Oculus founder sends free repair kits for Rift headsets  BBC · 3 hours
Despite leaving Facebook in 2017, Palmer Luckey is shipping his custom repair kit to gamers free of charge. more
The UK’s blistering Facebook report has a good recommendation — for the UK  THE VERGE · 5 hours
The United Kingdom Parliament is still mad at Facebook. How much does it matter? We’ve known since last summer that the report of the... more
Facebook Accused of Leaking Sensitive Health Data in Groups  Gadgets 360 · 6 hours
The FTC complaint against Facebook highlights that public sharing of privately posted personal health information is in violation of the law. more
Facebook 'Digital Gangsters' Who Spread Fake News, Say British MPs  Gadgets 360 · 12 hours
A scathing British parliamentary report on Monday branded Facebook "digital gangsters" who failed to fight the spread of fake news and violated data privacy. more
New Zealand plans new tax for giants like Google, Facebook  ABC NEWS · 14 hours
New Zealand's government has announced plans for a new tax targeting online giants like Google and Facebook that earn plenty of money in the country but pay little... more
Oculus co-founder shipping free Rift repair kits to users with VR headset audio issue  TechCrunch · 17 hours
Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey isn’t in the VR hardware business these days since getting canned by Facebook (he’s focused on... more
Facebook suspends Russia-backed pages targeting millennials - CNET  CNET · 17 hours
Pages on current affairs and history collected tens of millions of views in the past few months, CNN reports. more
Instagram’s fundraiser stickers could lure credit card numbers  TechCrunch · 18 hours
Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed that commerce is a huge part of the 2019 roadmap for Facebook’s family of apps. But before people can easily buy things from Instagram etc, Facebook needs their credit... more
Instagram is testing a donation sticker in Stories  THE VERGE · 18 hours
Instagram is experimenting with a potential donation sticker for its Stories feature, as spotted by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong.... more
Facebook reportedly suspends Russia-backed pages targeting millennials - CNET  CNET · 18 hours
Pages on current affairs and history collected tens of millions of views in the past few months, CNN reports. more
Facebook, social media companies branded 'digital gangsters' by UK committee - CNET  CNET · 21 hours
A Parliament report on fake news condemns Mark Zuckerberg's "contempt" toward the UK and other countries around the world. more
Facebook security app used to 'spy' on competitors  BBC · 23 hours
A cross-party group of MPs says Facebook used its Onavo app to gather information on competitors. more
'Digital gangsters': U.K. wants tougher rules for Facebook  CBC · 1 day
British lawmakers issued a scathing report Monday that calls for tougher rules on Facebook to keep it from acting like... more
Facebook Says It Is 'Open to Meaningful Regulation'  Gadgets 360 · 1 day
Facebook is "open to meaningful regulation", it said on Monday after British lawmakers said that big technology companies should be subject to a compulsory code of ethics. more
WATCH: Facebook called 'digital gangsters'  ABC NEWS · 1 day
A new report by British lawmakers said the social media giant intentionally violates data-privacy and competition laws. more
'Digital gangsters': UK wants tougher rules for Facebook  ABC NEWS · 1 day
A parliamentary committee report is recommending that the United Kingdom government increase oversight of social media platforms like Facebook more
New Zealand to Target Online Giants With Digital Tax  Gadgets 360 · 1 day
New Zealand said on Monday that it plans to update its laws so it can tax revenue earned by multinational digital firms such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon. more
Facebook is a 'digital gangster': Fake news report published  Sky News · 1 day
MPs are calling for a code of ethics to ensure social media platforms remove harmful content and fake news from their sites. more
UK lawmakers slam Facebook, recommend stiffer regulation  ABC NEWS · 2 days
A parliamentary committee report is recommending that the United Kingdom government increase oversight of social media platforms like Facebook more
UK lawmakers recommend stiffer social media regulation  ABC NEWS · 2 days
A parliamentary committee report is recommending that the United Kingdom government increase oversight of social media platforms like Facebook more
Facebook needs regulation as Zuckerberg 'fails' - UK MPs  BBC · 2 days
The UK government publishes its report into fake news with some strong criticism of Facebook. more
Facebook broke law, must be regulated to protect democracy, politicians say - CNET  CNET · 2 days
A report on fake news from Parliament condemns Mark Zuckerberg's "contempt" towards the UK and other countries around the world. more
UK parliament calls for antitrust, data abuse probe of Facebook  TechCrunch · 2 days
A final report by a British parliamentary committee which spent months last year investigating online political disinformation makes very uncomfortable reading for Facebook — with the company singled... more
Facebook can no longer govern itself, UK lawmakers say  THE VERGE · 2 days
Facebook should no longer be allowed to govern itself and it’s time for the government to step in... more
Peach isn’t dead yet  THE VERGE · 2 days
Social media is increasingly the internet: Facebook was founded in 2004, and it ate the web as we knew it then — a collection of microsites and curiosities... more
Please stop marking yourself safe on Facebook  TechCrunch · 2 days
Let me begin by saying that Facebook’s Crisis Response pages do a lot of good. They are a locus for donations and offers of help. But that said, for the love of humanity, when... more
What’s the best VPN service for iOS?  9to5Mac · 2 days
Over the last few years, I’ve become increasingly concerned about personal privacy. I don’t have anything to hide, but I don’t like... more
US needs an internet data privacy law, GAO tells Congress - CNET  CNET · 3 days
Chief auditor cites Facebook's Cambridge Analytica data scandal as an example of why a privacy law is necessary. more
Startups Weekly: Is Y Combinator’s latest cohort too big?  TechCrunch · 3 days
Plus, e-scooter subscription services are a thing now, the Vision Fund is betting big on autonomous delivery and Facebook almost bought Unity. more
Facebook to Consider Removing or Demoting Anti-Vaccination Recommendations  Gadgets 360 · 3 days
Facebook has become something of a haven for a small but vocal community of parents who reject wisdom about immunisations. more
3 WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger alternatives - CNET  CNET · 4 days
If you're tired of Facebook's privacy issues, here are some alternative messaging apps that you can use. more
Facebook Watch scores recaps of every NBA, WNBA game - CNET  CNET · 4 days
Basketball fans can now watch and interact with game recaps in real time on the social media site. more
WATCH: Facebook may face major fines  ABC NEWS · 4 days
Plus, curbing smartphone addiction and a world record auction for a classic video game. more
Facebook facing record fine from US regulator  Sky News · 4 days
Facebook is negotiating a record fine with the US Federal Trade Commission over violations of user's privacy, it has been reported. more
Facebook exposed US agents to Iranian spies  Sky News · 4 days
The US Department of Justice has refused to comment on the revelation that counter-intelligence staff were exposed to Iranian spies by using a Facebook group which was infiltrated. more
Facebook May Face Record Multibillion-Dollar Fine After Privacy Lapses: Report  Gadgets 360 · 4 days
The fine would be the largest the US Federal Trade Commission has ever imposed on a technology company. more
Facebook Tracks Location of ‘Credible Threats’ to Its Employees: Report  Gadgets 360 · 4 days
Facebook gathers intelligence from its platform to identify people who threaten the firm or its workers, the social network said. more
Facebook tracks people who are potential threats to its employees - CNET  CNET · 5 days
The social network sometimes monitors the location of users and ex-employees if the threat appears credible. more
Report: Facebook, FTC discussing 'multibillion dollar' fine  ABC NEWS · 5 days
A report says Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission are negotiating a record, "multibillion dollar" fine for the social network's privacy lapses more
Facebook, FTC reportedly negotiating massive fine to settle privacy issues - CNET  CNET · 5 days
The multibillion-dollar fine would be the largest ever imposed by the FTC, according to The Washington Post. more
StayTuned Digital helps video creators publish and measure everywhere  TechCrunch · 5 days
If you’re a video creator in 2019, you’re probably thinking about a long list of publishing destinations: YouTube, of course, but also Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more. StayTuned Digital... more
Facebook keeps a list of people who are potential threats to its employees - CNET  CNET · 5 days
The social network sometimes tracks the location of Facebook users and ex-employees if the threat appears credible, CNBC... more
Facebook may face a record-setting multi-billion-dollar fine from the FTC  TechCrunch · 5 days
The Washington Post is reporting that Facebook’s row with the FTC could result in fines an order of magnitude larger than any levied against a tech company by... more
Facebook could reportedly face multibillion-dollar FTC fine over privacy violations  THE VERGE · 5 days
Facebook and officials at the Federal Trade Commission are in discussions right now negotiating a multibillion-dollar... more
Facebook monitors and tracks the locations of users it deems a threat  THE VERGE · 5 days
Facebook monitors and tracks the locations of its users when the company’s security team finds that they are making credible threats on its social... more
Facebook reportedly keeps a list of people who are potential threats to its employees - CNET  CNET · 5 days
The social network sometimes tracks the location of Facebook users and ex-employees if the threat appears... more
Daily Crunch: Facebook (possibly) considered buying Unity  TechCrunch · 5 days
The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1.... more
How the fight over vaccines is fueled by web forums  THE VERGE · 5 days
In June 2017, Mark Zuckerberg rewrote Facebook’s mission statement to better reflect its current priorities. In... more
Facebook mulled multi-billion-dollar acquisition of gaming giant Unity, book claims  TechCrunch · 6 days
Less than a year after making a $3 billion investment into the future of virtual reality with the purchase of Oculus VR, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was considering... more
Facebook used in Iranian cyber-spying operation, US indictment says - CNET  CNET · 6 days
A former US Air Force intelligence officer and Iranian hackers created fake Facebook accounts in an attempt to trick US counterintelligence officials. more
Facebook Search Shows Photos of Your Female, but Not Male Friends  Gadgets 360 · 6 days
A weird glitch was recently discovered in Facebook’s search algorithm, which only retrieves pictures of your female friends but not your male friends. more
Japan Sets Sights on Tighter Antitrust Regulations for Big Tech  Gadgets 360 · 6 days
Japan's government plans to set up a new watchdog to scrutinise companies like Facebook and Google amid concerns about monopoly practices and the handling of personal data. more
Manipulating an Indian politician’s tweets is worryingly easy to do  TechCrunch · 6 days
Here’s a concerning story from India, where the upcoming election is putting the use of social media in the spotlight. While the Indian government is putting Facebook, Google... more
Russia to Direct Facebook, Twitter to Localise Users' Database  Gadgets 360 · 6 days
Russian telecom watchdog Roskomnadzor has said that it will punish Twitter and Facebook if they decline to move the database of Russian users to Russia. more
Your Smart Light Can Tell Amazon and Google When You Go to Bed  Gadgets 360 · 6 days
This information may seem mundane compared with smartphone geolocation software that follows you around or the trove of personal data Facebook. more
Twitter CEO Says His and Other Tech Firms Have Not Combated Abuse Enough  Gadgets 360 · 6 days
Twitter, along with social network Facebook, has faced criticism for abusive posts, fake users, and inaccurate news stories on its service. more
Facebook and Google still offer the best value for mobile advertisers (Singular report)  TechCrunch · 7 days
Among mobile ad networks, Facebook and Google remain the best bet for advertisers, according to the latest ROI Index from marketing startup... more
Apple fails to block porn & gambling “Enterprise” apps  TechCrunch · 7 days
Facebook and Google were far from the only developers openly abusing Apple’s Enterprise Certificate program meant for companies offering employee-only apps. A TechCrunch investigation uncovered a dozen hardcore pornography apps... more
French journalists suspended over alleged cyberbullying  ABC NEWS · 1 week
At least five French journalists have been suspended for allegedly coordinating online harassment through a private Facebook group more
UK report urges regulator for tech giants to fight fake news  ABC NEWS · 1 week
A British government-commissioned report is calling for a regulator to oversee online platforms such as Facebook and Google to help weed out "fake news." more
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