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An unusual white dwarf star may be a surviving remnant of a subluminous Type Ia supernova
Science Magazine Subluminous Type Ia supernovae, such as the Type Iax–class prototype SN 2002cx, are described by a... 18 hours
Infiniti goes back to the future with the Prototype 9 video - Roadshow
CNET The labor-of-love from the Japanese automaker is one part vintage open-wheel race car, one part modern electric vehicle. 2 days
Here's your first look at Ford's electric DHL delivery van - Roadshow
CNET Each truck could save about five tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. 2 days
faraday future may cut its formula e team to save cash Faraday Future may cut its Formula E team to save cash
THE VERGE Faraday Future has gone through a lot lately. The electric car startup has struggled... 3 days
you could get up to 20 000 off the price of an electric car if you live in san diego You could get up to $20,000 off the price of an electric car — if you live in San Diego
THE VERGE ... 4 days
DC Hot Stick developed for first responder, worker safety
PHYS.ORG With more volts than ever before in electric vehicles (EVs) and on solar-paneled rooftops, first responder and electrical worker safety is a growing concern. Researchers at the Department of Energy's... 4 days
former apple lead tesla autopilot head chris lattner joining google brain to democratize ai Former Apple lead & Tesla Autopilot head Chris Lattner joining Google Brain to democratize AI
9to5Google VIDEO Earlier this year, the creator of... 4 days
rock down to electric avenue family makes road trip from ottawa to p e i using electric car Rock down to electric avenue: Family makes road trip from Ottawa to P.E.I. using electric car
CBC An electric car owner... 4 days
New battery material goes with the flow
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory have engineered a new material to be used in redox flow batteries, which are particularly useful for storing electricity for the grid. The... 6 days
Merkel rival Schulz calls for electric car quotas in Europe
PHYS.ORG Chancellor Angela Merkel's main rival in Germany's upcoming election is calling for a Europe-wide quota for electric cars. 7 days
2017 Honda Clarity Electric quietly hits the road - Roadshow
CNET The second model in Honda's trio of Clarity eco-sedans debuts as the battery-powered 2017 Honda Clarity Electric. 1 week
Beyond Trump—why power companies should be investing now in carbon-free electricity
PHYS.ORG When utility executives make decisions about building new power plants, a lot rides on their choices. Depending on their size and type, new generating facilities cost... 1 week
Chanje's electric delivery truck flattens noise and pollution - Roadshow
CNET Urban dwellers may be used to noisy delivery trucks spewing soot from tailpipes, but Chanje offers an antidote: its V8070 electric delivery van. 1 week
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Former Apple lead & Tesla Autopilot head Chris Lattner joining Google Brain to democratize AI