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What is climate-ready infrastructure? Some cities are starting to adapt
PHYS.ORG VIDEO The most recent international report on climate change paints a picture of disruption to society unless there are drastic and rapid cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. 20 minutes
Home-based biofeedback therapy is effective option for tough-to-treat constipation
SCIENCE DAILY Biofeedback therapy used at home is about 70 percent effective at helping patients learn how to coordinate and relax bowel muscles and relieve one of the most difficult-to-treat types of... 6 minutes
Web-based open source dashboard of North Pole
SCIENCE DAILY It's called ArcCI (or Arctic CyberInfrastructure) and promises to combine the thousands of images that have been taken along the years of the Arctic Ocean into one global database that will help scientists and... 6 minutes
Climate change: Nauru's life on the frontlines
PHYS.ORG International perceptions of the Pacific Island nation of Nauru are dominated by two interrelated stories. Until the turn of the century, it was the dramatic boom and bust of Nauru's phosphate mine, and the... 20 minutes
European-Japanese mission to investigate the smallest planet in the Solar System
PHYS.ORG The European-Japanese planetary mission BepiColombo lifted off from the European spaceport in French Guiana at 03:45 Central European Summer time on 20 October 2018 (22:45 on... 20 minutes
lil tay s instagram account posts disturbing abuse allegations Lil Tay’s Instagram account posts disturbing abuse allegations
THE VERGE Lil Tay, the preteen viral star known for her foul-mouthed “flexer” antics, has been absent from social media for months.... 11 minutes
World hunger has risen for three straight years, and climate change is a cause
PHYS.ORG VIDEO World hunger has risen for a third consecutive year, according to the United Nations' annual food security report. The total... 2 minutes
iphone xr repair fees without applecare 199 for screen damage 399 for other damage iPhone XR Repair Fees Without AppleCare+: $199 for Screen Damage, $399 for Other Damage
MacRumors Apple has detailed out-of-warranty repair fees for the... 50 minutes
google pixel 3 seems to have a memory management issue which kills background apps affects camera Google Pixel 3 seems to have a memory management issue which kills background apps, affects camera
9to5Google With its Pixel 3... 47 minutes
samsung updates its windows vr headset with better display tech Samsung updates its Windows VR headset with better display tech
THE VERGE Samsung is refreshing its Windows Mixed Reality headset today with the new HMD Odyssey+. Samsung’s original... 28 minutes
facebook reportedly looking to acquire a cybersecurity firm in the wake of its most recent hack Facebook reportedly looking to acquire a cybersecurity firm in the wake of its most recent hack
THE VERGE Facebook is in the... 28 minutes
us teens more interested than ever in iphone apple watch second choice after rolex US teens more interested than ever in iPhone, Apple Watch second choice after … Rolex
9to5Mac A large-scale survey of US teens... 32 minutes
bepicolombo s beginning ends BepiColombo's beginning ends
ESA A stunning early morning launch lifted the ESA/JAXA BepiColombo spacecraft into space on Saturday, 20 October, marking the start of intensive, round-the-clock flight control activities to ensure the mission’s health... 41 minutes
phil schiller on iphone xr display if you can t see the pixels at some point the numbers don t mean anything Phil Schiller on iPhone XR Display: 'If You Can't See the Pixels, at Some Point the Numbers Don't Mean Anything'
MacRumors ... 17 minutes
Washing hands despite lack of water
PHYS.ORG Even though the water we've used for washing hands is barely contaminated, it usually goes down the drain. A newly developed system allows handwashing water to be recycled, thus not only saving water, but also helping... 53 minutes
AI and human creativity go hand in hand
PHYS.ORG What does AI look like? You might say it looks like a robot, or flashing LEDs, or a waveform on a screen. But what would AI say AI looks like? To find... 53 minutes
Understanding architecture of cancer-linked BAF protein complexes provides insight into disease
PHYS.ORG In 2013, Broad Institute member Cigall Kadoch, then a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University, discovered that approximately 20 percent of all human cancers involve mutations in... 53 minutes
New technique reveals limb control in flies—and maybe robots
PHYS.ORG A new neural recording technique developed by EPFL bioengineers enables for the first time the comprehensive measurement of neural circuits that control limb movement. Tested on the fruit fly, results... 53 minutes
HD 87240 is a chemically peculiar star with an overabundance of heavy elements, study suggests
PHYS.ORG European astronomers have conducted a chemical study of the star HD 87240, a member of the open cluster... 53 minutes
How do we cope with demands for water as we enter an era of scarcity?
PHYS.ORG Urban water systems in California and elsewhere face a time of reckoning, warns Richard Luthy, professor of civil... 53 minutes
Study finds foot-binding was driven by economics, not sex and beauty
PHYS.ORG Depending on whom you ask, foot-binding was everything from a bizarre cultural fetish that placed male ideas of beauty ahead of women's health and well-being to... 53 minutes
Researchers switch material from one state to another with a single flash of light
PHYS.ORG Scientists from the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have demonstrated a surprisingly... 53 minutes
Minds, the blockchain-based social network, grabs a $6M Series A
TechCrunch Minds, a decentralized social network, has raised $6 million in Series A funding from Medici Ventures,’s venture arm. Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne will join the Minds Board... 1 hour
Where can you get the super-cool HP OMEN Mindframe headset?
Windows Central Best answer: You can get the headset at Amazon for a little cheaper right now but HP also offers free shipping for everyone so the two are about... 46 minutes
AI changing the way scientists carry out experiments
PHYS.ORG There's plenty of speculation about what artificial intelligence, or AI, will look like in the future, but researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) are already harnessing its power. 20 minutes
Xbox Game Pass picks up 4 spooky games for Halloween
Windows Central Four new games are headed to Xbox Game Pass, leading up to Halloween. Microsoft has announced a new drop of games available via Xbox Game Pass; its Netflix-style... 12 minutes
Asus ROG Phone review: The best way to play games on Android - CNET
CNET Thanks to its thoughtful design innovations, the Asus ROG Phone almost feels like a portable console. 15 minutes
Ghostbusters World hands-on: We ain't afraid of these AR ghosts - CNET
CNET We test out the new Pokemon Go-like game where we gotta catch all the ghouls. 15 minutes
Apple AirPods: Certified-refurbished for $123 - CNET
CNET Are there cheaper true-wireless earbud options? Absolutely. Is this still a good deal? Maybe. 15 minutes
WATCH: Elon Musk's hyperloop takes a big step forward
ABC NEWS A 2-mile test tunnel for the transportation project will open Dec. 10. 39 minutes
Cut the cord with Tablo's over-the-air DVR for $100 - CNET
CNET Normally $140, the Dual Lite can record (or stream) two channels at once. Plus: A rare sale on a Hulu subscription. 15 minutes
Understanding the building blocks for an electronic brain
SCIENCE DAILY Computer bits are binary, with a value of 0 or one. By contrast, neurons in the brain can have all kinds of different internal states, depending on the input that they received.... 21 minutes
UK Daily Deals: Blink XT security cameras, Fitbit trackers, and more
Windows Central Whether you're looking for new tech gear or household items, we've got you covered. We found plenty of great deals today on Blink XT home security... 12 minutes
Americans are not financially prepared for old age, study finds
PHYS.ORG Americans are living longer than past generations, and for many that means working longer, too. While for some this might be a choice, for many it is a... 36 minutes
Study of Northeast food system advances understanding of regional potential
PHYS.ORG After seven years of analyzing a number of consumption, distribution, production, and other aspects of the Northeast U.S. food system, researchers from Penn State and 10 other universities... 36 minutes
Take a look at the Asus ROG Phone in all its mobile gaming glory - CNET
CNET Look out Razer Phone 2, there's a new gaming phone in town. 15 minutes
Turning 'big brother' surveillance into a helping hand to the homeless
PHYS.ORG Surveillance evokes fear of a "big brother" state watching our every move. The proliferation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in our cities and the emergence of... 20 minutes
Does your dog have a bacterial infection? This test could tell you in two minutes.
PHYS.ORG Want to know which bacteria are making your dog or cat sick? Northeastern professor Edgar Goluch has started... 36 minutes
Origami, 3D printing merge to make complex structures in one shot
SCIENCE DAILY By merging the ancient art of origami with 21st century technology, researchers have created a one-step approach to fabricating complex origami structures whose light weight, expandability,... 37 minutes
Researchers discover how acne-causing bacteria resist treatment
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers in Sweden have discovered how acne-causing bacteria feed off their human hosts. The study, which was performed at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, could make it possible to find effective ways to treat... 43 minutes
World hunger has risen for three straight years, and climate change is a cause
What is climate-ready infrastructure? Some cities are starting to adapt
How mission delays hurt young astronomers
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This diving, pooping moose is saving its ecosystem—for now
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Jake Paul ‘doesn’t see a problem’ with how he markets merch to kids
Jake Paul ‘doesn’t see a problem’ with how he markets merch to kids