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Bacteria In Worms Make A Mosquito Repellent That Might Beat DEET  NPR · 36 minutes
An insect-killing bacteria that lives inside a parasitic worm might hold the key to developing a powerful new repellent. more
The High Life trailer seems awfully deceptive  THE VERGE · 37 seconds
Looking at the first trailer for High Life, the upcoming space thriller from A24 and director Claire Denis, it’s understandable if viewers... more
High-speed supernova reveals earliest moments of a dying star  SCIENCE DAILY · 33 minutes
An international team of researchers found evidence for the much theorized 'hot cocoon'. more
Fortnite vulnerability let hackers take over player accounts  THE VERGE · 1 hour
A Fortnite security bug let attackers access user accounts after they clicked a suspicious link that was sent to them.... more
A sequel to the original Ghostbusters is being planned for 2020  THE VERGE · 2 hours
The Ghostbusters franchise is coming back again. Entertainment Weekly reports that Sony Pictures has... more
Honor View 20 hands-on: The welcome future of notches [Video]  9to5Google · 2 hours
We can’t blame Apple for the notch trend, especially when the fantastic-yet-ultimately flawed Essential PH-1 had... more
Drones shown to make traffic crash site assessments safer, faster and more accurate  PHYS.ORG · 2 hours
Idling in a long highway line of slowed or stopped traffic on a busy highway can be more than an inconvenience for... more
A four-legged robot hints at how ancient tetrapods walked  SCIENCE-NEWS · 1 hour
Using fossils, computer simulations and a life-size walking robot, researchers re-created how an early tetrapod may have made tracks. more
How much do European citizens know about space?  ESA · 3 hours
Europeans are undeniably interested in space activities, and the idea of pooling resources between European countries is considered important unanimously... more
How to download your photos from Flickr  THE VERGE · 37 minutes
Sometimes it seems as though all good things — well, all free things — must come to an end, at least as... more
Trilobite 'cousin' adds new branch to tree of life  CBC · 3 hours
The tiny remains of an extinct bug-like creature discovered at British Columbia's 500-million-year-old Burgess Shale fossil deposit add... more
Slack’s new logo trades a hashtag for a pinwheel  THE VERGE · 37 minutes
Slack, the workplace chat app that plans to become a public company this year, is making a new... more
MasterCard will stop free trials from automatically billing you once they’re over  THE VERGE · 37 minutes
MasterCard announced a new policy today for merchants who retain your card information after you sign up for a free trial. Soon, MasterCard will... more
Slack is getting a new logo for the sake of cohesiveness  9to5Google · 39 minutes
Slack has announced today that it is completely revamping its logo. The very popular... more
Microsoft is separating Cortana from search in Windows 10  THE VERGE · 1 hour
Microsoft is making some big changes to Cortana in Windows 10. The software giant is planning to decouple... more
World's permafrost warming, with Siberia rising the most: study  CBC · 2 hours
Scientists say the world's permafrost is getting warmer, with temperatures increasing by an average of 0.3 C over... more
Apple’s new battery cases have much smaller batteries  THE VERGE · 2 hours
Apple launched battery cases for the latest iPhones yesterday, and they have lower battery capacities than previous generations. As spotted... more
Blood-Forming Stem Cells Have Back-Up System in Stressed Condition, New Study Shows  SCI-NEWS.COM · 2 hours
Blood-forming (hematopoietic) adult stem cells reside deep in the bone marrow and are responsible for regenerating the body’s blood supply including red blood cells,... more
Showrunner Jason Katims Leaves Universal TV to Develop Content for Apple  MacRumors · 2 hours
Well-known producer, writer, and show creator Jason Katims has departed Universal TV after inking... more
Astranis lands anchor customer for its first small GEO satellite  SPACE NEWS · 2 hours
Astranis, a startup designing small geostationary satellites for internet connectivity, has signed an Alaskan telecommunications provider... more
Newly-Developed Chemical Process Converts Infrared into Visible Light  SCI-NEWS.COM · 4 minutes
A group of researchers has succeeded in developing a chemical process to convert infrared into visible light. The technology, described... more
A four-legged robot hints at how ancient tetrapods walked
Fortnite vulnerability let hackers take over player accounts
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A sequel to the original Ghostbusters is being planned for 2020
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Drones shown to make traffic crash site assessments safer, faster and more accurate
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