Becoming Batman
CINEMA BLEND The Gotham Season 4 premiere offered viewers a... 3 hours
iPhone 8, 8 Plus draw Apple fans even as some hold out for X - CNET
CNET A decade on, fans still queue up for Apple's latest phones. But lines aren't as long... 3 hours
Researchers: CCleaner attack aimed at major tech companies - CNET
CNET Hackers set their sights on companies like Google, Microsoft and Samsung, infecting potentially hundreds of computers with malicious software. 3 hours
Is the new Apple Watch really that bad? video - CNET
CNET Apple Watch Series 3 and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus reviews are in. Apple's phone is fast but leaves out gigabit LTE, and IKEA's new ARKit... 3 hours
how to hide text previews for every app notification on ios 11 s lock screen How to Hide Text Previews for Every App Notification on iOS 11's Lock Screen
MacRumors iOS 11 has introduced a simple blanket solution... 3 hours
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Reveals All The Galactic Assault Maps
CINEMA BLEND The release for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is fast approaching for PC, PS4 and Xbox One... 3 hours
How James Gunn Feels About A Possible Guardians Of The Galaxy 4
CINEMA BLEND What are the chances James Gunn could one day direct a possible Guardians of the Galaxy 4? Here's what the director had to say. 3 hours
‘Supernatural’ Gets An Extended Trailer For Season 13
SCIENCEFICTION.COM SPOILER ALERT: This article contains some mild SPOILERS for the upcoming Season 13 of ‘Supernatural’ so proceed with caution. “God,... 4 hours
iPhone 8 /8 Plus is that fastest, but is the new Apple Watch really that bad? video - CNET
CNET Reviews are in for the Apple Watch Series 3 and... 4 hours
expanded watchos 4 heart rate monitoring features not available on original apple watch Expanded watchOS 4 Heart Rate Monitoring Features Not Available on Original Apple Watch
MacRumors watchOS 4 introduces an expanded Heart Rate app that's able... 4 hours
One Gotham Character That Will Shock Audiences In Season 4
CINEMA BLEND Gotham is finally back for Season 4 on Fox, and one star has revealed a big... 4 hours
Hearing offers peek at what Uber stands to lose in Waymo trial
PHYS.ORG With three weeks to go until the explosive Waymo v. Uber trial begins, court-watchers got a peek Wednesday at the hefty price tag Uber... 4 hours
as iphone moves to face id android still offers more variety with unlocking tech video As iPhone moves to Face ID, Android still offers more variety with unlocking tech [Video]
9to5Google VIDEO Security used to be more or... 4 hours
Facebook turns over election ads linked to Russia video - CNET
CNET CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the company has turned over thousands of Russian-linked ads to Congress and outlines the company's plan to stop future election interference online. 4 hours
Fujifilm X100F breathes some fresh air into a veteran design - CNET
CNET While it's essentially the same design as the first model from six years ago, the incremental updates culminating in the X100F have made a... 4 hours
Police need warrant to track cell phones, appeals court says - CNET
CNET A judge must sign off when police use "Stingrays" to record all the cell phone numbers nearby. The devices trick cell phones by acting... 4 hours
how to sign up for icloud family storage plans in ios 11 How to Sign Up for iCloud Family Storage Plans in iOS 11
MacRumors Apple's Family Sharing feature allows you to share music, movies, apps, photos, and more with family members, and in iOS 11, Family Sharing extends... 4 hours
Facebook to release Russia ads, beef up election 'integrity'
ABC NEWS Facebook says it will release the Russia-backed, potentially illegal election ads that ran on its platform to congressional investigators 5 hours
Unique gene therapy prevents, reverses multiple sclerosis in animal model
SCIENCE DAILY Multiple sclerosis can be inhibited or reversed using a novel gene therapy technique that stops the disease's immune response in mouse models, researchers have found. 5 hours
Luke Evans Explains Wonder Woman’s Amazon Status And Golden Lasso In New Clip From ‘Professor Marston And The Wonder Women’
east ventures closes new 30m fund to continue investing in indonesia East Ventures closes new $30M fund to continue investing in Indonesia
TechCrunch  East Ventures is back at it again with another new fund to invest in... 5 hours
The first wave of Xbox One X stock is selling out across the globe, top on Amazon US
Windows Central Like the Project Scorpio edition before it, the Xbox One X standard... 5 hours
Invisible threat
BBC Many firms have no idea how many devices are connected to their networks - a major cyber-security risk. 5 hours
How business is driving the new space race
BBC Why firms are spending millions to beat each other into orbit 5 hours
review shoulderpod brings lego like modularity to iphone camera accessories Review: ShoulderPod brings Lego-like modularity to iPhone camera accessories
9to5Mac VIDEO Smartphone grips and mounts are a dime a dozen nowadays. Making a product that stands apart from the... 5 hours
4k itunes content limited to streaming only no downloads 4K iTunes Content Limited to Streaming Only, No Downloads
MacRumors Apple has updated its iTunes Store on iOS devices and the Apple TV with plenty of 4K movies... 5 hours
Hellboy's Daniel Dae Kim Met With Ed Skrein After Casting Controversy, Check It Out
CINEMA BLEND With the Hellboy casting controversy out of the... 5 hours
privacy commissioner aims to start more investigations rather than wait for complaints Privacy commissioner aims to start more investigations rather than wait for complaints
CBC To make the most of its current powers, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner is shifting more resources into proactive investigations, rather than waiting... 5 hours
What Is Chemistry?
LIVE SCIENCE Chemistry is the study of matter, its properties, how and why substances combine or separate to form other substances, and how substances interact with energy. 5 hours
1 in 12 Death Worldwide Could Be Prevented with Regular Physical Activity
LIVE SCIENCE About 1 in 12 deaths worldwide could be prevented if people got 30 minutes of physical activity a day on most days of the... 5 hours
Uber braced for crash over London licence
Sky News Uber is bracing itself for regulators‎ to deliver a crucial ruling that could trigger the removal of tens of thousands of private-hire drivers from London's streets. 5 hours
Facebook to hand over Russia ads to Congress
Sky News Facebook will hand over contents of 3,000 adverts to congressional investigators looking at claims of interference in the US presidential election. 5 hours
database provider mongodb has filed to go public Database provider MongoDB has filed to go public
TechCrunch  MongoDB, a database software company based in New York, has filed to go public with the Securities and Exchange Commission... 5 hours
baidu announces 1 5b fund to back self driving car startups Baidu announces $1.5B fund to back self-driving car startups
TechCrunch  Baidu is putting some serious cash behind its self-driving car push after it announced a $1.5 billion fund... 5 hours
bt global services leo hts boosting perception of satellite communications BT Global Services:  LEO, HTS boosting perception of satellite communications
SPACE NEWS Satellites have been the option of last resort for telecommunication companies and their customers in the... 5 hours
netflix for ios updated with support for hdr streaming on select devices Netflix for iOS updated with support for HDR streaming on select devices
9to5Mac Netflix today has released an update for its iOS app that brings HDR content support to supported devices. The update also brings support and... 6 hours
first iphone 8 apple watch series 3 and apple tv 4k preorders now arriving around the world First iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3, and Apple TV 4K preorders now arriving around the world
9to5Mac As the... 6 hours
Wes Anderson's 'Isle of Dogs' trailer is absolutely pawesome - CNET
CNET Dog person or not, you might find it ruff to get through this stop-motion film, about dogs exiled to a trash dump, without shedding a tear. 6 hours
Verizon is giving away free iPhone 8s, if you can find them - CNET
CNET Through Friday, September 22nd, Verizon's iPhone 8 promotion will lead you on an AR scavenger hunt across the city. 6 hours
Wes Anderson's 'Isle of Dogs' trailer video - CNET
CNET Here's the trailer for the new stop-motion film from acclaimed director Wes Anderson. It hits theaters in March 2018. 6 hours
how to use automatic setup in ios 11 to get your new iphone 8 up and running quick How to Use Automatic Setup in iOS 11 to Get Your New iPhone 8 Up and Running Quick
MacRumors VIDEO ... 6 hours
Riverdale Star K.J. Apa Totaled His Car While Driving Home From The Set, And People Are Pissed
CINEMA BLEND Riverdale became... 6 hours
Police chief: 'A lot of concerns' after shooting of deaf man
ABC NEWS The police chief of Oklahoma City says he plans to meet with advocates for the hearing- and speech-impaired following the fatal shooting of a deaf man. 6 hours
Tech companies targeted by sophisticated malware attack
ABC NEWS Security researchers say hackers compromised popular computer-cleaning software as part of a sophisticated attack that targeted several high-profile technology companies 6 hours
The Latest: Warner eyes social-media political-ad regulation
ABC NEWS The Latest: Warner eyes regulation of political ads on social media 6 hours
Ghost corpse body pillows are a growing trend
Paranormal Globe This isn’t anything paranormal but it’s bizarre nonetheless. Have you ever gone to bed and thought “I wonder what it The post Ghost corpse body pillows are a growing trend appeared first... 6 hours
Vulcan Ambassador Sarek Will Link ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ To ‘The Original Series’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Looks like a favorite ‘Star Trek’ character is going to live long and prosper! As the Vulcan father of Spock, Ambassador Sarek is unique... 6 hours
iPhone 8 Subjected to Durability and Speed Tests
Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Will Arrive In October
Apple’s latest how-to videos highlight tips and tricks for setting up Apple Pay
Apple’s latest how-to videos highlight tips and tricks for setting up Apple Pay
New Apple Pay Tutorial Video Highlights Peer-to-Peer Payments
As iPhone moves to Face ID, Android still offers more variety with unlocking tech [Video]
Review: ShoulderPod brings Lego-like modularity to iPhone camera accessories
Review: ShoulderPod brings Lego-like modularity to iPhone camera accessories
How to Use Automatic Setup in iOS 11 to Get Your New iPhone 8 Up and Running Quick
Justice League Has Screened, And There's Word On Lex Luthor
Visit Our Frozen Future in Sci-Fi Action '2307: Winter's Dream' Trailer
What Jerry Seinfeld Really Thinks About Doing More Seinfeld
One in three Chinese children faces an education apocalypse. An ambitious experiment hopes to save them
Science Magazine
Alexa beams up new Star Trek skills, including Klingon - CNET
Tomb Raider Video Shows How Much The Trailer Took From The Video Game