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Obesity: Engineered proteins lower body weight in mice, rats and primates
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have created engineered proteins that lowered body weight, bloodstream insulin, and cholesterol levels in obese mice, rats, and primates. 15 hours
Medical News Today: Type 2 diabetes: Blood sugar pill shows promise
MNT In a 26-week phase II clinical trial for type 2 diabetes patients, glycemic control using semaglutide in pill form was better than using a placebo. 2 days
Skimping on sleep may contribute to gestational diabetes
SCIENCE DAILY A new study has found that lack of sleep among pregnant women may be a contributing factor to the development of gestational diabetes. 2 days
GP referral to Weight Watchers avoided type 2 diabetes in third of patients
SCIENCE DAILY More than a third of patients at risk of developing type 2 diabetes avoided developing the condition after they were referred by... 2 days
Medical News Today: What is the best diet for gestational diabetes?
MNT Learn about what to eat and what to avoid for people with gestational diabetes. This article also gives an overview for this condition. 2 days
Lack of sleep among pregnant women linked to increased risk of gestational diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL The amount of time spent sleeping in the United States has dropped significantly in the past twenty years with almost a quarter... 2 days
Gestational diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk
SCIENCE DAILY A history of gestational diabetes was associated with a modest higher long-term risk of cardiovascular disease in women in a new study, although the absolute rate of cardiovascular disease was low in the study's younger group... 3 days
Neutrons observe vitamin B6-dependent enzyme activity useful for drug development
PHYS.ORG Scientists at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have performed neutron structural analysis of a vitamin B6-dependent protein, potentially opening avenues for new antibiotics and drugs... 3 days
Neutrons observe vitamin B6-dependent enzyme activity useful for drug development
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have performed neutron structural analysis of a vitamin B6-dependent protein, potentially opening avenues for new antibiotics and drugs to battle diseases such as drug-resistant tuberculosis, malaria and... 3 days
Medical News Today: Leukemia: Cancer cells killed off with diabetes drug
MNT Researchers find that boosting fat cells in the bone marrow using a diabetes drug not only kills off leukemic cells, but it also regenerates healthy ones. 3 days
Study identifies new biomarker for depression in diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL A study published in the current issue of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic has identified a biomarker for depression in diabetes. Findings of epidemiological studies have shown an overall 2-fold increased prevalence of depression... 3 days
Medical News Today: Urine test for diabetes: What you need to know
MNT Urine tests for diabetes check for protein, ketones, and glucose. They are frequently used for diagnosing and monitoring diabetes. Learn more. 3 days
Scientists help show links between genes, body tissues
SCIENCE DAILY A research team is assessing how a person's genetic profile affects his body. The results could help show how individual genetic differences contribute to disease and guide treatments for heritable disorders such... 6 days
Medical News Today: Why does my breath smell like acetone?
MNT Acetone breath, or breath that smells like nail polish remover, could indicate that a person has diabetes or another health condition. Learn more. 6 days
Medical News Today: What is diabetic nephropathy?
MNT Diabetic nephropathy is kidney disease that occurs in people with diabetes. It can cause serious complications, including kidney failure. Learn more. 6 days
Medical News Today: Omega-6 could lower type 2 diabetes risk by 35 percent
MNT A new review of more than 20 studies has linked higher blood levels of linoleic acid – a main form of omega-6... 7 days
For diabetes screening, race matters
Science Magazine 7 days
EKF Diagnostics and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics collaborate on a new diabetic ketoacidosis assay
NEWS MEDICAL Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (Ortho), a global leader of in vitro diagnostics, and EKF Diagnostics (EKF) today announced an agreement that allows Ortho... 7 days
New type of diabetes caused by a genetic mutation
SCIENCE DAILY Scientific research has led to the identification of a new type of diabetes caused by a mutation in the gene RFX6. 7 days
Crown Bioscience announces availability of new translational models for obesity and diabetes in Europe
NEWS MEDICAL Crown Bioscience, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crown Bioscience International and a global drug discovery and development services company providing translational... 7 days
Scientists identify new type of diabetes caused by RFX6 gene mutation
NEWS MEDICAL Scientific research at the ULB Center for Diabetes Research and the Erasmus Hospital of the ULB leads to the identification of a new type of diabetes... 1 week
Researchers find significant increase in risk factors among people with stroke
NEWS MEDICAL Despite prevention efforts, researchers have found a significant increase over a 10-year period in the percentage of people with stroke who have high blood pressure, diabetes,... 1 week
Health Conditions That Increase Stroke Risk Rise Across All Ages, Races
NPR Smoking, drug abuse and diabetes are all modifiable risk factors for stroke. Yet a large study of patients hospitalized for stroke suggests the number of people... 1 week
Medical News Today: Targeting vitamin D receptors could prevent type 2 diabetes
MNT Researchers suggest that targeting vitamin D receptors in insulin-producing beta cells could be an effective way to prevent type 2 diabetes. 1 week
Medical News Today: Targeting 'simple proteins' may extend metabolic healthspan
MNT Scientists have found that deficient levels of fatty acid-binding proteins protect against diabetes, obesity, inflammation, and other age-related diseases. 1 week
MAIT cells could serve as new biomarkers for early detection, prevention of type 1 diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease that develops when the immune system attacks beta cells in the pancreas.... 1 week
Likely new treatment target identified for diabetic retinopathy
SCIENCE DAILY In oxygen-compromising conditions like diabetes, the body grows new blood vessels to help, but the result is often leaky, dysfunctional vessels that make bad matters worse. Now scientists have identified a new... 1 week
Scientists identify potential treatment target for diabetic retinopathy
NEWS MEDICAL In oxygen-compromising conditions like diabetes, the body grows new blood vessels to help, but the result is often leaky, dysfunctional vessels that make bad matters worse. 1 week
The risk of type 1 diabetes not increased by swine flu vaccine Pandemrix
SCIENCE DAILY There has been a fear that the swine flu vaccine, Pandemrix, would increase the risk of autoimmune diseases other than narcolepsy. However,... 1 week
Type 1 diabetes and the microbiota: MAIT cells as biomarkers and new therapeutic targets
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have discovered that the onset of type 1 diabetes is preceded by modification of MAIT lymphocytes. These cells—associated with... 1 week
Study shows no relation between swine flu vaccination and increased risk of type 1 diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL There has been a fear that the swine flu vaccine, Pandemrix, would increase the risk of autoimmune diseases... 1 week
UTHealth researchers to study how gut bacteria play role in development of diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL A team of researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health has received a $3.1... 2 weeks
Smartphone-controlled smart bandage for better, faster healing
SCIENCE DAILY Wireless microcontrollers release precise amounts of antibiotics, painkillers, growth factors or other medications. The bandage, which remains several years from market, could improve treatment of chronic skin wounds related to diabetes. 2 weeks
Understanding how gastric bypass works: Finding drug targets for obesity and diabetes
SCIENCE DAILY Medical researchers have made a technological advancement toward accelerating the discovery of drug targets for obesity, type II diabetes and other metabolic diseases. 2 weeks
Medical News Today: Does acupuncture for diabetes work?
MNT Acupuncture has many uses, but does it work for diabetes? We look what acupuncture is, as well as the risks and benefits of acupuncture for diabetes. 2 weeks
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