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The South African city of Cape Town, which nearly ran out of water this year, could beat future droughts by cutting down non-native trees including pine, acacia and eucalyptus, according...
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supreme and chris cunningham have released an aphex twin inspired collection
VIDEO Visual artist Chris Cunningham has collaborated with New York clothing and accessory brand Supreme for a...
Chris Pine is a bearded badass in Netflix's new historical epic, streaming now.
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TwelveSouth is one of the most innovative Mac accessory companies out there. From its PlugBug adapter to the AirFly bluetooth headphone receiver, the company makes clever, well-produced products. But the...
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Chris Hays and Mark Jeffrey wanted to create a way for everyone to be able to tell their loved ones if they were in trouble. Their first product, GuardianCircle did just that,...
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why robocalls have taken over your phone
By 2009, Chris Hughson was fed up. The Portland area realtor was getting bombarded with spam texts and calls, as many as...
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VIDEO Today, Twelve South released its latest Apple-related product — the...
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The man who lifted the lid on 2018's biggest tech scandal has no regrets about coming forward.
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TechCrunch Startup Battlefield returns to Africa next month, and we have an agenda chock-full of interesting panels and our premier startup competition....
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They're back! Microsoft has done an admirable job of supporting the Xbox One with new features over the years, and today the company is...
whatsapp found a place to show you ads
A WhatsApp VP says the messaging service will start showing ads alongside its popular Status feature, reports The Economic Times....
An enormous iceberg about five times the size of Manhattan broke off Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier yesterday (Oct. 29), a...
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ID@Xbox Director, Chris Charla Microsoft announced that ID@Xbox hit a huge milestone. We take a look back at the program, and forward into the future with...
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Former TokBox head Ian Small is replacing Chris O’Neill as CEO of Evernote, the note-taking and productivity app company said...
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A steady stream of photos began appearing on the website in September, as widows shared stories of their...
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If you liked Braveheart, you might like Netflix's new historical epic.
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Recent reports that Softbank may take a majority stake in WeWork has added fuel to the already hot market for start-ups in the workspace and property tech sectors. One of the more...
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a really really significant sighting vancouver island birdwatchers aflutter over unusual arrival
It's believed the pine bunting has never been seen south of Alaska — until this week.
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A research team for the first time developed reliable genetic markers known as nuclear microsatellites for the whitebark pine, a discovery that could improve the tree's prospects for survival. Whitebark pine, which...
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A University of Colorado Denver-led research team for the first time developed reliable genetic markers known as nuclear microsatellites for the whitebark pine, a discovery that could improve the tree's prospects for...
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Conventional wisdom holds that people set themselves up for even greater heartache when they jump into bed with their ex-partner after a...
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A new lead on a 50-year-old radiation damage mystery
RIP Apple networking, Time Capsule and AirPort no longer available from Apple
Over 200 artists got together to remake Shrek
Netflix’s Godless delivers everything the Coen brothers’ new project once promised
Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL BOGO ‘up to 50% off’ deal now live, here’s how to get the max discount
Space-inspired speed breeding for crop improvement
Over-the-top shooter Sunset Overdrive is out today on PC
Apple’s new iPad Pro seems to bend pretty easily
This unique Andean ecosystem is warming almost as fast as the Arctic
Development of a humanoid robot prototype, HRP-5P, capable of heavy labor
What is augmented reality, anyway?
Cohousing is an inclusive approach to smart, sustainable cities
Tiny raptor tracks lead to big discovery
Durability test shows iPad Pro can be bent in half with relatively little force [Video]
New research uncovers the predatory behavior of Florida's skull-collecting ant