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'Brother mummies' had different fathers
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES VIDEO Scientists have finally solved the mystery of the relationship between two 4,000-year-old mummies. Unearthed over a century ago in a village 250 miles... 35 minutes
Exposing the Anunnaki - interview about the ancient gods, are they real and do they still exist? knowledge vital to our survival.
DISCLOSE.TV Who are the Anunnaki... 24 hours
The London Underground Signage Circa 1960
DISCLOSE.TV So I was watching this old movie 'Quartermass & The Pit' - Great sci fi flick about how ancient grasshopper like insectoids may have brought mutat... 2 days
Aliens artifacts proves alien contact with Mayas Found in Mexico
DISCLOSE.TV The following images show recently revealed Mayan objects that have been found and that will soon be presented in various museums and that undoubtedly... 2 days
Is there an iron throne in the Great Pyramid?
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Professor Giulio Magli believes that the pyramid may be home to a throne carved from the core of a meteorite. The idea is perhaps not quite as far-fet... 3 days
Researcher Suggests Secret Pyramid Chamber Might Hold A Meteorite Throne - Daily Grail
THE ANOMALIST It seems as if researchers around the world are all coming up with unique theories regarding the purpose of the Great Pyramid,... 4 days
Ancients vimanas UFO drive by mercury
DISCLOSE.TV The vimana is a mythical Hindu flying machine, described in the ancient literature of India. References to this artifact - including its use in war ma... 4 days
UFO Hunters Find 'ALIEN Sea Shells' On Mars!
DISCLOSE.TV Did NASA's curiosity rover really discovered remains of an ancient Martian ocean? 4 days
The Pyramids of the moon by J.C.
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Greetings dear brothers and sisters, wELl, here is another video that reveals that Jesus Christ is the way to GOD the father in heaven, for i know the... 4 days
The Queen of Giza Queen Khentkawes
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO dear brothers and sisters, I present to you a colourful view, of a queen long since passed, yet b... 4 days
The Sphinx of Egypt Revealing the Glory of GOD by J.C
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO dear brothers and sisters, Behold! The Sphinx is more than meets the eye. My discovery unto you w... 4 days
Ancient Mexicans and Egyptians Snake-bird gods
DISCLOSE.TV Ancient Mexicans and Egyptians who never met and lived centuries and thousands of miles apart both worshiped feathered-serpent deities, built pyramids... 5 days
Ancient butterflies existed before flowers
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES A fascinating discovery has called in to question everything we know about the evolution of butterflies. Until now, it was generally accepted that the... 6 days
Giza Pyramid mystery chamber may hold Pharaoh’s 'meteorite throne'
DISCLOSE.TV The discovery of a huge previously unknown chamber deep inside the great pyramid has generated a huge amount of excitement among enthusiasts of Ancien... 6 days
New images from the inside of the Tomb in Peru where alleged “Alien mummies” were found
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO A group of researchers working on the excavation of a mysterious tomb somewhere in the Nazca... 7 days
Spy Satellites Reveal Ancient Lost Empires in Afghanistan
DISCLOSE.TV Spy satellite imagery is revealing lost Silk Road outposts and the traces of vanished empires in the forbidding desert regions of Afghanistan, new res... 1 week
Alien stone found makes scientists re-examine their ideas of solar system
DISCLOSE.TV Here is a link to a story about a stone found in Egypt that makes scientists re-examine their whole theory ... 1 week
Alien elongated skulls or the nephilim's hybrids around the world
DISCLOSE.TV In ancient cemeteries around the world, elongated skulls have been found. Many of them are the result of a deliberate practice of deformation of the s... 1 week
Symmetrical Three-Sided Pyramid Found On Mars
DISCLOSE.TV The Cydonia Institute just released images of alleged artificial structures found on planet Mars. Founding investigator, George Haas, and geoscientist... 1 week
Professor states that the Void of the Great Pyramide has an Iron Throne
DISCLOSE.TV Professor points to ancient Pyramid Texts to back theory of pharaoh's hidden throne. 1 week
Ancient stone carving may depict supernova
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Scientists have identified what they believe to be the first known depiction of an exploding star. Originally discovered in the Himalayan territory of... 1 week
Geologists Announce Egyptian Hypatia Stone Predates Our Solar System Formation
DISCLOSE.TV After completion of their study at the University of Witwatersrand, Geologist Discovered this Mysterious rocks made of tiny diamonds known as the Hypa... 1 week
Those Ancient Astronaut Theorists! - UFO Conjectures
THE ANOMALIST Ancient Astronauts speculations. Nick Redfern gets a pass, but Rich spies "palpable madness in the eyes" of other prominent AA hosts. Possibly "modern" aliens in 1964 New Mexico have bothered Kevin Randle for some... 1 week
Ancient astronauts artifacts around the world
DISCLOSE.TV The so-called theory of ancient astronauts assumes that extraterrestrial beings have visited the Earth, and this contact is connected with the origin ... 1 week
Alien chemistry of the Hypatia stone revealed
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES The mysterious space rock contains micro-mineral compounds found nowhere else in the solar system. Discovered in 2013 in south-west Egypt, the Hypatia... 1 week
Mysterious Aztec Shrine May Be Ancient Depiction of Universe - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Exciting news from Mexico: Researchers working for the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History have discovered an Aztec site that points not just... 2 weeks
Archaeologists have identified the location of 11 lost cities thanks to a 4,000-year-old clay tablet
DISCLOSE.TV A 4,000 year old clay tablet has revealed the location of 11 lost ancient cities.Tablet created by ancient merchants... 2 weeks
Ancient Giants? Enormous Footprints Discovered Near Tarija, Bolivia
DISCLOSE.TV A lawyer traveling around Bolivia has claimed that he has found giant footprints in a valley in Tarija. This gives credence that perhaps giants once r... 2 weeks
New Discovered Enormous Footprints Near Tarija, Bolivia Could Be The Missing Link To Ancient Giants
DISCLOSE.TV A lawyer traveling around Bolivia has claimed that he has found giant footprints in a valley in Tarija.... 2 weeks
The Revelation of the Pyramids
DISCLOSE.TV New Voids have been discovered in the pyramids just two months ago. We don't know what they are yet and can't look inside. The Egyptian authorities di... 2 weeks
Ancients aliens in art history in all over the planet
DISCLOSE.TV According to ancient alien theorists, extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth thousands of years ago, sha... 2 weeks
The Ancient Blood Conspiracy - Long watch 1hr 50mins
DISCLOSE.TV I am not sure who tweeted the other week 'lift the veil' but it reminded me of this video I watched a couple of years ago. In the first couple... 2 weeks
'Brother mummies' had different fathers
The Sphinx of Egypt Revealing the Glory of GOD by J.C
The Queen of Giza Queen Khentkawes
The Pyramids of the moon by J.C.
New images from the inside of the Tomb in Peru where alleged “Alien mummies” were found
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)
Parallel State