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The Love Witch (2016) TRAILER
Mischief managed: 5 hackathon hacks for Potter fans inspired by the Marauder’s Map
TechCrunch  Great news, Potter fans: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is no... 3 days
Joseph Glanvill: The Philosopher And Defender Of Witchcraft Who Initiated Psychical Research - Vintage News
THE ANOMALIST The title gives plenty of clues to the story, which tells of this 17th century English Puritan who... 5 days
Father Urbain Grandier and Satan’s Signature: See an Actual Contract Signed by the Devil Himself
WEEK IN WEIRD In the nearly four centuries since the... 2 weeks
Review: 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' is Deathly Hollow
FIRSTSHOWING.NET Back in 1997, author J.K. Rowling unveiled a fantasy novel, titled Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, introducing readers around the world to Harry Potter, an... 3 weeks
Witches' Marks: Public Asked To Seek Ancient Scratchings In Buildings - The Guardian
THE ANOMALIST Britain has always nurtured a fascination with the paranormal, one of the reasons we love the Land of the Rose so very... 1 month
A Real Fake School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Is Opening in France
GIZMODO Looking to hone your fake wizarding skills? Then you might want to enroll in this Harry Potter fan-created magic school in France. Or you... 1 month
Watch: Fantastic Horror Short 'Givertaker' About Bullying & Witchcraft
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "If the wickedness pleases you, let the window become a door..." Here's yet another excellent horror short film to watch. Givertaker, a "Dead Kids Club Story", is directed by Paul... 2 months
Drones carrying medicines, blood face top challenge: Africa
PHYS.ORG At first, the drone took some explaining. Anxious villagers buzzed with rumors of a new blood-sucking thing that would fly above their homes. Witchcraft, some said. 2 months
The Modern Day Witch Trial of Carole Compton: How a Scottish Nanny was Arrested for Witchcraft
WEEK IN WEIRD Everyone is familiar with the Salem Witch Trials, but unbeknownst to many, some witches are still being... 3 months
Shocking! South Africa Minister to Introduce Bsc in Witchcraft into University System
PARANORMAL NEWS The announcement was met with boos and bottle throws from the packed auditorium who had gone to the meeting hoping the minister would announce... 3 months
'Witchcraft' fear as scary shelter and decapitated bird are found
PARANORMAL NEWS A Redcar family's walk in Errington Woods, New Marske , took a very creepy turn. For looming in the mist was not only a scary shelter made of... 3 months
Camorama records 360-degree 4K video for your VR pleasure
TechCrunch  While the Camorama promo video is a bit, shall we say, racy I think the product is pretty solid. It’s basically a 4K action cam that doubles as a 360-degree... 3 months
Renters Digging In Their Backyard Find Terrifying, 15-Year-Old Jar Filled With ‘Witchcraft'
PARANORMAL NEWS It's always exciting to uncover something that's been hidden for who knows how long. It's like all your childhood dreams of digging up dinosaur... 3 months