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New type of molecule shows early promise against treatment-resistant prostate cancer
NEWS MEDICAL A new type of molecule blocks the action of genes that drive the growth of therapy-resistant prostate cancer, a new study finds. 2 hours
Patient Outcomes of Prostate Cancer with Whole Slide Imaging
NEWS MEDICAL An interview with Dr. Anil Parwani, discusses how whole slide imaging of prostate cancer sections is helping to inform pathologists and improve patient outcomes. 3 hours
Medical News Today: Immunotherapy successful against deadly breast cancer
MNT A new trial confirms that a combination of immunotherapy and chemotherapy boosts survival rates for people with triple-negative breast cancer. 4 hours
Judge slashes award but upholds verdict in Monsanto cancer trial
PHYS.ORG A San Francisco judge on Monday upheld a jury verdict that found Monsanto liable for not warning a groundskeeper that its weed killer product Roundup might cause cancer,... 5 hours
Advanced breast cancer patients can benefit from immunotherapy-chemotherapy combination
NEWS MEDICAL Patients with an aggressive form of advanced breast cancer can benefit from immunotherapy when used in combination with chemotherapy as first-line treatment, according to the results of a large international... 5 hours
Study reveals new treatment option for women with advanced breast cancer resistant to hormone therapy
NEWS MEDICAL Treatment with the cyclin dependent kinase 4/6 inhibitor palbociclib achieves a clinically meaningful improvement in overall survival in... 5 hours
Drugs approved for breast cancer treatment are effective and well tolerated in men
NEWS MEDICAL There is growing evidence that drugs approved for the treatment of breast cancer in women are also effective and well tolerated in... 5 hours
Forbius initiates Phase 2a trial evaluating efficacy, safety of AVID100 in patients with squamous NSCLC
NEWS MEDICAL Forbius, a clinical stage company developing biotherapeutics targeting EGFR and TGF-β pathways, today announced that the first patient... 6 hours
Construction is underway for second proton therapy system at Siteman Cancer Center
NEWS MEDICAL Mevion Medical System announces that construction is underway for a second proton therapy system at Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University... 6 hours
New discovery may lead to better treatment options for pancreatic cancer patients
NEWS MEDICAL Pancreatic cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to treat and is a leading cause of cancer-related deaths. Now, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center... 7 hours
Immunotherapy is better than chemotherapy as first-line treatment for advanced head and neck cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Immunotherapy on its own is better than aggressive chemotherapy as a first-line treatment for advanced head and neck cancer, according... 7 hours
NCI grant awarded to Abramson Cancer Center to study CAR T cells In solid tumors
NEWS MEDICAL A new program project grant from the National Cancer Institute will fund research by the Translational Center of... 8 hours
Organic food may protect against cancers finds study
NEWS MEDICAL The study published this week in the latest issue of the journal JAMA Internal Medicine reports that people who consume more organic foods are at a lower overall risk of developing cancer... 8 hours
Cancer treatment may undergo a paradigm shift to immunotherapy soon
NEWS MEDICAL Immunotherapy when used for cancer treatment could extend life longer finds studies. Experts have explained that until now immunotherapy was reserved as a last resort for most patients... 8 hours
Patient-reported data confirms efficacy of brachytherapy alone in intermediate risk prostate cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Oncology trial RTOG 0232 comparing a combined treatment of external beam therapy and brachytherapy to transperineal interstitial permanent brachytherapy alone indicate a significantly different... 10 hours
Research offers new hope to men who received childhood cancer treatment
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers have discovered a way to grow human stem cells destined to become mature sperm in an effort to provide fertility options later in life to... 10 hours
New drug combination destroys chemo-resistant blood cancer
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have developed a promising targeted strategy to treat chemotherapy-resistant acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and a diagnostic test to determine which AML patients would most likely benefit from this treatment. In a mouse model,... 17 hours
New tool gives deeper understanding of glioblastoma
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have developed a new tool to study genetic 'switches' active in glioblastoma tumors that drive growth of the cancer. In a new article, they identified key switches in different types of tumors, including... 18 hours
Researchers develop promising targeted strategy to treat chemo-resistant blood cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers from The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa have developed a promising targeted strategy to treat chemotherapy-resistant acute myeloid leukemia and a diagnostic test to determine... 18 hours
Study: Targeting specific genomic mutation in breast cancer improves survival
NEWS MEDICAL Targeting a common mutation in patients with hormone receptor positive (HR+) HER2 negative (HER2-) advanced breast cancer with the alpha-specific phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase (PI3K) inhibitor alpelisib significantly improves progression-free survival,... 19 hours
Immunotherapy with pembrolizumab extends survival in metastatic or recurrent head and neck cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Immunotherapy with pembrolizumab improves survival in patients with head and neck cancer that has recurred or metastasized, according to late-breaking results from... 19 hours
New protein sequencing method could transform biological research
PHYS.ORG A team of researchers at The University of Texas at Austin has demonstrated a new way to sequence proteins that is much more sensitive than existing technology, identifying individual protein molecules rather... 21 hours
Targeted drug and hormone therapy combination extends breast cancer survival
NEWS MEDICAL Combining a targeted drug with hormone therapy substantially extends survival for women with advanced breast cancer, a major clinical trial has found. 22 hours
Understanding architecture of cancer-linked BAF protein complexes provides insight into disease
PHYS.ORG In 2013, Broad Institute member Cigall Kadoch, then a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University, discovered that approximately 20 percent of all human cancers involve mutations in... 23 hours
Medical News Today: Pancreatic cancer: Chinese tree compound helps destroy tumors
MNT New research finds that the derivative of a compound found in a rare Chinese tree bark can destroy drug-resistant pancreatic tumors. 24 hours
Study describes cellular factories in greater detail
PHYS.ORG Many important natural products such as antibiotics, immunosuppressants and cancer drugs are derived from microorganisms. These natural products are often small proteins or peptides generated in the cell by NRPS enzymes similar to a... 1 day
WATCH: Purdue superfan inspires team's unlikely win over Ohio State
ABC NEWS Tyler Trent, 20, a Purdue sophomore, has terminal bone cancer and was invited by the team to address the players in the locker room. 1 day
Immunotherapy achieves major pathological response in early-stage mismatch repair deficient colon cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Pre-operative treatment with a combination of the immune checkpoint inhibitors nivolumab and ipilimumab achieves major pathological responses in 100% of early-stage colon cancers with... 1 day
Study findings could set new standard of care for advanced anal cancer
NEWS MEDICAL A new approach to treating advanced anal cancer is safer and more effective than the most widely used current treatment, according to the first... 1 day
Immunotherapy with nivolumab and ipilimumab may improve survival in patients with MSI-high metastatic colorectal cancers
NEWS MEDICAL Immunotherapy with nivolumab and low-dose ipilimumab could become a new first line treatment in patients with some metastatic... 1 day
FOTIVDA expected to be included in new ESMO guidelines for advanced renal cell carcinoma
NEWS MEDICAL EUSA Pharma welcomes the news that FOTIVDA (tivozanib) is expected to be included in the upcoming European Society of Medical... 1 day
Immunotherapy may improve survival in patients with metastatic colorectal cancers
NEWS MEDICAL Immunotherapy with nivolumab and low-dose ipilimumab could become a new first line treatment in patients with some metastatic colorectal cancers following late-breaking results from the CheckMate-142 trial reported... 1 day
Genentech’s combination therapy improves outcome in patients with non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, today announced positive results from the Phase III IMpower130 study of Tecentriq (atezolizumab) plus chemotherapy... 1 day
Combination of Opdivo and Yervoy shows four-year survival benefits in patients with advanced melanoma
NEWS MEDICAL Bristol-Myers Squibb Company today announced four-year data from the Phase 3 CheckMate -067 clinical trial - the longest follow-up to... 1 day
Phase III LONSURF study shows progression-free survival in patients with refractory metastatic gastric cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Servier and Taiho Oncology, Inc. (U.S.), a subsidiary of Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Japan), jointly announced today clinical data from... 1 day
Merck presents MK-1454 Phase 1 data for treatment of advanced solid tumors or lymphomas
NEWS MEDICAL Merck, known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, today announced the first presentation of preliminary data from a... 1 day
Maintenance therapy with olaparib improves progression-free survival in advanced ovarian cancer patients
NEWS MEDICAL Two-year maintenance therapy with olaparib, a PARP (poly ADP ribose polymerase) inhibitor, olaparib, led to a substantial, unprecedented improvement in progression-free survival (PFS) in... 1 day
Educational initiatives needed to improve knowledge about biosimilars in oncology
NEWS MEDICAL Biological medicines are responsible for some of the most promising innovations in cancer treatment, including immunotherapy, targeted drugs and vaccines - but they are also expensive. 1 day
Roche lands Tecentriq trial win, still trails Merck in lung cancer
REUTERS Roche's Tecentriq plus chemotherapy boosted lung cancer patients' survival by nearly five months, study... 1 day
Study shows potential of avelumab plus axitinib as new treatment option for patients with advanced RCC
NEWS MEDICAL A combination of the immune checkpoint blocker, avelumab, plus the tyrosine kinase inhibitor, axitinib, significantly improves... 1 day
Pfizer announces PALOMA-3 trial results in patients with HR+, HER2- metastatic breast cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Pfizer Inc. today announced detailed overall survival data from the PALOMA-3 trial, which evaluated IBRANCE (palbociclib) in combination with fulvestrant compared to... 1 day
LYNPARZA Phase III SOLO-1 results show improved outcome for patients with advanced BRCA-mutated ovarian cancer
NEWS MEDICAL AstraZeneca and Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, N.J., (Merck: known as MSD outside the US and Canada) today... 1 day
Merck presents KEYNOTE-057 trial results for patients with high-risk non-muscle invasive bladder cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Merck, known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, today announced the first presentation of results from an interim analysis of... 1 day
HIV-infected Hispanics at higher risk of developing HPV-related cancers, finds study
NEWS MEDICAL A new study reveals that Hispanic HIV-infected adults in the United States are at a higher risk of developing cancers caused by the human papillomavirus than... 1 day
Prostate radiotherapy improves survival in men with low burden of metastatic disease
NEWS MEDICAL Radiotherapy to the prostate improves overall survival in men newly diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer who have a low metastatic disease burden but not... 1 day
Study: Erlotinib improves progression-free survival in EGFR mutated NSCLC
NEWS MEDICAL Neoadjuvant erlotinib benefits selected epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)-mutated patients who undergo complete resection of stage IIIA-N2 stage non-small cell lung cancer(NSCLC), shows a randomized study comparing erlotinib with gemcitabine... 1 day
Immunotherapy increases survival in some patients with metastatic triple negative breast cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Immunotherapy improves survival in some patients with metastatic triple negative breast cancer, according to late-breaking results from the IMpassion130 trial reported at the ESMO... 1 day
Phase III trial reports positive results with HDAC inhibitor in advanced breast cancer patients
NEWS MEDICAL Epigenetic therapy with histone deacetylase inhibitors is worth pursuing in hormone receptor positive advanced breast cancer, suggests a phase III... 1 day
Deciphera presents Phase 1 clinical results of DCC-2618 in patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumors
NEWS MEDICAL Deciphera Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on addressing key mechanisms of tumor drug resistance, announced the presentation today... 1 day
Zoledronic acid increases disease-free survival in premenopausal women with HR+ early breast cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Adjuvant treatment with the bone sparing drug zoledronic acid plus hormonal therapy with the aromatase inhibitor letrozole significantly increases disease-free survival compared... 1 day
Multi-strain probiotic helps reduce chemotherapy-induced diarrhea in cancer patients
NEWS MEDICAL A high concentration of multi-strain probiotic helps to reduce mild to moderate episodes of chemotherapy-induced diarrhea in cancer patients, according to results of a phase II/III study in India. 1 day
Immunotherapy trial offers new hope for people with aggressive breast cancer
NEWS MEDICAL There is new hope for people with an aggressive type of breast cancer, as an immunotherapy trial shows for the first time that lives can be... 1 day
Study highlights existence of barriers to early clinical trial access for adolescents and young adults
NEWS MEDICAL Young cancer patients at the crossroads of childhood and adulthood seem to be stuck in a treatment impasse.... 1 day
Incyte announces Phase 2 FIGHT-202 trial data in patients with cholangiocarcinoma
NEWS MEDICAL Incyte Corporation announces updated data from its ongoing Phase 2 FIGHT-202 trial evaluating pemigatinib (INCB54828), its selective fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) inhibitor, in patients with... 1 day
Exelixis presents CABOSUN and METEOR trial results in patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma
NEWS MEDICAL Exelixis, Inc. today announced results from two analyses evaluating the effect of PD-L1 expression or prior treatment with immune checkpoint... 1 day
Takeda announces positive Phase 3 ALTA-1L data in first-line therapy for advanced ALK+ NSCLC
NEWS MEDICAL Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited today announced that intracranial efficacy data from the Phase 3 ALTA-1L (ALK in Lung Cancer Trial... 1 day
ImmunoGen announces study results of platinum-resistant ovarian cancer therapy at ESMO 2018 Congress
NEWS MEDICAL ImmunoGen, Inc., a leader in the expanding field of antibody-drug conjugates for the treatment of cancer, today announced initial safety and preliminary... 1 day
X4 Pharmaceuticals announces clinical data of X4P-001-IO and Opdivo in patients with clear cell renal cell carcinoma
NEWS MEDICAL X4 Pharmaceuticals, a clinical stage biotechnology company developing novel CXCR4 antagonists to improve immune... 1 day
Shorter course of trastuzumab could be an option for women with HER2+ early breast cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Women with HER2-positive early breast cancer with small tumours have similar disease-free survival and lower risk of cardiac... 1 day
Breast cancer survival could be extended with two new drug combinations
NEWS MEDICAL A new study has shown that a combination of drugs palbociclib, along with hormone therapy can significantly increase the survival among women with advanced breast cancer. 1 day
Radiotherapy can prolong survival in prostate cancer
NEWS MEDICAL A new major study from London has shown that radiotherapy can extend survival among patients with prostate cancer. The study shows that larger number of patients given standard therapy along with radiation therapy survived... 1 day
AstraZeneca's Lynparza shown to put brakes on ovarian cancer
REUTERS An AstraZeneca drug that blocks a cancer cell's ability to repair its genetic code greatly reduced the risk... 2 days
Medical News Today: Cancer: Even healthy tissue is 'riddled with mutations'
MNT A new study charts the slow build-up of genetic mutations. The researchers are surprised to find that even healthy human tissue carries many mutants. 2 days
Roche takes on Loxo, Bayer in gene-defined cancer class
REUTERS Roche's entrectinib cancer pill was shown to shrink tumors in 57 percent of patients within a group that... 2 days
High diet quality associated with lower risk of death in colorectal cancer patients
NEWS MEDICAL Colorectal cancer patients who followed healthy diets had a lower risk of death from colorectal cancer and all causes, even those who... 2 days
Study reveals connection between two proteins known to be hyperactive in cancer
NEWS MEDICAL A team of researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital has revealed a connection between mTORC1 and Src, two proteins known... 2 days
Securing access to optimal cancer care through innovation, integration and sustainability
SCIENCE DAILY Securing access to optimal cancer care for all patients can only be achieved through integrated, sustainable translation of today's scientific advances into tomorrow's treatments, reinforced by... 3 days
Why some cancers affect only young women
SCIENCE DAILY Among several forms of pancreatic cancer, one of them affects specifically women, often young, even though the pancreas is an organ with little exposure to sex hormones. This pancreatic cancer, known as 'mucinous cyst,'... 3 days
Immunotherapy scores a first win against some breast cancers
ABC NEWS A newer immunotherapy drug for the first time has shown promise against breast cancer in a large study that combined it with chemotherapy to treat an aggressive form of the... 3 days
Roche scores win in slowing aggressive type of breast cancer
REUTERS An immunotherapy cocktail from Roche helped slow an aggressive type of breast cancer where new treatments... 3 days
Roche's Tecentriq boosts survival in triple-negative breast cancer
REUTERS An immunotherapy cocktail from Roche helped slow a type of breast cancer where new treatments have proven elusive, data released... 3 days
Novartis drug cut death risk by 35 percent in gene mutation breast cancer
REUTERS An experimental cancer drug that Novartis hopes will raise the... 3 days
Medical News Today: Using light to destroy metastatic breast cancer
MNT Metastatic breast cancer may soon be treated using light to activate photo-sensitive drugs which, in turn, can target cancer cells and avoid healthy ones. 3 days
Distinguishing fatal prostate cancer from 'manageable' cancer now possible
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have found a way of distinguishing between fatal prostate cancer and manageable cancer, which could reduce unnecessary surgeries and radiotherapy. 4 days
Study points to new method to deliver drugs to the brain
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have discovered a potentially new approach to deliver therapeutics more effectively to the brain. The research could have implications for the treatment of a wide... 4 days
Immunotherapy medicine found to be effective in treating uveitis
NEWS MEDICAL A team of researchers from the UCH CEU's Biomedical Sciences Institute has tested the efficiency of Bevacizumab, medicine used against cancer and in ophtalmology, to treat uveítis, thus stopping the... 4 days
Study: Some countries take more time for reimbursement decisions on new cancer drugs
NEWS MEDICAL Some European countries take more than twice as long as others to reach health technology assessment decisions to reimburse new cancer drugs... 4 days
Src regulates mTOR, a major player in cancer growth
PHYS.ORG A team of researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital has revealed a connection between mTORC1 and Src, two proteins known to be hyperactive in cancer. The... 4 days
By Middle Age, Healthy People Have Way More Cancer-Causing Mutations Than We Thought
LIVE SCIENCE Our cells change over time. Apparently, a lot. 4 days
Scientists uncover key regulator of mTORC1 in cancer growth
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists have discovered that Src is needed for activation of mTORC1, a major regulator of cellular metabolism, growth and proliferation in cancer. 4 days
Medical News Today: Cancer: Could a 'universal' blood test make detection easier?
MNT Researchers have been developing a 'universal' blood test that can quickly detect the presence of cancer. The scientists are now working to improve it. 4 days
Breast Cancer as a Dynamic Disease
NEWS MEDICAL VIDEO An interview with Dr. Andrew Ewald, Ph.D., discussing the influence of the myoepithelium on breast cancer growth and the importance of studying metastasis. 4 days
Medical News Today: How a 150-year old drug might help battle cancer
MNT The potency of cancer treatments is often reduced by a lack of oxygen in and around the tumor. Researchers have found an existing drug... 4 days
Newly developed synthetic DNA molecule may one day be used as 'vaccine' for prostate cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers from City of Hope, a world-renowned comprehensive cancer center and independent biomedical research institution, have developed a... 4 days
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center wins NIH grant to study health disparities
NEWS MEDICAL The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center has received a three-year, $3,194,947 grant from the National Cancer Institute to investigate colorectal and breast cancer health disparities. 4 days
LJI and UC San Diego awarded $ 4.5 million as part of NCI's Cancer Moonshot initiative
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at La Jolla Institute for Immunology and UC San Diego have been awarded $ 4.5... 4 days
UT Southwestern biochemist receives 2019 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences for innate immunity discovery
NEWS MEDICAL UT Southwestern biochemist Dr. Zhijian "James" Chen today was named winner of the prestigious 2019 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences... 4 days
Study finds link between refined soluble fibers, gut microbiota and liver cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Many of the processed foods we find on grocery store shelves have been loaded up with highly refined soluble fibers such as inulin, a... 4 days
High rate of non-adherence to hormonal therapy found among premenopausal early breast cancer patients
NEWS MEDICAL Nearly one in six premenopausal women being treated for early stage breast cancer do not adhere adequately to tamoxifen therapy... 4 days
Study shows close link between cytokine interleukin-1ß and obesity-promoted colon cancer
NEWS MEDICAL A new study describes the mechanistic relationship between the cytokine interleukin-1β, (IL-1β) and obesity, showing that when IL-1β levels are increased in obesity, IL-1 receptor signaling... 4 days
New approach to understanding cancers will accelerate development of better treatments
NEWS MEDICAL A new innovation in cancer research will enable scientists to understand the complex causes of the disease with unprecedented speed and sophistication. This will accelerate the... 4 days
Mutant cells in the esophagus, and protecting farmers from dangerous pesticide exposure
Science Magazine On this week’s show: what we can learn from non–cancer-causing mutations in the esophagus, and how to protect farmers from dangerous pesticide exposure 5 days
Supracellular contraction at the rear of neural crest cell groups drives collective chemotaxis
Science Magazine Collective cell chemotaxis, the directed migration of cell groups along gradients of soluble chemical cues, underlies various developmental and pathological processes. We... 5 days
Channeling metastasis pain with VEGF
Science Magazine 5 days
Somatic mutant clones colonize the human esophagus with age
Science Magazine The extent to which cells in normal tissues accumulate mutations throughout life is poorly understood. Some mutant cells expand into clones that can be detected by genome sequencing. We mapped... 5 days
What Caused This Man's Nail to Turn Brown and Striped?
LIVE SCIENCE Chemotherapy can have odd effects on a person's hair and nails, but in one man's case, the cancer treatment created a particularly striking pattern. 5 days
Big-picture approach to understanding cancer will speed new treatments
SCIENCE DAILY The new approach lets scientists examine the cumulative effect of multiple gene mutations, providing a much more complete picture of cancers' causes. 5 days
WATCH: Why black women have worse breast cancer outcomes
ABC NEWS Here's what you need to know about breast cancer disparities, and why do they still exist? 5 days
Sleeping Beauty technique helps identify genes responsible for NAFLD-associated liver cancer
NEWS MEDICAL With an estimated twenty-thousand protein-coding genes in the human genome, pinpointing a specific gene or pathway responsible for a particular disease can be like finding a... 5 days
Breast Cancer as a Dynamic Disease