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oculus is dropping movie rentals from the rift because it s used primarily for gaming Oculus is dropping movie rentals from the Rift because it’s ‘used primarily for gaming’
THE VERGE Oculus is dropping the Rift VR headset’s support... 2 hours
lyft unveils a new self driving car and acquires an ar startup to help it build maps Lyft unveils a new self-driving car and acquires an AR startup to help it build maps
THE VERGE On Tuesday, Lyft offered a glimpse... 3 hours
EyeSight scores $15M to use computer vision to combat driver distraction
TechCrunch The idea of using computer vision and AI to enable cars to drive themselves is well-established, but how about using similar technology to keep an eye... 6 hours
Need to take a screenshot on Windows 10? Here are 7 easy ways to do it.
Windows Central These are the best ways to take screenshots on Windows 10. The ability to take screenshots... 7 hours
Do you need to take a screenshot on Windows 10? Here are 7 ways to do it.
Windows Central These are the best ways to take screenshots on Windows 10. The ability to... 9 hours
apple addressing beautygate iphone xs front camera skin smoothing in ios 12 1 Apple addressing ‘BeautyGate’ iPhone XS front camera skin smoothing in iOS 12.1
9to5Mac The iPhone XR embargoes have just lifted and everyone is giving their thoughts on the new mainstream iPhone. The front camera and rear wide... 9 hours
nvidia delivers its self driving car safety report to the feds Nvidia delivers its self-driving car safety report to the feds
THE VERGE Nvidia, one of the world’s best known manufacturers of computer graphics cards, released its autonomous driving... 10 hours
amazon exec and super micro ceo call for retraction of spy chip story Amazon exec and Super Micro CEO call for retraction of spy chip story
THE VERGE Today, executives from both Amazon and the server manufacturer, Super... 22 hours
super micro ceo joins tim cook in calling on bloomberg to retract spy chip story Super Micro CEO joins Tim Cook in calling on Bloomberg to retract spy chip story
9to5Mac Earlier today, Super Micro Computer told... 22 hours
The future of photography is code
TechCrunch What’s in a camera? A lens, a shutter, a light-sensitive surface, and, increasingly, a set of highly sophisticated algorithms. While the physical components are still improving bit by bit, Google, Samsung, and Apple are increasingly investing... 23 hours
Microsoft's cross-platform efforts are making a great Microsoft experience
Windows Central Microsoft's unrelenting effort to populate iOS and Android with its apps is beginning to look less like a desperate migration and more like precision integration. The advent of consumer-facing smartphones... 1 day
asus new zen aio 27 desktop has a hidden wireless charger in the base Asus’ new Zen AiO 27 desktop has a hidden wireless charger in the base
THE VERGE Asus just announced its latest Zen AiO 27... 1 day
Understanding the building blocks for an electronic brain
SCIENCE DAILY Computer bits are binary, with a value of 0 or one. By contrast, neurons in the brain can have all kinds of different internal states, depending on the input that they received.... 1 day
super micro will conduct further chinese spy chip review despite lack of evidence Super Micro will conduct further Chinese spy chip review despite lack of evidence
9to5Mac Super Micro Computer has told its customers that it will... 1 day
Checking the tech in the 2019 Dodge Challenger video - Roadshow
CNET Dodge's burly muscle car features the excellent Uconnect touchscreen infotainment system and a useful color trip computer. 1 day
meet the roboticist who s teaching ai to write fortune cookies and ted talks Meet the roboticist who's teaching AI to write fortune cookies and TED Talks
CBC Before Alexander Reben took to the TEDx San Francisco stage... 3 days
Problems using Your Phone on Windows 10? Here's how to fix them.
Windows Central Are you having issues with the Your Phone app on Windows 10 and Android? Then these troubleshooting steps should help to fix them. On... 3 days
Roadmap for quantum internet development
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have published a comprehensive guide towards a quantum internet. It describes six phases, starting with simple networks of qubits that could already enable secure quantum communications -- a phase that could be reality in the near future.... 4 days
Hackers breach system, get data on 75,000
ABC NEWS A government computer system that interacts with was hacked earlier this month, compromising the sensitive personal data of some 75,000 people 4 days
Nanocages in the lab and in the computer: How DNA-based dendrimers transport nanoparticles
SCIENCE DAILY How to create nanocages, i.e., robust and stable objects with regular voids and tunable properties? Short segments of DNA molecules are perfect... 4 days
youtube introduces mini player for desktop browsers YouTube introduces mini-player for desktop browsers
THE VERGE People who primarily watch YouTube videos via their computers can rejoice: in-browser mini-players are finally available for desktop users. Anyone who’s watched YouTube videos... 4 days
With Pixel Slate, Google sets sights on Microsoft's Surface Pro
Windows Central Google's Pixel Slate is positioned to go head-to-head with Microsoft's category-defining Surface Pro 2-in-1. As computing has grown beyond sedentary desktop contexts to include mobile, touch and handheld... 4 days
chrome 70 now enables picture in picture by default on macos Chrome 70 Now Enables Picture-in-Picture by Default on macOS
MacRumors Google Chrome now enables picture-in-picture as a default setting on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers as of Chrome... 4 days
Apple sets next event for Oct. 30 with iPads, Macs likely on tap - CNET
CNET We'll likely see new tablets and computers from Apple that include some features already found in iPhones. 5 days
There’s now proof that quantum computers can outperform classical machines
TechCrunch The hype around quantum computing is real. But to fully realize the promise of quantum computing, it’ll still take a few years of research and scientific breakthroughs. And indeed,... 5 days
Apple sets next event for Oct. 30 - CNET
CNET We'll likely see new tablets and computers from Apple that include some features already found in iPhones. 5 days
intel is preparing for a dual screen computer future Intel is preparing for a dual-screen computer future
THE VERGE Dual-screen devices are the first step Continue reading… 5 days
MIT researchers say memory splitting breakthrough could prevent another Meltdown or Spectre
TechCrunch Virtually every modern computer processor was thrown under the bus earlier this year when researchers found a fundamental design weakness in Intel, AMD and... 6 days
apple could launch first macs powered by its own processors in 2020 says kuo Apple could launch first Macs powered by its own processors in 2020, says Kuo
THE VERGE Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple could kick... 6 days
huge collection of apple computers up for sale as longtime austrian repairman goes out of business Huge Collection of Apple Computers Up for Sale as Longtime Austrian Repairman Goes Out of Business
MacRumors Roland Borsky, an Apple... 6 days
Twilio launches Autopilot to help developers build better bots
TechCrunch Bots went through the hype cycle faster than a speeding roller coaster, as the promise of chatting with a computer quickly turned sour. Now, Twilio wants to take another stab... 6 days
massive apple collection including 1 100 computers up for sale as repairman shutters business Massive Apple collection including 1,100 computers up for sale as repairman shutters business
9to5Mac Roland Borsky has been repairing Apple computers since the 1980’s.... 6 days
apple s latest mac mini turns four years old ahead of pro focused refresh expected later this month Apple's Latest Mac Mini Turns Four Years Old Ahead of 'Pro-Focused' Refresh Expected Later This Month
MacRumors The latest Mac mini,... 6 days
Skydio’s autonomous drone lands in Apple retail stores, now supports Watch controls
TechCrunch With a few taps, you can now direct Skydio‘s $1,999 autonomous drone from your Apple Watch allowing you to fulfill the geeky dream you... 6 days
chrome 70 released with windows web app support and option to disable controversial login Chrome 70 released with Windows web app support and option to disable controversial login
THE VERGE Chrome 70, the latest version of Google’s browser,... 6 days
New reservoir computer marks first-ever microelectromechanical neural network application
SCIENCE DAILY A group of researchers reports the construction of the first reservoir computing device built with a microelectromechanical system. The neural network exploits the nonlinear dynamics of a microscale silicon beam... 7 days
a pioneering scientist explains deep learning A pioneering scientist explains ‘deep learning’
THE VERGE Buzzwords like “deep learning” and “neural networks” are everywhere, but so much of the popular understanding is misguided, says Terrence Sejnowski, a computational neuroscientist... 7 days
how to pick the microsoft surface that s right for you How to pick the Microsoft Surface that’s right for you
THE VERGE The family of Surface computers is now large enough to cause a bit of confusion for... 7 days
magic leap s conference teases the thrilling potential of what its hardware can t yet provide Magic Leap’s conference teases the thrilling potential of what its hardware can’t yet provide
THE VERGE Florida-based startup Magic Leap became infamous for hyping... 1 week
Arm challenges Intel with Neoverse chips for heavy-duty computing - CNET
CNET The chip technology powering your phone could next power the net services it's connecting to. 1 week
Arm launches Neoverse, its IP portfolio for internet infrastructure hardware
TechCrunch Arm-based chips are ubiquitous today, but the company isn’t resting on its laurels. After announcing its ambitions for powering more high-end devices like laptops a few months ago,... 1 week
Get the Ultimate IT Certification Bundle for $39!
Windows Central It's tough to find work these days that doesn't require some pretty impressive computer skills. We're not just talking about proficiency with some basic office software or keyboarding skills, either; some of... 1 week
google pilots applied computing series w free machine learning intensive for students Google pilots Applied Computing Series w/ free machine learning intensive for students
9to5Google With the Machine Learning Crash Course earlier this year, Google published its internal boot camp to expose AI to everyone. The company is now... 1 week
microsoft co founder paul allen helped change the world Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen helped change the world
THE VERGE VIDEO It’s easy to think of Microsoft and immediately think of Bill Gates. While Gates led Microsoft to where it stands... 1 week
This robot uses lasers to “listen” to its environment
TechCrunch A new technology from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University will add sound and vibration awareness to create truly context-aware computing. The system, called Ubicoustics, adds additional bits of context to... 1 week
Docker has raised $92 million in new funding
TechCrunch Docker, the company that did more to create today’s modern containerized computing environment than any other independent company, has raised $92 million of a targeted $192 million funding round, according to a... 1 week
MIT to push the rise of AI with new college, $1B funding - CNET
CNET The Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing will be dedicated to research in computer science, AI, data science and related... 1 week
MIT to push the rise of AI with new college, $1 billion funding - CNET
CNET The Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing will be dedicated to research in computer science, AI, data science... 1 week
Upgrade Office 365 Personal to Home to use it on more devices
Windows Central Office 365 is a great way to access Microsoft's suite of office tools on a subscription basis. It ensures you won't be left in... 1 week
Transfer from an Android device to PC with this $10 SanDisk 32GB Dual Drive
Windows Central Back up all of your important data quickly. Transferring files between your phone and your computer can be a pain... 1 week
Stream from console to computer with the $139 Elgato HD60 S capture card
Windows Central Take your YouTube account to the next level. The Elgato Game Capture HD60 S is down to $139.18. This is the first... 1 week
Amazon's giving away free $3 credits for installing its browser extension
Windows Central Cash in today. The Amazon Assistant is Amazon's way of helping you stay on top of price comparisons, wishlist items, and your latest Amazon orders. Right... 1 week
New model helps define optimal temperature and pressure to forge nanoscale diamonds
SCIENCE DAILY To forge nanodiamonds, which have potential applications in medicine, optoelectronics and quantum computing, researchers expose organic explosive molecules to powerful detonations in a controlled... 1 week
MIT announces new college of computing with $1 billion commitment
TechCrunch MIT announced today that it is massively doubling down on the future of computer science with the launch of a new college of computing. The university is committing... 1 week
mit is investing 1 billion in an ai college MIT is investing $1 billion in an AI college
THE VERGE Ever since the beginning of the AI boom in the early 2010s, there’s been a corresponding drought in... 1 week
Sound, vibration recognition boost context-aware computing
SCIENCE DAILY VIDEO Smart devices can seem dumb if they don't understand what's happening around them. Researchers say environmental awareness can be enhanced by analyzing sound and vibrations. The researchers report about two approaches -- one that uses the... 1 week
Check out the simple, fascinating origin story of Ctrl+Alt+Delete
Windows Central Here's how what is perhaps the most iconic key combination in computing history got its start. Ctrl+Alt+Delete. It's the one key combination that practically everyone, including your tech-challenged family members,... 2 weeks
Google's Home Hub smart display spotlights another Microsoft failure
Windows Central Google's Home Hub joins Amazon's Echo Show in an ambient-computing, smart-display space in which Microsoft is conspicuously absent. Amazon pioneered the progression of voice-controlled ambient computing with its Alexa-powered smart... 2 weeks
These two Arlo Q cameras for $208 help you keep an eye on your home
Windows Central Watch from anywhere in the world. Two of the Netgear Arlo Q 1080p HD security cameras are on... 2 weeks
Got a PlayStation 4 controller? You can use it on your PC — here's how.
Windows Central It's no doubt there are some games on your computer that are much easier playing with a controller.... 2 weeks
Transfer data and charge devices with the $22 Aukey 10-port Powered USB Hub
Windows Central Turn one port into ten. Computers seem to offer fewer USB ports as time goes on, or maybe we just have more... 2 weeks
how to make an animated gif with photoshop How to make an animated GIF with Photoshop
THE VERGE GIFs are pretty much an inescapable form of internet communication now, and it’s never been easier to make your own.... 2 weeks
Apple has acquired Spektral, a Danish computer vision startup, for augmented reality technology
TechCrunch On the heels of Apple this morning inking a $600 million deal to acquire IP, talent and licenses from Dialog Semiconductor in... 2 weeks
Razer Phone 2 is a solid evolution of the company's gaming phone
Windows Central The Razer Phone 2 isn't massively different from the first version. And that's OK. Razer is a brand familiar to many gamers, whether they're... 2 weeks
Volvo and Nvidia partner to bring next-generation ADAS to market by 2020 - Roadshow
CNET Volvo will adopt Nvidia's Drive AGX Xavier AI computing system to power future self-driving ADAS. 2 weeks
Now you can buy the Commodore 64 Mini, a flashback to retro gaming - CNET
CNET The computer from the 80's comes back to life with 64 retro games. 2 weeks
volvo s next generation of cars will use nvidia s self driving car platform Volvo’s next generation of cars will use Nvidia’s self-driving car platform
THE VERGE Volvo has announced that it will use Nvidia’s Drive AGX Xavier computer for its... 2 weeks
apple has acquired danish startup spektral focused on real time green screen technology Apple Has Acquired Danish Startup Spektral, Focused on Real-Time 'Green Screen' Technology
MacRumors Apple has acquired Danish computer vision startup Spektral, according to a paywalled report from Danish newspaper Børsen. Spektral has developed a technology that can... 2 weeks
asus gaming phone will be available to preorder in the us on october 18th Asus’ gaming phone will be available to preorder in the US on October 18th
THE VERGE Asus’ bonkers gaming ROG Phone is coming to... 2 weeks
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen helped change the world
Sound, vibration recognition boost context-aware computing