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Luke Evans Explains Wonder Woman’s Amazon Status And Golden Lasso In New Clip From ‘Professor Marston And The Wonder Women’
The first wave of Xbox One X stock is selling out across the globe, top on Amazon US
Windows Central Like the Project Scorpio edition before it, the Xbox One X standard... 2 hours
Synthetic molecule 'kicks and kills' some persistent HIV in mice
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have designed a synthetic molecule that can reactivate dormant human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in mice and lead to the death of some of the infected cells, according... 3 hours
tesla is getting rid of the cheapest model s Tesla is getting rid of the cheapest Model S
THE VERGE Tesla will stop making the rear-wheel drive Model S 75 after this coming Sunday, September 24th, as was... 3 hours
visit our frozen future in sci fi action 2307 winter s dream trailer Visit Our Frozen Future in Sci-Fi Action '2307: Winter's Dream' Trailer
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "The ice humbles all, it reveals our limitations, our weaknesses, our human-ness." Vertical Entertainment has unveiled an official trailer for a sci-fi action film titled 2307:... 3 hours
snap s hardware labs now led by ex googler motorola exec following reshuffle and layoffs Snap’s hardware labs now led by ex-Googler, Motorola exec following reshuffle and layoffs
9to5Google Snap’s hardware division was reshuffled this morning in a move... 3 hours
Indiana University awarded $4 million NSF grant to advance nanoscale medical devices
NEWS MEDICAL Only a year after establishing the intelligent systems engineering program in the Indiana University School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering, the university has been... 4 hours
how to use instant markup to quickly edit screenshots in ios 11 How to Use Instant Markup to Quickly Edit Screenshots in iOS 11
MacRumors When you take a screenshot in iOS 11, there's a new feature that's designed to let you open it right up and edit it... 5 hours
New sickle cell disease poll dispels long-held perceptions of African Americans
NEWS MEDICAL Pfizer Inc., the National Newspaper Publishers Association, and scholars from Howard University today announced results from a new national poll designed to deepen understanding and gauge perceptions around... 5 hours
how to save space in ios 11 with new storage features How to Save Space in iOS 11 With New Storage Features
MacRumors iOS 11 introduces design changes and new features, but it also includes several under-the-hood... 6 hours
freight startup flexport soars from unsexy to 800m valuation Freight startup Flexport soars from “unsexy” to $800M valuation
TechCrunch  Flexport handles the boring logistics of a trillion-dollar business: the tranport of shipping containers around the world. Because... 7 hours
the invention of ai gaydar could be the start of something much worse The invention of AI ‘gaydar’ could be the start of something much worse
THE VERGE Two weeks ago, a pair of researchers from Stanford University... 7 hours
craig federighi says 3d touch app switcher gesture will return in future update to ios 11 Craig Federighi Says 3D Touch App Switcher Gesture Will Return in Future Update to iOS 11
MacRumors Apple software engineering chief... 8 hours
how to use do not disturb while driving in ios 11 How to Use Do Not Disturb While Driving in iOS 11
MacRumors In iOS 11, Apple has introduced a Do Not Disturb While Driving Feature that's... 9 hours
Europe withdraws from anti-asteroid mission
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES An upcoming mission designed to test out the deflection of a large asteroid has hit a bit of a snag. Known as AIDA (Asteroid Deflection and Impact Ass... 9 hours
how to use the flashlight in watchos 4 How to Use the Flashlight in watchOS 4
MacRumors watchOS 4 brings several new features to the Apple Watch, including a new flashlight function that lights up the face... 9 hours
Bio-inspired approach to RNA delivery
SCIENCE DAILY A team of chemical engineers, inspired by the way that cells translate their own mRNA into proteins, has designed a synthetic delivery system that is four times more effective than delivering mRNA on its own. 10 hours
this open source android app is designed to detect nearby credit card skimmers This open-source Android app is designed to detect nearby credit card skimmers
9to5Google VIDEO Protecting our data is a constant battle, especially as technology continues to advance. A recent trend that has popped up is the installation of... 10 hours
StoryCorps' Thanksgiving Listen asks kids to record elders
ABC NEWS StoryCorps is hoping people give their social media apps a break for a few minutes this Thanksgiving and instead use one designed for listening 10 hours
Review: iTunes video upgrade makes the new Apple TV worth it
PHYS.ORG It might seem odd to review the new Apple TV streaming device—one specifically designed to display super-sharp video known as 4K—without actually owning a 4K TV. 10 hours
StoryCorps' Thanksgiving Listen asks kids to record elders
PHYS.ORG StoryCorps is hoping people give their social media apps a break for a few minutes this Thanksgiving and instead use one designed for listening. 10 hours
RDT launches Tempus ALS monitor and defibrillator for smarter, more focused emergency response
NEWS MEDICAL Remote Diagnostic Technologies Ltd., an innovator in pre-hospital care, today announced the launch of its Tempus ALS monitor and defibrillator at the... 11 hours
scientists invent a new way to weigh intergalactic black holes Scientists Invent a New Way to 'Weigh' Intergalactic Black Holes
ASTRO WATCH Astrophysicists from Moscow State University have found a new way to estimate the mass of supermassive... 11 hours
google sets its sights on the iphone with htc deal Google sets its sights on the iPhone with HTC deal
THE VERGE Of the three most influential companies in smartphone design, Nokia fragmented into a million pieces after... 11 hours
Football helmet smartfoam signals potential concussions in real time, study suggests
SCIENCE DAILY While football-related concussions have been top of mind in recent years, people have struggled to create technology to accurately measure them in real time. Engineers have... 12 hours
Nothing matters: how the invention of zero helped create modern mathematics
PHYS.ORG A small dot on an old piece of birch bark marks one of the biggest events in the history of mathematics. The bark is actually part... 13 hours
First insight into the architecture of viral filaments in Rift Valley Fever virus
PHYS.ORG Researchers at the Universities of St Andrews and Glasgow have made a significant step forward in tackling a viral disease which causes... 14 hours
Newly redesigned website launched by BMG LABTECH
NEWS MEDICAL BMG LABTECH, a manufacturer of innovative microplate readers, announced the launch of a newly redesigned version of its website, The site's clean and modern look, combined with improved search functionality, and optimization for... 14 hours
Researchers report new technique for de-icing surfaces
PHYS.ORG Scientists and engineers have been waging a quiet but determined battle against the build-up of ice on infrastructure. A thin coating of ice on solar panels can wreak havoc with their ability to generate... 15 hours
Straining the memory: Prototype strain engineered materials are the future of data storage
PHYS.ORG Researchers from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Shanghai Institute of Microsystems and Information Technology have nano-engineered a superlattice... 15 hours
Japanese video gaming adapting new tech for familiar titles
PHYS.ORG The Japanese video game industry is finding its way out of the doldrums by adapting new technology for decades-old titles. And that energy was evident at the annual Tokyo Game... 15 hours
Nevada quake lab tests new bridge design after Mexico quake
PHYS.ORG Scientists at a Nevada earthquake lab on Wednesday tested new bridge designs with connectors they say are innovative and created to better withstand violent temblors and speed reconstruction... 18 hours
MIT engineers design more effective synthetic mRNA delivery system
NEWS MEDICAL By delivering strands of genetic material known as messenger RNA into cells, researchers can induce the cells to produce any protein encoded by the mRNA. This technique holds great potential... 20 hours
myst like puzzle game the witness now available from the app store Myst-Like Puzzle Game 'The Witness' Now Available From the App Store
MacRumors Popular PC and console game The Witness finally made its way to the iPhone... 21 hours
htc will have another flagship phone even after billion dollar deal with google HTC will have another flagship phone, even after billion-dollar deal with Google
THE VERGE HTC and Google have just made official a $1.1 billion agreement whereby a substantial proportion of HTC’s smartphone design and engineering team will move... 22 hours
Innovative new app could help enhance day-to-day lives of people with dementia
NEWS MEDICAL An innovative new app could help enhance home and hospital environments for people with dementia - improving patient outcomes and reducing the strain on... 22 hours
how to use emergency sos on iphone in ios 11 How to Use Emergency SOS on iPhone in iOS 11
MacRumors In iOS 11, Apple added a new emergency feature to the iPhone, which is designed to... 23 hours
Fired Google engineer wonders if KKK names are cool - CNET
CNET Commentary: James Damore, ousted after posting what some saw as an antidiversity memo, allows that the title "Grand Wizard" might in some way be charming. 1 day
how to enable type to siri in ios 11 How to Enable Type to Siri in iOS 11
MacRumors One of the common complaints about Siri is the vocal component -- speaking to Siri must be done... 1 day
tesla is reportedly developing its own chip with amd for self driving cars Tesla is reportedly developing its own chip with AMD for self-driving cars
THE VERGE Tesla is reportedly working on a chip to handle all the tasks needed to power the fleet of fully self-driving cars that its CEO... 1 day
Trispecific broadly neutralizing HIV antibodies mediate potent SHIV protection in macaques
Science Magazine The development of an effective AIDS vaccine has been challenging due to viral genetic diversity and the difficulty in generating broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs). Here, we... 1 day
First Trailer for Drama 'The Light of The Moon' with Stephanie Beatriz
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "How about you let me decide how I feel!" Imagination has released an official trailer for an indie drama titled The Light of The... 1 day
apple watch support in apple s upcoming airpower mat limited to series 3 models Apple Watch Support in Apple’s Upcoming AirPower Mat Limited to Series 3 Models
MacRumors Apple is developing an "AirPower" wireless charging mat that's designed... 1 day
craig federighi apple has considered nightstand mode for iphone x Craig Federighi: Apple Has Considered Nightstand Mode for iPhone X
MacRumors Apple software engineering chief Craig Federighi has revealed that Apple has considered a Nightstand mode for... 1 day
Cryogenian evolution of stigmasteroid biosynthesis
Science Magazine Sedimentary hydrocarbon remnants of eukaryotic C26–C30 sterols can be used to reconstruct early algal evolution. Enhanced C29 sterol abundances provide algal cell membranes a density advantage in large temperature fluctuations. Here, we combined a literature review with new... 1 day
Scientists make atoms-thick 'Post-It notes' for solar cells and circuits
SCIENCE DAILY A new study describes an innovative method to make stacks of semiconductors just a few atoms thick. The technique offers scientists and engineers a simple, cost-effective method to... 1 day
aoc s latest agon monitor is a 429 99 curved qhd designed for gaming AOC’s latest Agon monitor is a $429.99 curved QHD designed for gaming
THE VERGE AOC has a new monitor out, the Agon AG322QCX, and it’s built for gaming. The Agon AG322QCX is on the wider end of the... 1 day
apple releases safari technology preview 40 with bug fixes and feature improvements Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 40 With Bug Fixes and Feature Improvements
MacRumors Apple today released a new update for Safari Technology Preview, the experimental browser Apple first introduced one year ago in March of 2016. Apple... 1 day
Species abundance: Winter restricts innovation
SCIENCE DAILY Why are there so many more species in the tropics? The 'storage effect' is stronger there than in temperate forests. 1 day
Xbox One X preorders are live, here are all the links you need!
Windows Central The Xbox One X is Microsoft's next console, and it's a beast. The 6 TF monster is designed to power 4K experiences,... 1 day
engineers 3 d print high strength aluminum solve ages old welding problem using nanoparticles Engineers 3-D print high-strength aluminum, solve ages-old welding problem using nanoparticles
PHYS.ORG VIDEO HRL Laboratories has made a breakthrough in metallurgy with the announcement that researchers at the famous facility have developed a technique for successfully 3D printing high-strength... 1 day
Winter restricts innovation—A new model for tropical plant biodiversity is based on the 'storage effect'
PHYS.ORG Based on data from 10 long-term forest monitoring plots, including seven from the Smithsonian's ForestGEO network, a team... 1 day
Straining the memory: Prototype strain engineered materials are the future of data storage
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have strain-engineered a data storage material to store data by exploiting a process of avalanche atomic switching. Memory cells using this... 1 day
Real or fake? Creating fingers to protect identities
SCIENCE DAILY Biometric experts for the first time have designed and created a fake finger containing multiple key properties of human skin. Commonly called a spoof, this fake finger has been used to test... 1 day
How bats could help tomato farmers (and the U.S. Navy)
SCIENCE-NEWS The way bats navigate their environs inspires engineers to develop better sonar and robots that can estimate crop yield or deliver packages 1 day
nest s home security system costs 499 and comes with magnetic door sensors Nest’s home security system costs $499 and comes with magnetic door sensors
THE VERGE Nest is getting serious about home security with an entirely new product family it’s calling Nest Secure. Announced today at a hardware event in... 1 day
Using AI, citizen science and disaster response to help victims of Hurricane Irma
PHYS.ORG A highly unusual collaboration between information engineers at Oxford, the Zooniverse citizen science platform and international disaster response organization Rescue Global is... 1 day
Aligning the primary mirror segments of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope with light
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Engineers at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston used light waves to align the James Webb Space Telescope's mirror segments to each... 1 day
target rolls out bluetooth beacon technology in stores to power new indoor maps in its app Target rolls out Bluetooth beacon technology in stores to power new indoor maps in its app
TechCrunch  Target is adding an... 1 day
pluralsight iq allows engineers to compare skills and proficiencies Pluralsight IQ allows engineers to compare skills and proficiencies
TechCrunch  Pluralsight is announcing a new tool this morning to help satiate our innate desire to compare ourselves against... 1 day
Scientists prevent hacker attacks on cars
PHYS.ORG Today, many cars are offering a digital gateway which hackers can misuse. Scientists at the Competence Center for IT Security at Saarland University and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence have therefore developed a technology... 1 day
Chemists speak out on sexual harassment in academia
PHYS.ORG Sexual misconduct on college campuses is an age-old problem that continues to plague students and faculty, and is now the subject of renewed debate. It can traumatize those who are harassed, and... 1 day
watch nest unveil its next big thing right here Watch Nest unveil its next big thing right here
TechCrunch  Starting at 12:00 pm Eastern, Nest is set to unveil… something. There have been rumors and whispers and... 1 day
intel reportedly delays cannon lake to end of 2018 raising questions about next year s macbook pro Intel reportedly delays Cannon Lake to end of 2018, raising questions about next year’s MacBook Pro
9to5Mac VIDEO Intel has reportedly delayed... 1 day
New solutions for autonomous LC-MS sample preparation introduced by Tecan
NEWS MEDICAL Tecan has unveiled its latest innovation, the automated RESOLVEX™ A200 positive pressure workstation for LC-MS sample prep. 1 day
clearmetal gets 9m from prelude ventures and eric schmidt s innovation endeavors for its logistics platform ClearMetal gets $9M from Prelude Ventures and Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors for its logistics platform
TechCrunch  Logistics and supply chain management is... 1 day
Innovative fuel manufacturing process moves closer to market
PHYS.ORG INL researchers are working with industry partners on an innovative method of producing advanced nuclear fuels that improve the attractiveness of new nuclear plants as reliable, emission-free baseload energy. 1 day
Health-tech startups get accelerator class to speed ideas and solutions to healthcare marketplace
NEWS MEDICAL Cedars-Sinai today launched its third health-tech accelerator class with 10 startups whose innovative technologies aim to transform the delivery and quality of healthcare. 2 days
new battery packs turn the echo dot and google home into portable speakers New battery packs turn the Echo Dot and Google Home into portable speakers
THE VERGE The accessory company Ninety7 is continuing its quest to untether... 2 days
One-third of PhDs lose interest in academic careers, but not for lack of jobs
PHYS.ORG There are growing concerns that the challenges of landing a faculty job are discouraging young science and engineering Ph.D.s from... 2 days
Expert discusses advances in aircraft air quality
PHYS.ORG Professor Peter Childs from the Dyson School of Design Engineering discusses air quality in aircraft cabins in his Q&A. 2 days
ripio credit network launches aiming to attack bank loan fees in emerging markets Ripio Credit Network launches, aiming to attack bank loan fees in emerging markets
TechCrunch  Ripio Credit (formerly BitPagos), the project that reached the finals... 2 days
Xbox One X preorders are going live today, here are all the links you need!
Windows Central The Xbox One X is Microsoft's next console, and it's a beast. The 6 TF monster is designed... 2 days
Team develops gas-sensing technology that could revolutionize environmental and medical diagnostics
PHYS.ORG Relying on nanotechnology, scientists from Russia and Germany led by Skoltech research scientist Fedor Fedorov have developed an innovative solution for detecting traces of gas in... 2 days
Scientists have invented a new way to weigh intergalactic black holes
PHYS.ORG Astrophysicists from Moscow State University have found a new way to estimate the mass of supermassive black holes outside our galaxy, even if they are barely... 2 days
amazon reportedly working on smart glasses with integrated alexa ai Amazon Reportedly Working on Smart Glasses With Integrated Alexa AI
MacRumors Amazon is actively developing a pair of smart glasses with Alexa virtual assistant built in, the... 2 days
Xbox One X pre-orders are going live today, here are all the links you need!
Windows Central The Xbox One X is Microsoft's next console, and it's a beast. The 6 TF monster is designed... 2 days
Key California farm district rejects governor's tunnels plan
PHYS.ORG A group of powerful California farmers pulled their support Tuesday from a pair of massive, $16 billion tunnels that would have re-engineered the state's water system in a decisive move that dealt... 2 days
promise technology s apollo personal cloud storage device supports ios 11 files app Promise Technology's 'Apollo' Personal Cloud Storage Device Supports iOS 11 Files App
MacRumors Promise Technology's recently released Apollo Cloud 2 Duo storage device is able to interface with the iOS 11 Files app thanks to a new... 2 days
Key California farm district rejects governor's tunnels plan
ABC NEWS The board of the nation's largest irrigation district rejected participation in Gov. Jerry Brown's $16 billion plan to build two giant tunnels to re-engineer California's north-south water delivery system, dealing a major... 2 days
lilu s compression bra aims to help nursing mothers pump more milk faster Lilu’s compression bra aims to help nursing mothers pump more milk faster
TechCrunch  A startup called Lilu took the stage today at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco to show off their prototype bra designed to help breastfeeding mothers... 2 days
faraday future admits its employees designed parts of leeco s electric car Faraday Future admits its employees designed parts of LeEco's electric car
THE VERGE New patents published today by the US Patent and Trademark Office show that Faraday... 2 days
future astronauts could feel alien ground with new space boots Future astronauts could ‘feel’ alien ground with new space boots
TechCrunch  New technology developed by Draper labs could help astronauts actually feel the ground beneath them. The... 2 days
materialize x is using machine learning to disrupt the 300b engineered wood industry Materialize.X is using machine learning to disrupt the $300B engineered wood industry
TechCrunch  What’s the next $300 billion industry to be disrupted by technology? Wood. Specifically, engineered wood. Materialize.X, launching today at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017, has... 2 days
procreate 4 for ipad offers new painting engine layer masks drag and drop and more Procreate 4 for iPad Offers New Painting Engine, Layer Masks, Drag and Drop, and More
MacRumors Popular iPad painting and sketching app... 2 days
secrets of the bright star regulus revealed Secrets of the Bright Star Regulus Revealed
ASTRO WATCH Almost 50 years after it was first predicted that rapidly rotating stars would emit polarized light, a UNSW-led team of scientists has... 2 days
MIT and Tsinghua University sign urban innovation agreement
MIT Future City Innovation Connector to support projects addressing rapid growth of Chinese cities. 2 days
Space Act Agreement to Support Private Space Telescope Project
SPACE.COM NASA has signed a Space Act Agreement with a private organization currently raising funds for studies of a space telescope designed to look for habitable planets around a nearby star. 2 days
new mirror coating technology promises dramatic improvements in telescopes New Mirror-Coating Technology Promises Dramatic Improvements in Telescopes
ASTRO WATCH Materials scientist Nobuhiko Kobayashi wasn't quite sure why the astronomer he met at a wine-tasting several years ago was so... 2 days
o robotix spruces up its seadrone underwater robo craft O-Robotix spruces up its SeaDrone underwater robo-craft
TechCrunch  At last year’s Disrupt SF, SeaDrone made it to the Battlefield finals with its simple, robust, and affordable underwater drone. With a... 2 days
how to use drag and drop on an ipad and iphone with ios 11 How to Use Drag and Drop on an iPad and iPhone With iOS 11
MacRumors iOS 11 overhauls the way we interact with... 2 days
apple releases new ipad pro tutorial videos covering ios 11 features Apple Releases New iPad Pro Tutorial Videos Covering iOS 11 Features
MacRumors VIDEO Apple today uploaded several new tutorial videos designed to teach users about lesser-known features... 2 days
apple updates swift playgrounds with new augmented reality challenge Apple Updates Swift Playgrounds With New Augmented Reality Challenge
MacRumors Swift Playgrounds, the Apple-designed iPad app that aims to teach children and adults of all ages how to... 2 days
Nanosat fleet proposed for voyage to 300 asteroids
SCIENCE DAILY A fleet of tiny spacecraft could visit over 300 asteroids in just over three years, according to a mission study. The Asteroid Touring Nanosat Fleet concept comprises 50 spacecraft propelled by innovative... 2 days
testflight app updated with overhauled interface for ios 11 TestFlight App Updated With Overhauled Interface for iOS 11
MacRumors Apple's TestFlight app designed to allow testers to install and beta test apps ahead of their release was... 2 days
apple music for android updated with support for voice search adding friends Apple Music for Android Updated With Support for Voice Search, Adding Friends
MacRumors Alongside today's release iOS 11, Apple updated its Apple Music app for Android devices to introduce feature parity with the new version of Apple... 2 days
apple releases tvos 11 with home screen syncing auto dark mode and 4k support for new apple tv Apple Releases tvOS 11 With Home Screen Syncing, Auto Dark Mode, and 4K Support for New Apple TV
MacRumors ... 2 days
apple releases watchos 4 with new watch faces siri improvements gym equipment integration and more Apple Releases watchOS 4 With New Watch Faces, Siri Improvements, Gym Equipment Integration, and More
MacRumors Apple today released watchOS 4, the... 2 days
apple releases ios 11 with revamped lock screen fresh app store new siri voice and updated ipad interface Apple Releases iOS 11 With Revamped Lock Screen, Fresh App Store, New Siri Voice, and Updated iPad Interface
MacRumors ... 2 days
One-way track for microwaves based on mechanical interference
PHYS.ORG Devices that allow to route microwave signals are essential engineering tools. In particular, isolators, which let signals flow in one direction but block them in the other, are needed to protect sensitive... 2 days
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Aligning the primary mirror segments of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope with light
Engineers 3-D print high-strength aluminum, solve ages-old welding problem using nanoparticles
NASA small satellite promises big discoveries
Lighter weights, lower costs in additive manufacturing