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The Girl With All The Gifts (2016) TRAILER
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Will The Walking Dead Tell Negan's Backstory? Here's What Scott Gimple Says
CINEMA BLEND The Walking Dead entered a new era in Season 7 with the introduction of Negan as the top dog of the zombie apocalypse. A... 4 days
The Walking Dead's Carl Is Finally Turning Into A Badass
CINEMA BLEND Negan's arrival on The Walking Dead has meant that the good guys have had to adjust their lives in the zombie apocalypse. Carl is making adjustments as well,... 2 weeks
Sam Raimi Hints That We May Have Heard The Last Of ‘The Last Of Us’ Movie
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘The Last of Us‘ had infected the hearts and minds of PlayStation gamers around the world... 3 weeks
The Walking Dead Moment You May Have Missed Between Rick And Michonne
CINEMA BLEND Season 7 has been a bad time for romance in the zombie apocalypse, and Rick and Michonne are the latest to hit a rough... 3 weeks
Father Of The Modern Zombie, George A. Romero Can’t Get The Funds To Make A New Film And Here Is Why
SCIENCEFICTION.COM George A Romero gave birth to... 1 month
This Cubs Fan Stampede Looks Like a Zombie Invasion
GIZMODO There’s a big party going down in Chicago today, and everyone is invited. The city is honoring and celebrating the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs with a rally and parade... 1 month
Why Director George A. Romero Is Mad About The Walking Dead
CINEMA BLEND Romero has spoken out about the state of zombie dramas. As it turns out, however, it may not be zombie movies that are the only thing... 1 month
Top 6 zombie cameos you might have forgotten about
SCI FI NOW Chris Martin, Edgar Wright and more cameo in all your favourite zombie flicks 1 month
Halo 5 Update Just Released Just Got Very Festive For Halloween
CINEMA BLEND 343 Industries has yet to let an opportunity slip by them when it comes to squeezing in new content for Halo 5. The latest update for... 1 month
See Glenn's Gross Bug-Eye Up Close And Bloody In This Walking Dead Set Photo
CINEMA BLEND The Walking Dead has never shied away from getting really, really gross with the zombie apocalypse. The Season 7 premiere... 1 month
The Awesome Walking Dead Virtual Experience Surrounds You With Zombies, Check It Out
CINEMA BLEND Fans of The Walking Dead who have lasted for six years already are probably immune to a lot of zombie apocalypse scares,... 2 months
Throwback Thursday: ‘Re-Animator’ (1985)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Straight out of the 1980s came ‘Re-Animator,’ an amazing film that somehow took zombies, gore, comedy, and an unknown cast, threw it all together, and created a one-of-a-kind experience for zombie and horror lovers everywhere. H.P. Lovecraft wrote the serialized... 2 months
What The Walking Dead's Negan Was Like Before The Zombie Apocalypse
CINEMA BLEND The Walking Dead will soon be back on the airwaves with Season 7, and we'll finally get another look at new bad guy Negan in action.... 2 months
The Rezort clip Jessica De Gouw is under attack from zombies
SCI FI NOW These survivors need to get a move on in this clip from British zombie horror The Rezort 2 months
John Cleese Summarizes The Walking Dead's First Six Seasons In This Hilarious Video
CINEMA BLEND Monty Python's John Cleese and The Walking Dead don't have much in common, but their powers inexplicably combined for this hilarious video... 2 months
The Walking Dead Franchise Is Getting Another Miniseries
CINEMA BLEND The dead will rise once more when The Walking Dead makes its highly anticipated Season 7 debut this weekend, and it turns out the flagship zombie drama won't be the franchise's only... 2 months
Why Robert Kirkman Won't Explain How The Walking Dead's Outbreak Started
CINEMA BLEND Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has gone the past 13 years without revealing the catastrophic event that caused the zombie outbreak. And here's why he won't. 2 months
First Trailer for Wacky Sci-Fi Graphic Novel Adaptation 'Officer Downe'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "Are you ready to crush some criminal cranium?" What in the world is this?! A trailer has arrived for a film called Officer Downe, adapted from the graphic... 2 months
The Walking Dead teams up with Rawr Messenger for zombie fun
SCI FI NOW Dress up our avatars as The Walking Dead characters with Rawr Messenger 2 months
The Walking Dead Star Andrew Lincoln's Hilarious Reaction To The Set On His Very First Day
CINEMA BLEND The zombie apocalypse landscape of The Walking Dead has meant that star Andrew Lincoln has ended... 2 months
All Six Seasons of The Walking Dead's Zombie Antics Will Get Recapped in a New Special
GIZMODO “Bad things happened, also zombies.” There we go, I just recapped in about five seconds what AMC will... 2 months
Here’s What John Carpenter Thinks Of Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Films that fall into the horror genre can run the gamut of plot points, but one important thing has been proven time and time again: if you’ve got a kick-ass... 2 months
Movie Review: The Girl With All the Gifts Has Joined the Horde of All-Time Great Zombie Films
GIZMODO There aren’t a ton of truly great movies that feature zombies. The list is... 2 months
John Carpenter’s Blunt Opinion On Rob Zombie’s Version Of Halloween
CINEMA BLEND Horror legend John Carpenter finally opened up regarding Rob Zombie's 2007 version of Halloween. And he didn't hold back. 2 months
Here's Why We Still Haven't Seen DayZ On Consoles Yet
CINEMA BLEND DayZ is still plugging right along, according to director Dean Hall, but it sure has been quiet on the post-apocalyptic zombie front these past several months. Fans expected... 2 months
New ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Trailer Introduces… Zombie Animals?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Fans of AMC’s hit zombie-apocalypse show ‘The Walking Dead’ are eagerly anticipating the show’s return to the airwaves after a doozy of a cliffhanger left audiences in suspense... 2 months
Watch Norman Reedus, Chris Evans And Other Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves
CINEMA BLEND The latest installment of Jimmy Kimmel's hilarious "Mean Tweets" segment forces a couple Avengers, zombie hunters, and drug lords to confront their... 2 months
How Long AMC Wants The Walking Dead To Run For
CINEMA BLEND While The Walking Dead will undoubtedly have several seasons that follow the upcoming Season 7, AMC's CEO has some big ideas about the zombie drama's future. 3 months
New Dead Rising 4 Video Brings Us Back To A Familiar Location
CINEMA BLEND Capcom released a new video for Dead Rising 4 featuring a return to the iconic location that helped put the zombie survival game on... 3 months
Rob Savage on Dawn Of The Deaf and advice for short filmmakers
SCI FI NOW We talk to Rob Savage about his zombie short film Dawn Of The Deaf 3 months
Paramedics Were Called To A Movie Theater Screening A Grisly New Zombie Movie
CINEMA BLEND It was expected that like other horror movies, Raw was going to be shocking when shown in Toronto. However, what many, if... 3 months