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Jellyfish map could be the future to protecting UK waters and fish  SCIENCE DAILY · 39 minutes
Researchers have developed a map of chemicals found in jellyfish caught across 1 million square kilometers of UK waters. The same chemicals are found... more
High-speed supernova reveals earliest moments of a dying star  SCIENCE DAILY · 1 hour
An international team of researchers found evidence for the much theorized 'hot cocoon'. more
An ancient relative of humans shows a surprisingly modern trait  PHYS.ORG · 1 hour
A relative of modern humans that lived at least 104,000 years ago in northern China showed evidence of dental growth and development very similar to that of people... more
Deterministic splicing of Dscam2 is regulated by Muscleblind  Science Magazine · 1 hour
Alternative splicing increases the proteome diversity crucial for establishing the complex circuitry between trillions of neurons. To provide individual cells with different repertoires of protein isoforms, however, this process must be regulated.... more
High extinction risk for wild coffee species and implications for coffee sector sustainability  Science Magazine · 1 hour
Wild coffee species are critical for coffee crop development and, thus, for sustainability of global coffee production. Despite this fact, the extinction... more
....Romeo, the 'world's loneliest frog,' finally gets a crack at love - CNET  CNET · 3 hours
In ribbitting news, scientists think they may have found a mate for a rare water frog. more
High-speed supernova reveals earliest moments of a dying star  nanowerk · 2 hours
Researchers have found evidence for the existence of a 'hot cocoon' of material enveloping a relativistic jet escaping a dying star. more
High-speed supernova reveals earliest moments of a dying star  PHYS.ORG · 2 hours
An international team of scientists, including astronomers from the Universities of Leicester, Bath and Warwick, have found evidence for the existence of a 'hot cocoon' of material enveloping a relativistic... more
Fortnite vulnerability let hackers take over player accounts  THE VERGE · 2 hours
A Fortnite security bug let attackers access user accounts after they clicked a suspicious link that was sent to them.... more
Right green for crop, environment, wallet  SCIENCE DAILY · 5 hours
Researchers found an efficient approach to managing nitrogen in agriculture and reducing its environmental impact. It's all about being green. more
Differences among brain neurons that coincide with psychiatric conditions  SCIENCE DAILY · 5 hours
It's no surprise to scientists that variety is the very essence of biology, not just the seasoning, but most previous studies of key brain cells have found little variability in... more
Two Ancient Tombs from the Roman Era Discovered in Egypt  LIVE SCIENCE · 6 hours
Archeologists recently found two ancient tombs in Egypt’s Western Desert that date back to Roman times more
Map of chemicals in jellyfish could be the future to protecting UK waters and marine life  PHYS.ORG · 5 hours
Scientists at the University of Southampton have developed maps of chemicals found in jellyfish which could... more
Born to run: Just not on cocaine  SCIENCE DAILY · 5 hours
A study finds a surprising response to cocaine in a novel strain of mutant mice -- they failed to show hyperactivity seen in normal mice when given cocaine and didn't run around. In other... more
'Harmful' chemicals found in nearly all receipts  Sky News · 7 hours
Shop receipts tested in the US nearly all contained chemicals that have been linked to changes in human hormones and damage to foetuses, according to a study. more
Archaeologists Find 2,900-Year-Old Seeds of Domesticated Goosefoot in Canada  SCI-NEWS.COM · 7 hours
A team of Canadian archaeologists has found a cache of charred seeds of the pitseed goosefoot (Chenopodium berlandieri... more
Study shows no long-term removal of Neandertal DNA from Europeans  PHYS.ORG · 7 hours
A team of researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology has found evidence that suggests there has been no long-term removal of Neandertal DNA from modern... more
Poor cardiorespiratory fitness could increase risk of future heart attack, finds new study  NEWS MEDICAL · 7 hours
Poor cardiorespiratory fitness could increase your risk of a future heart attack, even if you have no symptoms of a lifestyle illness... more
Significant flaws found in recently released forensic software  NEWS MEDICAL · 8 hours
New research from North Carolina State University and the University of South Florida finds significant flaws in recently released forensic software designed to assess the age of individuals based on their skeletal... more
Researchers reveal how fasting leads to better overall health  NEWS MEDICAL · 13 hours
In a University of California, Irvine-led study, researchers found evidence that fasting affects circadian clocks in the liver and skeletal muscle, causing them to rewire their metabolism, which can ultimately... more
Hypertension drug may improve effectiveness of ovarian cancer treatment  NEWS MEDICAL · 13 hours
A new study from a Massachusetts General Hospital research team has found that the hypertension drug losartan, which targets the angiotensin signaling pathway, may improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy agents... more
Best trained alert dogs have potential to improve Type 1 diabetes patients' quality of life  NEWS MEDICAL · 13 hours
New research by the University of Bristol in collaboration with Medical Detection Dogs has found that the best... more
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Fortnite vulnerability let hackers take over player accounts
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