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First GWAS analysis of 'type 1.5 diabetes' reveals links between immune and metabolic disease
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists who performed the largest-ever genetic study of a puzzling type of adult-onset diabetes have uncovered new connections to the... 6 minutes
Blue crab baby sizes and shapes influence their survival
SCIENCE DAILY Like people, blue crabs aren't all the same sizes and shapes. Now scientists have discovered substantial differences in the body structures of larval crab siblings and among larvae from different... 6 minutes
Essential lays off nearly one-third of its staff
TechCrunch Layoffs are never an easy pill to swallow, but for Essential, it seems the writing was on the wall for a while with this one. After months of reports highlighting its struggles,... 10 minutes
this is apple s zombie check tool used to reduce iphone repair fraud This is Apple's 'Zombie Check' Tool Used to Reduce iPhone Repair Fraud
MacRumors Last week, The Information's Wayne Ma reported about a sophisticated fraud scheme in which organized thieves would buy or steal iPhones, remove valuable components... 6 seconds
Conceptual framework to study role of exercise in multiple sclerosis
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have proposed a conceptual framework for examining the relationship between exercise and adaptive neuroplasticity in the population with multiple sclerosis (MS). 6 minutes
Picture perfect: Researchers gain clearest ever image of Ebola virus protein
SCIENCE DAILY Near-atomic resolution model of viral protein complex brings clearer understanding of the viral mechanics. 8 minutes
Unprecedented look at electron: Size limit for undiscovered subatomic particles determined
SCIENCE DAILY A new study suggests that many theorized heavy particles, if they exist at all, do not have the properties needed to explain the predominance of matter... 8 minutes
Wind farms and reducing hurricane precipitation
SCIENCE DAILY New research reveals an unexpected benefit of large-scale offshore wind farms: the ability to lessen precipitation from hurricanes. 8 minutes
Stem cell proliferation is controlled directly by nervous system, scientists find
SCIENCE DAILY A new study demonstrates that stem cell proliferation is directly controlled by the autonomic nervous system. 8 minutes
Dandelion seeds reveal newly discovered form of natural flight
SCIENCE DAILY A study of dandelion seeds in motion has revealed a form of flight not seen before, and explains why the plant is among nature's best fliers. 8 minutes
Vast leukemia dataset could help researchers match therapies to patients
SCIENCE DAILY Data on the molecular makeup and drug sensitivity of hundreds of patient samples could accelerate progress against the aggressive blood cancer acute myeloid leukemia. 8 minutes
Tesla inks deal for Gigafactory 3 in China
TechCrunch Tesla has secured the rights to about 210 acres of land in Lingang, Shanghai, the site of the electric automaker's planned factory and its first outside of the U.S. 10 minutes
The Latest: Crowds hit Canadian pot shops for legalization
ABC NEWS Hundreds of people lined up at 17 licensed marijuana stores in Alberta for the start of legal sales 5 minutes
Mexico's vaquita porpoise gets new chance; 6 sighted
ABC NEWS Experts want to enclose a small area of the Gulf of California where the critically endangered vaquita porpoise remains after they sighted about a half dozen of the elusive creatures in September 6 minutes
Newly published files confirm plan to move Assange to Russia
PHYS.ORG Julian Assange: Hacker. Journalist. Diplomat? Newly released Ecuadorean government documents have laid bare an unorthodox attempt to extricate the WikiLeaks founder from his embassy hideaway in London by... 3 minutes
Geologists Question 'Evidence Of Ancient Life' in 3.7 Billion-Year-Old Rocks
NPR A new analysis of what were initially thought to be microbial fossils in Greenland suggests they might instead just be mineral structures created when ancient tectonic forces squeezed... 2 hours
huawei mate 20 pro hands on all the bells and whistles you could ask for video Huawei Mate 20 Pro hands-on: All the bells and whistles you could ask for [Video]
9to5Google VIDEO The Huawei Mate 20 Pro throws... 1 hour
shane dawson s jake paul series is really about youtube s broken heart Shane Dawson’s Jake Paul series is really about YouTube’s broken heart
THE VERGE VIDEO Shane Dawson’s coronation as the king of YouTube in 2018 is undeniable: whenever he... 3 hours
gritty became a leftist meme because philly loves a righteous hooligan Gritty became a leftist meme because Philly loves a righteous hooligan
THE VERGE The Philadelphia Flyers’ deranged orange lunatic is so much more than just a mascot... 1 hour
luxury device designer offering custom 18k gold apple watch series 4 for as much as 1 million Luxury device designer offering custom 18K gold Apple Watch Series 4 for as much as $1 million
9to5Mac Brikk is... 50 minutes
soundcloud go subscription plan now supports high quality audio streaming at no extra cost SoundCloud Go+ Subscription Plan Now Supports High Quality Audio Streaming at No Extra Cost
MacRumors SoundCloud today announced that users on the SoundCloud... 52 minutes
apple seeds fourth beta of macos mojave 10 14 1 to developers Apple Seeds Fourth Beta of macOS Mojave 10.14.1 to Developers
MacRumors Apple today seeded the fourth beta of an upcoming macOS Mojave 10.14.1 update to developers, a... 52 minutes
tsmc to remain sole iphone chip supplier could provide arm based chips for mac in 2020 apple car chips in 2023 TSMC to Remain Sole iPhone Chip Supplier, Could Provide ARM-Based Chips for Mac in 2020, Apple Car Chips in 2023
MacRumors ... 52 minutes
apple s privacy website updated to reflect latest measures taken in ios 12 and macos mojave Apple's Privacy Website Updated to Reflect Latest Measures Taken in iOS 12 and macOS Mojave
MacRumors Apple today updated its privacy website... 52 minutes
huge collection of apple computers up for sale as longtime austrian repairman goes out of business Huge Collection of Apple Computers Up for Sale as Longtime Austrian Repairman Goes Out of Business
MacRumors Roland Borsky, an Apple... 52 minutes
apple customers can download a copy of their data in the us canada australia and new zealand starting today Apple Customers Can Download a Copy of Their Data in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand Starting Today
MacRumors ... 52 minutes
hulu gains support for night mode on the web Hulu Gains Support for Night Mode on the Web
MacRumors Starting today, when watching Hulu through the Hulu website, Hulu users will be able to use a new... 52 minutes
hulu plans to move some channels from its live tv service back to on demand Hulu plans to move some channels from its live TV service back to on-demand
THE VERGE Hulu’s chief executive has said that the company... 1 hour
t mobile s 36 month payment plan will be available this week T-Mobile’s 36-month payment plan will be available this week
THE VERGE Earlier this week, news broke that T-Mobile was testing a new 36-month installment plan that would let users pay off... 1 hour
anonymous microsoft and amazon employees speak out on medium Anonymous Microsoft and Amazon employees speak out on Medium
THE VERGE When Jeff Bezos took the stage at a Wired conference this week, he told the audience that it... 1 hour
canada to apply usmca cultural exemption to trade in digital media Canada to apply USMCA cultural exemption to trade in digital media
CBC The broad cultural exemption Canada fought to keep in the renegotiation of the North... 3 hours
mophie powerstation usb c 3xl packs 45w usb c pd 26000mah of power more mophie powerstation USB-C 3XL packs 45W USB-C PD, 26000mAh of power, more
9to5Mac mophie is a well-known brand when it comes to portable power. With accessories from cables to portable batteries and more, the company has a... 33 minutes
apple s airpods out of stock in many european countries Apple's AirPods Out of Stock in Many European Countries
MacRumors AirPods are sold out and unavailable for purchase in many Apple retail stores across Europe and in Apple's... 35 minutes
mission control ready for mercury Mission control ready for Mercury
ESA Teams responsible for flying the bold BepiColombo mission to Mercury today completed the last major step in preparation for Saturday’s liftoff — the final pre-launch ‘dress... 44 minutes
postmates is now available in 60 percent of the us after adding 134 cities Postmates is now available in 60 percent of the US after adding 134 cities
THE VERGE Postmates announced in a blog post today that... 46 minutes
oneplus is launching a new backpack alongside the oneplus 6t OnePlus is launching a new backpack alongside the OnePlus 6T
THE VERGE Last summer, OnePlus released the excellent Travel Backpack alongside its OnePlus 5 flagship smartphone, and this... 3 hours
gm s data mining is just the beginning of the in car advertising blitz GM’s data mining is just the beginning of the in-car advertising blitz
THE VERGE It wasn’t until The Detroit Free Press reported on General Motors’ radio-tracking program — which monitored the listening habits of 90,000 drivers in the... 46 minutes
Scientists Find New Biomarker Evidence for Neoproterozoic Animals
SCI-NEWS.COM A team of scientists led by University of California, Riverside’s Professor Gordon Love has found the oldest evidence yet of... 15 minutes
hulu now has a dark mode for finding and watching videos on the web Hulu now has a dark mode for finding and watching videos on the web
9to5Mac Hulu is announcing this morning that it will... 1 hour
twitter will soon indicate when a reported tweet was taken down Twitter will soon indicate when a reported tweet was taken down
THE VERGE Twitter is bringing some much-needed clarity to its reporting process. In an update outlined... 2 hours
Huawei Mate 20 Pro hands-on: All the bells and whistles you could ask for [Video]
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Blue crab baby sizes and shapes influence their survival
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There’s nothing dystopian at all about these high-tech blinkers for humans
OnePlus 6T will ship with Android Pie, updates for OnePlus 5, 3 apparently delayed
The role of traumatic stress in the violent and romanticized Old West
Modifying a virtual environment in just a few clicks
Logan Paul’s YouTube Premium movie is back on, months after controversy
Skydio R1 autonomous drone gains Apple Watch control, now in Apple Stores
The Red Hydrogen One is out this week: Here's everything you need to know - CNET
Harry Potter fans can watch Hufflepuff broadway comedy 'Puffs' online - CNET
Apple teases new Japanese retail store for 2019, promotes Shibuya reopening with custom wallpapers
Google Pixel 3 dual front-facing speaker test — compared w/ Pixel 2 XL, Home Mini, more [Video]