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Medical News Today: Pressure points to help you fall asleep  MNT · 18 hours
Some people use acupressure to help ease insomnia and encourage sleep. Here, learn which pressure points may be effective and what the research says. more
Medical News Today: What to know about non-Hodgkin lymphoma  MNT · 18 hours
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma refers to a group of cancers that start in the white blood cells. This article looks at their types, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. more
Medical News Today: What does it mean to be asexual?  MNT · 18 hours
Asexuality is a sexual orientation that involves a lack of sexual attraction. This article looks at what it means to be on the asexual spectrum. more
Medical News Today: Depression on birth control: Everything you need to know  MNT · 18 hours
Plenty of anecdotal evidence suggests that people might develop depression and mood changes when taking birth control. Find out what the research says in... more
Medical News Today: STDs: How do you get one?  MNT · 18 hours
People can transmit and contract sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), or sexually transmitted infections, through several types of sexual contact. Learn more about STDs here. more
Medical News Today: Athletes are better at tuning out background brain noise  MNT · 18 hours
A new study suggests that athletes are better at processing external sounds due to a stronger ability to reduce the background noise in their... more
Medical News Today: Cancer: Common antibiotic may boost immune system  MNT · 18 hours
New research in mice suggests that administering a common antibiotic before radiation therapy can help the immune system fight off cancer. more
Medical News Today: Excessive blood fat could cause organ damage  MNT · 18 hours
Researchers have identified the mechanism through which high blood fat levels induce inflammation, raising the risk of organ damage and vascular problems. more
Medical News Today: How playing in a brass band could give your health a boost  MNT · 18 hours
A new study, using survey responses, suggests that playing in a brass band may help improve respiratory health... more
Medical News Today: Depression during pregnancy: Symptoms, treatment, and more  MNT · 18 hours
Depression is a mental health condition that can affect anyone, including women during pregnancy. Learn more about depression during pregnancy, including the symptoms and safe treatments. more
Medical News Today: What does it feel like to be high on marijuana?  MNT · 18 hours
Marijuana use can affect different people in different ways, and being 'high' can feel different to different people. Learn about what being... more
Social media contributes to increased perception of food technology as risky business  PHYS.ORG · 21 hours
When it comes to food technology, the information shared on social media often trumps the facts put out by the scientific community and food... more
Medical News Today: Global warming may cause birds to shrink  MNT · 2 days
New research has analyzed trends in migratory bird size over a 38-year period and discovered a decline that may result from global warming. more
Medical News Today: What are the best foods for diverticulitis?  MNT · 2 days
Some research suggests that certain dietary changes could help some people with diverticulitis. Find out what foods to eat and avoid. more
Medical News Today: Even 'dead,' this probiotic may be effective against inflammation  MNT · 2 days
A new study in roundworms and elderly mice suggests that even the inactivated form of a probiotic bacterium could reduce inflammation and promote health. more
Medical News Today: Signs and symptoms of bronchitis  MNT · 2 days
Bronchitis causes inflammation of the airways within the lungs. Find out about the symptoms of bronchitis, how it develops, and the treatment options available. more
Medical News Today: 9 tips for sleeping with a stuffy nose  MNT · 2 days
Having a stuffy nose can make falling and staying asleep difficult. In this article, learn about some home remedies for getting relief from a stuffy nose... more
Medical News Today: Can seborrheic dermatitis cause hair loss?  MNT · 2 days
Seborrheic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin condition that causes an itchy, flaky rash. Rarely, it causes temporary hair loss. Learn how, and what people can to do treat it, here. more
Medical News Today: How to treat a dry mouth at home  MNT · 2 days
There are many ways to treat a dry mouth at home, including using a humidifier, sucking on sugar-free lozenges, and trying alcohol-free mouthwash. Learn more. more
Medical News Today: BPA levels in humans may be much higher than previously thought  MNT · 2 days
A more accurate method of testing BPA as it breaks down in the body suggests that human levels are considerably... more
Medical News Today: Companies selling risky stem cell products receive FDA warning  MNT · 2 days
The FDA have issued warnings to several companies marketing potentially unsafe products involving stem cells and other cellular material. more
Control and Monitor Nanoparticle Biopharmaceutical and Polymer Product Process  NEWS MEDICAL · 2 days
In this interview, Jason Lin, Application Scientist from Wyatt Technology, talks to News-Medical about the new ultraDAWN that is a breakthrough in monitoring nanoparticle biopharmaceutical and polymer product process. more
Expert discusses the global carbon budget  PHYS.ORG · 2 days
The Global Carbon Project recently released its 2019 annual report, giving decision-makers access to data on atmospheric carbon concentrations, emissions and trends. Illinois atmospheric scientist Atul Jain is among the many scientists worldwide who contributed data... more
One-third of Americans use news sources they consider less reliable  PHYS.ORG · 2 days
One-third of Americans rely on news platforms they acknowledge are less reliable, mainly social media and peers. The other two-thirds of the public consider their primary news sources... more
Medical News Today: Probiotics: Benefits for immunity may depend on sex  MNT · 3 days
New research in piglets suggests that the immune systems of males and females respond differently to pre- and probiotics as early as in infancy. more
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cancer Care
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cancer Care
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Leopard slugs mate in the most beautifully bizarre way – and nobody knows why
Leopard slugs mate in the most beautifully bizarre way – and nobody knows why
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