Creatine powers fight against cancer, improves efficacy of immunotherapies  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 minutes
The immune system functions as the body’s defense against pathogens and harmful substances, including cancer cells. They protect the body against potential harm. In cases of cancer, though the body... more
Healthiest gut bacteria with plant-based or Mediterranean diet  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 minutes
A new study shows that specific foods that are supplied by either a plant-based or a Mediterranean-type diet can protect the gut against inflammatory disorders, by selectively promoting the growth of anti-inflammatory... more
Researchers analyze trends in episiotomy use among vaginal deliveries  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 minutes
In Canada, the rate of episiotomy during childbirth has declined in recent years, but when it comes to births assisted by forceps or vacuum, this downward trend warrants a closer... more
Family members can help reduce the incidence of post-operative delirium by up to 16.8%  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 minutes
In a study published today in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers reported that training family members in delirium prevention approaches can... more
Antibiotic resistance doubles in just two decades  NEWS MEDICAL · 5 minutes
Antibiotic resistance poses a grave challenge to many previously curable infectious diseases. At present, antibiotic resistance is proving to increase at a much faster rate compared to the development of new therapies. more
Medical News Today: New pain-blocking brain mechanism may relieve arthritis  MNT · 11 minutes
Using rats for their study, a team of researchers discovered that pain relief may originate in the brain, not in the spinal cord as previously assumed. more
Medical News Today: Healthful snacks can reduce feelings of fatigue  MNT · 11 minutes
Swapping sugar and saturated fat for vegetables and smoothies can diminish the impact of sleep deprivation, according to new findings. more
Medical News Today: Douching linked to dangerous chemicals in blood  MNT · 11 minutes
Emerging evidence links vaginal douches with higher blood concentrations of potentially harmful chemicals, which may contribute to adverse health effects. more
Medical News Today: Which foods are beneficial for a healthy gut microbiome?  MNT · 11 minutes
A diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, and legumes, contains some red wine and poultry, and is low in red meat may keep... more
Medical News Today: Brain activity has role in human aging and longevity  MNT · 11 minutes
After studying human tissue, mice, and worms, scientists link excessive brain activity to reduced life span and find that its suppression can extend life. more
Medical News Today: Everything you need to know about clear urine  MNT · 11 minutes
Clear or very pale urine is usually a sign of proper hydration. In this article, learn more about the possible causes of clear urine and when... more
Medical News Today: Cognitive dissonance: What to know  MNT · 11 minutes
Cognitive dissonance is a feeling of discomfort that a person can experience when they hold two contradicting beliefs. We provide several examples of cognitive dissonance in this article. more
Medical News Today: Can pregnancy occur after a vasectomy?  MNT · 11 minutes
The chances of a pregnancy after a vasectomy are almost zero. However, we look at why pregnancy can still happen. We also explore vasectomy reversal, and a process called sperm... more
Surveying Solar Storms by Ancient Assyrian Astronomers  ASTRO WATCH · 12 minutes
A research team led by the University of Tsukuba combined observations from ancient cuneiform tablets that mention unusual red skies with radioisotope... more
Replacing coal with gas or renewables saves billions of gallons of water  SCIENCE DAILY · 17 minutes
The transition from coal to natural gas in the US electricity sector is reducing the industry's water use, research finds. For every megawatt of... more
The Latest: National opioid settlement could be hard sell  ABC NEWS · 38 minutes
Not every state wants to sign on to a potential $48 billion settlement to opioid lawsuits across the country; one said it's not a framework but rather a "pile of... more
Salk Institute scientists receive NIH grant to better understand the brain  NEWS MEDICAL · 41 minutes
Salk Institute scientists Nicola Allen, Eiman Azim, Margarita Behrens, and Joseph Ecker have been named recipients in the 2019 round of grants from the National Institutes... more
Ebola virus vaccine still effective against the infection even in low concentrations  NEWS MEDICAL · 41 minutes
The Ebola virus (EBOV), variant Makona, was the causative agent of the 2014-2016 West African epidemic that took over 11,000 lives and infected nearly... more
Columbia researchers capture new detailed images of a temperature-sensing molecule  NEWS MEDICAL · 41 minutes
Columbia University researchers have captured new detailed images of a temperature-sensing molecule in its open, intermediate, and closed states. more
Cantabio, LIH jointly investigate DJ-1 targeting compounds in immune associated diseases  NEWS MEDICAL · 41 minutes
DJ-1 is well known as an important target for the treatment of a number of diseases such as Parkinson's disease. Cantabio has been developing novel small... more
New findings demonstrate how subtle social interactions can impact clinical outcomes  NEWS MEDICAL · 41 minutes
If a doctor expects a treatment to be successful, a patient may experience less pain and have better outcomes, according to a new Dartmouth study published... more
Researchers use mouse model to better understand mechanism involved in atrial fibrillation  NEWS MEDICAL · 41 minutes
Atrial fibrillation is the most common heart arrhythmia in humans. This condition increases the risk of heart failure, stroke, dementia and death, and current... more
Porous polymer coatings dynamically control light and heat  SCIENCE DAILY · 53 minutes
Engineers have developed dynamic porous polymer coatings that enable inexpensive and scalable ways to control light and heat in buildings. They took advantage of the optical switchability of PPCs in the solar... more
Arizona quietly suspends Medicaid work requirement  ABC NEWS · 1 hour
Arizona quietly suspended plans to require about 120,000 people to work, volunteer or go to school to receive Medicaid benefits more
Safer mining practices can help reduce lead poisoning  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
A pilot program to introduce safer mining practices in Nigerian gold mining communities has reduced blood lead levels by 32% according to a study published today. more
Increase in air pollution levels linked to more premature mortality in the U.S.  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
In the United States, annual average levels of fine particulate matter--PM2.5, a measure of solid particles and liquid droplets that are 2.5... more
Fasting may increase motivation for exercise by surging "hunger hormone" ghrelin  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
Researchers have found that when mice are provided with limited access to food, the levels of food and satiety hormone ghrelin rises. This causes increase in... more
Good heart health can equal good brain health, study shows  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
Emory University researchers are giving us double the reasons to pay attention to our cardiovascular health - showing in a recently published study in the Journal of Alzheimer's... more
Research shows brain's immune system gets activated by stress during pregnancy  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
Chronic stress during pregnancy triggers an immune response in the brain that has potential to alter brain functions in ways that could contribute to postpartum depression,... more
1 in 8 pharmacies in the U.S. affected by closures  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
In a report published in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago found that despite an overall increase in the number of pharmacies in... more
Patients with diabetes may have worse lung infections  NEWS MEDICAL · 1 hour
People with diabetes are at a higher risk of various complications, including worse respiratory diseases. One of the most dreaded lung diseases is the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), which emerged... more
A Violent Tornado Hit Dallas Last Night, Throwing Debris 3 Miles High  LIVE SCIENCE · 1 hour
A destructive tornado hit northern Dallas on Sunday, Oct. 20, causing widespread power outages and significant property damage. more
Humpback whale population on the rise after near miss with extinction  SCIENCE DAILY · 1 hour
A new study finds that the western South Atlantic humpback population has grown to 25,000 whales. Researchers believe this new estimate is now close to pre-whaling... more
Link found between genetic variations and size of the brainstem, other subcortical structures  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
Researchers have found a link between 48 common genetic variations and the size of the brainstem and other subcortical structures deep within... more
NAM launches new competition seeking breakthrough innovations to extend human life  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
The National Academy of Medicine, in collaboration with eight global organizations representing more than 40 countries and territories, announced today the launch of the Healthy Longevity... more
New portable exosuit to improve running and walking performance  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
While walking may not seem like a burden for most people, for others, this simple task can often feel exhausting. more
New Diversity and Inclusion Hub launched to address disparities in health care  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai – an international leader in medical and scientific training, biomedical research, and patient care – today... more
Immune cells rewire, repair brain while we sleep, study shows  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
Science tells us that a lot of good things happen in our brains while we sleep - learning and memories are consolidated and waste is removed, among other... more
Scientists Create New, More Powerful Technique To Edit Genes  NPR · 2 hours
A new technique, dubbed 'prime editing,' appears to make it even easier to make very precise changes in DNA. It's designed to overcome the limits of the CRISPR gene editing... more
New deep-water coral discovered  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 hours
A new octocoral species was recently discovered in a biodiversity hotspot and World Heritage Site in Pacific Panama. It inhabits an unexplored and understudied marine ecosystem, under increasing need for protection: the mesophotic coral communities. more
NASA catches short-lived Tropical Storm Priscilla's landfall in Mexico  PHYS.ORG · 2 hours
Tropical Storm Priscilla was short-lived because it formed on Sunday, Oct. 20 very close to the coast of western Mexico and made landfall that same day. NASA's Terra satellite provided... more
Gene variants influence size of brainstem, other structures  SCIENCE DAILY · 2 hours
Three-hundred researchers have identified 48 common genetic variants that are associated with the size of the brainstem and other subcortical structures deep within the brain. This is the first step toward understanding... more
The Latest: State lawyers: We're confident of opioid deal  ABC NEWS · 2 hours
State attorneys general who are negotiating with drug companies say they're confident that other state and local governments will sign on to a settlement in principle with five companies over... more
Pregnant women with anemia more likely to need blood transfusions after cesarean delivery  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
Pregnant women with anemia are twice as likely to need blood transfusions after a cesarean delivery, as those without the condition, according... more
Beta-blockers do not reduce risk of COPD exacerbations  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
New research from scientists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham published in the New England Journal of Medicine has found that beta-blockers used in a clinical trial for patients with chronic... more
Researchers identify new mechanism by which cancer cells become resistant to ferroptosis  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
An international team of researchers has found a different way cancer becomes resistant to chemotherapy, suggesting a new target for drugs. more
Pluripotent stem cells help advance understanding of how Huntington's disease develops  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
Huntington's disease (HD) is a fatal hereditary disease for which there is no cure. A novel study from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, using pluripotent stem... more
Discovery about DNA-reeling bacteria can help inform strategies to stop bacterial infection  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
A new study from Indiana University has revealed a previously unknown role a protein plays in helping bacteria reel in DNA in their environment... more
Peptide-based nanoparticles can suppress pancreatic cancer growth without adverse effects  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
Despite advances in cancer survival, more than 90 percent of people with pancreatic cancer die within five years. Most patients with pancreatic tumors (and half of those with... more
Haptoglobin binds hemoglobin that causes brain damage after cerebral hemorrhage  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 hours
Patients who survive a cerebral hemorrhage may suffer delayed severe brain damage caused by free hemoglobin, which comes from red blood cells and damages neurons. Researchers at the... more
50,000-year-old, tar-smeared tool shows Neanderthal smarts  Science Magazine · 3 hours
Rare, submerged tool suggests Neanderthals had mastered the complex technology of tarmaking more
Chandra Sheds New Light on Tycho’s Supernova Remnant  SCI-NEWS.COM · 3 hours
X-ray images of Tycho’s supernova remnant (Tycho’s SNR) show a pattern of bright clumps and fainter holes. By comparing new... more
Widespread drying of European peatlands in recent centuries  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 hours
Researchers examined 31 peatlands across Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia and continental Europe to assess changes in peatland surface wetness during the last 2,000 years. more
Listening in to how proteins talk and learning their language  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 hours
A research team has created a third approach to engineering proteins that uses deep learning to distill the fundamental features of proteins directly from their amino acid sequence... more
Training parents is key to helping children eat a variety of foods  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 hours
Families dealing with the stress and frustration of their child's overly picky eating habits may have a new addition to their parental toolbox. Pediatric... more
Butterflies and plants evolved in sync, but moth 'ears' predated bats  PHYS.ORG · 3 hours
Butterflies and moths rank among the most diverse groups in the animal kingdom, with nearly 160,000 known species, ranging from the iconic blue morpho to the... more
Comparisons of 4.7 million mtDNA sequences show GenBank is reliable for animal IDs  PHYS.ORG · 3 hours
Did a murderer walk through the room? Did a shark just swim by? Is this a poisonous mushroom? Which reef species are... more
Catastrophic events carry forests of trees thousands of miles to a burial at sea  PHYS.ORG · 3 hours
Flooding from torrential rains caused by cyclones and monsoonal storms, as well as other catastrophic events, are responsible for moving... more
Mystery solved: Ocean acidity in the last mass extinction  PHYS.ORG · 3 hours
A new study led by Yale University confirms a long-held theory about the last great mass extinction event in history and how it affected Earth's oceans. The findings may also... more
Song-learning neurons identified in songbirds  PHYS.ORG · 3 hours
A group of brain cells, the corticobasal ganglia projecting neurons, are important for vocal learning in young birds, but not in adult birds, according to a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences... more
Climate warming promises more frequent extreme El Niño events  PHYS.ORG · 3 hours
El Niño events cause serious shifts in weather patterns across the globe, and an important question that scientists have sought to answer is: how will climate change affect the generation... more
Dozens of elephants die in Zimbabwe drought  PHYS.ORG · 3 hours
At least 55 elephants have died in a month in Zimbabwe due to a lack of food and water, its wildlife agency said Monday, as the country faces one of the worst droughts in... more
N Ireland laws on abortion, same-sex marriage, set to change  PHYS.ORG · 3 hours
Northern Ireland is set to decriminalize abortion and set the stage for legalization of same-sex marriages as of midnight Monday, bringing its laws in line with the rest... more
NASA finds a transitioning Tropical Storm Neoguri  PHYS.ORG · 3 hours
NASA's Terra satellite passed over the Northwestern Pacific Ocean on Oct. 21 and captured a visible image of Tropical Storm Neoguri. Satellite imagery revealed that the storm is becoming extra-tropical. more
Lead pollution from Native Americans attributed to crushing galena for glitter paint  PHYS.ORG · 3 hours
Native American use of galena at Kincaid Mounds, a settlement occupied during the Mississippian period (1150 to 1450 CE), resulted in more than 1.5... more
NASA's James Webb Space Telescope clears critical sunshield deployment testing  PHYS.ORG · 3 hours
The sunshield for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has passed a test critical to preparing the observatory for its 2021 launch. Technicians and engineers fully deployed and tensioned... more
Lucy mission completes critical design review  PHYS.ORG · 3 hours
The Lucy mission led by Southwest Research Institute is one step closer to its 2021 launch to explore the Trojan asteroids, a population of ancient small bodies that share an orbit with Jupiter. With the successful... more
Study shows class bias in hiring based on few seconds of speech  PHYS.ORG · 3 hours
Candidates at job interviews expect to be evaluated on their experience, conduct, and ideas, but a new study by Yale researchers provides evidence that... more
Song-learning neurons identified in songbirds  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 hours
A group of neurons called the corticobasal ganglia projecting neurons are important for vocal learning in young birds, but not in adult birds, according to a new study. more
New way to think about brain's link to postpartum depression  SCIENCE DAILY · 3 hours
Chronic stress during pregnancy triggers an immune response in the brain that has potential to alter brain functions in ways that could contribute to postpartum depression, new research... more
New statistical climate model can predict El Niño events up to two-and-a-half years in advance  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 hours
Although a number of operational climate models are capable of predicting El Niño events, they cannot perform long-term... more
Patterns unique to the striatum observed in people with Huntington's disease  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 hours
The part of the brain that selectively degenerates in people with Huntington's disease (HD), called the striatum, is almost entirely destroyed in the late stages of... more
New method may offer effective treatment for pancreatic cancer with fewer side effects  NEWS MEDICAL · 3 hours
Pancreatic cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths worldwide. Patients with pancreatic cancer often receive chemotherapy or radiation therapy,... more
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